2020 Portuguese Grand Prix: Race Highlights
A historic day as F1 returned to Portugal for the first time in 24 years..
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  • Chucky

    I can't wait for this 30th April

  • James H
    James H

    Sir Lewis won the titles like a true champion vs the the previous holder did it with questionable tactics.

  • Aleks

    You can see the car's evolution in tje win animation- just awesome!

  • Aleks

    The win animation is just awesome

  • Daniel Conde
    Daniel Conde

    Dear F1 directors: don't you EVER AGAIN turn your back to Portugal. Sincerely; Portugal, CARALHO!

  • Filippo Alverà
    Filippo Alverà

    verstappen will win

  • Charles Pletzke
    Charles Pletzke

    This track is amazing for the current f1 cars, they can battle side-by-side all the way to the double right-hander in sector 2 (maybe end of s1? Not sure where it is on the track) without losing a lot of time at all. Absolutely amazing

  • Raditya Pramana Putra
    Raditya Pramana Putra

    Who Is Here Before The Formula 1® Grande Prémio de Portugal 2021?! 16/04/2021 12:56.

  • 17franmi

    thats the proof that car not pilot make everything in this sport. .. awful

  • Giuseppe Cavataio
    Giuseppe Cavataio

    Lewis ti piace vincere facile!!!

  • marcelo martins
    marcelo martins

    e um grande circuito este o de portugal pena nao fazer parte do calendario da f1

  • StuckInnerRut

    Croft's voice is such a headache. Poor Martin.

  • User 1
    User 1

    2020 Formula 1 season was epic, so proud of Lewis. The Portmaio and Turkey you never disappoint whether in the sim or real life. I really Formula 1 goes back to two of my favourite tracks. Portimao, Turkey, SILVERSTONE, Road America, Mugello, these tracks are timeless and underrated.

  • swaggy

    Gasly: *Gets 5th place in a midfield car* Horner: "He just doesn't impress us" Albon: *Gets 12th in a championship car* Horner: "THIS KID IS THE FUTURE"

  • Jay Mchelsea
    Jay Mchelsea

    What a start it was With Red Bull strong this year is going to be epic


    Bottas can't catch a break 🤣

  • Connor

    Everyone gonna ignore kimis opening lap

  • Kimo Franke
    Kimo Franke

    1:32 that shot is beautiful

  • PG16

    McLaren is on the rise, just not competitive with the RBs and the Mercs yet, but they're getting there.


    "Sainz up to 2nd, Norris up to 4th place!" "He's passed! He's through! Sainz into the lead!" It was so fun while it lasted

  • Manuel Fava
    Manuel Fava

    we can see battle like this only in this historical gp! glad to see them back

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    NEON qt is skleton

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    wow bon bon you look so pretty

  • Raghavendra Shetty
    Raghavendra Shetty

    Yes Perez is a world champion 🏆❤️❤️❤️

  • Home History
    Home History

    Who will win the F1 championship in 2021 with the most attendances ??

  • Ricardo Aleman
    Ricardo Aleman

    To larinoAmerica Suntitle plis

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    the record is broken 💔

    • Raditya Pramana Putra
      Raditya Pramana Putra

      What is your problem?

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    this where the rain is

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    it's starting to rain

  • Abu Bakr II
    Abu Bakr II

    Love how Hamilton slowed down in front of Verstappen to let Bottas get p2 back at the start... Max should have gotten a penalty for causing Perez to spin but I guess he is the darling of the FIA so he gets away with it

  • Josimar Santos
    Josimar Santos

    So glad that this track made this season

  • 田中太郎

    F1's CG is so cool.

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo


  • Derick Krajnovic
    Derick Krajnovic

    What a start from kimmi



  • Dick Swagger
    Dick Swagger

    0:27 and now they are teammates

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    they are upset about the fake fair

  • devashishrakshit1

    Who's here after Portimao made a return in 2021?

  • João Oliveira
    João Oliveira

    This track is called different among portuguese people. It's called: Circuito do Caralho

  • Pira Chamikorn
    Pira Chamikorn

    Whos here after Portimao is in the calendar

  • Matt Spears
    Matt Spears

    Who’s back after this track got brought back for 2021?

  • Dan Lennard
    Dan Lennard

    Glad to see this is coming back for 2021

  • Sultan Alsogoor
    Sultan Alsogoor

    We’re back baby💗💗

  • MrJD

    Who is here looking at the highlights after it got announced as a race in 2021?

  • Diether Santos
    Diether Santos

    And here it is folks the Portuguese GP is back in 2021 season

  • Simon Agazzi
    Simon Agazzi

    who's here after Fia announced that there is gonna be the race in 2021😍😍😍😍

  • Afonso Limão
    Afonso Limão

    Who's here after they announce it for 2021?

    • Judith Majoro
      Judith Majoro


  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    no way NEON qt you like a real skeleton girl

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    you can girly this together with you and me

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    NEON qt she is best sister 💓 💗

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    the lol surprise dolls are slipping on the snow flake

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    it's raining in Portuguese they slipping on the snow ❄

  • khotsoxx

    why is bottas always letting hamilton pass

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    they are slipping on the ice cube game

  • -NN-

    Wait. Let me guess. Hamilton won again. Is it true?

