Hit Producer Reacts: EXO "Monster"

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  • 나흘라

    I love how I could hear stuff I would never notice while listening to the songs. Your way of explaining is very easy to understand for people like me who know nothing about music production. Thank you for your in depth review, and I will definitely subscribe to your channel. ^^

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      Happy to hear that! Thanks for subscribing. I hope to see you in our Patreon: www.patreon.com/musicindustrycontact


    LDN noise are amazing, they produced this masterpiece I hope they will work more with EXO in the future

  • Annie Unschooling
    Annie Unschooling

    I really enjoy hearing you break down these songs. I had noticed that a lot of kpop songs tend to be able to sit with me longer (I don’t feel like I can overplay them easily) and I started to think it’s because they had so many interesting layers. Listening longer just means discovering new things I hadn’t noticed before and I love that.

  • Annie Unschooling
    Annie Unschooling

    I really enjoy hearing you break down these songs. I had noticed that a lot of kpop songs tend to be able to sit with me longer (I don’t feel like I can overplay them easily) and I started to think it’s because they had so many interesting layers. Listening longer just means discovering new things I hadn’t noticed before and I love that.

  • Miaka21

    Great reaction and breakdown of the song! I hope you can reacto K/DA songs like Their debut Pop Star, They are a virtual group from league of legends 2 members of a Kpop group G(Idle) are in it, with Madison Beer and Jaira Burn

  • tsuki's strawberry
    tsuki's strawberry

    the guy who heat the Dnote he s name is chen one of the highest vocalshe even signed a femalekey of a SONG WHIT really really REALLY!!! HIGHT NOTES in show not just a record he s voice is originally hight he screams a lot

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      He's insane!

  • tsuki's strawberry
    tsuki's strawberry

    eveen there lives andd concerts are perfectly made and all of mvs concerts lives are connected to form a story line that had made yeears befor the group

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      That's dope. I'm reacting to their live performances on my Patreon. I just did Live Performance Reaction Exo Mama + Monster + Wolf if you want to check it out: www.patreon.com/musicindustrycontact

  • tsuki's strawberry
    tsuki's strawberry

    even when therevoice are do perfthey still go to vocals lessons and try to learn more and be the best of the best u really have to react to there singles they write the lyrics and can make there owwn mmusics especially exo sc they produce write make the mv from a to z

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      Music Industry Contact

      learning never stops!

  • Danica Alcazar
    Danica Alcazar

    U will never get bored with exo songs.. U r right they have a little bit of everything in one song!

  • Judy Casley
    Judy Casley

    This is one of the best reactions. You took the time to point out a certain technique, sometimes playing a section several times. I’m definitely subscribing. Do you react to Dimash? He’s not Kpop, but he can and does sing any genre with his six octaves. Tons of people say he’s the greatest voice in the world. Most reactors start with SOS. And anything you react to by EXO will be great.

  • Teddy P
    Teddy P

    They perform live in mma and I really love it. I do recommend everyone to go watch that video

  • Tanisha Sultana
    Tanisha Sultana

    To be honest your breakdown making us more respectful to exo and SM too and becoming more proud for being an Exol...

  • Jefer Pacheco Antonio
    Jefer Pacheco Antonio

    Please react to LOONA VOICE

  • Jaycee Wedmak
    Jaycee Wedmak

    The video and the lyrics have nothing to do with each other - just FYI :)

  • I'm the 'guys' in every youtuber's 'what's up guys'
    I'm the 'guys' in every youtuber's 'what's up guys'

    him: pointing out the bass pattern and explaining it really good me: waaaiiiit, I actually hear it

  • Dulmini Gamage
    Dulmini Gamage

    Please react SUHO's let's love song. , CHEN's beautiful good bye &XIUMIN 's YOU Edit :and also Lay's Lit

  • heysoph9

    I hope he keeps reacting to SM artists, I swear they are the most intricate productions and unique compositions. NCT127 songs like Punch and Superhuman, Red Velvet's Rookie and Dumb Dumb, so many

  • SP T
    SP T

    Yes... SME is a genre.

