COBRA RADSPEED DRIVERS At the Price are they the BEST Driver for 2021
The NEW Cobra golf RADSPEED drivers reviewed and at the price are these the best drivers of 2020 and 2021? Mark Crossfield puts the new RAD SPEED Cobra drivers to the test, the 3 models include the RADSPEED, RAD SPEED XB and the RADSPEED XD driver heads. So we have a low spin head, a standard extreme and the draw extreme to give all golfers the desired ball flights for their golf games. Cobra drivers have been performing well in reviews for a few years now and the new RADSPEED seems to be pushing to the top of the pile once again. Have you ever gamed or tested a Cobra driver, if so how did you go let us know in the comments below.

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  • Red Lancer
    Red Lancer

    I liked the Radspeed more than the Ping g425 when I demoed them today. (35+ hcp)

  • Clay Evins
    Clay Evins

    If you blokes dont like Iron Maiden I will slay you with my 1971 Arnold Palmer Standard 1 iron😜 By the 40+ years experience lead me to the Cobra Speedzone driver. There are those that are better of course. Sim2 for sure, but I dont need that. Like your videos gentlemen....thanks

  • BadMojo

    I've been using a Cobra Speed LD driver with a stiff shaft for about 12 years. I am a bogey golfer, and it has been by far the most consistent hit from the tee (for me) of any other driver I had ever tried to that point.. This year I decided it was time for a new driver, so I tested them all out and again I went with the Cobra Radspeed XB. To note, I also loved the Titleist TSi 2 Driver, but for $100 less list price the Cobra Radspeed was a no brainer choice 😎

  • Matthew McCollum
    Matthew McCollum

    Hitting the Cobra F8 and love it, this one looks great aesthetically wise so I may get this too.

  • Charles Rohl
    Charles Rohl

    Got the RAD XB peacoat on order w/the hzrdus rdx smoke blue ! Changing from tm m4.

  • Trey Reilly
    Trey Reilly


  • Dave Evans
    Dave Evans

    I tried a friends Cobra drive a few years ago, I loved it and bought a F-7. I am now thinking about the Rad speed XB

  • Serge Amyot
    Serge Amyot

    Played Cobre F9, planning to go with Radspeed XB. This F9 is the best driver I had

  • Bryn Ziegeman
    Bryn Ziegeman

    Bought one yesterday! Super excited to get out on the range and try it

  • Noel Morgan
    Noel Morgan

    Got a bit of a Bryson twitch going on there Mark 😄⛳️

  • Angus Smith
    Angus Smith

    Hi I have just been to my appointment to be set up for my new clubs I wanted cobras but the price of the driver is frightening for one club only to gain an extra few yards I'm on the fence on the purchase on the driver when I could save that mulla and make up on 2nd and thirds shots need convincing I tend to go right off the tee I have to aim out left at ten o'clock in order for the ball to reach centre of the fairway at 12 o'clock by the time the ball travels down the fairway please advice

  • Cur Etiam Hic Es
    Cur Etiam Hic Es

    Replaced Taylormade M2 with the Cobra Speedzone Extreme last year and love it.

  • Raymound sawyer
    Raymound sawyer

    Just tested the Radspeed against my speed back 2019 model. Wasn’t expecting the gains. In the Sim it was 15 yards up on my speed back this also translated to the Course. My best drives now finish 260-270yds. Will be a senior on Friday so I am more than happy. 😂

  • Chris Goddard
    Chris Goddard

    Had a old Cobra driver years ago,just got the XB version,still have to put a good swing on it :)!

  • Danny

    I still use my Cobra F6+ driver and Cobra Amp Cell fairway wood. The way I see it, Its all about you, what you like to hit and your swing, not the tech on the clubs. I do love the Cobra drivers and Woods though, very underrated clubs.

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon

    Took the 12g weight out of the front spot and left the 2 gram weight in the back of the RADspeed...way more consistent and farther. Loving it now. I don't understand why the starting weight is 28g? So heavy.

