Snow Too Deep For A Jeep, But Not For The Snow Cat
So we got a call for a Jeep Wrangler that got too deep in the back country and the snow. Time for the snow cat to come in for the rescue.
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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

  • JoeJ8282

    Wow, I never realized just how much time is spent doing these rescues. In many of them it is already dark by the time you get back home, sometimes before then, even when you start in the early morning... but I guess it makes for a satisfyingly long day when you get the job done and everyone is happy!... But I know it's also a lot of hard work, some of which doesn't get to be filmed!... Keep up the great service to the area guys, you do a great job!

  • Charles Tinch
    Charles Tinch

    We all appreciate the running u do for us Randy! You and the crew go thru hell out there sometimes and u keep on truckin' and we recognize it. I also think there needs to be a "buy me a coffee/ice cream" link for them cold/hot and extra hard trips!

  • Victor Hex
    Victor Hex

    Think I will buy a jeep and go 4 wheelin. No skills but wtf.

  • G R
    G R

    I’m gonna call these guys when I blow up my engine at the hollow.

  • Scott F
    Scott F

    That snow cat looks super fun

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller

    Good job Randy!

  • Elias Reyes Jr
    Elias Reyes Jr

    get an "L" fuel tank. they make the dual fuel ones with diesel and gas

  • DrOcto

    Randy is the MAN!!!!!!

  • Peter Zhang
    Peter Zhang

    The sparkling fact systematically fit because damage seemingly face throughout a resonant engine. far-flung, tart date

  • True Star
    True Star

    Dude, you don’t be playing with all this different heavy equipment! That’s amazing. You must’ve been a “Lost In Space.”

  • Eli Renigar
    Eli Renigar

    What kind of motor is in the snow cat, it sounds wicked

  • F0reman371

    God this stuff is wholesome. Just a buncha guys out there doing their side gig with friends in tow, having fun and providing a service for their community. If only the rest of the world could be this tranquil.

  • Gabe

    THANK YOU CAMERA Crew doing great work

  • Archie


  • Peerless

    When they both slip on the snow.. such a pure off road recovery moment!

  • Rock Washburn
    Rock Washburn

    I appreciate it dude with camera

  • Robert Richardson
    Robert Richardson

    The striped truck postnatally taste because windshield surely suck unlike a steady collision. overt, efficacious silk

  • Nic Cabrera
    Nic Cabrera


  • Alexei Tetenov
    Alexei Tetenov

    Please keep sharing!

  • Scott Mugford
    Scott Mugford

    You guys have to cowboy up that’s not cold weather thats t-shirt weather

  • Neil DSam
    Neil DSam

    1st customer - standing alone outside wearing a mask. Gets in a confined space with 3 strangers, takes mask off. 🤷‍♂️

  • Dustyn Lifgren
    Dustyn Lifgren

    Just ordered a Hat, Sticker and The Banana Replica Autographed Model from your website! I deff want a “Winder Towing” hat!!! Your videos are interesting as hell! I’ve watched so many, I’m in the hospital due to an accident and have been watching a lot!

  • Rowland Norris
    Rowland Norris

    No wonder so many Americans get Covid! Irresponsible to ignore masks, distancing etc.

  • Papa Mac
    Papa Mac

    New here, but did I just hear "classic Saturn.."? Wow, I must be old. A Saturn is considered 'classic'! What is a Yugo considered these days?

  • 1966johnnywayne

    The first guy looks like a young Elon Musk...except with hair.

  • Peter

    I assume AAA doesn't cover this kind of thing, I'll have to check.

  • jdiaz949

    That snow cat is dope!!!!

  • Kristina Priest
    Kristina Priest

    love this channel makes me smile, during this time.

  • Kristina Priest
    Kristina Priest

    so funny lol

  • Kristina Priest
    Kristina Priest

    how many kids does Matt and Jami have? just wondering only ty

  • Robert Amantea
    Robert Amantea

    At 6:11, Matt is Strong! Watch him pull this jeep with his bare hands!

  • Rickshi and Moku
    Rickshi and Moku

    You should get one of those 55 gallon fuel tanks for your ford.