  • SP T
    SP T

    I’m getting goosebumps

  • Angel San Luis
    Angel San Luis

    please do this on shinee’s song don’t call me

  • chouchou

    I really wish to see you collaborate with LDN one day. They are also hit makers and I love all EXO's songs produced by them.

  • iwalotoy

    I'm still working through your Kpop videos but I wanted to pick up on your point about how EXO songs are so dense and emotive and there's so much to talk about. That's a huge part of what I love about SM title tracks across groups, though EXO has my favorite music because they feature R&B and gospel influences the most. Fans are familiar with how SM A&R have developed their own "genre" they call SMP - SM Music Performance through decades. This fan video is a bit of a history lesson to provide context :) svsoft.info/award/iKOxmmmVvtTazYE/video.html

  • ᄉᄐᄋᄂᄂᄀᄋᄐᄉ

    Your reaction videos are amazing! I've learned a lot about music and I got to appreciate EXO's discography even more ㅠㅠ I'll keep your tips in mind just in case I dive into the music industry someday!

  • double a
    double a

    Its LDN noise

  • True Love
    True Love

    Exo is one of the best if not the best when it comes to vocals… Kpop is so much deep … BIGBANG is the 2nd generation father of Kpop 2nd … I think you should try them, you won’t be disappointed…

  • Xiumin Kaihardcore fan
    Xiumin Kaihardcore fan

    EXO king of vocals in kpop never failed us. I stan the right group. Without proper promotions they've reaches this far. I'm so proud of them. Thank you for ur reaction. #EXO

  • Na vvy
    Na vvy

    please listen to EXO Kokobop... it's summer time ❤️

  • Shelby Devaud
    Shelby Devaud

    Wow, I've just stumbled across this channel, and it's earned my subscription for sure. Very rare that youtube reactions go so in-depth. As a musician, I very much appreciate the technical details and nuances you're diving into with this!

  • Alexaalvin Michael
    Alexaalvin Michael

    I only notice alot of stuff here. TQ

  • Natasha Angelia
    Natasha Angelia

    This is really interesting, we have known EXO's amazing vocals, but I also love his review to the song Thank you for reacting to EXO

  • 황다이시

    The producer of this song is Kenzie and LDN Noise.. I think you already met one of them before 😆 Before that, thank you for your break down.. I study a lot.. 🥺🥺

  • Claudine

    You seem to love Chen's vocals; you point out the same guy consistently! :) Love these videos btw. Thank you for making these!

  • Ally Kim
    Ally Kim

    This reaction is a bop. Also hoping to see you react on the music video of "Mmmh" by Kai. He's a member of EXO and SuperM. Thank you so much.

  • Zariartsss

    just clicked the subscribe button because of your informative reactions for exo.

  • Moon z
    Moon z

    When you point out the Delay, I feel like my hearing suddenly got better haha Thanks for reacting to EXO. Do react for Seventeen song too.

  • M_J S
    M_J S

    Great video man. Based on how deep into the mix you were going when pointing out different layers and sonic textures, I feel like you might enjoy reacting to a lesser known Kpop group called Dream Catcher. Many of their songs feature real instrumentation as well as neat guitar riffs & even an occasional solo apart from their electronic influence which is an anomaly for traditional kpop. You may find their recent release Odd Eye to be interesting due to the melding of all the different ingredients you see in EXO such as rnb, pop, electronic, & hip hop with the addition of rock elements in many songs. Either way great channel and work.

  • Andrea VP
    Andrea VP

    React to overdose and Wolf (EXO)

  • Angel Aurelio
    Angel Aurelio

    Thank you soo much! Please react to FOREVER - EXO The War Album

  • Music Industry Contact
    Music Industry Contact

    I'm doing a private live stream reaction and breakdown for EXO "Mama" on Sunday. I hope to see you there! Grab your ticket here: bit.ly/exomama

    • Cloe Rivra Boknegra
      Cloe Rivra Boknegra

      it could be cool if you reacted to both versions: Chinese and Korean, so you can meet the original 12 members.... my personal favorite is by EXO- M but I do love both

  • Bea

    EXO live performance please 🙏🏽😊 Diamond + Coming Over + Run This + Drop That + Power

  • Onlylexy

    Yes that is the same man who hit the D in the last MV reaction his name is Chen within Exo and his real name is Kim JongDae. He has amazing vocals! I would give any of his solo mini albums a listen.

