Milan 3-0 Spal | Piątek Scores as Milan Enjoy Comfortable Win! | Round of 16 | Coppa Italia
Serie A
Milan saw off SPAL to reach the Coppa Italia quarter-finals as Krzysztof Piatek impressed in their 3-0 win. | Coppa Italia
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  • Arif Ikmal
    Arif Ikmal

    The commentator makes me feel sleepy 😪

  • Avraj Sagoo
    Avraj Sagoo

    Is it just me or i fall asleep listening to this commentary

  • Forza Ac Milan
    Forza Ac Milan

    Forza Milan🇮🇹❤️🖤

  • TH

    Goal song?

  • BMT F4M
    BMT F4M

    Milan is back !! Cause of zlatans presence

  • Skyliner89

    Krzysiu uciekaj z Milanu. Tylko się marnujesz.

  • Dhi Mancini
    Dhi Mancini

    No mention of Donarruma ?

  • Akilesh Joshua
    Akilesh Joshua

    When Zlatan retires will he become Milan's coach ? :D

  • ali ouaguenouni
    ali ouaguenouni

    Benacer is the first

  • blue sky
    blue sky

    All team feel more confident now with Zlatan presence in team long he there its chance to go back for champion league contensent....

  • FrostyMusic

    That ref is a moron.

  • Terry McCann
    Terry McCann

    Def be interesting to see if zlatan goes for managing after retirement

  • Angel Menjivar Menjivar
    Angel Menjivar Menjivar

    They had so much space and time

  • Mauk Eks
    Mauk Eks

    Mantap jiwa Kami Milanisti Indonesia sampai Kiamat!!!

  • Trường Noname
    Trường Noname


  • Мстящий боксер
    Мстящий боксер

    Не царское это дело в сраных кубках играть. вот Златан и сидел

  • Mifta michu 22
    Mifta michu 22


  • M The g
    M The g

    Yeah nice did zlatan score?

  • Vercelatom 24
    Vercelatom 24

    Piatek is the delanter of ac milan.

  • Randall Esquivel
    Randall Esquivel

    Mamma Mia!! Who is that fine lady at 0:07?? This Serie A channel knows how to find the best highlights Fr tho, I couldn’t be more estatic that AC Milan is starting to bounce back into form.

  • Yasin Arkadarian
    Yasin Arkadarian

    Calhanoglu‘s Baby is so sweet ^^

  • Joe Jumani
    Joe Jumani

    In the old days it was MORE difficult to join AC Milan than the Italien national team...!!

  • Monojit Das
    Monojit Das

    I think if maldini is coach of Milan that is best for milan

  • Roberto Romero
    Roberto Romero

    Lol I was watching this in the car and I had to come back and see if I switched videos by accident. Thought I was watching discovery channel at one point lol

  • Syzrl Anwr
    Syzrl Anwr

    Milan should play Rebic more on the wing with Castillejo on the right

  • ym ye
    ym ye


  • Carlos victor Quispe condori
    Carlos victor Quispe condori

    el equipo mas grande del mundo fuerza milan

  • Rahmat Ahmat
    Rahmat Ahmat

    Ac milan is come of the top

  • Leo Castro
    Leo Castro

    Andale Milan andale Milan ... Andiamo neri con lotta e fiducia. Rossi Nero... #$RN

  • oluwasola samuel
    oluwasola samuel

    Zlatan Effect

  • Baku Reggae
    Baku Reggae

    Zlatan give more motivation for milan players

  • Hakki Yabas
    Hakki Yabas

    2 nd goal is very wonderful

  • twincammike83 16v
    twincammike83 16v

    Yesss.. Let's go Milan.. 👏👏

  • artur levin
    artur levin

    додікі ви так ювентус забийте голови₴

  • GhostInTheShell

    Come to Tottenham Hotspur🙏 #COYS

  • Piotr Popek
    Piotr Popek

    And this is the right place for Suso and Zlatan. Zlatan will make pressure on other players then maybe Piatek will get finally some chances. And Suso will stop playing Insigne style.

  • Moh hosaini
    Moh hosaini


  • Anna Brzózko
    Anna Brzózko

    Brawo piątek !!!

  • Alga Parama Jita
    Alga Parama Jita

    Castilejo way better than suso . enough said

  • WNG succes
    WNG succes


  • Italiano Vero
    Italiano Vero

    Castillejo teho e suso!! spagna bravo!!

  • Kamil Walkowiak
    Kamil Walkowiak

    Piątek oby tak dalej chłopie ;)

  • Aesthetic Rock Music
    Aesthetic Rock Music

    No Calhanoglu, no Suso - Milan wins.

  • Michael Holmgaard
    Michael Holmgaard

    Rebic is much better tham Hakan

  • リトルおひさま

    Where is zlatan

  • Howard Hamlin
    Howard Hamlin

    Bella difesa.

  • Aka MH
    Aka MH

    Whats the song of the goals??

  • Dominic Cruzio
    Dominic Cruzio

    Please Milan keep Suso off the field

  • Himura Kenshin
    Himura Kenshin

    "piontek"?? Is that the correct way to saying his name ??

    • Himura Kenshin
      Himura Kenshin

      @x D ah i see, i just confused when the caster said "piontek" i was like "who??" I thought it was different player at the first lol

    • x D
      x D

      Himura Kenshin yes it’s correct, i’m Polish and Piątek should be pronounced „Piontek” in english :)

    • Reactor


  • Michael Prince
    Michael Prince

    Series so easy


    Commentator is lacking some energy zzz

  • Nervous Bay
    Nervous Bay

    Piatek the next Robert Lewandowski

  • อาจารย์ บุญยืน ตรียสกุล
    อาจารย์ บุญยืน ตรียสกุล


  • zanki defx
    zanki defx


  • Bawan Sport
    Bawan Sport


  • Bawan Sport
    Bawan Sport


  • Joshua Kurnia
    Joshua Kurnia

    Pum pum pum pum

  • Insigne LJC P.
    Insigne LJC P.

    Now it's a nightmare to go to San Siro just like the old days

  • Joe

    Theo Hernandez is playing like the best left back in Europe.

    • Wildan Karim
      Wildan Karim

      He is

  • saeba ryo
    saeba ryo

    0:10 lovely angel..