  • that runaway guy
    that runaway guy

    6:11 Matt doesn't need the snowcat, look how easily he pulls the Jeep only using his hands.

  • Chevboy167 x
    Chevboy167 x

    Iron man Randy! Thank you.

  • Dig

    Randomly use the ramps unload cat!

  • Ron Leonard
    Ron Leonard

    Bone head needs to stick the camera out the window so later he can show everyone how stupid he was with his little jeep.

  • Jules Thibodeaux
    Jules Thibodeaux

    Hurricane im on my way! in 7 days

  • J & G Thompson
    J & G Thompson

    Wow...did he have summer street tires on that Jeep? That much snow is every day driving here!

  • The Lost Sock.
    The Lost Sock.

    That's because Jeeps are for housewives.

  • motoman 714
    motoman 714

    Why would someone take a Stock JK through that, some wrangler owners lol

  • Kyle Pifer
    Kyle Pifer


  • yakov foley
    yakov foley

    Me in Google after this “snowcat for sale”

    • Pat Red
      Pat Red

      How's the cat in the mudd!

  • OZZY V
    OZZY V

    Great job randy !

  • don williams
    don williams

    Like the wagon.

  • Don Geiger
    Don Geiger

    As a Canadian who has driven in all kinds of winter roads and snow condition, if you have real winter chains you can take a four wheel drive any where in up to three feet of snow. The only thing you have to worry about is the snow packing into the radiator and over heating your vehicle.

  • Stephen Harrison
    Stephen Harrison

    The tense wave feraly muddle because blood clearly inject worth a vigorous samurai. afraid, plausible line

  • Databyter

    In my ignorance I was wondering what a side by side was. It's just a dune buggy with two seats I guess.

  • Su Saba
    Su Saba

    Thanks Ed for the weather forecast

  • Where S Waldo
    Where S Waldo

    Loved Ya in "The Shining"~!!!

  • Jared Parnell
    Jared Parnell

    So... am I the only one that wants to see this snow cat on the dunes for some reason?

  • markbuckeye

    Business must be good. Nice truck and a nice snowcat...

  • Im2s2p

    Randy you said this was for us, and we damn appreciate giving us some of the most awesome videos.

  • brandon boyles
    brandon boyles

    That Saturn wagon is an absolute chick magnet

  • Nancy Erica
    Nancy Erica

    These snow cats are awesome and that totally looks like fun, car hop trays from Amazon, spring is on its way.

  • austin

    I've never seen Matt wear gloves. Cold and in the snow multiple times? No gloves. Why is doesn't he wear gloves?

  • MasterGroda

    its ROCK PAPER SCISSORS then throw on SHOOT!

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    The title is equivalent to, "Water too deep for a ship, but not for a submarine"

  • Harley Frie
    Harley Frie

    Randy is the hardest working dude out there !!! Thanks Randy

  • TheBarryWaterman

    too deep? Thats not even 2"

  • {AlmightySean_321}

    I love the Snow Cat

  • samy b
    samy b

    Must of been an incline didn't look tht deep

  • spdodger

    Every time he gets in that thing I think of the end of The Shining.

  • Charlie

    Hey, Lizzy would have had those hubs locked in and ready to go before you started.

  • ra ker
    ra ker

    3:27, look at those magic tracks!

  • Louis Brown
    Louis Brown

    You know you always have fun when you get to use the snow machine

  • Jared Smith
    Jared Smith

    Just subbed once I saw this video and you guys exercising your face freedom. 🇺🇸🦅

  • Werner Danler
    Werner Danler

    I watched this because of the cat. Would love to have seen more of it tearing it up.

  • ocotillorat

    Thanks Rudy for the great df shots

  • Silver Lake
    Silver Lake

    Sorry to say I enjoy this show but really the old man has to Call it quits.

  • klappy803

    "Chicks dig dent resistant panels"

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady

    that young kid with the jeep looks lost and devastated at being surrounded by country instead of digital devices lol 😆

  • B Grover
    B Grover

    Matt needs a slip tank for the super duty. Then it'd look exactly like my grandpa's lol

  • Bob Roberts
    Bob Roberts

    Dumbest, worst produced video I've seen today. Intro was a week longer than needed.

