I Cycled 100km Every Day For A Week & This Is What Happened!
After Mark's challenge of a half marathon per day over on GTN, he thought it was only fair to challenge Hank to something similar on the bike - 100km a day for a week, 700km of riding in total. Riding your bike 100km every day is a challenge for most of us, especially around a full-time job! Hank was going to need help, so we teamed up with our friends Nuzest to help fuel him with their plant-based nutrition, and Whoop to monitor the effect this challenge had on his body.

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How far have you ridden in a regular working week? Let us know in the comments 👇

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  • Global Cycling Network
    Global Cycling Network

    How far have you ridden in a regular working week? Let us know in the comments 👇

    • CatMan FPV
      CatMan FPV

      650km a week without fail

    • Mik Mik
      Mik Mik

      So... What happened exactly? Did you transform into a cycling monster? Did your heart rate go down? Did you get used to it and actually continued on doing it for a year?

    • Diablo Gamer
      Diablo Gamer

      I didn't had the chance to be in a nice family, so riding my bike late in the evening and at night was my escape. I grew up near an airport (St-Hubert, QC, Canada) and there's a very nice road to goes around with nice big curves. So I took my bike and crossed the city back and forward most of the time (Longueuil, I was living at the edge of Longueuil and St-Hubert) then went for the airport. I know it's wasn't a smart thing to do, but I had my Sony Walkman and was listening at music while cycling (very low volume tho and turned off when traffic). I could go on for hours and hours like that. Even under the rain and for god knows why, cycling under the rain was very OK for me. I just had to be careful when turning a corner otherwise the rain would push me even more! I had a very cheap bike. A Velo Sport Aero. The spokes where flat, supposedly to be more aerodynamic! It wasn't a great bike. But it was MY bike, paid 100% by me from working small jobs as a student. One day I bought an odometer and that's when I discovered that I was doing 60 to 80k minimum 5 to 6 days a week since many months. Biking for me meant to be in a safe world and being on two wheels was one of the greatest feeling of my life.

    • Leonard Daneman
      Leonard Daneman

      300km (50 miles every other day, 2.5 hour ride). I was 50-years old . . .

    • legendarygaming

      12.000km bout 1000 a month some months more. 72 km a day i never had breakfeast didnt eat while riding only water

  • An average Nerfer
    An average Nerfer

    Hank must love the abuse idk 🤷‍♂️

  • Joke

    I drove 340 km in three days gravel/street After this i was near dead 💀 Greets from Berlin

  • K Evans
    K Evans

    Blur, Gorillaz, crowned a 'Local King' in Mali, now bike challenges...not Bruce Dickinson levels of achievement, but impressive!

  • Kålle Karlsson
    Kålle Karlsson

    A really boring video... geee

  • Sarah Conner
    Sarah Conner

    Do not do this unless you a professional athlete under care of a sports medical doctor!.... For certain people this is a recipe for death

  • salisburyplain998

    That much time on the saddle has to have a negative effect on the bedroom duties!.

  • Bearded Bro
    Bearded Bro

    Plant based supplement... terrible. Why make your challenge more difficult?

  • Khaled on Tour
    Khaled on Tour

    This is not even a challenge 😅 doing it all the time

  • john d
    john d

    Great stuff, My record is: 5x175km (7h of cycling) every Saturday for 5 consecutive weeks

  • Gergely Molnar
    Gergely Molnar

    Done 1200km in 10 days. I wasnt going at these speeds thou. Going from Sweden to Hungary on a trike recumbent. Now that was fun :)

  • Philippe Drouin
    Philippe Drouin

    I mean, I get that he was confident but doing 130k on the first day probably wasn't the smartest move. And his planning of his outings are terrible so far, he just finished his Wednesday ride. Starting so late on Tuesday probably didn't help.

  • Philippe Drouin
    Philippe Drouin

    I was once given the challenge to do 1000k in two weeks. I fell short by 110km I believe. I was averaging 70km per day. If I had planned out my weeks, I might have been able to do it. (this was during my two weeks vacation one year) The first few days were pretty easy but eventually you start to feel it

  • roberto munoz
    roberto munoz

    Congrats! What app are you using in the svsoft.info/award/qoCXnWia1KutuIE/video.html?

  • Murachu O'Flionn
    Murachu O'Flionn

    Fantastic effort. Congratulations to a keen amateur

  • Ian Patterson
    Ian Patterson

    Would like to mention Johan oosthuizen from uitenhage South Africa busy riding 100km a day for 200 days. Unbelievable. Just finished day 145 day.. check out strava.

  • Peter Burgess
    Peter Burgess

    I cycled from Hunston south of Chichester to work at Brighton Marina each morning. worked for 8 hours, then cycled home to Hunston. I did this all through the winter as training. over 70 miles each day. through rain, hail, snow, 4 set of rechargable batterys to light my way along the South coast. Back in 1990..

