Race Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
Crashes, collisions and heartbreak - Baku delivers yet another thrilling race with a sting in the tail!

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  • Clone Trooper GT
    Clone Trooper GT

    Best current race of the season

  • Ricardo v-f
    Ricardo v-f


  • Ricardo v-f
    Ricardo v-f

    Vamooossss checoooooooooo

  • Sonyjim

    This race was only a few weeks ago but I feel the need to come back to it once a week

  • Elcin Cavadzade
    Elcin Cavadzade


  • Eddin 1993
    Eddin 1993

    the best race day of this season..

  • Eden Kim
    Eden Kim

    5:27 HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Biswanath Saha
    Biswanath Saha



    red bulls lets gooooo

  • Head of the Table
    Head of the Table

    I'm not rooting for Red Bull, I'm just rooting against Lewis Hamilton

  • bean

    Perez went to 69 points Nice.

  • Cassie

    Weird random fact: This race is the most viewed highlights of this channel. Before it was Monaco 2019.

  • Naday Naqvi
    Naday Naqvi


  • Abhinav A.S
    Abhinav A.S

    The best mercedes in this race was the green mercedes

  • Patrik Ahlvik
    Patrik Ahlvik

    44 - 33 = 11

  • Franco Zanella
    Franco Zanella

    La dirigenza ferrari robe da ciodi .come si può mandar via arrivabene e vettel ..vincenti .

    • Cassie

      Very interesting

  • Tariq Ante
    Tariq Ante

    Stop yelling dude..

  • Fardeen saifi
    Fardeen saifi

    The turn 🤍.

  • Oscar Salas
    Oscar Salas

    Checo 🔥🇲🇽🇲🇽. 😎👌💯

  • jarrett finney
    jarrett finney

    Nice to see seb back up there again

  • jarrett finney
    jarrett finney

    What a great race. One of my favorite tracks too

  • El dandy somoza
    El dandy somoza

    Sergio es un buen corredor ,pero sin la suerte que ha tenido en su triunfos, difícilmente hubiese ganado algún gran premio.....😅

    • Whiskey LK
      Whiskey LK

      🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡

  • Kent Anderson
    Kent Anderson

    I feel bad for the people who stopped watching after Hamilton overtook Leclerc.

  • D I
    D I

    The commentator's giving me anxiety. He needs to take a few deep breaths..

  • Shark Sanchez
    Shark Sanchez

    Stop the car...stop the car..stop the car 😂😂🔵🔴⚪🏁🏆 go checo ...!!

  • SF15

    5:20 and, Uno reverse card by max Verstapen

  • Tristan Ellis Gaming
    Tristan Ellis Gaming

    Nothing against Crofty but drivers don’t retire because of a lock up

  • Faktdan Daniw
    Faktdan Daniw


  • Sheik S
    Sheik S

    Very interesting

  • ireneirose amo
    ireneirose amo

    who is the commentator?

    • Oscar Salim
      Oscar Salim

      David Croft and Paul Di Resta

  • xrrxy vvoi
    xrrxy vvoi

    I love seeing that you all liked Azerbaijan GP. Hope next time you will be able to come here. ✌

  • Jonas Gajes Salvador
    Jonas Gajes Salvador

    Roses are red, Violets are blue 4:13

  • LedRod

    Such a thrilling race

    • xrrxy vvoi
      xrrxy vvoi

      This got more views than the german gp of 2019!?

  • Andy Yudin
    Andy Yudin

    thats gonna land perez a spot next year

  • Redocity 267
    Redocity 267

    Best Grand Prix I’ve seen in a long time


    I love how this is the most viewed race highlights video and the 14th most viewed video Overall on this channel, after less than 2 weeks.

  • Carlos Rodrigues
    Carlos Rodrigues

    That's what everyone wants

  • digzee

    A Honda overtaking a Ferrari, you wouldn't see that everyday

  • Greig Dalgleish
    Greig Dalgleish

    5:20 my favourite bit of the Grand Prix 😝

  • Jacob-t-Champion

    9 mil views in A WEEK

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    que esta Perez vuelvo para hacerle fuerza a este Excelente piloto latinoamericano. saludos desde colombia 🇨🇴🇲🇽🏎️👍😀

  • Springheel Jack
    Springheel Jack

    This is the kind of race that gets new people into the sport, and people like me back into it.

  • Giorgio Roma
    Giorgio Roma

    Meno male che anche Hamilton qualche volta fa una cazzata

  • Martin Vega
    Martin Vega

    Ole ole Perez Perez

  • Jae West
    Jae West

    We really need to give that marshal at the start of the race some love. That was some serious high end flag twirling right there

  • Amina Ali
    Amina Ali

    seb loves this track i don't know about france but he will finish in the podium

  • Fath Z
    Fath Z

    This got more views than the german gp of 2019!?


    Dw you're not the only one watching it for the 100th time lol

  • That Animator
    That Animator

    I’m going Go karting soon and this will be what I’m thinking

  • Mohammad Hasibul Hasan
    Mohammad Hasibul Hasan

    Don't ever put a thumbnail that spoils race incident or result.

  • Leo nard
    Leo nard

    Now my ears are bleeding.

  • You Run
    You Run

    Yahhh Ferrari nya nyasar 😂😂😂

  • Kim Juhwan
    Kim Juhwan

    Very exciting. I didn't knew it. This is Sports + Mechanics + Science/

  • ohhello

    This is now the most viewed highlights video on this channel. I can see why.

  • John Mortslleh
    John Mortslleh

    Perez: I'd like to thank everyone fo.. Engineer: STOP THE CAR, STOP THE CAR CHEKO.

