Sailing Parlay Revival

Sailing Parlay Revival
Sailing Parlay Revival

After working on super yachts as a chief engineer, I spend my life savings on a Lagoon 450 catamaran, damaged by Hurricane Irma. With no experience with Fibreglass whatsoever, me and a friend work tirelessly to get her ready to sail through the Caribbean.

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  • William Nail
    William Nail

    Glad to see you back on the boat!! 🍻 🥂 🍻

  • Bionic Sasquatch
    Bionic Sasquatch

    Some times you need to learn to slow down and don't be in a hurry trust me it's taken years for me to learn that lol.

  • Edward Finn
    Edward Finn

    Very upstanding of you to not ‘dis’ your ex.... Rather you supported her and wished her well, and promote her. The World needs more role models and ‘stand up guys ‘ like you ‘mate’ 👍👍

  • gilbertstuff

    Stay the course brother! Your an inspiration to so many for many many reasons! 🐾❤️🐾

  • mattyolo

    Started watching this series yesterday and now I’m caught up and there no more to watch 😂

  • Thomas Brasse
    Thomas Brasse

    I assume you have seen the "talk" about the bulkhead issues on these boats recently? Non-storm damaged Lagoon 450s are having these same type of bulkhead failures. Yours may have nothing to do with the previous hurricane damage. It may be a flaw. Worth digging in to see what others are doing.


    10:07 kes the band reference " IYKYK"

  • M Watkins
    M Watkins

    Breakups are very hard for me to get over but you seem like you are strong minded and will be able to move on and have a great life. Can’t wait to see what all you will be doing to correct these issues with the boat. Good luck buddy with all y’all have to do 🇺🇸👍🙏

  • Kevin Carrigan
    Kevin Carrigan

    That’s amazing! What a badass.

  • John Keating
    John Keating

    God Bless you brother and Martina!!! you are both wonderful folks great love to both of you WWG1WGA

  • nicholas papas
    nicholas papas

    Great video very impressed with the boat build and combined team family effort. Love the quote at the end too.."twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you do. so what are you waiting for" Thanks for sharing :)

  • Racheal mullen
    Racheal mullen

    Hi sad to hear you parting with your girl. She looked lovely. I wish her the best and you look forward to your next episode. And looking forward to seeing that mad Ozzy Jamie lol.

  • Rabbit

    That foam core aint nowhere near as durable as balsawood core. Notice why the first boat kept busting while they were trying to remerge it and why that 2nd boat was in much better shape

  • jade tito
    jade tito

    Churrr mean🇳🇿🇺🇸🍻🤙🏽

  • Rady Philips
    Rady Philips

    Dogs are the best!!!!!! Sorry to hear about the break up. There is a saying that if it was meant to be to set it free and maybe it will come back to you. Mad respect for not getting twisted in that bs on the reality show.

  • elilco

    Dude love your channel, i own a CNC machine shop if you need something made let me know. !!



  • William Crim
    William Crim

    Colin keep up the good work

  • puredorsai1

    before you start sanding fiberglass cover yourself in baby powder or cornstarch it will save you from itching

  • Liam Gregory
    Liam Gregory

    Just finished my salvage!! Such a great experience!!

  • mookie wilson
    mookie wilson

    the thumbnail shiukd be a close up of your mouth cause thatd match most of the content, I checknin evey six months and still the thumb doesnt match the colin-centric lectures

  • Mark Bloom
    Mark Bloom

    I’m sitting here 60 years old, regretting the things I didn’t do 🙄

  • Steve Michaels
    Steve Michaels

    just keep sailing just keep sailing ........ Nemo

  • James Hunter
    James Hunter

    Amazing effort

  • James Hunter
    James Hunter

    Top effort champion, I remember that sort of passion, respect...

  • James Bell
    James Bell

    Very Nice !

  • Phill McRevis
    Phill McRevis

    Why are you IDing to the pigs? Unless you broke a law they have no authority to get that info.