  • Gray G
    Gray G

    Tryy exo groove. Its worth it

  • Kiarah Gomard
    Kiarah Gomard

    u have to react to the eve by exo!!

  • kimyurabacon

    Oh this is so cool, going to watch all your exos related video

  • xhanb4ek

    You've mentioned different genre of EXO song! Let's go listen to their reggae son 'KoKo Bop' sir, omg I can't wait.

  • Camilla Cabalyu
    Camilla Cabalyu

    15:16 ADAM: "It is like rapid fire" MEANWHILE CHANYEOL: Well, that's my power

  • sam gadian
    sam gadian

    Very informative. Hail EXO!

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  • straw berry
    straw berry

    Listen to their song "Forever" i think it's musically and vocally insane. There's so much technicalities tho.

  • Banafsha Tariq 52
    Banafsha Tariq 52

    React to their live stages as well…they are much better there.. #Exolforlife

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      Ill be doing that on my Patreon :)

  • Banafsha Tariq 52
    Banafsha Tariq 52

    React to lotto, ko ko bop and every exo song…Exo is life❤️

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      Added to my list

  • Kimleey G
    Kimleey G

    I've listened to EXO but not this detailed. It's like I'm hearing these songs once again for the first time. Thank you for reacting to EXO's Monster, one of my favs!

    • Kimleey G
      Kimleey G

      @Music Industry Contact wow! Thank you!

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      I'm doing Bambi this week as a live stream on SVsoft! Check the community posts tab for details. Turn your notification bell on so you don't miss it :)

    • Kimleey G
      Kimleey G

      @Music Industry Contact yes, I did and watched all EXO reactions. Baekhyun's Bambi, All i got, UN village, candy, but PLS CHECK OUT "R U RIDIN'?". I think there's a lot going on in that particular bside. Thank you.

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      Thank you! I hope you subscribe :)

  • xoxo queen
    xoxo queen

    Actually u should listen to EXO's whole discography

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      I plan on it :)

  • Meylina Earlyssya
    Meylina Earlyssya

    You must look live EXO performance in exploration

  • Ruth Peña
    Ruth Peña

    You should listen to Ko Ko Bop from Exo too. in that song is kinda like it has 2 choruses, I would like to know more about that structure thank you

  • Exol

    Here's my recommendation Exo's song: Forever Electric kiss Mama El dorado

    • Exol

      The instruments, vocal, intense and changes of bridge? (I don't know tge exact word) too

    • Exol

      But what I like is Wolf - live performance Drop that Diamond Black pearl Let out the beast

  • lzshqtarun

    Hi! Can you react to Kpop group name Itzy please ❤️ they have 5 mv rn, first Dalla Dalla, then Icy, Wannabe, Not Shy & the latest one is Mafia In The Morning. Thank you ❤️

  • Lalita Lovefocus
    Lalita Lovefocus

    Exo 's so great in everythings so real 😍 (13.05 )

  • Marjelia Maya Esteves
    Marjelia Maya Esteves

    You will shock if you're watching exo live..

  • may chavez
    may chavez

    Thank you for reacting to EXO! It's cool how there's still a lot of breakdowns to discover in their MVs after all these years.

  • WR1 EXO
    WR1 EXO

    Chanyeol the main rapper and Lay Zhang main dancer and vocalist are producers.

  • WR1 EXO
    WR1 EXO

    EXO is not only a group with vocalists dancers and rappers but members can produce, write lyrics, choreograph , act and much more..

