SNOWY FOREST RUN - Angelica Larsson
Hi friends! I'm back again with a new video when I'm picking up cargo in the woods 🚚💨
I absolutely LOVE the music in this video 😍🎶🎵 I hope you'll enjoy it as much as me 😊
I'm going ing to prepare for my next video that will be a Q and A, so hit me up with questions 😍❤
subtitles in English and Hungarian 😊🙏

00:00 John Kenza - wicked
01:33 Damon Empero - Vacation
03:36 Damon Empero - Vacation
06:14 Unknown Brian - dance with me
08:22 Thefatrat - sunlight
09:07 Thefatrat - sunlight
09:58 Thefatrat - sunlight
10:31 Beauz - memories
13:11 Play Unity - Alan Walker
15:58 Damon Empero - Vacation
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  • Donald Brown
    Donald Brown

    shes the real deal

  • John Gunderson
    John Gunderson

    Wow pretty awesome. Would u ever come to the United States and work?

  • Алексей Ордин
    Алексей Ордин


  • moe molar
    moe molar

    well today is my birthday 02-18 66 anyway, i really enjoy your videos, we all have to work and do something in this world, i love what i do and have been at it for a long time, Angelica, you are so bubbly and full of energy and fun, and you know what your doing with all of us, make watching your videos entertaining and addicting, yes , you are a pretty face, i have seen and known many, however, you have a great way of sharing this with all of us, just the way you are, just the way you do it,....and keep doing just what you do. thanks for all the effort, i believe it will all be cool for you, sweden is the best,........and i am from, what i am told is the most corrupt state in the U.S. called illinois. ...

  • opexo

    i don't know how i ended up on your channel but it is really nice to watch, you are very beautiful and what you do is amazing.

  • S280 Turbo technics
    S280 Turbo technics

    She should star in ice road truckers

  • David Davila Ruano
    David Davila Ruano

    Espero que estés bien y sigas comiendo gominolas.Saludos Angélica.

  • Peter Howells
    Peter Howells

    Greetings from Scotland! I hope everything is OK Angelica? We all miss you! xxx

  • Juan Cordova
    Juan Cordova

    Hi love your show ... how old are you ? How tall are you ? You should be on tv your so beautiful and love your voice . I’m so impressed with your work ...

  • Winston Torres
    Winston Torres

    Angelica, I Just wanna send You, the Best Energy, that everything get well with Your laser Surgery, I Got You in my Prays every day, and Not Only Me, Mis You, a Lot, but I Know That You got to take care of You, GOD BLESS YOU, and Don't Worry We will be Right here waiting For You, Don't Forget That You're Our Wonder Woman. Sincerely Winston F. Torres Cortázar.

  • Rick Happs
    Rick Happs

    Hey where are you at I haven't seen you in awhile please come back

  • jarq19

    How old are you? How tall are you? How long have you been driving?

  • Paulo Yamasaki
    Paulo Yamasaki

    👋 Hello where you. New videos!!!

  • Pritpal Singh
    Pritpal Singh

    You have great backing skills

  • john neil Maclennan
    john neil Maclennan

    hej jag heter John

  • pepe cruz
    pepe cruz

    eres una chica inteligente y muy trabajadora, saluditos desde Cádiz España

  • will f
    will f

    Hi Angelica hope all is well with you 🙂

  • Doktor Luan
    Doktor Luan

    I believe Angelika has to fight with depression. I hope she will find her luck.

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C

    Hi Angelica, I found something interesting on Facebook the other night, Someone is using one of your Photos on there Facebook page there name is Alamida Fashino please look at this Facebook user and report them!

  • TheFeltea

    Kan du göra en tipsvideo för nybörjare? Vad man ska tänka på som ny, vad man kan råka ut för osv. Jag har uppkörning om 2 veckor 😀 Älskar dina videos btw 😀

  • drew's adventures
    drew's adventures

    How's the trucking going??

  • Javier catalan
    Javier catalan

    Beautiful Angelica saludos desde Chile

  • Scott Sasser
    Scott Sasser

    When you going to put some more videos out sweetheart I got 90 something videos on my SVsoft but I miss you I miss watching what you do I know you're recording to so when you're not working you can download movies or videos I understand how it works or is it because the people you work for they don't want you to videotape put videos out then you need to find a different job that will let you video tape what you do the best and that is trucking

  • Randy Smith
    Randy Smith

    You haven't uploaded a video on here in about a month. Hope all is well.

