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  • Buju Vision
    Buju Vision

    Is just me or Thomas is real shit!!! Doesn’t deserve to be on that team!

  • Davian Patel
    Davian Patel

    Spring Hill again ffs

  • EvoX

    love these videos keep it up

  • quincy

    Lmao number 8 just taking a nap

  • K Roper
    K Roper

    #8 was on the floor from 16:35 to 16:58


    Goddamm these matches gettin better and better 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • LilZzaii


  • Melvyn Govindan
    Melvyn Govindan


  • Nsansa Masondo
    Nsansa Masondo

    Sam is nice but his gotta change his attitude

  • Vihan Subramaniam
    Vihan Subramaniam

    Lamar is the sunday league Kroos

  • NitroHs YT ‘
    NitroHs YT ‘

    Why’s manny not playing

  • Thomas Ross
    Thomas Ross

    Does manny still play


    Why doesn’t manny play no more in the games?

  • Adam Colligan
    Adam Colligan

    Can I just ask where on earth is manny in the face cam? Has he moved into a new place?

  • Ace_Redex

    UTR really the best team but the football clips were too loud compared to manny, no hate

  • Gooner Josh
    Gooner Josh

    Wtf were you saying. Too much background noise

  • Juicy Smo
    Juicy Smo

    Manny i can’t hear a word you’re saying mate

  • Dominic Levy
    Dominic Levy

    Midfield is silky these days but man misses the absolute baller that is Mikes; is he ever coming back?

  • Archie M
    Archie M

    Who else wants manny to play nore

  • Chris Elliott
    Chris Elliott

    Awesome coverage. Superb production. Others are merely imitators.Showed our chances as well (Springhill United FC).Thoroughly deserved win AGAIN .One day we will win one lol.All the best for the rest of the season. Chris Elliott CDO Springhill United FC.

  • Harry Davies Music
    Harry Davies Music

    Thomas like current Timo Werner

  • Troy Keyes
    Troy Keyes

    Fred did a harry kane

  • PUNJOKE Gaming
    PUNJOKE Gaming

    12:27 it sounds like he's rapping to the beat

  • Marcus Hermansen
    Marcus Hermansen

    What happend to mikez?

  • Ekeng Jr
    Ekeng Jr

    Springhill goalie is not bad

  • Somto Joseph
    Somto Joseph

    You guys have chemistry

  • Sam Hellon
    Sam Hellon

    Manny dripping

  • Y Y
    Y Y

    5:27 never a foul lol, thats the kind of stuff you complain about in fifa with rio manny come on. Like this is football not basketball with them 0 contact pussy rules.

    • Y Y
      Y Y

      If thats a foul i am tony stark

  • noah goldstein
    noah goldstein

    springhill keeper is pretty class tbh

  • Kelvin_ 246
    Kelvin_ 246

    This is better than the super leauge

  • Alex Potter
    Alex Potter

    What happened to Mikez?

  • Garry Butterworth-Hayes
    Garry Butterworth-Hayes

    Such a small pitch man I feel for them 😂

  • ollie

    Where’s yung filly at?

  • Gaven Fianu
    Gaven Fianu

    Dom is a Lanre regen. Absolute baller!

  • lCFCl Ray
    lCFCl Ray

    that turtle neck hittin different though

  • Tom_210

    Ahhhh it’s good to be home

  • ALAN

    the fuckin size of this pitch

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith

    Played football against Dom at school, he was the year below me but he was an absolutely class player, good to see him playing for UTR

  • Thron

    Sunday league-> European super league

  • Tony A
    Tony A

    That 24 is a vibe

  • Lewis Whiteside
    Lewis Whiteside

    Number 23 was absolutely class easily outshined dom

  • Campbell Steven
    Campbell Steven

    Where is the superstar lanre ???

  • Aguayo Fav
    Aguayo Fav

    haven’t watched a Sunday league game in a minute, so I’m kind of out the loop, does manny not play anymore??

  • Barry Clarke
    Barry Clarke

    When is mikez gonna be back

  • Daniel

    6:30 had me dead af 😂😂

    • Daniel

      Elite content as always Manny

    • Daniel

      9:27 too lmao

  • J- Games
    J- Games

    Off topic but when is pes bolingoli jr coming back?

  • Fshbluwiz Games
    Fshbluwiz Games

    Lukaku won’t be in fifa 22 because of esl #THESHINEWASSTOPPED

  • Art Madala
    Art Madala

    #NOTOSUPERLEAGUE✊ thanks Manny for the entertainment 😊

  • Shakie 42
    Shakie 42

    How old are the players in UTR??