  • sehun's nose
    sehun's nose

    PLEASE DISECT EXO'S FOREVER AND GOING CRAZY! It's one of their songs in their album and I'M SURE you're gonna love dissecting it

  • Christina Melani
    Christina Melani

    EXO always serve vocals.... Even main rapper has a lot solo songs... Everyone agree EXO is the King of Vocal.... Chen, Baekhyun, D.O., Suho are the main vocals.... They r no joke when it comes to vocal... And there are lead vocals, Kai, Lay and Xiumin who would become main vocalist in other group. Chanyeol and Sehun, are really great rapper. I love when they do rap-sing, their flow really something

  • Myown

    We all know they are the gods of vocals. Thats a fatto!

  • Baeklight5O6

    That “woh ooh” you mentioned are from baekhyun. Even London Noise said baekhyun is insane with his singing 😊

  • Mary J
    Mary J

    Yes, EXO has amazing vocals! You hit the nail right on the head. It means a lot to hear it from someone who has the authority to comment on vocals, someone like you! Thank you!

  • 4kaykay

    Please react to EXO Forever.

  • I_M _Belle
    I_M _Belle

    I really love your reaction how you explain the thing we didnt notice about their song ❤️ please more EXO.

  • mjclogonjoy2x

    Please do check out DO's thats okay. And chen any chen cover or live

  • Noor Kyra Abd Rahman
    Noor Kyra Abd Rahman

    Kpop idols is started at young age...and they're training for a long time,like example Suho being trainee in SM for 8 years before debuted in Exo....... Baekhyun,Chen,D.o and Suho more into vocalist, Chanyeol and Sehun training as rappers but they're can sing too,and Kai... he's the main dancer and visuals but I think he's can be vocalist and rapper too ...

  • Cutie The Beagle
    Cutie The Beagle

    I subscribed because of EXO. I’m not in a music industry but you really make me appreciate their work even more. On top of that I watch your video to improve my listening too. First time I listen and reading it, second time I don’t. So thank you

  • dandaxxiii

    Subscribed! this is the reaction i want i can relate❤️ thank you for this reaction

  • Septi

    Now, would you mind reacting to Kokobop by EXO? This is my most fave song of EXO. I'd love to hearing all of the details that I am very much I have been missing them.

  • Abdulnasser Imam
    Abdulnasser Imam

    power also. the remix one. it's so good

  • Abdulnasser Imam
    Abdulnasser Imam

    how about exo's iconic songs? wolf and growl pls. it's one of their firstest songs

  • Cbell894

    Thank you for reacting to monster. I've watched your other EXO reactions hoping that you would do monster, as it is my favorite EXo song. Chen kills the high notes while Chanyeol's rap in the bridge is one of the best raps that I've heard in any kpop song. You have me an even deeper appreciation for this song. Especially with the info about the delays 😊

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      So happy to hear that!

  • kittypunch

    On a side note, your band's song is amazing!

    • kittypunch

      @Music Industry Contact hope you add firestarter on spotify soon! 💗

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      Thank you so much :)

  • Amethyst

    Its Chen, the tenor vocalist you’re talking about. Chen is the main vocalist of Exo.

  • Ayar Exol
    Ayar Exol

    Please gravity and going crazy by exo 🙏🙏

  • johnnie Gee
    johnnie Gee

    Going crazy and forever …. I would love to listen the your review/breakdown of those songs . Thank you so much really always love hitting the play button and learn. Everyday you always learn interesting stuff and for me your videos are those learnings … thank you.

  • Sai Thushara
    Sai Thushara

    You should react to their live vocals.. it will be top notch and I want to know how you will react

  • Ansela Jen
    Ansela Jen

    How did they perfect it?? It's years of practice.... they still take vocal lessons that's how they perfected it these guys are the most dedicated passionate artist in the industry

  • Muhd Jazlan
    Muhd Jazlan

    wow your really good. I didn't see that coming when u said that the rap section is coming HAHAHAHAHHA

  • Siti Rokiah Rasdi
    Siti Rokiah Rasdi

    Exo Mama, El Dorado & Forever

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      I’m doing a private live stream reaction and breakdown for EXO “Mama” on Sunday. I hope to see you there! Grab your ticket here: bit.ly/exomama

