Teaching a Robot Dog to Pee Beer
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come get yall juice
lilypichu came with me all the way to Boston to record a 10 second meme, thanks lily
Thanks Poki and Toast for helping w/ the dog
Funky Galileo - open.spotify.com/track/0TAHhMjG17P5pzlSm1sgSl?si=621fb254df494e50
Flamingosis - Sunset Park

  • Michael Reeves
    Michael Reeves

    Godlike Merch: pissbaby.art/

    • Winter Stanley
      Winter Stanley


    • Gabriel Mcelligott
      Gabriel Mcelligott

      Make a robot (creepy doll/puppet/some creepy fucking thing) that moves towards you whenever the light is off. (Btw it needs to be average speed to get a creepy vibe to it, to get a feeling of. DEAR GOD!)

    • The_Fonz_HD

      Please make a scale that moves when you step on it

    • Capra Robotics
      Capra Robotics

      Hi Michael. I wonder what you could do with our Capra Hircus Robot: svsoft.info/award/l6O_i2aYntS5q4U/video.html

    • Heart Breaks Channel
      Heart Breaks Channel

      svsoft.info/award/jIWyjHWKnNmtlYU/video.html Can you make your own version of this michael? I hope you'll notice this humble suggestion of mine 😊

  • I am braindead
    I am braindead

    You should make a robot that doesn´t let you order something online while you are drunk

  • Bernt Tong
    Bernt Tong

    If there was a problem with the cup falling you can pout a quarter on the bottom and tape it on

  • Sahan Jayarathne
    Sahan Jayarathne

    Hey Michael, I have an idea for a new project. You built a drill that spins for a sub right?. How about you build a taser that tase you if someone donates you a specific amount. You are the only one knows that amount. Once someone successfully guessed it, a new amount will randomly generates. How about that huh ? LOL

  • Caldora Scroll
    Caldora Scroll

    Robot Idea: A robot that gives me bad robot ideas to comment on your videos

  • I’m a WAFFLE
    I’m a WAFFLE

    Nice now,make a time machine .

  • Bao Nguyen
    Bao Nguyen

    Make glasses that auto focus for any person.

  • Crazypenguin1

    You remind me of a youtuber called dani

  • The Mad King
    The Mad King

    This feels like something that anything4views and maxmoefoe implanted into micheals head when he was on cold ones

  • Tom


  • AveryHype


  • Ryan Crosby
    Ryan Crosby

    Can we appreciate this amazing intro, “ITS AN ENGINEERING MASTERPIECE, I wanna make it piss beer into a cup-“ *instantly starts written intro*

  • Zander Dev
    Zander Dev

    Michael, you need a "dismount" function and timer. time the pressurized beer to see how long it takes to fill the cup then have a function that has the dog move about 2 ft to the side to avoid knocking over the cup.

  • nothing to see
    nothing to see

    7:15 cheap and easy to assemble camere lol

  • nothing to see
    nothing to see

    7:00 lol

  • Britton Bissette
    Britton Bissette

    You need to make socks that electrocute you when you try to take them off... it would be funny to test

  • FNT

    How someone invented humans and testing them be like

  • Mason pompo
    Mason pompo

    Any one notices that micheal has the same last name as Keanu Reeves. .-.

  • Victor Tovar
    Victor Tovar

    Make a robot that feeds YOU chicken

  • Jazzy Oats War robots gaming
    Jazzy Oats War robots gaming

    “Low iq brain idea” Sure... I couldn’t do that

  • Jacob Bartrug
    Jacob Bartrug

    Make a bed that tases you after a specific time so you dont stay in bed for an hour after your alarm


    The beer piss tastes like shit

  • sheepdogHCO

    As a Flagstaff resident, thank you for pissing on the NAU sign. You have a made a friend for life.

  • Technis Rave Machine
    Technis Rave Machine

    Make a chair that weight shames you depending on how much you weigh

  • Alexander Cedillo
    Alexander Cedillo

    I love your videos it think they are funny

  • Jadin Herron
    Jadin Herron

    Cool video 👍

  • TheMilkMan

    next vid when?

  • Luke Garcia
    Luke Garcia

    you should make robo dog have the tazer tag gun and play tazer tag again.

  • El Caponè
    El Caponè

    Now teach it to poop ice

  • Logan Shultz
    Logan Shultz

    make a robot that can play the Bop-It game infinitely

  • What can I do
    What can I do

    Another edition to the robot uprising. (Kind of hoping for a automatic laser cannon the follows you as a shit load of drones ram into you)

  • Olyoshi 65
    Olyoshi 65

    You did nothing except turned the robot dog into an actual fucking dog

  • quekua

    How do u start ur hobbie slash job like the coding part and the hardware making part.

  • Generic account
    Generic account

    Coming back for my 5th watch

  • santino capellari
    santino capellari

    the Elon Musk of bad ideas is back

  • Andres Blacklaws
    Andres Blacklaws

    i think these boston dynamics robots are cool but this is way more cool

  • ken cookson
    ken cookson


  • Proper Dude
    Proper Dude

    Make a robot that gives you your phone charger if its on the ground and you want it

  • Ticket-lucky153

    Just another 7 months until he makes a new vid

  • Matthew T
    Matthew T

    Ok, can I ask why I have seen no one in the comments or anyone that has reacted to this video talk about him drawing the X mark for Boston in Connecticut and not Massachusetts?

  • Ruben Miranda
    Ruben Miranda

    Can you try to remake robo dog the best you can do we can see your skills?

  • aProphetofRNG

    Fuck, this is just perfect humor. The movie magic scene, genius, godlike.

  • Kovács Andi
    Kovács Andi

    Next video: I attached 10 pistols to a beer pissing robot dog.

