INSIDE STORY: Sergio Perez's Astonishing Last To First Victory
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Relive Sergio Perez's stunning maiden Formula 1 win as you have never before! When he found himself in last place after a frenetic start under the Bahrain lights, who could've predicted that he would snatch such an unlikely victory?!
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  • CptJohnPrice 01
    CptJohnPrice 01

    He knows how to do it. East or west checo's the best!

  • travis hart
    travis hart

    Sergio was such an aggressive driver with no opportunities left behind I’m glad Red Bull was able to pick him up I can’t wait to see him again

  • Evan Thomas
    Evan Thomas

    What a great race😀😀👍👍😎😎

  • malcolm ironmonger
    malcolm ironmonger


  • Felipe Jimenez
    Felipe Jimenez

    Everytime i watch this, i cry so much

  • thibaud961

    from the bottom now we here

  • Aaden Leon
    Aaden Leon

    "Where are the Mercedes?" When you realize racing point is owned by Mercedes: *so checo the Mercedes is p1*

  • Manuel Gómez
    Manuel Gómez

    I almost forgot to watch this video today

  • Isaac Ordonez
    Isaac Ordonez

    Even knowing what happened I still get nervous heart beats for Sergio, what an amazing race for Sergio!

  • Mr GV
    Mr GV

    Ironic Aitken cost Russell the win imo in HIS car

  • CG

    What a race that was!!!!

  • Max De Pinho
    Max De Pinho

    Beware a man with nothing to lose

  • Moobeus

    Never give up

  • TheVideoClub

    everybody asks if car okay but no one asks if checo okay

  • Javier Muñoz
    Javier Muñoz

    Never give up.

  • NorthyGames

    What a freaking Rollercoaster. Absolutely beautiful videography

  • Tenshimp Kekarot
    Tenshimp Kekarot

    A great win man feels great that he got his first win

  • djneedles000

    Perez is a way better driver than stroll

  • evoSieg

    Wow, this cut was awesome!

  • Solaire

    What a victory! Enough to make a man cry!

  • Sahil Hussain
    Sahil Hussain

    1:48- just loved that, how spark comes out through the road. Fascinating, simply astonishing view.

  • PANDITA 45
    PANDITA 45

    Quiero llorar

  • Bryan Salto mendoza
    Bryan Salto mendoza


  • Gustavo

    unas ganas de llorar viendo al checo perez ganando ... que tremenda emocion ! GRANDE CHECO !

  • pepOnshow

    A Father with a huge heart Checo is so great this race was one of the best from last season.

  • Harry Chalcraft
    Harry Chalcraft

    Never doubted him, never will. COME ON CHECO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ALL BELIEVE IN YOU.

  • Juanes 963
    Juanes 963

    Me in GT sport against bots be like that.

  • Gabriela Veiga
    Gabriela Veiga

    This GP makes me feel incredible happy for Perez but incridible sorry for Russell

  • Bryan Salto mendoza
    Bryan Salto mendoza

    Súper ti tú

  • ivan corry
    ivan corry

    As much as I love checo and he gave a great drive, Russel got robbed


    Anyone notice when Russell pitted his so called punctured Tyre was punctured?

  • Ronan Bochnia
    Ronan Bochnia

    I feel bad for George we all do

  • Pauling Hee
    Pauling Hee

    i’ve watched this so many times and it still gives me goosebumps every single time.

  • What seek ye
    What seek ye

    This video almost brings me to tears.

  • Luis Sierra T
    Luis Sierra T

    After they copied the car desing from mercedes.

  • Anshul _
    Anshul _

    This is how interesting F1 is when Lewis isn't there.

  • Cylindrical _
    Cylindrical _

    He deserved it, but I was heartbroken for Russell lol, poor chap, guy was hauling and nothing seemed to go his way

  • SteadFast

    Netflix be like: okay so what do I do then?

  • Zaahir Ali
    Zaahir Ali

    No russel

  • Valeria Deras
    Valeria Deras

    Chingon Checo

  • Edson Cruz
    Edson Cruz

    5 ta vez que lloro Banda, salgan de SVsoft que quiero estar solo

  • Audio Cosmonaut
    Audio Cosmonaut

    1:42 They do seem to have great taste in music at Haas

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh

    If it gets recommended to George then George :(

  • Héctor


  • Lucas Laino
    Lucas Laino

    This and monza were the best

  • Sonokido

    0:48 george russell's american cousin, John Johnson

  • Myung Suk Lee
    Myung Suk Lee

    Sad to see how Russel lost but I think Perez really deserved it. Fighting up from last and being one of the most consistent drivers in F1

  • karthik pariki
    karthik pariki

    He will make Racing point sorry for letting him go.

  • 賜龍怜音

    This is so inspiring. What a man!

  • General Decker
    General Decker

    inspiring...never give up


    sweet tears mate sweet tears :')

  • Adam

    Why is George Russel in a Merc?