  • Александр Радомский
    Александр Радомский

  • Cosmic Transport LLC
    Cosmic Transport LLC

    I'm an Irish swedish Scandinavian trapped in America, I truly need to go home to my bloodline lol

  • Cosmic Transport LLC
    Cosmic Transport LLC

    Such glowing beauty, and what a driver you are. Nice work 💪

  • Mark Waldner
    Mark Waldner

    We should start a ''go fund me'' so she can buy her own truck

  • Eddie Buerger
    Eddie Buerger

    Words cannot describe how gorgeous and adorable you are Angelica!! And NOT to undermine your skills as a truck driver with my compliments on your beauty!! I would move to Sweden for you.... lol

  • Carl Martin
    Carl Martin

    Your sweet and impressive, good job

  • 3gopoBa 3gopoBa
    3gopoBa 3gopoBa

    Анжелика а ты знаешь Сашу Грей? Вот смотри, тебе нравятся большие массивные длинные грузовики, ей нравятся пельмени. Осталось выяснить по вкусу ли тебе пельмени и испытывает ли какие нибудь чувства к большому массивному и длинному Саша.

  • Sok Chhengko Sok Chhengko
    Sok Chhengko Sok Chhengko

    I love you 😘💕❤️ ok ?

  • Sok Chhengko Sok Chhengko
    Sok Chhengko Sok Chhengko

    I like you I love you 💕😘❤️

  • zimny 1
    zimny 1

    Ładna jesteś.

  • Danne Svanström
    Danne Svanström

    Hur är det, mår du bra? Orolig när inga livstecken sker..

  • Александр Раднаев
    Александр Раднаев

    Good luck Дюймовочка

  • 이근석

    너무 예뻐요

  • 11 Chaos
    11 Chaos

    Ok ok hear me out here........ free health care, citizenship, and housing 🇺🇸 💍 😂

  • Isaac Shaw
    Isaac Shaw

    Great were r u going

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  • Pranjal Chetia
    Pranjal Chetia

    Hi, your income from driving. Where did you learn truck driving?

  • alexander sanchez
    alexander sanchez

    Drive safe an how cold is it there

  • Vance King
    Vance King

    Always a pleasure watching. Enjoy it all. Such pretty country. Thank you for sharing your piece of heaven.

  • mikko lötjönen
    mikko lötjönen

    i didn't know about beautiful truck drivers whatever you are .. !!

  • Skip'n the C's
    Skip'n the C's

    Does anyone own Kenworth trucks over there.

    • Kape 351
      Kape 351

      There are very few american trucks in sweden. And the ones that are in the country are mainly used like classic cars just for fun and mostly seen on car and truckshows.

  • Skip'n the C's
    Skip'n the C's

    I know where that is. See you soon sweet pea were still in luv.🥰

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    TGR 9X


  • TGR 9X
    TGR 9X

    uma graça , lalala, sucesso .

  • Carl Ingerson
    Carl Ingerson

    Happy spring. Easter too. Take care

  • Bogdan Wojciechowski
    Bogdan Wojciechowski


  • Pilot Nik
    Pilot Nik

    can you rev your truck please?

  • Floyd Karlsson
    Floyd Karlsson

    Glad Påsk

  • 666

    Angelica stay awesome!

  • 오늘도욱하는 욱칸
    오늘도욱하는 욱칸

    영상이 멋지다!!

  • Kirk Hurry
    Kirk Hurry

    I love you

  • Miquel de Wit
    Miquel de Wit

    Has wintertime long nights? How long are the nights? Do you need sunglasses for driving so long in the snow, in case of snowblindness?

  • Andrei

    Beautiful long haired blonde talking English with Swedish accent handling trucks with her pinky finger. That's insane. Insanely hot.

  • Jirka Cojetipotom
    Jirka Cojetipotom

    Pls some news😪

    • Jirka Cojetipotom
      Jirka Cojetipotom

      @atnfn i dont have i dont need insta sorry

    • atnfn

      Just checked her instagram (just search for her name), she is not dead.

  • Anselmo Manjarrez
    Anselmo Manjarrez

    Excelente video muy buen trabajo ❄❄⛄☃️⛄🌬 saludos 🤗

  • Zach Dawe
    Zach Dawe

    The rear axle looks like it’s a lift axle. Is it a self stealing lift axle? Also are you able to control it from the cab?