  • Brain Over Games
    Brain Over Games

    Old: 24X7 New: 24X700

  • Discovery Cycling
    Discovery Cycling

    I'm gonna take a look at this Plant Based Protein!!

  • Jamie MacRAE
    Jamie MacRAE

    Great work 🙌🏻

  • Ero Ladica
    Ero Ladica

    And add 100 push up, 100 squat, 10km running

  • gudrune

    I'm pretty sure any sports nutritionist would scream at that. Recovery for that kind of effort is about carbs, not protein. Sure, you need protein intake, but you don't really break muscle fibres with that kind of efforts. You do, however, burn carbs like there's no tomorrow. So yeah, that's a pretty retarded product placement.

  • Jeremy Stig
    Jeremy Stig

    I did this for 4 days on a heavy packed touring bike. The hardest part for me is a sore ass by far. Pacing is critical if you do it. Sure if you only ride like 20kmh average it takes 5 hours but it also saves your legs.

  • morfuk

    That was some blunt force advertising lol, jesus

  • Snorkle

    Do some loaded touring. 100km a day with luggage, just not racing.

  • Space Monkey
    Space Monkey

    welcome to bikepacking

  • HotelPapa100

    My commute is 20 km one way. If I go to the airfield Sat and Sun (which happens) I total close to 300k

  • tzephon

    This is the worst advertisement I've seen all year.

  • piano0b

    yesterday i did 120km(600hm)... afterwards i felt like never riding again ^^

  • Benjamin Scales
    Benjamin Scales

    Love how much prep and gear these guys need to do what me and other deliveroo riders call a normal working week without fancy carbon bikes

  • claude

    hope 1000 is much tougher

  • Magnus alexander
    Magnus alexander

    Was it a challenge or a commercial

  • Ruffian Eo
    Ruffian Eo

    I don't get it. Lets assume 4 hours for 100km (avg 25km/h) + 8 hours work + 8 hours sleep = 20 hours leaving you 4 hours for other stuff (commuting, eating, chilling, ...). It sounds like my usual work days I used to have: 10 hours work, 3 hours commuting, 8 hours sleep = 21 hours + 3 hours for anything else. And I did that for 18 years...

  • Harvey's Cycling Channel
    Harvey's Cycling Channel

    435 miles in 7 days easy, but 700 km wow well done Hank 😂😂

  • Flavio Augusto Pereira
    Flavio Augusto Pereira

    Pretty inspironing. I loved this video and I will try, but a lower distance to begin.

  • NevermindXY

    The product placement was total garbage, guys.

  • Manoranjan Mishra
    Manoranjan Mishra

    8.6.21: I'm doing this!

  • Shelby Shum
    Shelby Shum

    Hank's a glutton for punishment. Mad respect lol

  • JDMcivicSiRII

    I've done 70-80km a day doing bike courier work on busy day. Probably cracked 100km a few times if you count the rides to the bar/parties after the shift. :D

  • Mike V8
    Mike V8

    No more fucking product placement. Dislike.

  • James amy
    James amy

    Puncture in a tubeless? Surely not?

  • Παναγιώτης Μπολουδάκης
    Παναγιώτης Μπολουδάκης

    Hello GCN guys! I come from Greece and my job needs are twice a week but a hole day and night of course (24h)! Is it a problem if I'm doing a 100 km early morning (from 5 to 8 a.m.) go to work for 24 hours and the next day do the 100 km session in the evening? Love your challenges!

  • Dejan Radic
    Dejan Radic

    I am a 50 year old waiter that cycles for love.....I rode a 700k route last year in 7 days. Honestly, it was pretty close to breezy......no different than working 7 waiter shifts in a row.

  • Mr. Dude
    Mr. Dude

    Just finished 375 miles last week for charity when I average most weeks only 120 miles. I am 5 days into my recovery and my body is still numbish. Last 2 days I had nothing left and didnt want to ride at all. Every mile ticked off at snails pace. Sucked but it was for charity

  • Hairy Stuntwaffle
    Hairy Stuntwaffle

    it's always a 20% climb into a headwind in Cornwall.

  • Hobbybaschtler

    soo where is the challenge? I'm absolutely average guy with a 11 kg bike (without any load) and I ride about 80 to 130 km per day when I'm touring. Why is this hard for you? You did way harder challenges, right?

  • Lazy Fretter
    Lazy Fretter

    On a normal work week i ride 60 km each keek but last jear i rode to the next metropole and back on a single day which resulted in 170 km that day and a sore butt.

  • K N
    K N

    Then the next three days just ride around town nice and easy and eat like a pig. Then go to a race and kick ass. Maybe a crit. Proud of you brother. They don't give that accomplishment away.

