Midsommar (2019) KILL COUNT

  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat

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    • Gacha has ruined my life
      Gacha has ruined my life

      Was the just dance it will be okay a reference to the song at 22:02

    • Thomas- Connor Rogers- Peck
      Thomas- Connor Rogers- Peck

      i was scared to watch it but the way its presented made me like it

    • miko and Tori
      miko and Tori

      I love this movie because the director was also suffering from a horrible break up and he made the move not just for money but to cope with the loss.

    • Death Watcher
      Death Watcher

      @Calem Dab see

    • Death Watcher
      Death Watcher

      The for ever purge

  • pedro6720


  • The Real Danny Devito
    The Real Danny Devito

    This movie traumatized me

  • M N
    M N

    content: gold his voice and tone: barf

  • Bo Brown
    Bo Brown


  • Stephen Carragher
    Stephen Carragher

    Um excuse me it’s totally a yass queen moment , go dani 😘✨

  • Alex Mathew Mendoza
    Alex Mathew Mendoza

    Midsommar is the most jacked up film I've ever seen. The double-murder-suicide alone at the beginning just obliterates the soul.

  • Rebecca Lynn
    Rebecca Lynn

    The movie was so good. It made the band spiritbox make a whole ass music video about it (holy roller) You’re welcome.

  • timp

    bro why was this movie creepy asf

  • Kenneth

    I hate cults and cultists...

  • Anthony Andrews
    Anthony Andrews

    *spoiler* Christian should have had a worse death. I mean it's pretty awful, but he's such an asshole that he deserves something worse

  • Shane Smith
    Shane Smith

    Anyone else notice the rinnegans at time 10:24

  • Betty White
    Betty White

    T r a n s Cult

  • Life Not Found
    Life Not Found

    Yes... It's the "brightest" horror movie I've ever watch this far

  • Night Runner
    Night Runner

    Pagans: kill their elderly and perform human sacrifices. Modern folk: totally fine. Crusaders: kill their enemies… SOMETIMES including women and children. Modern folk: THEY WERE MONSTERS!!! EVIL!!!

  • smiley

    I'm proud to say I grew up watching james

  • erin blanchette
    erin blanchette

    Now i must watch Disney plus.

  • Freelancer: The Creepypasta Enthusiast
    Freelancer: The Creepypasta Enthusiast

    Can you do the Sharknado franchise?

  • Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor

    Great breakdown. Love you defending men's rights

  • Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor

    I don't think me or my girlfriend remember how long we've been dating

  • Joe Taylor
    Joe Taylor

    Must have taken a shit ton of shrooms

  • Leno Takost
    Leno Takost

    Think of it like “miidsoommaar” when pronouncing it

  • I just killed a kid
    I just killed a kid

    I’m back to watching you again

  • Teh Jabble
    Teh Jabble

    i’m glad you made a video about this! personally i feel like if you make a video like this, you should learn how to pronounce the names at least but nonetheless i did enjoy

  • Conner Grahl
    Conner Grahl

    Bro every time he drops the f bomb it cracks me up for some reason

  • Liz

    Is the bedding print at 17:22 a possible reference to the carpet in The Shining…?

  • TheRealCaptainCake

    I came from tik tok

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    This movie is fucked up

  • Denise Panichi
    Denise Panichi

    11:54 that's not how you use hamon guys

  • yes ok
    yes ok

    this movie was fucking incredible but so disturbing

  • Derp Jiggle
    Derp Jiggle

    12:55 I wonder how much fall damage she took? 🤔

  • dolphintattoogirl

    There was no rape in MidSommar. Maya wanted to get pregnant by Christian.

    • darwinsoda

      He didn’t consent?

  • Jake Reed
    Jake Reed


  • Gamingwithdanny

    The cat is sad coz it’s not getting likes      />  フ      |  _  _ l      /` ミ_xノ      /      |     /  ヽ   ノ     │  | | |

  • Gamingwithdanny

    Do the forever purge

  • Zane

    took ya long enough! Midsommar is one of the greatest films ever made.

