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In 2018 we welcomed Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan to our judging panel, with Ryan Seacrest returning as host. Congratulations to our 2019 American Idol, Laine Hardy!

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  • Sakar Nepal
    Sakar Nepal

    Amazing Arthur... you are our American idol forever, no matter what!

  • Hunter Gibson
    Hunter Gibson

    Great comeback performance!

  • Katherine Wilson
    Katherine Wilson

    He's so entertaining and I'm always dancing with him lol

  • Who is Linda h
    Who is Linda h

    In someday in future we will be calling him The legend Arthur gunn

  • Dante Kyalo
    Dante Kyalo

    Dante Bowe would be pleased

  • Deb Horner
    Deb Horner

    Love him hope he wins broke my heart to see him cry ♥️😥

  • edike osemeke
    edike osemeke

    Powerful 🔥🔥

  • Kay Rose
    Kay Rose

    Why is he eliminated when he is one of the better singers here? I can't understand America T_T

  • Amanda Vega
    Amanda Vega

    I love him 😩💗

  • Delited2bme

    His voice is beautiful!!! I want to see him take on a Jackie Wilson song. Something up tempo.

  • Oddun B
    Oddun B

    This guy is a star. Whatever these judges say is irrelevant. Nashville’s going to take him on.

  • Katherine Wilson
    Katherine Wilson

    Amazingly Beautiful ❤️

  • Cary Reynolds
    Cary Reynolds

    I think her latest performance of This Is Me from The Greatest Showman is a returned to form for her, or maybe her best

  • Moon O
    Moon O


  • suraz khadka
    suraz khadka

    I just came here to see Arthur otherwise I was done in last season😌

  • nowie ding Cahayag
    nowie ding Cahayag

    WOW Go Arthur Gunn no. one fan from the Philippines... My crush hahaha

  • Jackie M
    Jackie M

    Chills!! Every. Single. Time.

  • Mukta Gaha
    Mukta Gaha

    Hope this time Arthur...,🥰😍😍

  • Don


  • Jace macfie
    Jace macfie

    Don’t like him. Didn’t last year either

  • Lisa Dianne
    Lisa Dianne

    Willie is a special human. Is he even human? He may be an angel. I feel privileged to hear him sing. Phenomenal.

  • Jenny Waite
    Jenny Waite

    Come through Willie!!!!!! Done threw my wig Both shoes and phone across the room!!!

  • Dante Kyalo
    Dante Kyalo

    Comeback was brought because of him. We all know that.....

  • Ganesh Sapkota
    Ganesh Sapkota

  • Jenny Waite
    Jenny Waite

    Willie, Cassie, Deshawn, Ava needs to make it to the top!!

  • The Soggy Doggy
    The Soggy Doggy

    If anyone deserves a top in the top 10, it’s this girl.

  • Ferencne Szabari
    Ferencne Szabari

    Vaderful Josh 🤩🤩🤩

  • Jenny Waite
    Jenny Waite

    Precise precision when it comes to singing! Calculated but felt! I’d love to hear him sing something from Phantom of the Opera

  • Ken Ramos
    Ken Ramos

    I missed her

  • Ken Ramos
    Ken Ramos

    what is she doing here? im so confused. Is she competing?

  • Smitty


  • Han_jan Macasam
    Han_jan Macasam

    Best best the best original song I heard so far. Wow! 👌👏

  • The Stew Vlogs
    The Stew Vlogs

    Florence and the machine! She’s Ahhhmazzzingggg!!

  • summerinspringville-hill

    I had no idea he could play all of those instruments besides piano

  • a hernandez
    a hernandez

    I really want to like him but all his crying is a huge turnoff. Sing or go home. Why are you trying to make it in music if you have to be coddled and soothed every dang day. Dude grow up and stop crying.

  • Samuel Defia
    Samuel Defia

    That’s so African. 👍

  • Patricia Barends
    Patricia Barends

    This was so perfect. his Voice 😭🤗🙌🏼 The Talent!!! Such a bright future ahead!! I hope he makes some records and go on tours💕❤️

  • LL Jones
    LL Jones

    I have believed Willie to be the winner since his first magical performance, even though there are several other very talented and deserving singers this year. He just has "it." God has blessed you Willie, keep spreading your spirit with the world. 💖👍👏

  • Han_jan Macasam
    Han_jan Macasam

    He deserves the spot

  • Hunter Pawlett
    Hunter Pawlett

    It's gotta be either him or Makayla

  • Jenny Waite
    Jenny Waite

    Perfection!! Per usual!! That suit... love it!! Smfh!! He was eliminated?!?! What a disservice

  • Mary Carr
    Mary Carr

    Guyssss I’ve watched this video like 20 times and I can’t stop, it’s so gooooood 😫

  • Neil Miranda
    Neil Miranda

    I know the good singers are back from last season but this season is for willie. Go slay em willie! You're my winner!

