EXO saga Game "Don't fight the feeling"

  • Delver polquiso
    Delver polquiso

    Where can i download this game

  • Suhociety

    How can i play that tho😩😩😩

  • Lorrea Amazona
    Lorrea Amazona

    It's easy to play by the way. You just have to reach the boss part (that big red circle) and play along it and when you can't see any falling red fire-like debris above then drag it to the right and voila, you can just leave your phone without dragging it from left to right. Leave it like that until you get you're desired score. P.s. I got 42000+ score doing it like that.

  • Aiara Aeanin
    Aiara Aeanin

    My record is 7944. No bad right? Edit: now is 13075. I am a Yeolmae, what can I say ...

  • full sun
    full sun

    We can claim armers and chips and planets, that give us extra power but shouldn't touch red objects. kill the villans the Red force will last for a while, at the moment at the end play from the bottom, and collect items don't shoot red force...

  • Zini Cloexd
    Zini Cloexd

    Percayakah kalian backsound game ini itu lagu Don't fight the feeling

  • Diah Rahma
    Diah Rahma

    Ini dimana downloadnya ya 😁 makasih

  • Cyrene Bagos
    Cyrene Bagos

    how to play