  • James Hunter
    James Hunter

    Excellent show champion, very inspiring

  • the bear 65
    the bear 65

    Buddy needs to stay away from the fiver glass

  • Charles Cornett
    Charles Cornett

    No shame in using her ass for clickbait, though huh?

  • James Hunter
    James Hunter

    Love it, bloody awesome

  • Dean W
    Dean W

    Yeah Maria was so cool, confident, and very loving. So cool you got a friend for marty, Hey hey Mcfly. Youre editing is getting better and better.

  • Thor

    "BOAT" = "B"reak "O"ut "A"nother "T"housand : {

  • Robert Stahl
    Robert Stahl

    Going to be interesting to hear what the architect has to say! Something seems odd given what happened to Parlay...

  • ctccsi

    Great courage. Great video.

  • 1colerock

    Thanks for sharing some of your life

  • Thailand E-biker
    Thailand E-biker

    In the blink of an eye, before you can think your'e in the present, the present has already past and moved into the future. Your mind is like a white cloud or a river, ocean in a flux constantly moving through time. So my question is just how long is that present moment that you consciously think you are in?

  • Matson R Broederlow
    Matson R Broederlow

    Good on you mate keep up the good work..... you make me proud to be a Kiwi :)

  • Jason Whittemore
    Jason Whittemore

    you're a very bright gentleman. keep on keeping on.

  • RechargeableLithium

    Note to self: bring night vision gear on the boat LOL

  • FrogsInThePot

    The first guy I've seen sailing with a longboard!

  • PeggyKM

    Ahh so happy you could get back to your boat and puppy! Good for you and crew- you will get thru it and seems like nice environs to accomplish the repairs- she will be better than ever! 🧜🏽‍♂️

  • Patrick Brick
    Patrick Brick

    I've seen watched and listened to so many videos on utube and just this episode has changed my life in so many ways ... Thank u

  • Bill Hadden
    Bill Hadden

    Many sad things turn into something fantastic. Highs and lows as you say are difficult when you candidate decompress separately. Who knows maybe the time apart will give both of you time to reflect on what you both want and need. Now on to saving the CAT. Wish I was there to help. It's been a few years since I've done a big fiberglass job and I know the bulk heads will be time consuming. Take it slow and get it right. Don't get overly tired when you start as that's how the greatest errors happen.

  • todd Sween
    todd Sween

    Good on ya pal 😎

  • Boating Journey
    Boating Journey

    Gawd, we can't imagine! We're still catching up - binge watching. Crazy that we watched this episode, then your most recent. Interesting how the two just happen to be about the same thing. Thanks for all of your hard work - we hope we can meet some day!

  • Puzzled

    women do not like living on a project.

  • Earnie B
    Earnie B

    The testimony regarding the breakup made me a subscriber...TY

  • T Hyslop
    T Hyslop

    Dude! Rehabbing a boat, making videos, then editing videos.There is NO TIME. You gotta be pulling sixteen hour days minimum. There is no time for a relationship.


    A true legend!

  • Nickyp587

    And the hole looks beautiful 😂

  • Terry Larkin
    Terry Larkin

    Don't they make away to furel that sail. Maybe not the right term. I stand corrected.

  • Terry Larkin
    Terry Larkin

    Now that's a kick as Spinicker. Nice music also.

  • Terry Larkin
    Terry Larkin

    I started following you after watching you on Below Decks and you and your friends deserve this because you put outa quality product.

  • Kurt B
    Kurt B

    Nemaste Colin, it takes love and courage to let each other go if you feel the road is not meant to be to walk together. But bizzy Colin as ever stuffs his head with new projects ... take also the time to deal mentally with the issues thrown on your path, its what makes us grow every day. ... and now get that boat on the dry-dock and get started ! she is going to be beautifull as ever ! ;-)

  • shnboardman1


  • gastonbuffet

    Colin, you rock..........but please, more Jamie bits!!!! Love that bromance!

  • John T. Starkey
    John T. Starkey


  • Turtle Chaser
    Turtle Chaser

    Bought our 310 there recently. Great group there.

