Top 10 Biggest F1 Crashes of 2019
Crash. Bang. Wallop. Take a look at ten of the biggest bumps and bangs from the 2019 Formula 1 season.
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  • András Karácsonyi
    András Karácsonyi

    who's here after the Bottas - Russell crush?

  • Aaron Davids
    Aaron Davids

    More crashes for 2021 please it’s what makes the racing exiting. So far it seems to be Hamilton the attention seeker dominating again

  • Matthias Haas
    Matthias Haas


  • Commando Ace
    Commando Ace

    When will F1 go to actual Baby Drivers? No need to bother with all those pesky laps, pit stops, passing, or strategy.

  • Parth Mistry
    Parth Mistry

    But the real question is, who is that thoughtful gentleman who is the first to call every driver and ask if they're ok?

  • Jamie Moynihan
    Jamie Moynihan

    This just shows Alex albons talent,lack there of

  • 渡辺建設株式会社


  • William Kelley
    William Kelley

    Okay.... How much did Hamilton pay to be the first crash featured in this video?

  • Saurabh Awasthi
    Saurabh Awasthi

    I think Ericson hit us.

  • Antony ROGER
    Antony ROGER

    J'adore la F1 et la musique

  • Yash P
    Yash P

    1:21 Red bull wing flies

  • Charlie G
    Charlie G

    0:25 Alex albon... Has crashed

  • CrashCrash Bandicoot
    CrashCrash Bandicoot


  • Anthony Holliday
    Anthony Holliday

    Is this just a Grosjean compilation?

  • Brandon Hunter
    Brandon Hunter


  • el deivid
    el deivid

    3:30anyone know what is that engine sound?

  • Michal Ciesielski
    Michal Ciesielski

    i just love how the commentator said kubica

  • BloodweiserDK

    Finally, Kmag was number 1! :D

  • Hayden

    These guys are so calm after hitting a wall at 150 mph

  • Menno Fennema
    Menno Fennema

    Was Grosjean not driving in 2019??

    • No Name guy
      No Name guy

      Yes he was driving

  • Omolemo Kopong
    Omolemo Kopong


  • Nancy Tok Juan Lim
    Nancy Tok Juan Lim

    I really disagree with number 1. Bottas in Mexico should be first and Antonio Giovinazi should be higher too

  • Pancake Lizard
    Pancake Lizard

    This show cases how safe F1 is from like 10 years ago most drivers would of died from the concrete barriers.

  • Pancake Lizard
    Pancake Lizard

    At lease the drives say sorry because they know how much work the mechanics have to do lol considering they have a back up car.

  • World Summary News
    World Summary News

    Bottas and kubika cant race

  • Hannah Foster
    Hannah Foster


  • Luke Garcia Lisicic
    Luke Garcia Lisicic

    Did he say poo on? 2:16

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    nòooooo not Lewis Hamilton crashed into the barriers

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    BOTTAS crashed into the barriers

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    Lewis Hamilton crashed into the barriers

  • faltopfake

    At least those weren't so big in that year.

  • Stumble 999
    Stumble 999

    Any Canadian F1 fans?

  • Cathedral Vallory
    Cathedral Vallory

    If you crash one of these do they pay for it?

  • Patrick Herring
    Patrick Herring

    You know it’s serious when the tires start flopping around like nunchucks.

  • Yvonne Kay
    Yvonne Kay

    The vast trigonometry analytically suspend because cuban uncommonly sparkle onto a holistic son. wretched, jumbled interviewer

  • SaurabhSharma76


  • Emma Cutforth
    Emma Cutforth


  • Jaromír Grunt
    Jaromír Grunt

    i would say that albon's torro rosso crash was way bigger then valterri's crash on 2nd place of top 10

  • LanDoesGaming

    I guess Magnussen is a champion

  • Fin Alman
    Fin Alman

    These crashes look tiny after grosjeans crash and the crash at the Tuscan gp in 2020

  • enspa1r

    when kubica said “yeah i’m ok but it’s a ******* joke” it reminded me of when mansell said “well everything was fine other than the fact it was a complete joke” after the 1991 or something austrailian grand prix

  • Cody Phillips
    Cody Phillips


  • Squidge_22

    2021 is going to be a sad old season with no Albon, Kvyat, Magnussen or Grosjean to provide us with some crashes

    • mike

      We got Mazebin for that now

  • Eloy BS Racing
    Eloy BS Racing

    4:11 Romain Grosjean:Keeeeev,¡KEEEEEEV!

  • George

    1:06 Horner: right we're getting rid of him

  • Γεωργία Καμτσίκη
    Γεωργία Καμτσίκη

    that not biggest crashes

  • Shirtless Banana
    Shirtless Banana

    These were nothing compared to 2020... I mean still, some hard crashes.

  • Simon

    Best comment at 4:40: he is no driving a reliant Robin at 150mph

  • Jake Gaisford
    Jake Gaisford


  • Jake Gaisford
    Jake Gaisford


  • Joao Pedro Nunes Boaventura
    Joao Pedro Nunes Boaventura

    Tá junto F1

  • Ian4bis

    Why are all of these Pierre and Alex Edit: Nevermind I just finished the video

  • z/3 Z/3
    z/3 Z/3

    imagine how much that costs

  • liljon

    After the 2020 season, these crashes are insanely mild in comparison. Jeez.