  • aloo nicklaus
    aloo nicklaus

    Hamilton got the tow, he got the slip stream, he doesn't need DRS... Thats was it for me

  • scardog

    Best race I've watched in a long long time.

  • Saul ZJ
    Saul ZJ

    And that kids is how I beat a 7 times world Champion. -Nikita mazepin

  • SoulzGamingYTBoyRBLX

    ASTON MARTIN IS BACK WITH THEIR 1ST F1 PODIUM IN YEARS + ALLIED WITH REDBULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Wk Jeeping
    Wk Jeeping

    Wow what a race

  • Edgardo Amor
    Edgardo Amor

    Narración con emoción , los de narradores de FOX que lentos ,

  • Cpr1234

    After a week and a half, this has become the most viewed Race Highlights.

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre

      que esta Perez vuelvo para hacerle fuerza a este Excelente piloto latinoamericano. saludos desde colombia 🇨🇴🇲🇽🏎️👍😀

  • Organik Patates
    Organik Patates

    all the accidents are caused by Pirelli's tires, what happened to these guys this year?

  • DukemanYZ

    Weird random fact: This race is the most viewed highlights of this channel. Before it was Monaco 2019.

  • ZeroHero FLIP
    ZeroHero FLIP

    5:09 is the best part of the race

  • ZeroHero FLIP
    ZeroHero FLIP

    Best race ever

  • Ayman

    Hamilton is the best

    • Weesky

      Get in "there" Lewis!

    • Michele

      We saw it at Imola and in Baku

  • A Random Internet User
    A Random Internet User

    The GP highlights with the most views since the 2021 French GP!

  • r_ramendump

    Lol podium have all been in redbull

  • Trisha Leow
    Trisha Leow

    This is now the most viewed race highlights of all time. Baku really never fail to disappoint us every year

  • Yegane Huseynova
    Yegane Huseynova

    So guys. As you see our dear and beautiful Baku deserves nice words. We are always glad to welcome you in our city and country.

    • Gary Watling
      Gary Watling

      LP ddkfn;?

    • Gary Watling
      Gary Watling


  • Rajesh Chavan
    Rajesh Chavan

    Indian grand prix cancel ❌❌❌ Buddha circuit... Don't know official reason 🙄

  • Guido Fawkes
    Guido Fawkes

    Well Done, Baku 🇦🇿❤ Most Popular Races - Baku 🇦🇿 Magic County

  • Sanjay Kumar
    Sanjay Kumar

    Extended highlights please

  • مواعظ وايات قرانية)
    مواعظ وايات قرانية)

    سبحان الله الحمدلله الله واكبر


    Well done Checo!!! 🏁🏎️🏁 Saludos desde México

  • Emin Adiloglu
    Emin Adiloglu

    Altin qoya qoya gedirdiler

  • Anna Wiencek-Pokładek
    Anna Wiencek-Pokładek

    Asia dzisiaj ma powiedz

  • mail me
    mail me

    David Croft is ruining F1 for me. Someone tell him to take it easy. I can't hear the engine sound ffs.

  • DarthSparhawk

    street races rule

  • Zeno C
    Zeno C

    Congrats Perez!

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss

    Where's all the Perez doubters who compared him to Albon and Gasly??

    • Javier Robles
      Javier Robles

      hello!!! me I used to say sergio perez never wins races, but I hope this is one of many!!

  • Pablo 56ts
    Pablo 56ts


  • Ilias Moufakkir
    Ilias Moufakkir

    The ambulance siren's at the restart at Baku in 2017 are so iconic and you can here it again faintly again

    • Ilias Moufakkir
      Ilias Moufakkir

      Very faintley

  • Neil Joseph Padao
    Neil Joseph Padao

    Leclerc Gets P1 then finishes P4. Ferrari aint the same no more.

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      The abundant correspondent immunocytochemically slow because gas moberly back after a royal hand. straight, ubiquitous squash

  • marvel goh
    marvel goh

    I think those guys with the laser camera from Cars 2 are the culprit

  • Ilan T
    Ilan T

    Toto : Did you do it ? Hamilton : Yes... Toto : What did it cost ? Hamilton : Everything

  • billtwo

    I love Baku

  • Habacuc Ramiro
    Habacuc Ramiro

    Team checo Pérez

  • Leticia Lubag
    Leticia Lubag

    Why hamilton why🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Armando Vargas
    Armando Vargas


  • John Gillespie
    John Gillespie

    The sudden quartz fascinatingly hug because dressing consquentially measure towards a neighborly rat. accurate, wiggly pantyhose

  • Mallen Alley
    Mallen Alley

    Not only do I find the announcer screaming over nothing to be highly irritating, my wife finds it borderline infuriating. I have to turn the volume off to watch any of this with her in the house. Is this really the best F1 can do?

  • reinaldo caraballo
    reinaldo caraballo

    Valteri bottas retirare el gran ausente que no salio de carrera.

  • Leonardo Manríquez
    Leonardo Manríquez

    La más vista de la temporada 👍

  • Leonardo Manríquez
    Leonardo Manríquez

    Grande checo Pérez 🇲🇽

  • Leonardo Manríquez
    Leonardo Manríquez

    Muy buena carrera

  • Henry 268h
    Henry 268h

    This is so frustrating for Mercedes supporters 😤

    • Carlotta Matuschanskayasky
      Carlotta Matuschanskayasky

      Love it. Sorry.

  • Claudio Jr.
    Claudio Jr.

    It's not the first time you're here, right?