About Time We Clean These!!!!
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  • Ryan Jensen
    Ryan Jensen

    What brand of foamer is that ?

  • Rodney Scherping
    Rodney Scherping

    What kind of soap do you use on the trucks and machinery

  • danieloo27 danieloo28
    danieloo27 danieloo28

    Po takim myciu najlepiej jest wysuszyć całą maszynę i nasmarować wszelkie miejsce gdzie musi być smar oraz sprawdzić styki elektryczne żeby nie wdała się korozja

  • Hayaller John deere yaşantılar 60-66s
    Hayaller John deere yaşantılar 60-66s


  • ฤทธิกรณ์ เมยมงคล
    ฤทธิกรณ์ เมยมงคล

    i like

  • Amos Moses
    Amos Moses

    I live in Louisiana and my patio awning makes the same popping sound. It sounds like someone is hitting it with a hammer at times.

  • Amos Moses
    Amos Moses

    Great to see someone who takes care of their equipment.

  • Green thumb
    Green thumb

    Shop rate plus shop supplies fee. Get it back in your billfold.

  • jeff vangor
    jeff vangor

    what brand of foam cannon are you using ?

  • Duane Schlote
    Duane Schlote

    What is the foamer name

  • Bryon Ensminger
    Bryon Ensminger

    You got an air leak that's what's popping the lines

  • Bryon Ensminger
    Bryon Ensminger

    You need to put an alcohol system on your air systems dumps methyl alcohol in the line to keep them from freezing or are dryers will work to

  • logan Marsden
    logan Marsden

    Are you using a hot pressure washer?

  • Biden Supporter
    Biden Supporter

    Those STS were powerless sows when we ran them I can't imagine one with tracks.

  • Richard Reimer
    Richard Reimer

    I'm a Canadian trucker I put Alcohol in my air system

  • Martin

    Chet, do you guys worry much about water getting into electrical components or into areas that it shouldn’t be when pressure washing? Any startup issues due to moisture in the fall harvest? Just curious. We have always avoided water and used just air. Never gets clean but always worry about water/moisture issues. Thanks

  • onefixitman

    You can use velcro straps to hold the pressure washer wand trigger in place. Quick and cheap and works while being wet.

  • Kyle Niederkohr
    Kyle Niederkohr

    What brand foam do you guys use

  • Smooch Mcguire
    Smooch Mcguire

    Great video thanks

  • Rick Deckard
    Rick Deckard

    Don't buy cheap ass air hoses.

  • Kevin Christiansen
    Kevin Christiansen

    Saw Dougo jump

  • Kevin Christiansen
    Kevin Christiansen

    Great video Chet and Big Swede

  • Kevin Christiansen
    Kevin Christiansen

    Great job washing the combine guys

  • Keston Wangemann
    Keston Wangemann

    you guys need to try the x9 combine

  • swizlstik1

    Imagine, some equipment only sees water when it rains.

  • Peter Haan
    Peter Haan

    Wow, nice way to treat our countries flag! However I do understand with Uncle Joe, the coven and Morlocks running the chop shop in DC.

  • Duard de Lange
    Duard de Lange

    Love hour traitor

  • Rick Deckard
    Rick Deckard

    Them cheapo air hoses just don't last!

  • FA Hagenvoort
    FA Hagenvoort

    what kind of cleaner do u use? here we have easy shine

  • James McWhinney
    James McWhinney

    I use a Velcro strap to hold (throtal).

  • Todd Millard
    Todd Millard

    Airline antifreeze- it's plastic and rubber hose safe

  • Jeff Schick
    Jeff Schick

    Beautiful looking equipment guy’s! 😎👍🏻

  • Kevin Gordon
    Kevin Gordon

    Thanks for sharing Dougo.

  • Craig Miller
    Craig Miller

    Hope it’s going well in California and you’re doing a fine job editing Chet!

  • James Sievers
    James Sievers

    Can you use the foam on your personal vehicle and where can you get it!

  • Wallace Loan
    Wallace Loan

    Great video Team Larson. Your combines and equipment look like new. That foam get the dust and dirt off them. I thought Dougho was going to need to change his shorts after he got that fright. Poor big Swede all the trouble he is having with his truck. And Chet love winding the Big Swede up and we love the brother hood-friendship between you all.