  • Will TSS
    Will TSS

    When I saw this movie, all I could think about was Rambo. In the first death I would run away with my girlfriend and would camouflage myself in the woods with a stake made of wood, no chance for these killer hippies. :-)

  • John smith
    John smith

    Absolutely disgraceful film. There was absolutely no point in it. I can see people trying to explain, but it's impossible as it's unexplainable. Just a load of shit mashed together. Didn't make any sense. Just a load of load chanting and heavy breathing.

  • Lauren Hodge
    Lauren Hodge

    Does anyone else watch these before they watch the actual movie to see if they can handle the actual movie or if they will shit themselves?

  • Sam Weinberg
    Sam Weinberg

    Imo, both Maya and Christian were raped. Christian was coerced into it, but Maya is underage (and a literal child, even by definition of the cult) who was also coerced by means of indoctrination and manipulation. Neither of them necessarily raped the other (although Christian *did* know she was underage) but were moreso both taken advantage of by the cult.

  • DeagleMafia

    This is midsommar In sweden but In finland we have juhannus where we drink and and go to the sauna

  • Lukas Lambraia
    Lukas Lambraia

    Florence Pugh is amazing, also I’m definitely not simping for her after Black Widow

  • Hazal Aktac
    Hazal Aktac


  • Cortney Stinebring
    Cortney Stinebring

    *In the voice of Mean Girls* James: How do you pronounce your film's name MidSummer? Ari Aster: It's MidSOmar, M-i-d-s-o-m-m-a-r James:....Yeah I'm gonna call it MidSummer xD

  • FreddyStewart12

    i just spoiled my self XD

  • GoodGuyFish

    Can we turn on dark mode for this movie? It’s too damn bright for my 2:00am eyes.

  • gennix

    14:30 what ambiguity? They're literally a cult that kills people they're bad theres zero good In them

  • Bryce Crane
    Bryce Crane

    you should do Vines. A goofy but underrated little film

  • mraza9

    Wes Anderson! That’s what this kinda reminds me of. Thanks for the reference!

  • Bunsenn

    Honestly, if I knew what the people here were like, I would’ve pulled a Doom Guy on them

  • Petrivoch Victor
    Petrivoch Victor

    James looks handsome af in that outfit! 😍😍😍

  • J the comedian
    J the comedian

    Why this gives me sleep away camp vibes

    • J the comedian
      J the comedian

      Why the fuck is there a clip of 10 women or more crying?

  • Shalom Osas
    Shalom Osas

    Tbh i hated this movie with a raging passion. No wonder it was the worst movie of 2019

  • M T
    M T

    I feel badly for Ari Aster’s therapist lol

  • Joshua Lopez
    Joshua Lopez

    No Morse. It’s feels good sometimes

  • Auggie Calderon
    Auggie Calderon

    I know James doesn't like to cover franchises with long sequels, but he should cover the American grudge series based on the japanese one which features too many sequels but the American one has only 4

  • Lelia la
    Lelia la

    This Movie was the most FKT UP Movie i have ever seen in my WHOLE Life :)

  • Angelo Mordini
    Angelo Mordini

    So it’s all Pelle’s fault

  • Angelo Mordini
    Angelo Mordini

    This is my favorite way to watch movies without having to watch them

  • Nero Strat
    Nero Strat

    poor danny, set and setting, girl

  • Taevt asshole
    Taevt asshole


  • Jacky Dacky
    Jacky Dacky

    As a swede, i can confirm that midsommar is a weird cult dance while calling on our greatwr gods

  • s martinez
    s martinez

    this movie is so good. the writers,directors,actors, everyone who impacted the movie did such a great job. the movie was so interesting and entertaining. great movie.

  • YouKnow ThatPerson
    YouKnow ThatPerson

    Mark looks a lot like the main character in Little Hope I could be wrong though

  • Nina Cushman
    Nina Cushman

    “treat it like that bo burnham special” PLEASEEEEE I-

    • alex t
      alex t


    • cereal soup
      cereal soup

      time stamp ????

  • pichu !
    pichu !

    Looking good in the flower crown mate

  • Sharko Playz
    Sharko Playz

    I love how he says something funny into a- TITLE CARD- every video.