  • Ian Rigby
    Ian Rigby

    For me with my clubs it's based on income and what can I really afford

  • Robert Beijer
    Robert Beijer

    Just got the cobra rad speed XB this week, tested is during the fitting wing the ping G425, the sim2 max and the Callaway epic speed! The rad speed xb stood out for me, so forgiving for a mid to big handicap player like me (34,4). Can’t wait to take it out on the course soon!

  • Ben Martin
    Ben Martin

    Is Russel brand had a kid with derren brown.

  • Spencer Murray
    Spencer Murray

    Pretty sure most shops give you a stock fujikura motore f1(low mid trajectory) or f3(mid/high) shaft options so make sure you try each out and get fitted for your game. I think the fujikura stock shafts are part of the special sauce here. Maybe that wasn’t mentioned in this vid bc options weren’t available during time of vid creation. Just tested these yesterday at local golf shop and pretty close to replacing my ancient yet high functioning Cobra biocell 🐍

  • Northern Ninja Foto
    Northern Ninja Foto

    Still have my f9. Love it.

  • paul lineker
    paul lineker

    Went for a fitting and ended up being fitted with cobra driver and irons delivery very soon can not wait

  • carl davies
    carl davies

    Never gamed a Cobra driver but have tested one, F8. Couldn't get on with it at all. Thought the face was a bit gimmicky.

  • Daniel Cohen
    Daniel Cohen

    I tried the Rad Speed and it performed well. But it's just too loud for my tinnitus. Well, it's not the volume so much as the pitch. One drive and I'm hearing high-pitched ringing all day long. Same problem with Ping and Cleveland drivers. Probably shouldn't have played in bands standing right next to the drummer for 20 years. Or should've started wearing earplugs earlier! Ah well. A nice thuddy Taylormade works just fine.

  • Russell Garbutt
    Russell Garbutt

    Cobra long I’m using the SZ 9.5 at the min! Great club! Great review mate! 🏌🏻👍🏻

  • bothered1984

    Cobra long. Am really looking at getting one of these cobra drivers. Need to sort out a cobra fitting but not many places near me I don’t think

  • Steven C
    Steven C

    So has cobra fixed the “erratic” f9 spin issue from the toe and high strikes? That was definitely an issue with the f9, it was great from the center but spun like crazy from the toe and high face. You saw it in your f9 review and commented on it as well. Is that gone in the radspeed?

  • Daniel Heffernan
    Daniel Heffernan

    Just been fitted by Cobra and they put me in the Radspeed, which I was surprised at being new to golf. The speed, distance, accuracy and flight was so much better than my current driver. Night and day different. Just got to wait 6 weeks for it now!

  • Spencer Reid
    Spencer Reid

    I've been hitting an F8 driver for a while and I love it. Looking at trading it for a Radspeed

    • Elliot S
      Elliot S

      Me too. I hit my F8 really well, but I feel like with the new tech I'm leaving some yards out there.

  • Matthew Weaver
    Matthew Weaver

    “Cobra long” I’ve played with the f8 driver and only taylormade hit further than me

  • Jas

    (3 seconds in)... WAIT! WHAT?! THIS THING IS FREE?!?!?!

  • Blake Brasher
    Blake Brasher

    Have a F9. Will never buy another brand of drivers

  • Chris BENOIT
    Chris BENOIT

    I have started with Cobra and never tries other brands. For the driver I started with the FMax draw which is perfect for beginners, very straight for those like who tends to slice ... I have moved then to SpeedZone Extreme ... much harder to play, very stiff but when you get use to it and a good release you gain distance and the ball goes straight... but with this one you be accurate in your swing... I have started playing golf only since Nov 2019... I am now looking to the RAD SPEED XD... to get a wilder tolerance

  • John Brown
    John Brown

    I have a set of f speed woods. Driver ,3,5 and 7.