  • Gregory Delozier
    Gregory Delozier

    You do amazing work glad people like you restore these boats instead of junking them

  • Mel Bella
    Mel Bella

    A dogs love is the best. So happy that you’re both happy and I get it. You’re so young and have a lot of life to live. I’m not just saying this, because you’re drop dead gorgeous, you will know when it’s the one. I was 22 when I married my human❤️ He unexpectedly died from a heart attack at work. I’m now almost 58 and alone. Ok, not alone because I have our ginormous pups. I guess what I’m trying to say is I got it right. I had the best life and it then blew up. I’m trying to figure out who Melanie is. I’m bringing y’all on my journey. I had 36 years of everything, love, passion, empathy,kindness, tenderness,animal lover and animal rescuer. Let’s not forget he was smoking hot and very muscular. My mom joked that I always picked the pretty boys. Ray hated that, but loved my parents. Not sure why I’m over sharing , but I am. The Dr Seuss quote hit home. Good luck in all your adventures and travel mercies always.

    • M Watkins
      M Watkins

      You sound like a really good lady. It is hard to lose someone that you shared so much with. Mine lasted 20 years and I didn’t know what to do without her but now after 9 years I’m doing good. I hope you have a great life now and can enjoy everything that life has to offer. Take care 🌹🙏👍 by the way I’m from south Alabama

  • Anthony Strawbridge
    Anthony Strawbridge

    Add vessel details to description

  • Precision Sails
    Precision Sails

    Good to see you're back home and safe on Parlay! Reach out if you need anything from us! Stay Safe!!!

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone

    There was a time when people needed each other to survive, to run a successful home, raise kids etc. In today's modern world that's not really the case anymore. Relationships are casually begun, and ended. In today's world it's more normal for people to be centered on themselves, their own wants and needs, this also creates cultures where relationships are not at the core of priority in a person's life.

  • P J
    P J

    Unconditional love.....................

  • Dave Petersen
    Dave Petersen

    I laughed my ass off at the end when Jamie said “Yeah I’m really excited to start grinding fiberglass again.” You could hear the excitement in his voice🤣. He’s a good mate to keep! Has to be one of the worst jobs in the world...especially in the heat and with a hangover 🥴

  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones

    hi colin Im another engineer mostly diesel on shore trucks and plant is more my scene/ I have been following you and rick on ssl hes looking to update his motor , I know you have acuired several damaged cats and thought you might have an engine to update captain ricks boat he has been having som issues with his old engine

  • T Hyslop
    T Hyslop

    Commenting second time after watching 9:25 in. That 60 foot boat, wow, would that be a massive undertaking to resurrect. 50k you say? Easily double that. Good idea to salvage those diesels. Can only imagine how much those motors are new. Know nothing in that area. Got to be 25-50k new?

  • T Hyslop
    T Hyslop

    Sweet intro. Too the point. SUPER INSPIRING. Gave me goose bumps just listening to it.

  • jay griff
    jay griff

    Yewwww! Shout out to that fisherman! That’s a solid hook up. That dude deserves to get a name drop

  • d mc
    d mc

    Since you're posting an opening pic like that I feel no compunction in stating the obvious...."Hey, nice Ass! Your loss buddy....are you sure she couldn't have hiked those shorts a little higher???"

  • Cant Tho
    Cant Tho

    Welcome to AMERIKKKA

  • Sharee Coffey
    Sharee Coffey

    Don't you wish your humans would greet you with the same enthusiasm as your dogs? :-)

  • eric mcclure
    eric mcclure

    Dang you kept from hooking up on the show because you had a girlfriend then you all just break up lol

  • Mike Bukowski
    Mike Bukowski

    Drag queen beginners? People are sick

  • Paul-andre babin
    Paul-andre babin

    Good luck lads!

  • Chet

    If your familiar with composites not A big deal. Wiring and mechanical Straight forward. Great do it yourself Project.

  • Steven Lubbers
    Steven Lubbers

    Very impressive man. You did an amazing job

  • Rich H
    Rich H

    Love it! Chin up ⬆️