  • Jamie Ritchie
    Jamie Ritchie

    Great game to watch but u man need a lesson on finishing

  • M477H3W

    Icl Tom needs to sort his feet out

  • Leo Fersztenberg Lev
    Leo Fersztenberg Lev

    Even Florentino Pérez, the man who is ruining football, cannot stop the shine. No one can

  • Leo Fersztenberg Lev
    Leo Fersztenberg Lev

    Will UTR join the Super league

  • Jeezs

    Goals wins games, defence wins championships

  • Sir BeastThe7th
    Sir BeastThe7th

    16:34 Nah man hes spitting bars mid-commentary. Different level.

  • Harry

    Ironic title, since football is completely done for

  • Joshua The Black One
    Joshua The Black One

    Anyone else wondering where Simon And JJ are

  • Adam Commer
    Adam Commer

    Why aren’t you playing?

  • FINCHY 101
    FINCHY 101

    Manny wearing same clothes for intro and EA sports role play last vid?

  • inigo v2 ji
    inigo v2 ji

    Quick Question what are your thoughts on the European super league

  • gu3tas_


  • Aiden Savy
    Aiden Savy

    Who else missed these lot so much

  • DanY d
    DanY d

    why doesn't manny play?? i just started following this channel recently so I don't know much about him.

  • Lorenzo Rogers
    Lorenzo Rogers

    Imagine their midfield with Dom, Eric, eze, and mikez

    • Nathan Lhoni
      Nathan Lhoni

      That’d be mad unbalanced loooool😂😂😂😂

  • Vlog Jr
    Vlog Jr

    maybe just a suggestion, if you guys ever do any training sessions maybe it’d be cool to see what you guys do for drills. just a thought. great content! 👊🏼

  • Soundly South
    Soundly South

    Okay Manny! We see ya ! Turtleneckin with the green backlight bezel glow 💥💥

  • Callum Telford
    Callum Telford

    Is filly still part of the squad?

  • Eduardo Valenzuela
    Eduardo Valenzuela

    dom is class 🥶

  • Fross

    Why doesn’t manny ever play

  • Mustafa __
    Mustafa __

    All of them were class but u should also show their highlights

  • _ J A R E D _
    _ J A R E D _

    " To Everyone that might come across this Comment at anytime May God Bless You In Jesus Name I Pray Amen "😇🙏🏾❤

  • Momothebro 69
    Momothebro 69


  • T4

    Turtleneck is giving me AC Milan FM20 Vibez🤩🤩

  • X Kristian X
    X Kristian X

    I know Ben Davies needs playing time but now he plays for UTR huge signing Manny 😂😂

  • Widnm 08
    Widnm 08

    Thank god it’s filmed better than jake vs Ben😂

  • Temi

    Guys what happened to mike's. Did he leave or something?

  • ay dee
    ay dee

    Mans looking like a sus architect

  • Warren Eben
    Warren Eben

    Ayo Tolu's knee slides are too elite lmaooooo

  • Kyle Miller
    Kyle Miller

    Where’s Tobi

  • Finley R
    Finley R

    Wouldn’t be surprised if there is another lockdown and a restart of the plan to get back to some normality.

  • JayEditz


  • Victor Aigbochie
    Victor Aigbochie

    Manny i am a big fan of u and your home ground is the same as my teams.

  • Ty 13
    Ty 13

    Dom reminds me of mikez dom eric and mikez what a midfield man 🤩 what a team in general quality and depth all around 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Ggg Jeisud
    Ggg Jeisud

    The sides near the corner are pretty small but overall great game lads

  • Charlie Woods
    Charlie Woods

    Uttrrr is back cmmooon ladds

  • Bullennn_____

    Is manny injured or sometching coz he didn't play

  • evgenios theodorou
    evgenios theodorou

    Bro the number 10 in the utr squad looks like salah no just me ok

  • Apollo L
    Apollo L

    we need bolingoli pes

  • Will Mc
    Will Mc

    dom is built diffrent

  • Muhammad Hamza Olgar
    Muhammad Hamza Olgar

    Boys does anyone know why manny ain't playing

  • Erick Gallegos
    Erick Gallegos

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  • Elliot ashby
    Elliot ashby

    Man I’ve missed these videos

  • klevi lasku
    klevi lasku

    love the commentary 8 - 8 = 0 hes got 0 problems LOL

  • Jaydon Manton
    Jaydon Manton

    come to fenerbache🟡🔵

  • HarryAfc1806

    Only real fans watched it on Tiktok live

  • Jaguar


  • filly

    analysing dom movement and dribbling is nice someone to learn from

  • Isaac Jenkins
    Isaac Jenkins


  • J

    16:35 Sensational line

  • Kyle Benjamin
    Kyle Benjamin

    Where is the UTR career mode