  • bdrussel1

    Playing the forged cb irons and just ordered this driver always played cobra irons are very underrated and then drivers are finally getting attention

  • Josh Canada Golf
    Josh Canada Golf

    Just switched from sim to rad speed, better price better performance. Simple decision

  • Alex Rixe
    Alex Rixe

    $250 real deal shaft makes a stability and ball speed difference, but he doesn't mention it at all? It's a huge value proposition to the consumer. Comparable TM combo would be $330 more and take several weeks to arrive vs going to the store and buying this combo. Seems like a big miss simply to keep up the idea that shafts don't matter.

  • Tim Strasser
    Tim Strasser

    Played Flyz+(fomerly Ping and Golfsmith), played f8 which I tested against Callaway and TM drivers. Play Cobra f8 5w and 3w and also have Speedback 3w dialed down to 12 degrees(went from 52,56,60 wedges to 53 and 57). Radspeed is on the way. Why=> cuz the Cobras are similar in distance, but I hit them much straighter than the others. When hit the woods on the nuts, the feel is awesome. I hit low runout drives. When off center, the feedback is immediate. The Callaway(Epic I think) looked like a balloon. To me the TM look like a block of wood and didn't give the feedback I need. My son plays TM and loves all three that he's had. I didn't like any of them. but they are long. Lost drives to the right, but really couldn't feel why? I play Miura irons because feel is mandatory for me.

  • Bruce Lowe
    Bruce Lowe

    Tested F9..bought it. Tested Radspeed...bought it. For me, better ball speed, sounds good and feels solid. Nice one Cobra.

  • Robert Burig
    Robert Burig

    Just got fitted into the rad speed with the la golf shaft in it. That thing was hitting bombs for me in the fitting. Just the waiting game now for it to come in.

  • Tan Sri Alang Wangsa
    Tan Sri Alang Wangsa

    What is the name of the shaft?

  • Steve G
    Steve G

    I got my cobra f7 few yrs back...tried them all and cobra was most forgiving for me...price not a factor for me...consistency was

  • abysss56

    Love my ladies F9 driver and woods! Most forgiving clubs I’ve played with! Price wasn’t a problem, played all the big big names! Will be upgrading to rad speed soon only cuz I love Cobra.

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar

    I have gamed F8 + for 3 seasons now. Hzrds Black 65g X flex. I currently have it set At 8* with the heavy weight in the back. I love it ! Sounds great, and can work a draw or fade. Note : it doesn't like to be hit high in the face, although the heel cut is surprisingly forgiving.

  • Tracy Ferguson
    Tracy Ferguson

    Cobra F 7 and really like it. Might upgrade after watching this! Great job Mark.

  • Ronald Irwin
    Ronald Irwin

    It seems like the "players" one is just a little more compact from front to back. It also looked like the "players" one was turning over better than the XD. Nice review Mark

  • Drew S
    Drew S

    never used Cobra, going to demo the RAD this year.


    Got fitted for the King Speedzone and it’s been fantastic. Biggest thing was the fitter put me in a configuration that I would’ve never done or come up with on my own to optimize launch and spin.

  • Zachariah Dickson
    Zachariah Dickson

    Just purchased this driver. I tried the titleist S3 and The New Callaway, not sure of the name it was the brand new on that is $550 and up. Cobra was by far the easiest to swing and had the best results.

  • rogelio mendez
    rogelio mendez

    Cobra long

  • Mike Kobylinski
    Mike Kobylinski

    Just ordered the Cobra RADSpeed driver and 3 wood in the red white and blue version with Hzrdus Smoke Blue RDX Shaft and with Golf Pride MCC+4 grips with Arccos. I bought the Speedzone last year and love it...just love the red, white, blue look even better. The speedzone is by far the straightest driver I've ever hit. Excited to get my new clubs in. Thanks to Golf Galaxy for the extra 15% off too! Didn't need the new RAD driver or 3 wood...but my OCD compelled me to buy them to match my irons, bag, and shoes. Cobra Long...just like Bryson

  • Jonathan Balangon
    Jonathan Balangon


  • Jim Doyle
    Jim Doyle

    Never hit a Cobra, but will definitely take a look this upcoming season. I put the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo in my bag last year because I liked the price point vs. the "big boys" and it performs pretty damn well!

