10 Winter Car TIPS & TRICKS you NEED to Know
If you live somewhere that gets snow, this video will teach you some helpful tips and tricks I have learned over the years to prepare your car for the snow! Learn how to remove ice from your windshield and how to remove snow from your car quickly without scratching the paint. I also show you how to prevent your door and lock from getting frozen shut and many more tips and tricks! I even show you how to use a car detailing spray to prevent the snow from sticking!
Windshield Snow/Ice Shield: amzn.to/3dsj3Aj
Silicone Spray: amzn.to/3blnREZ
Snow Removal Brush: amzn.to/3pG3OpY
Windshield Washer Fluid: advanceautoparts.rt8x.net/jWXJd6
Ceramic Spray: advanceautoparts.rt8x.net/15eZAx
Strong Leaf Blower: amzn.to/3bg1II4
How to get more traction on snow and ice: 0:40
How to get out of your driveway or parking spot safely: 1:48
How to top off washer fluid: 2:51
How to prevent doors and locks from freezing: 3:13
How to prevent ice from sticking to your windshield: 5:55
How to prevent snow from sticking to shovel: 8:29
How to prevent scratching your paint while removing snow: 9:25
How to remove snow without touching it: 10:10
How to remove ice from glass: 12:43

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    Hopefully these tips are helpful. The weather has been horrible here with snow ever couple of days which has put a hamper on filming my regular How-To videos. Hopefully the snow melts soon! I have some awesome videos coming!!!

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