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    it's raining in PORTUGUESE but now Lewis Hamilton pass BOTTAS

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    New world record

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    What a perfect day for formla one

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    don't say that

  • Chinelo Ndefo
    Chinelo Ndefo

    it's raining again

  • Super Max Max Max
    Super Max Max Max

    I hate Lewis Hamilton soooo much

  • Nashe Fore
    Nashe Fore

    No one: Martin Brundle: "Sainz into the lead" Me: Everyone liked that.

  • Rusty Icepick
    Rusty Icepick


  • Guasa Guga
    Guasa Guga

    1:49 ferrari made the wrong choice i thing

    • Guasa Guga
      Guasa Guga

      Nevermind i was wrong

  • Arūnas Milasius
    Arūnas Milasius


  • Esther Akeode
    Esther Akeode

    Portugal is too interesting to miss this 2021 season

  • Sunnybunny bunny
    Sunnybunny bunny

    1:40 Kimi taking revenge for his Ferrari seat

  • vzriv mozga_yt
    vzriv mozga_yt

    Кто русский???

  • julian's toy
    julian's toy


  • Declan Wilhelm
    Declan Wilhelm

    Imagine how amazing it would've been if it actually rained for a decent amount

  • E

    That 1 Sauber is like a good-o-mmidfield

  • Uitae Yoo
    Uitae Yoo

    amazing Kimi...

  • Alex

    you're here from TOP 10 MOMENTS FROM KIMI

  • Alessandro Barcio
    Alessandro Barcio

    Race results on Portuense grand prix 2020 1st Lewis Hamilton 44 Mercedes 2nd Vatteri bottas 77 Mercedes 3rd max verstappen 33 red bull 4th charles leclerc 16 Ferrari 5th Pierre Gasly 10 alphatauri 6th Carlos sainz 55 Mclaren 7th Sergio perez 11 Racing point 8th Esteban ocon 31 Renault 9th Daniel ricciardo 3 Renault 10th Sebastian vettel 5 Ferrari 11th kimi raikkonen 7 alfa romeo 12th Alexander albon 23 red bull 13th Lando norris 4 Mclaren 14th George russell 63 Williams 15th Antonio giovinazzi 99 alfa romeo 16th Kevin magnussen 20 haas 17th Romain grosjean 8 haas 18th Nicholas Latifi 6 Williams 19th Danil kvyat 26 alphatauri Dnf lance stroll 18 Racing point

  • Debbie Smith
    Debbie Smith


  • Stepladder

    Boring race after lap 10

  • Mike Carpenter
    Mike Carpenter

    Sainz is sooooooo talented

  • arsenie19


  • GamingGamer01

    If they bring this track back for 2021, they should switch to the chicane rather than the fast turn 1 so that there's better overtaking opportunities.

  • Caiden Paul Channel
    Caiden Paul Channel

    I’ve remade Portimao Monaco and Nurburgring on Gta V all 100% rating


    If You Dont Get Goosebumps Listening To David Croft And Martin Brundle Commentate While Watching F1 Race Your Not A True F1 Fan

  • Nancy Tok Juan Lim
    Nancy Tok Juan Lim

    Kimi Raikonen in the start: *I am speed*

  • DaniMacYo

    0:24 Redbull: Okay Max we’ll let you choose your teammate for next season just tag them during the race. Max: Perez I choose you Redbull: Done!

  • Ong Roger
    Ong Roger

    You know the start was amazing when they don't cut out the first lap

  • Ragingofgaming1

    Didn't anyone know George Russell was in 7th place

  • Fahim

    these helicopter shots are crazy

  • Dennis Muthai
    Dennis Muthai

    2:13 Smoooooth Operator: Stop the count

  • Abhimanyu Kohli
    Abhimanyu Kohli

    Hey F1, please adjust this track into the 2021 calendar. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😭😭😭

  • chuala428

    6:34 #22 first win of the dominance

  • Asli Hindu
    Asli Hindu

    Carlos Sainz is very Underrated

  • Titânus Godzilla
    Titânus Godzilla

    my result:3th

  • liv inter
    liv inter

    Imagine relaxing in Algrave after F1 race in Portimao.

  • Jafeth Perez
    Jafeth Perez

    F1 Is becoming really boring with those Mercedes

  • magic spell
    magic spell

    The subsequent venezuela latterly touch because perfume latterly knot out a important dinner. belligerent, interesting cave

  • Ryan Mugumisi
    Ryan Mugumisi

    Honestly all the cameraman deserve a raise just amazing footage

  • Denis Jungi Yorinori
    Denis Jungi Yorinori


  • vigilhammer

    Need to see if lewis can pull this off in another car. Doubt he would. He would be complaining all the time. It`s the car that has brought him those victories

    • mike

      he is where he is because he pulled it off in other cars

  • binso

    ^warunm nuot shumilton?


    Pérez estaba en último lugar, es un dios.

  • Joep Kiewiet
    Joep Kiewiet

    Hamilton Bottas Verstappen