  • ZoSo666JP

    Love your vids, keep up the great work.

  • Josh Schliefert
    Josh Schliefert

    Never played or tested Cobra. But have a Cobra fairway wood and absolutely love it.


    At present playing a Cobra extreme, fitted with the shorter shaft. I'd say the most forgiving driver I've ever had. Hitting more fairways, a good thing.

  • John Bachman
    John Bachman

    Have games the f9 and currently have the Speedzone. May move up to the RAD if it’s more stable.

  • James Ross
    James Ross

    how do you have new irons and drivers but no matching bag.... my ocd triggered

  • dxdelafu

    After a pro fitting (twice), I ordered the Cobra RAD Speed today. It beat out the TSi2, SIM2 and the Ping G425. Never thought I would pick this one, but the pro was not surprised. Can’t wait to get it and put it in play.

  • Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace

    Is it just me or is crossfield hitting it miles further! Go on lad!

  • Lawrence Williams
    Lawrence Williams

    Epic Speed vs Cobra RADspeed.......DEW IT!

  • Kevin Arbogast
    Kevin Arbogast

    Tested the Rad speed and Rad xB tonight. Wow!!!! For me it’s longer than SIM2 and PInG 425. Tsi3 and the new Epic and long too but, for me, not as long as the RAD!!!! Crazy long!!!!! I was approaching 300 yards and I usually go for 270 with my Mizuno ST200

  • Owen Thomas
    Owen Thomas

    Had a F Speed Series, ZL Encore(All white), LTD Pro and my current driver is a F9. Had various other brands but Cobra is by far the best driver manufacturers in the market!

  • Larry Young
    Larry Young like the flat black clubhead....and it's Cobra Long

  • Robert Hudson
    Robert Hudson

    What do you think, Cobra rad speed or Ping G425 max? Which would you say was the longer/more forgiving!

  • Les Gardner
    Les Gardner

    Have the speed zone extreme which is very good .l guess cobra are cheaper as they do not sponsor so many tour players ?

  • Jacob Spangler
    Jacob Spangler

    Have you tested the radspeed vs last years speedzone? Any thoughts on this?

  • John Z.
    John Z.

    I only play Cobra woods and hybrids now. I am attracted by the excellent price-performance ratio, feel and design. Makes fun and I do not change for the time being.

  • Michael Farrelly
    Michael Farrelly

    Price is a huge factor for me on drivers. It’s a club I really only hit on par 5s. I’m able to get 230 carry out of my 3w, so for par4s I go with that and then same on shorter par 5s. .... so for driver I shop older models or big sales. Any chance on reviews of tour edge, Ben hogan, or Wilson drivers ?

  • Barrie Tumbridge
    Barrie Tumbridge

    I am looking at a new set this year. My Son has speedzone and I tried his driver last month at the range. Quite impressed with the weight and forgiveness i=of the driver, I will be sorting a fitting as soon as the lockdown is over and therefore interested in the Rad Speed.

  • Jon Stevenson
    Jon Stevenson

    Bought a Cobra F9 Driver recently, directly because of all the talk about it - sold it, back to my 915 D3 which in fitting, also recently, there was nothing that could beat it! So, question is, will the Rad Speed (Ping infused stability) beat it??

  • Gary Widdowson
    Gary Widdowson

    Boughht son a F9 he hits ball over 250 carry closer to 280 the crown carbon top caved in first thing i noticed when there next gen came out they stregthened the crown, and supported it inside. it was replaced from pro shop but he didnt feel comfortable with it after and sold it he now uses an old TM R15 and hits it around same distance.

  • Malcolm Fawcett
    Malcolm Fawcett


  • Peter Lips
    Peter Lips

    Played a Cobra driver for years and considering buying the RAD or the TSi

  • DunderXryss

    Been gaming the F7+ since they released that one. Have tried the newer once each year but havnt seen any major gains if any from them against my current gamer. Looking forward to try these out later on in the spring.

