MANAGER CAM | Exclusive Reactions From Guardiola & Arteta During Arsenal vs Manchester City
See exclusive footage from Mikel Arteta and Pep Guardiola on the sidelines as their watch teams go head-to-head in their Emirates FA Cup Semi-final match.
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  • Dhany

    Two best friends become enemy ( not really enemy )

  • pierre azuke
    pierre azuke

    Hard to believe this was just 8 months ago

  • Andrei Kaiser
    Andrei Kaiser

    What happend to the managers they don t wear dress anymore 😂

  • Michael Kandjeke
    Michael Kandjeke

    4:21 when I'm losing and I get a free kick in FIFA

  • nkfordabants TV
    nkfordabants TV

    Am I bugging or does arteta look like ronaldo

  • StellaGaming

    Temporary happiness for arteta..

  • 9M Hiro
    9M Hiro

    After this Pep: SIT DOWN!!, no body talk!!

  • gegenism

    "we're not really here" tf is that mean?

  • iamdanish99 // havocx
    iamdanish99 // havocx

    that mug luiz shamelessely throwing the bottle even though a hand was shown no respect no wonder he flops

  • Джавид Манукян
    Джавид Манукян

    1:32 not respect David Luiz

  • Chou Lee
    Chou Lee

    Hye, I'm from the future. Just wanna say that Arsenal is in the process to the championship league. I hope you guys have a nice day 😘

  • _ Cöke _
    _ Cöke _

    Do you guys notice at 0:49 both of them do the same thing?😂

  • Shakir Zufayri
    Shakir Zufayri

    Why this recommmend to me after Arsenal loss 1-4 to City🤣🤣🤣

  • Leman Pomen
    Leman Pomen

    Wasit langcau

  • afi xaryan
    afi xaryan

    If pep would have hair I would confuse who is who they look a like and have same style 😆

  • Seno Ramadhan
    Seno Ramadhan

    0:49 😂

  • J Flam
    J Flam



    I wonder if arteta mistakenly gave the man city players instructions 😂

  • Kamarul Imran
    Kamarul Imran

    Teacher vs student and student win

  • Iplayz1

    Both managers are basically the same ppl

  • Fadli Omar
    Fadli Omar

    Lets see his arteta in 5 years. Not bad in 6 month 2 trophies. Eventhough the comunity people dont call it a trophy or cup. But stil it is in the resume.

  • Olti Krasniqi
    Olti Krasniqi


  • lola3 lola7
    lola3 lola7

    Guardiola Bad alenator and stupide

  • Supakrazy Official
    Supakrazy Official

    i actually enjoyed my great arteta frustrating his menter it is really making arsenal fans happy.

  • Reyhan Adrian
    Reyhan Adrian

    ole can't do this

  • KwamboaLucy6 Kwambo
    KwamboaLucy6 Kwambo

    Thanks so much. Arsenal

  • Mohamed Yuusuf
    Mohamed Yuusuf

    The energy they both have

  • Somesh

    For as long this bald fraud has humiliated my club since his barca days, this was one of the most satisfying moment watching pep so frustrated against my arsenal.Thank You Mikel Arteta


    Arteta's tiki taka DNA Born Barca's la masia academy Grew up at Barcelona B and C Studied at Wenger High school Graduated from Pep University

  • asta mar
    asta mar

    2:31 if you look in detail. there it is clearly visible. arteta accidentally kicked the drinking bottle. but after that he put it again in a special bottle. This is a manager who is very attentive to fellow colleagues.

  • Далер Табаров
    Далер Табаров

    Аrsenal 👍👍👍

  • RAHEF 76
    RAHEF 76

    Mantap 👍👍👍

  • Della Cruzz
    Della Cruzz

    The best world class coach

  • Hajjar HermanArazak
    Hajjar HermanArazak

    Arteta is the best interpersonal communications

  • Tyny Bakirov
    Tyny Bakirov


  • Thomas Bousfield
    Thomas Bousfield

    Mikel arteta is making arsenal grow if we can go 3 matches against Liverpool with a win that's something that couldn't of happened befire it is thanks to Mikel arteta I also feel pep guardiola and Mikel arteta will one day allie

  • Isa

    i cant imagine arteta shouting

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker

    Both managers can hear each others plans 😂😂😂😂

  • Ta Ta Baty
    Ta Ta Baty

    Arteta is unique and loyal

  • giorgio berner
    giorgio berner

    5:06 TUCHEL

  • Mario Marxun
    Mario Marxun

    Arteta won 2 trophies in less than a year, with a mid table team. Arsenal looking dangerous, but i dont see them finishing top 4 unless they get better midfielder. Look at other teams who finished above them on the table. Or just look went Arsenal was a consistent top 4 team.

  • Mario Marxun
    Mario Marxun

    Arteta won 2 trophies in less than a year, with a mid table team. Arsenal looking dangerous, but i dont see them finishing top 4 unless they get better midfielder. Look at other teams who finished above them on the table. Or just look went Arsenal was a consistent top 4 team.

  • Dan Neil
    Dan Neil

    Arteta fashionate elegant robotic style

  • oluwaseyi subair
    oluwaseyi subair

    When d student shows he master dat he has learnt well all he has been thought.