  • Yel Nase
    Yel Nase

    Hi! Can you also react to SB19? They are also from the Philippines. They are the first Filipino and Southeast Asian to be nominated on BBMA. They just uploaded their latest MV entitled WHAT❓ last March. the leader wrote, compose and co-produce the song. the youngest is the creative director and the Main Vocalist choreographed the song too :) Fun fact: according to a friend of the production they have limited budget for this MV. The production is All Filipino. The scene on desert is actually Lahar , volcanic mudflow and not sand. All of it was shot Here in the Philippines. If you want to know their vocal skills try watching their Live performance of their ballad Song Tilaluha on TM Pusuan

  • bianca velarde
    bianca velarde

    Im soo proud of exo because of your review. They can literally do everything. Thank you for your review! I learned a lot. 😊

  • Катя Мазурчак
    Катя Мазурчак

    Not gonna lie it's kinda funny when the most typical kpop song structure is called original. EXO are vocal KINGS! But verse, chorus, verse, rap, bridge, high note, chorus, outro is like bread and butter, especially for SM. It's VERY textbook. xDD

  • Jemah C
    Jemah C

    Your reaction videos are so good!!! I’ve always known that Exo songs are interesting but these details, wow! I should pursue music in my next life haha

  • Z K
    Z K

    Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I've been listening to exo for yrs but now I think I understand better all the small details that I missed. I'm seeing them in a whole new light now.

  • Sheelagh Lim
    Sheelagh Lim

    not really important opinion but the "E" in EXO means EVERYTHING! ♥

    • Nameless Humanoid Cat
      Nameless Humanoid Cat

      @Music Industry Contact oh it's a fandom thing 😅 She means by Everything is they can do everything. It can also mean Extra (because they're so funny and extra always) Can also mean Expensive (because they're the global ambassadors for different top brands like Dior, Prada, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Prive and other brands) so to some it up, yes they are Everything. 😁

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      Interesting. What does XO mean?

  • greg mangosing
    greg mangosing

    IMPACT yes!

  • HanazawaEternalIce

    Theres a video where the producers of this song talk about how they're created it If I find it I will post it here. Just a cool video to check out. The producers are British

  • Taengoonim

    Give me some of that powerrrrrrr

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      💪 svsoft.info/award/na2umJOWl9uZsIE/video.html

  • Lucrezia_1412

    Wow, I'm really learning so much from you. I am a fan of EXO's music and now I'm finally getting why I actually like their music. All these explanation about sonic information, wow! Definitely will make listening to their songs more enjoyable now that I'm aware of these things. I hope you can also react to "One" by SuperM. It's produced by Moonshine so I'm interested to hear your thoughts about it :) "MAMA" by EXO is also a song I hope you'll react to. It's quite an unconventional song the first time I heard it.. but grew on me. Again, thank you! :)

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      I’m doing a private live stream reaction and breakdown for EXO “Mama” on Sunday. I hope to see you there! Grab your ticket here: bit.ly/exomama

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      Added to my list. Thanks Lucrezia!

  • forgetful stranger
    forgetful stranger

    Thank you for the reaction, i realised why I like Monster's chorus so much because it does sound like Seal's music 😅 Could you react to SHINee - CODE or Don't Call Me? Or any SHINee really lol

  • Yulina Kris Wandari
    Yulina Kris Wandari

    17:02 adlibs. EXO songs ALWAYS have adlibs. and the king of adlibs, riffs and runs in EXO is D.O. (kyungsoo) his vocal is very R&B-ish

  • na kim
    na kim

    Thnk you for reacting and listening to EXO song and music^^ ♡♡♡♡♡ Hope you enjoy it

  • Daniela Monjes Stuardo
    Daniela Monjes Stuardo

    Please react to Baekhyun Hurt and Bambi

    • Music Industry Contact
      Music Industry Contact

      I'm doing Bambi this week as a live stream on SVsoft! Check the community posts tab for details. Turn your notification bell on so you don't miss it :)

  • Raveena chandrasena
    Raveena chandrasena

    Plz react to their live performances