Making transparent wood
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A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.
I finally decided to try it again though!
Old video:
Procedure that I followed:
Procedure that went viral recently:
CBC article on it:
Nile talks about lab safety:
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      Rn I'm playing with water soap and oil

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    Why do we need transparent wood?

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    CoSmic Muse

    You keep cutting your backdrop screen along with the wood. I was cringing lol 1:56

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    夜Late NightReflection 夜

    dont worry nile as little sodium chlorite you have to use in a lot of stuff that big bag should last you a while i think

  • Troy Elder
    Troy Elder

    Just do what the Japanese do and use rice paper

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  • Troy Elder
    Troy Elder

    Instead of using two pieces of glass use a silicone mold shaped for the piece and filled with the acrylic.

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    Mars Void

    The amount of times he said "it was supposed to" I WAS SO WORRIED and i was like did it work? Did something happen? Did it explode?

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    Minato Arisato

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    danny mosqueda

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  • HannaHanna

    So I just found out if you grow mold on oranges, it's essentially penicillin. So you should try and make it in it's liquid purity from the oranges

  • CDT Mordecai
    CDT Mordecai

    3:11 like like

  • David Clarkson
    David Clarkson

    So drinking saltwater is like drinking diluted chlorine bleach? Salt is an essential compound ironically made from two toxic elements creating sodium chloride, or salt.

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    CDT Mordecai

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    Realmente no entiendo cual ha sido el logro después de tanto trabajo. Tener algo translucido consistente en polimetilmetacrilato (que es transparente) "contaminado" con algo de madera de balsa no sirve para nada. Si pones un kilo de polimetilmetacrilato mezclado con un par de gramos de madera de balsa en polvo te aseguro que vas a tener mejor resultado PERO en ningún caso podrías decir que has obtenido madera transparente. Lo siento pero científicamente hablando, tienes cero resultado.

  • maverick meier
    maverick meier

    Imagine having a car made of this stuff

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    Transparent wood

  • RedstoneRelic

    Is it possible to make liquid wood?

  • Zach Barnes
    Zach Barnes

    Maybe if you sanded the pieces with 1000 grit or another extra fine sandpaper before treating them, they might end with smoother surfaces. Just an idea

  • The Tiny Marz
    The Tiny Marz

    can you recreate the smell of rain hitting the asphalt?

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    Pls make NileDark on DeepWeb and make whole tutorial how to cook clear meth ❤️

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    ExStatic Bass

    If you haven't already and don't know of anyone else who has covered the refinement of materials necessary for making silicon diodes and/or transistors, could you please make a series on the subject? I've been trying for some time now and had limited success. The content I've been able to find is a bit vague and isn't helpful for us DIY types. My eventual goal is to create my own microprocessor. Since photo etching is relatively simple with EUV systems that part is doable for me. The chemical and mineral aspect seems more like something you would be far more adept at doing than any other SVsoftr that I can think of. Perhaps you would be crazy enough to try it too? Either way your channel is one of my most favorite among many and there won't be any hard feelings if you don't accept the challenge.

  • Isabella Rodriguez
    Isabella Rodriguez

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    At 39:21 I was thinking: Finally he says that. To me it's beautiful while it still has a wooden texture and it lets some light through. Else we might as well just make glass.

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    Drew B.

    Any chance you could do me a favor and figure out what chemistry will remove the minerals deposited from the water my brother just burnt onto the bottom of my favorite stainless steel pot?

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  • YoRie x3
    YoRie x3

    How to make transparent wood: -take wood -take out everything that makes it wood -put transparent plastic inside so it basically makes up the whole thing et voilà

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    Hans de Groot

    It's for sure an interesting video, but too complicated for me. (and or too long). So yes, I admit that I didn't watch all of it. I skipped to the end but then I didn't understand it anymore. I must say though, that I expected something totally different. More in the style of the SVsoft woodworking content maker from Australia, Pask makes. He made a video about real transparent wood, very thin wood shaving. Well transparent in that case is not the exact expression for that. But was wood through what you can see (not read). He made a lamp shade out of it. No chemicals were involved..

  • Igris

    why -nile

  • carniver

    It's basically not a piece of wood anymore. It's similar to how fossils formed, the original tissue has been washed away, leaving behind only the texture.

  • Darky Marín
    Darky Marín

    It’s called glass wood that’s perfect

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    Enigma OFFC

    Is it possible to recreate the "soup of life" environment where life supposedly emerged in our planet and see if it formed anything?

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  • Sava Djurcinovski
    Sava Djurcinovski

    hey there. awesome video. im not really a chemist, but since looks like you got process right, have you considered prepping wood before process. like wet sanding wood to raise grain polishing making it more flat before treating it . to get better starting point?

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    DON Disturb

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    Savethe Climate

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  • Manuel Diaz
    Manuel Diaz

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      Manuel Diaz

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  • Tensolin01

    Quick question about the aluminum foil. Did you use the dull side on the inside? Because the shiny side should be facing inside. The dull side absorbs the heat and the shiny side magnifies the heat. I didn’t know this till I looked it up to see why the sides were different. So if you were trying to heat it, it wouldn’t help to have the shiny side facing outward. Idk if the paper mentioned what side of the foil to use so idk for sure, but that could be the problem.

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    Gina Cerulli

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  • The Cruft Creator
    The Cruft Creator

    So this is cool. I guess my question from an application standpoint is: if you have to use plastic to make the wood transparent why not just use plastic instead and save all the steps?

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