  • Sparky

    glad to see you doing well Angelica also love your positive attitude great job and be safe 🚚🎔

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson

    Where has the snow angel gone? Hope you are safe and sound. Hope you post soon!!!😊❤

  • - yasu
    - yasu

    KYOTO(Japan) 😀✋

  • AEXRT65

    You are a great and lovely girl ❤️ ❤️❤️.

  • True fella
    True fella

    Hi why drive your truck minus shoes on, I think its not safe?? Clarify a bit there I hv sn u do that in a couple of your videos

  • Marley Ermis
    Marley Ermis

    Jesus is with you God bless I hope you’re well

  • عمار عمار
    عمار عمار

    بحبك انجلا

  • paanikki

    I immediately noticed your Fiskars🇫🇮 SnowXpert shovel ! Greetings from Finland!

  • 李永均

  • Go Daddio TV
    Go Daddio TV

    Now back down a steep Forest Service Rd. because the pie plate nailed to a tree, with an arrow drawn on it, was hanging upside down at the Y you turned at 15 minutes ago...↖️ becomes ↗️ That's a LOT of "fun". Should be a great vid, can't wait to see it!😉🤣

  • Jeff Pritchard
    Jeff Pritchard

    I wish you could come here to the USA and tell the drivers who are too lazy to clean off the snow and ice from their cars the reasoning of doing such a thing. Thank you for your consideration of other operators on the road.

  • Morph Moore
    Morph Moore

    More Videos,Please. X

  • Hg Sørensen
    Hg Sørensen

    Naughty naughty Angelica. as a fellow truck driver i know what that T in the display means..

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов

    Вот молодец девушка,ещё и красивая такая.

  • tesego paolo
    tesego paolo

    the end

    • TALON

      @tesego paolo She is snubbing SVsoft for some reason. Not communicating with followers ! Only on Facebook and Instagram ! She's a little stinker ! 😆 Leaving SVsoftr's high and dry ! Don't know why... That's her prerogative I guess.

    • tesego paolo
      tesego paolo

      @TALON then I'm going to get away from the canal

    • TALON


  • rick bradley
    rick bradley

    Are you not doing videos anymore. It’s been over a month since you last video

    • TALON

      Yup ! She's M.I.A.

  • Go Daddio TV
    Go Daddio TV

    I'm a flat-decker in Canada. Question time begins now... 1. What's the steepest grade you've driven down so far? 2. Heaviest load hauled so far?...not including the load of bs comments from incels 3. Coldest outside temperature you've worked in while tying down? 4. Uhhmmm...don't have a 4th one...uhhmmm...windshield de-icing washer fluid works wonders when the defroster doesn't defrost. 5.Wear your seat belt properly, you'll go through the windshield if you ever crash into something. 6. Is your Mom single? 😉

  • Глобальная Перестройка
    Глобальная Перестройка

    I'm from Russia. You are very cool!

  • Dian Doank
    Dian Doank


  • Joseph Parker
    Joseph Parker

    Just wanted to give you a shout out and hope that you are being safe miss you haven't seen you in some time hope you are enjoying your new job in Adventures stay safe sweetheart👍👍😎💖

  • Allan Moeslund
    Allan Moeslund

    Miss you - we need the weekly dosis of your charm

  • Dharma Rotary
    Dharma Rotary

    This is some crazy shit. Its like im on a youtube v. page from another alternative world where woman are somwhat diferent :/

  • Kostya Ovchar
    Kostya Ovchar

    Hi, I just started to learn Swedish language)

  • audriusmexx

    Hello. Are you ok? Long time no video from you.

  • Mishanya neurofunk
    Mishanya neurofunk

    Где пропала? давно не видно((((


    So cute girl, and such a professinal - love and respect to you Angelica ! It's a real pleasure to watch how you work !

  • Александр Радомский
    Александр Радомский

  • dael johnstone
    dael johnstone

    Where are you....I hope and pray that everything is going well with you 🤔

  • xoán t4nquex
    xoán t4nquex

    What a beautiful snowy place!!!

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    Tong Chiang Mai


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    RIGO pro

    good work

  • RIGO pro
    RIGO pro

    this songs no copyrights

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    Ken Dul

    sport bike or street cruiser

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    Rares Stefan

    Swedish minion

  • Murali Ramachandran
    Murali Ramachandran

    Why no videos now. It is your duty to ansaer

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    Krish Moorthy

    i miss you so much 😍😍😍

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    Volkan Bey

    Gağırtırım valla🥰🤩🥳

  • Volkan Bey
    Volkan Bey

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    Господи.... такие девушки вообще бывают штоли в природе???

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    Adriano Santos

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