  • Alex Williams
    Alex Williams

    Cobra Long Still have an F8+ in the bag

  • Joshua Cutbirth
    Joshua Cutbirth


  • Jeff Edinger
    Jeff Edinger

    "Cobra Long" I picked up the F9 earlier this year when there was a big price drop and really like it. I was replacing an old Nike driver though so it was easy to impress me. Also, I'm loving this channel. Came across it within the last few weeks and have watched so many videos since then. Thanks for putting out such great content.

  • Cameron Kratovil
    Cameron Kratovil

    Had the cobra king speedzone last year, 0 hcp. Best driver I’ve ever used.

  • william Holt
    william Holt

    I love my f9

  • Jpx St180s
    Jpx St180s

    Mark / lockey !! If you get low strikes , high spinners , would the rad speed b , would it be a good fit for my game to improve my strike , I swing it at 115 , 3 handicap, Rather than going for the rad , might the b with its forgiveness improve my strike and reduce my spin from my low hits , Happy new year 🥳

  • Jpx St180s
    Jpx St180s

    Mark / lockey !! If you get low strikes , high spinners , would the rad speed b , would it be a good fit for my game to improve my strike , I swing it at 115 , 3 handicap, Rather than going for the rad , might the b with its forgiveness improve my strike and reduce my spin from my low hits , Happy new year 🥳

  • Seve Sellors
    Seve Sellors

    Cobra very innovative and like Srixon- Cleveland and Wilson make great gear at sensible prices. Call away, Titleist, and Taylormade make great clubs but The prices are becoming obscene. Tried the F8 range nice but didn’t buy these look very nice and would go for the shorter shaft 44.5 I like more control.

  • john lumley
    john lumley

    "cobra long" relatively new subscriber and really enjoying it. Found you through James Robinson and surprised I've never seen you before 👍

  • john lumley
    john lumley

    I have the cobra speedzone 1st time buying and fitted for brand new equipment. As a 18 HCP player for the price difference it wasn't worth paying the extra for the ping g410 or the Taylormade SIM. I will say though for £359 to have 3 choices with rad drivers is fantastic. Cobra would have been forgiven to increase there price point for a driver for the better player

  • T5623QCOM


  • Sebastian Wänkkö
    Sebastian Wänkkö

    Current is a F9

  • Keith Martin
    Keith Martin

    How does the sz extreme compare to the rad xb

  • J R
    J R

    Cobra Long! I'm upgrading my driver this spring and I'm dropping my Callaway Rogue for a Cobra...just not sure if I want to go with the new RAD Speed, or buy the last gen speedzone, since there doesn't seem to be much difference in numbers between the 2 generations.

  • Jill Dreyer
    Jill Dreyer

    Cobra long

  • Christopher Coleman
    Christopher Coleman

    I've used the F9 and the Speedzone Extreme is currently in my bag. Love the Extreme!!!

  • MSNSaluki

    Gave Cobra a shot last year due to its One Length offerings and now game the entire Speedzone line ... including the SZ Extreme driver. Love these clubs!!!

  • alan hunter
    alan hunter

    Cobra long

  • Garrett Emerick
    Garrett Emerick

    I’ve never used a Cobra Driver.

  • Lee Ellis
    Lee Ellis

    I use the cobra amp cell & I love it. But considering getting the new Rad

  • Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson

    Huge Cobra Fan, Tec Black Forged irons, F9 Driver and fairway woods, just keep coming back to Cobra

  • drewy

    "Cobra Long" - Been looking at a Cobra driver for a while.. ready to replace my old faithful x2 hot driver

  • ShiversBasketball

    Have a F9 currently in my bag and I really like it

  • Ash Hadler
    Ash Hadler

    Love the look of the speed driver as well. Think you’ll hit 3/5

  • Barry Brady
    Barry Brady

    Been using the F9 driver and 3 wood. Interesting question about the shaft choice. Great offerings for 2021.