  • nicolas ortiz
    nicolas ortiz

    its a movie about white people activities

  • Baradhur

    I was not impressed by that horror movie, I never really felt the tension in it. So at the end I was just left with an awkward feeling a "glad this is over" sensation.

  • Payten Simmons
    Payten Simmons

    My fav part: Like that Bo Burnham special

  • JJ Woody
    JJ Woody

    yay bo burnham

  • Bob

    Me and my friends watched this on discord and after that one scene oh and you know the scene, we got traumatized •~•

  • Watermelon Robz
    Watermelon Robz

    You’re all delusional if u think it’s good

  • Watermelon Robz
    Watermelon Robz

    Comparing it to bo burnham fuck off this movies shit

  • Watermelon Robz
    Watermelon Robz

    It’s just terrible watch the full movie and understand it’s 2 and a half hours of shit

  • ♥︎Toadstools♥︎

    i knew i recognised josh’s actor somewhere

  • Estrella Rakoczy
    Estrella Rakoczy

    The lying windshield macroscopically untidy because napkin phytochemically ski modulo a toothsome geology. loud, ugliest chard

  • skeeter

    i rlly like how James highlighted Josh’s character!!

  • skeeter

    i hope ari aster isn’t too much of a shit person bc i can see him being a v famous legend in the furure

  • The Greek Pianist
    The Greek Pianist

    LMAO who else laughed when they saw James with the flower hat on? 😆

  • Walker Woods
    Walker Woods

    I have no idea what happened here

  • Lavender Lemonade
    Lavender Lemonade

    Why do horror movies have such an obsession with r*pe? They should have to explicitly put specific warnings in for that stuff separate from the rating to make sure it gets seen (People often times disregard the warnings right under a rating, expecting all movies rated the same to include more or less the same triggers), maybe even with an audio tone to make sure people read the warning? I don't know. I don't under stand the inclusion of r*pe for horror movies- it's not a scary fantasy like a ghost or a monster and shouldn't be disregarded in the same fashion as fantasy/fictional horror tropes. R*pe is too close to home for way way way too many people.

  • Daijour tolbert
    Daijour tolbert

    This is why I don't mess with cults

  • Lauren Bastin
    Lauren Bastin

    interesting how both Midsommar and Hereditary are about cults exploiting deeply traumatic emotions and tension to control the protagonist, though where in Hereditary it was more overtly invasive with the demonic possession, Midsommar is made almost more unsettling by how much more subtle Dani’s indoctrination is, to the point where some audience members seemingly ended up buying into it themselves

  • Yoonyo87

    florence pugh is a phenomenal actress she rlly deserved the role for black widow and I hope she continues to become even more successful in the future

  • Noel Östling
    Noel Östling

    Ay om swedish

  • Candy cane Vibe
    Candy cane Vibe

    Fun fact: Ariana grande now owns that flower dress

  • DankingTon

    no one:.. christian: GASLIGHT, GATEKEEP …. girlbossss

  • Johnny Nighthawk
    Johnny Nighthawk

    I'm excited for Ari Aster's next movie.

  • Chou

    damn the scene where dani was in despair after seeing christian do the deed with another girl fucked me up


    glad i watched this because i'm never watching that shit even tho i'm simping florence pugh

  • Harderson d.brenday
    Harderson d.brenday

    The languid dad demographically battle because support overwhelmingly soak absent a lopsided hardboard. reminiscent, keen salary

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson


  • everythingediting

    no one talking abt gally??

  • Chaos2029

    Farcry 5 right here

    • Chaos2029

      Or is it 4?

  • Dr. rice
    Dr. rice

    pretty flower crown, James

  • Classically Commie
    Classically Commie

    26:55 is it weird to say this moment is kind of beautiful? It feels very affirming of the validity of her feelings represented by these women wailing in grief with her and it also represents her letting go of christien in favor of being able to be a person and feel what she feels

  • RagDollRat

    crying/love circles are a super common thing in cults :l

  • Saga Quist
    Saga Quist

    As someone who is swedish, midsommar is NOT like this lmao and second, this dude pronunciation of most of the Swedish words he’s saying hurts me.