  • Tom Cleghorn
    Tom Cleghorn

    Hey Chet... dougo's right. The valves don't like alcohol. It dries out the seals. Hope Nikki is doing ok. Thanks for sharing and we will see you next time

  • Chris Wilcox
    Chris Wilcox

    Is your merc made in the USA

  • Tractor Agriculture
    Tractor Agriculture

    nice 😍

  • Edward Blakesley
    Edward Blakesley

    Can you please tell me the name of the foam product you are using to wash your equipment. We are praying for Nikki here!!!

    • Larson Farms
      Larson Farms

      Link should be in the description

  • Cragified

    Question for Dougo. Why did you all get out of raising pigs? Just a totally random thought I had when watching the video. Did the margins just get to tight against the big guys?

  • Dalton Reece (student)
    Dalton Reece (student)

    Why are you washing it it will be duty a gin

  • Colin Yost
    Colin Yost

    Does pro Line offer any discount if I use Larson Farms as a reference

    • Larson Farms
      Larson Farms

      No I’m sorry.

  • Da vid
    Da vid

    While you´re at it, my car and my forest/hunting truck need desalting. 😁

  • Sassier Newt
    Sassier Newt

    8:56 Damn, Chet has a great flow 🥵

  • Iain Lawrie
    Iain Lawrie

    What soap do you use

  • Pablo Scribantti
    Pablo Scribantti

    Muy buenos tus videos pibe segui haci saludos desde Argentina

  • High Haven Cabin
    High Haven Cabin

    Love me some Larson Farms!

  • matthew paul wark
    matthew paul wark

    i do like what you wear nice t shirt and jeans and farm boots and can you take off your t shirt and walk around the farm topless i love my hairy belly button and my tummy i put my hands in my pockets in my jeans and i lay down the floor with my hands above my head and to show my hairy armpits

  • Tracy Eaves
    Tracy Eaves

    I hope and pray that you all are doing well

  • Tony Ouellette
    Tony Ouellette

    You can put a methyl hydrate kit.on your trucks so they don't freeze up.in the winter or fill your air tank up with about half methyl hydrate for winter


    It got all "fogged" up ! heheheh. I gotta get one of those soap sprayers. peace

  • Patrick Erger
    Patrick Erger

    Your hired. Good washers.

  • Kurt Paulsen
    Kurt Paulsen

    What is the setup there? What’s the 5 gallon foam stuff called and your foam gun? Thank you

  • Don Zender
    Don Zender

    I'm a hugger....believe Dougo needs a hug.

  • Rowe Thomas
    Rowe Thomas

    Can y’all not take the flag down before washing it

  • Gary Argue
    Gary Argue

    How’s your wife???

  • Charles Kawski
    Charles Kawski

    Time for some new flags guys.

  • the aces and 8's
    the aces and 8's

    If you take a tennis ball and put it in between the trigger and the guard it will save your hand. I know i worked at a truck wash and after 8 hours of washing truck and trailer your hands hurt.

  • Billy Scruggs
    Billy Scruggs

    Where do you get that foam!!!!

  • Christina & Justin Steele-Valentine
    Christina & Justin Steele-Valentine

    Why don’t u guys take a brush and hand mit to combine cleaning it after u soap it and hand dry it when done?

  • DD2

    Did you get rid of the cabcorn first?

  • Steve Neal
    Steve Neal

    I love your videos. I sure hope Nikki is feeling better

  • Jay C
    Jay C

    When yer done there come do mine in 🇮🇪 please.....🤔😜

  • Wilson Andrade
    Wilson Andrade


  • Teresa Guin
    Teresa Guin

    You should be wearing tie-off harnesses in the man lift, gentlemen. Safety first!

  • Dan Finley
    Dan Finley

    Another good one

  • Bruce Biehn
    Bruce Biehn

    Dougo put some safety brake antifreeze in your air lines.

  • micheal thiel
    micheal thiel

    Gotta admit... I lost track of all the “that’s what she said” opportunities during this video. Lol.

  • 25Riv

    Time to replace the Stars and Stripes ol son.

  • Bill Lane
    Bill Lane

    Next time Chet is away Dugo & Eric should try this on his pickup :P svsoft.info/award/hKTVl6CMuc25030/video.html

  • Gary

    INDOOR wash Rack.. So cool, and handy.. way better than muddy rock

  • John Day
    John Day

    You need to give us a Nicole update!