  • john dere
    john dere

    Make a trash can that opens when u throw something at it

  • Chickenator

    Yo I just had a robot idea Micheal, I know you don't care but I neither do I. How about a scale that tells you how fat you are, goes like "ooh somebody needs to go on a diet..."

  • 8bit cat
    8bit cat

    i love him

  • dankcycle

    This is why we're all subscribed 👍

  • Ku Ezriq Raif
    Ku Ezriq Raif

    That dog looks drunk

  • Caisa1991

    Nice video loo

  • Silvajs

    do an exoskeleton

  • Kira Yoshikage
    Kira Yoshikage

    Nice hands

  • DaFirst Spoo
    DaFirst Spoo

    What about soap that screams when you leave the bathroom without washing your hands

  • Lewis Chappell
    Lewis Chappell

    A robot that builds another robot then destroys itself.

  • Darwinian Glitch
    Darwinian Glitch

    Michael, You should put a taser gun cartridge on the dog, drones, and RC cars. drone war.

  • Li Bros
    Li Bros

    “They’ve gone from nothing to a heroin bot that snorts crack and just wriggles around on the ground” - I laughed so hard

  • Dylan Raymundo-Neal
    Dylan Raymundo-Neal

    I'm also half Filipino

  • Dylan Raymundo-Neal
    Dylan Raymundo-Neal

    Even though the camera is $30,000, it also ships in 6-8 weeks, 7:08

  • Slix Renn
    Slix Renn

    watching these videos is like watching a kindergartner get a hold of "Artifical" cocaine that was made out of white crayons

  • cranberry·ᴗ·

    U should make a robot that says to subscribe to ur channel

  • randomly founded
    randomly founded

    Can you make it so when it detects human legs , it shoots bullets?

  • Wasdey!

    the trip seemed fun

  • Guy Young
    Guy Young

    Can you try a sound cannon?

  • heitorgoku

    did i see a among us character on the bottom right of the screen when michel said among us

  • Lumby Gaming
    Lumby Gaming

    PLEASE MAKE AN ELDER WAND FROM HARRY POTTER (and possibly make it able to control stuff like curtain closer/smart light controller using voice recognition) hehe

  • Heart Breaks Channel
    Heart Breaks Channel

    svsoft.info/award/jIWyjHWKnNmtlYU/video.html Can you make your own version of this michael? I hope you'll notice this humble suggestion of mine 😊

  • RairuuDesu!

    Can u make it into a taser equipped attack dog?

  • DancingEnginier

    if its stupid but it works then its not stupid - Soundsmith

  • ValLas 30
    ValLas 30

    How can the camera be so expensive

  • KryoVibin

    Why couldn’t he be my robotics teacher😔

  • OneBigMeatball

    Just a reminder that this robot dog costs more than some houses

  • Reilly jarvis
    Reilly jarvis

    Michael, what was the last time you where sober.

  • Flame YT
    Flame YT

    why do u uplode once a month

  • Tiny Oats
    Tiny Oats

    Wow Michael Actually went to Boston wtf.

  • GamerPepperPig99

    im scared of michael would do if he was mega mega rich

  • Shady pri
    Shady pri

    Boston dynamics: why?

  • Tiny Oats
    Tiny Oats

    I knew Michael would say fuck you when he brought up the white paper thing

  • Pluto

    12:00 love the moment when this dude just run away freaked out by the robo dog going crazy


    I know that Michael loves tasers soo why haven’t he made a taser glove

  • nexadrin

    an alarm clock but it tazes you if you dont turn it off withing 2 seconds

  • Autrix91

    In the distant future a cybernetics developer will be trying to make a functioning penis for a client and they will find this video.

  • Lim Jia Yi
    Lim Jia Yi

    How can someone sound like a mad scientist and a caveman at the same time lol

  • Doomsdaymanx

    Maybe all the engineers at Boston Dynamics are dead inside, but I know I would be gutted if I found out I missed the chance to be interviewed by Michael Reeves for a video about making the robot I designed piss beer 🤣

  • Greyson Lenning
    Greyson Lenning

    Pissbot's gonna have a hell of a story to tell its friends when the robots take over

  • Frosty Boi
    Frosty Boi

    It's been a month Michael where's the fucking videos!

  • QiSheng Zhang
    QiSheng Zhang

    Hey Michael awesome video, can't wait for the next video next year!

  • Geo Hypostasis
    Geo Hypostasis

    Cool. Now make a robot that looks like the b1 battle droids from star wars that can shoot guns

  • AsianPersuasion

    the fact that he literally traveled across the entire U.S. just to piss on a company

  • William Hart
    William Hart

    Wait I was watching some offline tv vids today and I saw that robo dog fell in the pool did you get another one?

  • Ixithirsty

    Make a robot that Squirts Kool-aid in your glass of water

  • Dveal Client
    Dveal Client

    Do more content !

  • Coffee Bea
    Coffee Bea

    12:30 I now understand why he's been gone for so long.

  • Burning Knight
    Burning Knight

    I laughed so hard... 10:51

  • Betu

    He dun-gone put a SVsoft buddy of the dawg

  • the crusader of holy gaming
    the crusader of holy gaming

    Joke robot idea: Chinese piston that goes up the ass of shitty robot idea commenters

  • George Anderson
    George Anderson

    My stomach :( I am dying from laughing why must you be internet funny man

  • plasma

    ou should make the robot dog hump a pillow whenever you're not using it

  • Rey Nielsen
    Rey Nielsen

    11:48 It started acting like an actual dog

  • Talksalot Me
    Talksalot Me

    haha dog pp go brrrr

  • Phoenix 42
    Phoenix 42

    Boi have u heard of english

  • Lucas Salinas
    Lucas Salinas

    In the final shot I thought he was gonna pee along the dog