  • K N
    K N

    Doing 35 miles a day saved my life. Preparing for state and national boards and going thru a custody battle and doing clinicals. Bike saved me.

  • Azijn Seikert
    Azijn Seikert

    Last year I ride from Holland to Slovenia in 7 days. Total km 1260 but als more then 10K hight meters. First day 270km. Really fantastic ride. I only had one year of cycle experience.

  • arklat

    I raced for a few years, working full time all the while. I rode about about 80 miles a day, on average.

  • Heinz Joshua
    Heinz Joshua

    This is great

  • Herman Munster
    Herman Munster

    Hi Hank, can we see you and Ollie take a post ride shower together? You can keep your shorts on if you want, but you could scrub each others backs 😜

  • Max Weber
    Max Weber

    This guy did 100 km x 7 = 700 km !! I wonder if I can drive my car 100km per day for 7 days !! 🤪🤪🤪

  • Iska Toysen
    Iska Toysen

    what the saddle it was? pretty comfy ha?

  • Gen X Life
    Gen X Life

    Pretty amazing! Great work!

  • Rick Roy
    Rick Roy

    Did 80 km a day average for 2 months. Probably 5 25-50 km days due to weather, but made up for... and im an old fat hippy and that was on a 29er... kek

  • Aleksandr Goldyrev
    Aleksandr Goldyrev

    I played another challenge, how much can ride in a row... At the moment 1208 at 22 days without day off )) average 55 a day. Was most tired at day 15 after that it just become a normal 🙂

  • macab

    Great work, but now do it without that home bike computer

  • Mathew Tom
    Mathew Tom

    Take me too.. me too want to be jobless and wander like you guys on a bike, of course paid..

  • Darryl Ouye
    Darryl Ouye

    I’ve done 423 rides since March 2020, the start of the lockdowns. Keeps me sane!

  • Pavel Viorel Madalin
    Pavel Viorel Madalin



    I thought the standard was 100 miles/day.

  • M P
    M P

    Been doing about 30-35 miles per day (48-54km), every single day, for five years -you tend to hit a pace and stay there -your body gets used to it, so any weight loss stops -your over-eating/drinking will still put fat on your middle -you get neurotic about it My personal op is if you're young and fit, don't do what I do. Instead, vary your rides, throw in off-road or speed trials, and limit the miles per day (such as under 10 miles, just enough to flex your muscles some).

  • Masterpiece Tools
    Masterpiece Tools

    That is pretty impressive. I used to bike tour, with a broken ankle and no knee cap, and would do 80-100 miles a day, fully loaded with 40-60- lbs of gear. I did zero training and was pretty overweight. I would do about 40 miles the first day, sleep heavily the second day and do 40-60 miles on it. Then pretty much be good to go. But obviously no racing pace, just crank it out over the day. quite pleasant so long as the hills were not too extreme. I had one day when the wind was so extreme I couldn't ride into it. Wind can be a killer.

  • Robert Ralph
    Robert Ralph

    No disrespect meant but my fat ass did 100k a day for three months with an 80lb bike when cyclotouring. The first week sucked but I was a God by the end.

  • silkdestroyer

    Am I missing something here? OK, I'm sure that you ride a lot faster than me and you were supposedly doing other "stuff" during the day as well, but you are young and riding a bike that I'm sure weighs next to nothing. When I do a tour I average 65 MILES a day, (I'm British!), riding a steel touring bike with panniers and camping gear, sleeping in a tent for half the time, and I know that I can do that for at least 10 consecutive days. My last big ride was from the south coast of Ukraine back to Amsterdam, where I covered 2000 miles in 5 weeks with 3 rest days. That's 32 days riding, 62.5 miles/day, or, in your continental language, 100k/day. And I was 58yrs old back then. And not a single protein shake passsed my lips! So I'm sorry, can't say that I'm too impressed with your 100k/day on an empty light bike! LG.

  • Peter S
    Peter S

    I know of a guy who rode almost 31,000 km a year every year in his mid 60's. So he was riding close to 100 km/day almost the entire year and then just kept going again the next year. Watching how hard this seemed makes his feat even more impressive.

  • Cristian Baluta
    Cristian Baluta

    I would do it too, if it doesn't take me 6h to complete 100k

  • Dave Meise
    Dave Meise

    You're a competitor, why is it so hard for you? Don't you already ride 20 to 30 miles each day as part of your normal fitness routines? What's with the nutrition stuff? Just eat well and you will be fine. Jesus!

  • Dave Meise
    Dave Meise

    I used to ride 50 miles (80 Km) per day, 5 days per week. 25 miles to work and 25 back home. I was in good shape but the ride itself wasn't too bad.