    • Ridelove


  • Mattia Coco
    Mattia Coco


  • LRShooooya0607

    Came back here after the 2020 crash video. Man, 2019 was so peaceful.

    • Ridelove


    • topfun

      me too

  • heretustay

    A Haas in the #1 spot for 2019 and 2020 😬

  • Pyar Sangal
    Pyar Sangal

    F1 crashes may look not as bad as nascar but probably hurt more

  • Czman124

    its weird giving this video a like :?

  • MrSmiley

    The fact that their legs are actually at the front of the car bc they lie down terrifies me

    • Ridelove

      If you watch Großjeans crash you notice that the legs are the savest

  • Lil Glizzey
    Lil Glizzey

    yall notice the cars dont flip? 🤣

  • Marco Vinicio Gonzalez Matus
    Marco Vinicio Gonzalez Matus

    goku le gana 😎👊🥵

  • not froggy
    not froggy

    F1 driver: turns the steering wheel 0.000001 milla meters the wrong way car: and i took that peronaly

  • Chiến Trần
    Chiến Trần


  • St1ckyJesus

    It's funny to see the smallest mistake a touch of the front tires on the wall leaves them flopping around all sad like

  • solene fleury
    solene fleury

    Just clickbait putaclick I said

  • Daisky

    At the very shocking moment F1 pilot saying sorry sounds very civilized, comared with 70's 80's crashes.

  • Marthinneill Apoi Michael
    Marthinneill Apoi Michael

    0:20 Best Fans™

  • NASCAR Bros
    NASCAR Bros

    These crashes aren’t even bad

  • Gregor Vissers
    Gregor Vissers

    Grosjean hit wall in Bahrein ..........i think Ericsson hit us

  • tso kai lo
    tso kai lo

    Toro Rosso crew: Win the race give it everything you've got Albon: car in grass goes spin spin

  • Ethan Briggs
    Ethan Briggs

    2020. You’ve seen nothing yet.

  • Richard Naujoks
    Richard Naujoks

    Kubica was so grumpy all year jeez

  • Armaan

    How do people trash talk abt the halo even after watching this video???

  • killian

    2020 Grosjean : I'm a joke too you

  • RonRPL

    Look at these people in 2019, they wasn't expecting what 2020 will bring to them...

  • Denzel Nizigama
    Denzel Nizigama

    Who's watching this during the 2020 season and thinking ''This is no match compared to now'' ?

    • Random Guy37
      Random Guy37

      Yup. Just a few of these would make it to the top 10 of 2020 season and even then just barely.

  • Rasmus Faber Nørgaard
    Rasmus Faber Nørgaard

    1:37 Are you a carrot?

  • RonaldVCg

    Well we all know who´s gonna be no.1 in the "Top 10 Biggest F1 Crashes of 2020".

  • Emiliano Roldán Telloツ
    Emiliano Roldán Telloツ

    México :D


    W Hamilton


    Hello my comment Is 2200

  • Kevin Houle
    Kevin Houle

    At least Haas win two year in a row number 1 spot for the biggest crash

  • magodelviento

    What happens to those cars? Do they get repaired?

    • The Time
      The Time

      They repair what can be repaired and the broken parts get replaced

  • Emil Ravn
    Emil Ravn

    I ❤️ kevin

  • Alex Chai-Hong
    Alex Chai-Hong

    We all know who is number 1 for biggest crash in 2020

  • Peter M
    Peter M

    Robert Kubica... what a legend

  • kayd weber
    kayd weber

    you will never see a William's crash 2 times

  • adam hanson
    adam hanson

    thats cringy if u know what i meen

  • Default L Mobile
    Default L Mobile

    Grosjeans crash makes these look like falling on a super soft bed for half a foot high

  • Pogmonkememes Soft
    Pogmonkememes Soft

    0:24 Go Left Turn Right

  • Spencer Cooper
    Spencer Cooper

    Can’t believe merc just stole RP’s 2020 car and painted it silver. Smh

  • Louise Avory
    Louise Avory

    Who’s watching after Russel missed out on podium :(

  • Matthew Lansdown
    Matthew Lansdown

    The biggest crash of 2019 is from haas and after romains massave crash witch thankfully he is okay haas will probably be number 1 again

  • Zach Lee
    Zach Lee

    bro number 10 on this list would be like 35 this season

  • Vishaal Taratia
    Vishaal Taratia

    Bottas could only made it for podium, no 2 and and no 3 but again failed for no 1 😂😂😂

  • DaylightDigital

    I finally get the Reliant Robin reference!

  • Anhe X.
    Anhe X.

    Just look at how many times Bottas crashed! He should be replaced by Russell ASAP!

  • Cormac Heatley
    Cormac Heatley

    What about bottas germany

  • MoustiK Gd
    MoustiK Gd

    Compared to 2020, those crashes are nothing x) thats crazy