  • Phil Hall
    Phil Hall

    So what is in the soap that you all are breathing in the mist? Does it get you high or just make you sick later?

    • Larson Farms
      Larson Farms

      This is a non-toxic Environment friendly soap

  • Stephen Ward
    Stephen Ward

    Love the video.

  • iBelieve


  • The Architectural Gamer
    The Architectural Gamer

    Down south we deal with expanding buildings lol, so its more just constant groaning less popping lol

  • Varrig's Channel
    Varrig's Channel

    Do you wash the inside of the grain tank as well? Take care and God bless!

    • Larson Farms
      Larson Farms

      You bet.

  • Steve Neal
    Steve Neal


  • Matthew Laleman
    Matthew Laleman

    Hey guys, love watching two young fellas hard at it. Good for your soul. Next time could you take the flag down, and not just spray it. God bless

  • Auto Doc
    Auto Doc

    Stick a tennis ball in the pressure washer handle to hold the trigger. Works great. 👍

  • Pinky Williams
    Pinky Williams

    I wish they (YT) wouldn't show an ad that's 54 mins long when your video is only 18:44, sorry I'm not watching the ad....Always enjoy the vlogs... Take Care

  • Swamp Rat
    Swamp Rat

    There are 24 hours in a day, that is 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds and not one second more. So in reality the days are not getting any longer than they were in December.

  • Robert JD
    Robert JD

    Big Swede, are you wearing out your Ford towing the dodges back to the dealer for repair.

  • Reese Perry
    Reese Perry

    How bout putting anti freeze instead of alcohol in the trucks.

  • Reese Perry
    Reese Perry

    Chet do ya'll have problems with the bolts breaking in the duals on the 9870? We do. We farm rice and crawfish down here in south west Louisiana. For some odd reason we always have 2-3 bolts break a year in the duals. We are slowly transitioning to the tracks more and more. What made ya'll go to the skinier tires on the duals for the 9870?

  • Julian Earl
    Julian Earl

    Question to Larson Farms ... do you still have your yellow Cat/Challenger two track ... haven't seen it for long time

    • Larson Farms
      Larson Farms

      Yes we do.

  • Brian Dooley
    Brian Dooley

    What foam do you use

    • Larson Farms
      Larson Farms


  • Ron Porter
    Ron Porter

    Hey Nikki hope Chet ain't making U work to hard editing These videos n I hope Ur having a wonderful day n Chet cooks U breakfast in bed or atleast something U like having

  • mfanwe Likeit
    mfanwe Likeit

    So today I learned Dougo has a faster reaction time than his son 🤣

  • Abhishek Tech Life
    Abhishek Tech Life

    I don't know english proper but I watch ur video . I m farmer

  • Justin Wiebe
    Justin Wiebe

    You guys need to put a zip tie around the “throttle” not all the way tight and then when you can slide the zip tie up to shut it off. 👍🏽

  • Bill Oklahoma
    Bill Oklahoma

    When did we start maintaining the American Flag by spray washing it on the back of a combine?

  • Nikka Fish
    Nikka Fish

    You need catwalks like 3-4 feet wide on each side 18 feet in the air so you don’t have to drive the lift around but it looks like it works pretty well my wash bay has upper levels on each side and hoses and guns up top also got them all over the place haha

  • Wombbatts

    If you get a pressure washer wand that is 6 feet longer, you won't have to stretch to reach spots guys.

  • wolram lilly
    wolram lilly

    Warm weather will cause steel buildings to make noises also. I believe it is the difference in temperature.that’s the main reason.

  • Kenton Fehr
    Kenton Fehr

    Take a zip tie and put it around the lever on the washer and when you are done you just slide it up and it lets the lever loose. I do this all the time when I’m washing hog barns it works really good

  • Taylor Marty
    Taylor Marty

    Gonna need the floor scrubber to clean up the brown spot under dougo

  • Brett Colburn
    Brett Colburn

    Been wondering...you said your S790 is a lease machine? But you guys have to do all the updates and repairs to it? And wash it to boot? We're located in Central Nebraska and that's very different than the combine leases down here if that's thr case.

  • Tanner Hamrick
    Tanner Hamrick

    What is the tool belt y’all wear with the pliers and flashlight in it?