  • Jenny Waite
    Jenny Waite

    Can’t sing Whitney and not nail it... she had some off/flat notes that’s why she didn’t make it... overall a decent performance but there’s just certain artists you don’t attempt unless you’re perfect

  • nalina thapa
    nalina thapa

    M here coZ of him (ARTHUR GUNN)

  • Hunter Gibson
    Hunter Gibson

    He’s so handsome, so talented! I love the grit in his voice! I hope he doesn’t go the country route but if that’s his wish I’m sure he’ll be successful. I can’t wait to hear original music from him... I just hope it’s catchy! This is a great cover and he’s definitely top 4 in my opinion!

  • Michael DeMarco
    Michael DeMarco

    WOW 🤩 love the song. His voice is ok ✅

  • Judy Julien
    Judy Julien

    This performance brought tears to my eyes. So powerful with so much emotion behind his voice. He is a gem!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rayyan Guinto
    Rayyan Guinto

    Chayce & Hunter are my final two 🔥

  • Dennis Inkwa
    Dennis Inkwa

    She's okay. She'd do great in Broadway.

  • Amsu Shrestha
    Amsu Shrestha

    Im here for you only artur gunn

  • Neil Miranda
    Neil Miranda

    My favorites from last season are going to battle with my favorite this season which is willie. OML puhleeeease

  • Beth Maldonado
    Beth Maldonado

    I'd buy his music

  • Sussan Mahdavi
    Sussan Mahdavi

    Awww , he is such a sweet heart, we love you sooo much , welcome back ARTHUR. 🥳🎈💃🥰👏✌❤🙏

  • Hunter Gibson
    Hunter Gibson

    Arthur is undeniably talented! We just gotta hear those catchy original songs at this point

  • MarkW Nongsiej
    MarkW Nongsiej

    Can someone tell me how he's back and why?!! O have no clue...but so excited for him tho ❤️❤️

  • Ani Garcia
    Ani Garcia

    Q color de voz !!!!! Única ! Ojalá gane

  • C Sandford
    C Sandford

    She was really meaningful and really beautiful I enjoyed that performance very much

  • Rommel Lopez
    Rommel Lopez

    I don't think it's fair he returns, he had his chance and made it all the way to 2nd place, they should've gave his spot to sophia wackerman or kimmy gabriela

  • LL Jones
    LL Jones

    Luv u girl, you are amazing, and so beautiful, keep on your magical path to stardom!! Congrats. 💖😘

  • Hunter Gibson
    Hunter Gibson

    I met Nick when I auditioned... nice guy! I like this edgier rock side! I also like his buzz cut! This is great Nick! I hope you’re doing well! You deserve the world!

  • Kacper Plata
    Kacper Plata

    Nice to See Arthur Gunn 👑💥😊💪

  • sefton Sinclair
    sefton Sinclair

    I'm glad to hear more gospel songs on idol makes my heart rejoice

  • Ana Dones
    Ana Dones

    Studio version, please!!! 😍😭

  • Ree Son
    Ree Son

    A cross between Ruben Studdard & Luther Vandross. Go Willie!

  • Mary B
    Mary B

    I stopped voting after adam lambert lost so many years ago. But Arthur your the reason I'm voting even though I had to vote before I saw you on the Pacific coast. You didnt let me down. Keep doing you. Your voice is unique and beautiful.

  • King Ramboy Corre
    King Ramboy Corre

    Make her win. No worries. She is a natural born american

  • Kristen Basore
    Kristen Basore

    Sixth grade wants you to win - especially Hesty!

  • Justice Carter
    Justice Carter


  • Leonard Ewonchuk
    Leonard Ewonchuk

    That fake crying isn’t gonna get her through. Or at least it shouldn’t. Arthur is as real as it gets, even if Arthur isn’t his real name. Go Arthur/Dibesh

  • Heather Bose
    Heather Bose

    Omg I was mad he didn't win last year sorry but not sorry "Just Sam" wasn't good enough. He should have won. Praying he does this year ❤❤❤

  • Hunter Gibson
    Hunter Gibson


  • Nepalese Boy
    Nepalese Boy


  • Hunter Gibson
    Hunter Gibson


  • Pradip. st
    Pradip. st

    धेरै धेरै शुभकामना ........"दिपेश पोखरेल" many many best of luck......"arthur gunn"

  • Martin Williams
    Martin Williams

    Well this is the 3rd comeback I've watched - boring and I don't care if I'm booed electronically!

  • Dianne JP
    Dianne JP

    Stunning!! I love her voice so much. She won :)

  • A R
    A R

    This was amazing! Bummed I missed it live but thankfully there’s SVsoft😃

  • Dennis Inkwa
    Dennis Inkwa

    The race is between her, Grace, Willy and Hunter.

  • Jenna Roberts
    Jenna Roberts

    Her beautyyyyyyy