  • Steven

    How are you managing your fluids during the 100 k with only one biddon?

  • Skaughtto

    There should be a "Hank" challenge that consists of all the challenges he's done. Either in chronological order or order of difficulty.

  • Bizzobb Foshizzle
    Bizzobb Foshizzle


  • Ted Messner
    Ted Messner

    This guys a pro and he can't even do it. And fuck all the zwift, he should at least be on rollers

  • Alessandro Lazo
    Alessandro Lazo

    Don't you guys think that instead of drinking so many protein shakes, he could've used a good blend of aminoacids to promote recovery?

  • Julius Nguyen
    Julius Nguyen

    whats the sleeping and recovery app you used?

    • Hobbybaschtler

      who needs an app for sleeping?? People nowadays..

  • LeglessLex

    Lol my best ride was around 100k and it was devastating lmao, cant wait for my new bike tho. Going to beat that 100k and more :)

  • BikingAround

    riding 100k a day for a week is not insanely hard. But doing it in a working week is insane! :)

  • bassam el arabi
    bassam el arabi

    What app are u using for sleep measurements ?

  • Dharshan Shoban
    Dharshan Shoban

    Superb CGN

  • Kevin Kevin
    Kevin Kevin

    Anyone know what bike computer he is using?

  • germainchris

    Well done man - thats an inspriation for my next effort. 10km/day *7 :)

  • james mattey
    james mattey

    bit confused, he has a £10k bike (pretty invested in cycling) but struggle to ride 62miles a day...

  • A Freeman
    A Freeman

    I used to do 10,000 miles a year made up of 50 miles to and from work every day. I never had any trouble getting to sleep. I could average 15mph for 12 hours through the Welsh mountain ie 180 miles and that included stops and was on a well kitted out touring bike, not a lightweight racer.

  • Davi Levi
    Davi Levi

    Good job man!!! Congrats!!!

  • Nikola Radulaski
    Nikola Radulaski

    Has anyone counted number of times protein shakes have been mentioned?

  • Carl Hamer
    Carl Hamer

    Anyone else fast forward past all the protein shake parts zzzz

  • jean-luc paradis
    jean-luc paradis

    Some People have an elastic perception of the word : "work"

  • Saul M
    Saul M

    Wow you sir are my role model to try and make it happen.

  • A M
    A M

    Not that big a thing, but you make is sound much worse than it is and you did it with drafting. Fake drama, you trying out for the Discovery Channel?

  • cantor bernoulli
    cantor bernoulli

    his bike cost more than my car

  • Pascal Blaise
    Pascal Blaise

    The GCN presenters are turning into princesses! I have cycled around the world for a year, riding with a 50kg loaded bicycle through the worst paths of central asia, eating whatever I could find on the way (i.e. no energy bars!), wild-camping... and yet still regularly clocking over 700km/week! Come on guys, do a real challenge! :-D

    • Pascal Blaise
      Pascal Blaise

      Not even talking about Grand Tour with riders doing 200km at 45km/h everyday for 3 weeks! Maybe you should ask Manon for some help - and without protein supplement! :-D

  • Nick Tsichlis
    Nick Tsichlis

    I love the premise for this video and I generally love this crew, but damn I can't stand being sold a bunch of supplement powders like that. Stopped watching 5 minutes in.

  • Germane

    what a bullshit stuff you recomended here? Proteinpowder are you kidding me? Proteoin instead of carbs? I'm 56 year, one leg nd I beat you, maybe not at high meters but distance ... no problem and I have been never a professional bike rider.... come to me, be my guest and we ride together!!!

  • djeq721

    Pretty sure you need carbs for fuel not just endless protein shakes...

  • MajikSo

    I know product placement is freaking tempting but how about GCN gives an option to its audience whether they want to pay for the content without product placement or watch it for free with product placement. Sounds fair?

  • Peacem4ker

    100k for a week, as an at least semi-trained cyclist should not be a problem at all. Last year, I challenged myself (as part of another competition) to run/walk 300k within a week, including a marathon everyday (so I had to get ~4k extra somewhere). I did it, including work. And I am absolutely untrained. I then had a VO2max of 40 (~45 now), my 10k running time is somewhere around 1:03 hours and my 40k biking time in ideal circumstances 1:20 hours. An I am not able to perform more than 15 Push-ups in a row (probably less). So I think you should be much fitter than me. I cannot really understand, how you give up on the 100k per day and changed it to a 700k in a week. it is not that hard (and it is probably my next challenge in ~6 weeks).

  • Speak Less
    Speak Less

    Protein shake bla bla bla protein shake bla bla protein shake bla protein shake bla bla protein shake bla bla bla protein shake.

  • Maus C.
    Maus C.

    This episode is pretty much an infomercial.

see you soon