After having to come back into the Caribbean to repair our hurricane damaged catamaran, we find home in a place called Linton bay, near the Panama Canal, where we take a few days to explore the area before we get to work. With cracked bulkheads and almost all of her electronics destroyed by lightning, this salvage boat needs a major rebuild before she can head out into the Pacific Ocean again, but the crew are determined to make this happen.
SV Parlay is a hurricane damaged 2012 Lagoon 450 Catamaran bought in Tortola, BVI at the beginning of 2018. Colin and his friends spent months rebuilding her, before setting sail across the Caribbean. Follow our journey as we continue to fix her and eventually circumnavigate the globe!
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Footage shot by Colin and @fillogasparini
Edited by @cynthiarodrguez and @azuriarrain

  • Sailing Parlay Revival
    Sailing Parlay Revival

    This episode was edited by our 2 new videographers on board! It is not easy editing footage that you did not shoot yourself either, so leave a nice comment if you want to give them some props!

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      Sailing Parlay Revival

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