  • Rehaan Haseeb
    Rehaan Haseeb

    4:26 lol

  • SqwaadYT

    Fascinating love it

  • Del f
    Del f

    4:25 funny moments

  • Cambo

    Arsenal vs Real Mardrid - UEFA Champions League - Round of 16 - 1st Leg - FIFA 20 - Career Match #100 - Legendary 👇👇👇 👍👍👍👍 👇👇👇

  • Memorable Nolan One Liners
    Memorable Nolan One Liners

    Arsenal banners: List of FA Cup wins over the years Man City banners: wE'rE nOt ReAlLy hErE Big club over small club.

  • shahbaz saleem
    shahbaz saleem

    Arteta the game and team changer. Now y'all see what's coming we are back in power after a long sleep. Two titles with in a short period best is yet to come. #coyg🔥

  • NoobTzy

    Guardiola without Arteta is nothing

  • TeNgGiLinG

    Both are brothers but one has more hair

  • Angél Ws
    Angél Ws

    Pronto la llegada de messi cambiará todoooo

  • Lukoala

    His little circles are secret spells guess they wore off lol 😂

  • its muyela
    its muyela


  • Mohamed Abdirahmaan
    Mohamed Abdirahmaan

    Who is here after winning arsenal comminity sheild

  • five .8
    five .8

    3:09 pep says gai

  • sheets0fmetal


  • Abenezer Sintayehu
    Abenezer Sintayehu

    the 4:25 reaction from the assistance manager tho😂😂😂😂

  • Nhịp Sống Nơi Đô Thị
    Nhịp Sống Nơi Đô Thị

    Arteta is the best

  • Kepi Tipeo
    Kepi Tipeo

    1:44 - 1:57. Pep is going around the square thinking about new tactics.

  • Gd2knw

    Excited to see Artetas new staff team next

  • Mochamad Agiansyah
    Mochamad Agiansyah

    Same gesture, same style, same approach

  • Help Me Reach 1500 Subscribers With No Videos
    Help Me Reach 1500 Subscribers With No Videos

    Arteta has learned from the best and is now better then Pep

  • igor ristic
    igor ristic

    Arteta is freakin assassin!!!

  • からかい高木さんと西片くん

    Anyone notice "blinding lights" in the bg at 1:49 onwards

  • Dick Truesay
    Dick Truesay

    Only difference is Arteta isn’t an egomaniac

  • Miracle Vincent
    Miracle Vincent

    Whh are they 4llow theresef


    0:48 😲

  • Fun Time
    Fun Time

    Arteta gives his players believe they can do it and that's helping.

  • Cain City
    Cain City

    Who's here after we won the FA Cup?!

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith

    Pep was looking worried there haha go on arsenal

  • Nani Angelo Da Silva
    Nani Angelo Da Silva

    I want song name at 02:04

  • Phyao

    Mike went from assistant manager to first season winning a trophy

  • Vansh Vardhan Singh
    Vansh Vardhan Singh

    When you realize that you've incorrectly answered the most easiest question in your Mathematics Exam! 4:25 LOL

  • Vansh Vardhan Singh
    Vansh Vardhan Singh

    Wait a second...What was that sound??? 4:24

  • hiep1 phanbao
    hiep1 phanbao

    could you tell me name of the song at 2:04. thanks.

    • hiep1 phanbao
      hiep1 phanbao

      Nani Angelo Da Silva thanks bro.

    • Nani Angelo Da Silva
      Nani Angelo Da Silva

      hiep1 phanbao

  • Kristian Behun
    Kristian Behun

    FA Cup! Did somebody did somebody break Pep's heart?

  • Efecha Ofou
    Efecha Ofou

    Turns out coaching entails way more than I ever thought

  • David Sim
    David Sim

    Arteta win and celebrate againts his former club use to work there

  • Humayun Kabir
    Humayun Kabir

    Pep needs to change his assistant probably. Pep is not looking happy after Arteta left. He needs someone who is young and looks talented to be a manager one day someone like Arteta which pep had at Man City.

  • sefta abimayu
    sefta abimayu

    4:25 LOL 😆😆😆

  • Lawrence Larry
    Lawrence Larry

    4:27, 😂😂😂😂😂 still laughing

  • ASHO

    Yet people say this cup doesn't mean anything to other teams. Look at Pep pacing around.

  • de-man de-nize
    de-man de-nize

    Wow! Seems like watching father and!

  • Wahyu _22
    Wahyu _22

    4:26 gokil abis😂

  • Azam Rohani
    Azam Rohani

    The best chanel reaction

  • Erik Budiarto
    Erik Budiarto

    Manager cam from the final please

  • Mardo Borson
    Mardo Borson

    no doubt manager is among the most depressed job in the world

  • Soccer StatS
    Soccer StatS

    Arteta in 6 months more trophies than spurs in 12 years

  • dinh nguyen cong
    dinh nguyen cong

    Who here after Arsenal took the Cup =)))))

  • Saiful Bahri
    Saiful Bahri

    David luiz out

  • Emboll

    1:32 why so rude David?

    • Amina Adler
      Amina Adler

      He didn't saw him, come on🙄

  • MMUTi

    At 0:50 is when u realise these guys are the same person lol

  • Qairul Ikhsan
    Qairul Ikhsan

    Imagined arteta telling his players to go left and right but the man City players actually followed arteta😂😂

  • JaredRogersWord

    1:18 I love that. Go 1 up, and you’re already demanding things of your defence before re-kick off

  • branchyapple

    Why do i even watch this

  • branchyapple

    Wait an official channel released those footage. not a some sort of fan channel lol.

  • branchyapple


  • Kieran O'Dwyer
    Kieran O'Dwyer

    Why do I keep seeing Arsenal Man city CA cup final videos in my feed?