  • Agustín Carlos Hernández Fernández
    Agustín Carlos Hernández Fernández

    Viva México!!!!!!!!!

  • G K
    G K

    3:42 idk why but i slightly cried on that sentence

  • CSlim Chill
    CSlim Chill

    omfg GOOO!!!!!

  • Gabriel Klemann
    Gabriel Klemann

    é horrível lembrar do GP que o Bottas perdeu o mínimo de respeito que eu tinha por ele... LIMITADO

  • azapro911

    And remember, his Formula 1 career was on the line. Unbelievable guts.


    Wanted Russell to win but he will get his chance, Checo deserved a win

  • Adventure It Out
    Adventure It Out

    Even though monza was amazing! This was my favorite race of last year!

  • Mohammad Alattar
    Mohammad Alattar

    Fun fact You searched this up more than once

  • Andre Breumsoe
    Andre Breumsoe

    Perez led more laps in Portimao than Gasly and Albon ever did with Red Bull.

  • Divyanshu Kaushik
    Divyanshu Kaushik

    This was my favorite grand prix in a long time. Checo Checo!👏👏

  • Victor Valkyrian
    Victor Valkyrian

    All of us in México are proud of Checo, even people who don't watch or understand F1 racing, he is now a national hero, OUR HERO!!! Viva Checo y viva México!!!

  • Edoardo Poggi
    Edoardo Poggi

    I’m crying... A legend

  • Kim Thanh Trần Thị
    Kim Thanh Trần Thị

    Sang per 1st

  • scar

    This race it's what made me pay attention to every race now, I use to be a casual viewer

  • Viraj Malache
    Viraj Malache

    Sergio Perezs'z super star


    Who else got chills

  • Bryan Salto mendoza
    Bryan Salto mendoza

    Súper a tú

  • Mega Firdaus
    Mega Firdaus

    It might take 190 trials before you finally get to your 1st success. Ah, always love how F1 somehow teach you the roller coaster of life.

  • Scott Taylor
    Scott Taylor

    I'm not crying you're crying

  • Myview

    That background music though....

  • The Cognition
    The Cognition

    It's also a story of Russell's bad luck

  • Bryan Salto mendoza
    Bryan Salto mendoza

    Eso si

  • RalfsStuff

    Absolutely gutted at Russel's race but Checo winning made more than up for it.

  • Anne Rud
    Anne Rud

    One of my favorite races. That was so exciting to watch that day.

  • Ghosty Gaming
    Ghosty Gaming

    Perez is basically me playing Formula 1 on my PS4 against medium bots

  • Mason

    watching this puts a lump in my throat

  • Bryan Salto mendoza
    Bryan Salto mendoza


  • 주민홍

    real drama.! pink pink is the color of madness!

  • R R
    R R

    Men do cry. ❤

  • abhishek vijayanand
    abhishek vijayanand

    King of tyre management - Checo Perez🔥


    Ese es el sergio perez que todos queremos ver en red bull

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown

    Where was Lewis in this race?

  • Stefan Cosmas
    Stefan Cosmas


  • Alexander Marks
    Alexander Marks

    Russel has talent

  • Jay Vin
    Jay Vin

    Can someone explain to me how he was just so much faster and able to overtake so easily every time

    • Sergey the Web Dev
      Sergey the Web Dev

      He likes a very low downforce setup compared to other drivers.. it makes him accelerate much faster down the straights. While a low downforce setup usually makes a car lose grip at the corners, "His slip control on the throttle coming out of the corners is just remarkable" - Andrew Green, Aston Martin Technical Director

  • A red
    A red

    Love that man putting it down for the Raza!

  • Axics 293
    Axics 293

    Thats the most beautiful win ever in my opinion checo is the best

  • Joe 15
    Joe 15

    Straight up better than drive to survive

  • Juganwa Comedy
    Juganwa Comedy

    wow wonderful moments

  • Tanvi Music
    Tanvi Music

    Lots Of Love From India

  • Hugo H. Huidobro
    Hugo H. Huidobro

    we mexicans always come from behind.... checo eres un orgullo pones a todo el pai en alto!!!!

  • Donnalie Yap
    Donnalie Yap

    The shot with checo and the fireworks going off behind him is the best thing I’ve seen

  • Kenneth Ellseth
    Kenneth Ellseth

    this man has done some serious impressive results and races during his career, I wish he had a championship title!

  • odlaar

    This makes a grown man want to cry

  • Francisco Cabrera
    Francisco Cabrera

    No lo digo por ser latino... Pero esta fue la mejor carrera de estos ultimos campeonatos.... De 18 a llegar numero 1....

  • Skrily 35P
    Skrily 35P

    This was amazing!!!

  • sunita venugopal
    sunita venugopal

    Serigo Pérez will win the Sakhir gp

  • sunita venugopal
    sunita venugopal

    Serigo Persée is epic