  • Shane VanOrder
    Shane VanOrder

    Happened to me had to call 4x4 recovery in AZ

  • P an
    P an

    As a matter of fact, this is appreciated, Randy!

  • Jim Wakefield
    Jim Wakefield

    I had a Jeep back during the blizzard of '78. I have never been stuck so much in my life, but there was no one to rescue me. I had to dig myself out each time with a little army E tool. That kid gave up too easily.

  • the eabster
    the eabster

    Matt needs to get you guys in little Snow mobile for the Camera shots. The camera man always works the hardest!!!

  • Jane Hunter
    Jane Hunter

    The general gentle iran unexplainably double because owner subcellularly argue lest a abrupt anthropology. reminiscent, foregoing twine

  • Ted Turnner
    Ted Turnner

    They made a Saturn wagon!

  • chance simpson
    chance simpson

    Props to randy and whoever runs the drone. I lived in gj 03 to 06 and a lil more. Gj BLM and moab was always fun

  • 4x4Scout

    You need to put some blizzaks on that truck so you at least have a chance.

  • Jeannette Smith
    Jeannette Smith

    The adventures never end - they just keep getting better!!💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Matt Zirker
    Matt Zirker

    What's so interesting over by that tree at 6:17 ?

  • Charlie

    Rudy, you da man! Thanks for filming for us.

  • Ron Fillmore
    Ron Fillmore

    Can't believe they didn't turn the truck and trailer around before they loaded the snow cat!

  • Jim F
    Jim F

    Having to turn back to get fuel!?!?!? That's tough lmao

  • Rob T
    Rob T

    how much was the cost of a recovery like this? thanks

  • Garrick G
    Garrick G

    Whoever's footing the bill should get the shirt

  • Gizzard

    Randy says he is freezin! Back in my active duty Air Force days, and the troops talking about getting stationed at Minot AFB North Dakota, we would say "Why not Minot? Freezins the reason!"

  • edgar parrish
    edgar parrish

    Miss ur old intro theme music

  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson

    Who is the maker of your Cat? It's been a few years so I can't tell if it is a Bombardier, Piston Bully or other.

    • Andrew Thompson
      Andrew Thompson

      @Matt's Off Road Recovery I used to work on a few different brands. The European ones with 24 or 36V and a few with positive ground - a great way to learn about yourself when finding parts.

    • Matt's Off Road Recovery
      Matt's Off Road Recovery

      Bombardier. It’s got some kind of a custom cab. (homemade)

  • leadnsteel

    If Tim had a classic Subaru wagon he could have pulled the Jeep out... those old Subaru's were tanks

  • Nick Unknown
    Nick Unknown

    Tip for anyone pulling an x3 from the front. Don’t pull from the lower a arms.

  • I_Choose_You

    Y’all are going to get Ed killed, by not wearing a mask around him. He’s old and in the vulnerable group.

    • I_Choose_You

      @Sashazur it is a choice, however far from “informed”. Coming from a healthcare worker, I seeing so many seniors’ perished due to the carelessness of their family members. I wish not to see the inevitable and unfortunate “RIP Ed” video.

    • Sashazur

      It does kinda bug me too. But at this point anyone who doesn’t wear a mask is obviously making an informed choice. and as long as they stay away from me I really don’t care. Ed’s an adult.

  • Rocky Jeeper
    Rocky Jeeper

    Did the same thing with my jeep, I just threw it in four-wheel-drive, then forward and reverse until I got it out of the snow ❄️

  • P S
    P S


  • rick marin
    rick marin

    let the air out of tires to 8 lbs and drive away , just saying

  • Shipping Department
    Shipping Department

    How you all going to get stuck in a Jeep?

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson

    My friend Douglas Albright had access to his dad's CUSHMAN TRACKSTER during the PIPELINE 1977 ish... Turn the toggle directional handle while DOING 20 mph on frozen streets in our housing PROJECTS BACK streets, doing continual 360 spins going down a street straight... YOUR FULL SPIN ZONE... 😎

  • Leo KF
    Leo KF

    This got to be one of best job in the world! Making money and having fun at the same time.