BEST Formula 1 Sounds - V6, V8, V10 and V12
Over the years I had the opportunity to film many Ferrari F1s from different eras (from the early V6 turbo to the V10, V12 up to the most recent V8) and with this video I want to show you a glimpse of the best sounds of these screaming engines, turn up the volume!

  • Pablo D
    Pablo D

    Música para mis oídos.

  • Mourad aiboud
    Mourad aiboud

    Un régal, merci beaucoup

  • Emmanuel Hernandez Pérez
    Emmanuel Hernandez Pérez

    selo puse a my sister y se asusto xd

  • Lazer The Shiba
    Lazer The Shiba

    Bring back the v10

  • No Name
    No Name


  • Artur Mattia
    Artur Mattia

    yo this doppler effect is really cool

  • Ricardo Lozano
    Ricardo Lozano

    F1 V10 screeaming sound should be its soundtrack...damn miss that sound

  • CuteFox

    That’s what makes F1 spectators are mostly excited for. I loved that sound and still missing.

  • Benoit Letourneux
    Benoit Letourneux

    1:53 😍😍😍😍

  • Benoit Letourneux
    Benoit Letourneux

    Ça fait du bien d’entendre ça 😍😍😍 maintenant ça n’as plus rien à voir malheureusement

  • Relentles Reeper
    Relentles Reeper

    George Lucas wished he had that sound design.

  • Glorious. dono
    Glorious. dono


  • Förarnamn efter807tjua
    Förarnamn efter807tjua

    "🗽 Vinning sound🗼" ✈️" lusing drink🍇" 👑ground point taken👑

  • Jesse Mullen
    Jesse Mullen

    There should be a world wide holiday dedicated to the sound of the V10. It's that beautiful

  • Carroll Shelby
    Carroll Shelby

    Who put a v6 in it?

  • [Bottom Text]
    [Bottom Text]

    *Clicks into video* Intro: NYAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOWWWWWMMMMM Now that is a good intro

  • Victor G Opio
    Victor G Opio

    Dear lord...

  • Seth Rogen
    Seth Rogen

    Goosebumps from the start sheesh

  • Trenten BMX
    Trenten BMX

    When the cars get far that look like that floating

  • 7saany

    Does anyone know what city or country this takes place

  • Three Pedal Nostalgia
    Three Pedal Nostalgia

    Nice not hearing the traction control cutting fuel in the older cars

  • Camila Villasmil
    Camila Villasmil

    Vine aquí por el suansonfon venezolano xd

  • sylvain patilla
    sylvain patilla

    ce son de folie

  • Edson Bomba
    Edson Bomba

    Arrepiante esse som,tópen tópen tópen

  • konkoncat

    hi guys i am under the water

  • Santiago Pertoczi
    Santiago Pertoczi

    Me: Casualy sleeping That anoying mosquito flying near your ear: 0:00

  • Jarade Taburnal
    Jarade Taburnal


  • L M
    L M

    Idiots covered marlboro sponsor on the wing... soft

  • sup2069

    A remake is needed. V10 only compilation!

  • Carlos Marroquin Menendez
    Carlos Marroquin Menendez

    Like si venistes por el suanfonso

  • [Bottom Text]
    [Bottom Text]

    V12s: Too much V10s: Just right V8s: Too little V6s: Not right

  • miss tuxi
    miss tuxi

    Hey ... un, if you to have fun, put your mouth in you speaker or one of your fingers and, open your mouth or take of your finger, then you can have fun :)

  • Billy H
    Billy H

    The v10 and v8 sounded the best Idc

  • Nick Mazia
    Nick Mazia

    When me and my friends were playing Fortnite there was an awkward silence so I made random race car sounds then the last one was this video. It surprised them. Lol

  • Эдик Голинков
    Эдик Голинков

    Francesco Ins moment

  • martin therese
    martin therese

    When the f1 in the rain its sounds like a horror sound

  • Julien NT
    Julien NT

    V10 > V12 > V6 > V8

  • Darkën

    1:43 What's the name of this motor sound?

  • Yawar Betong
    Yawar Betong

    dear santa, v10............

  • T Rogers
    T Rogers

    Omg the V12 amazing !!!!

  • Gadjo DILO
    Gadjo DILO

    Le meilleur son jamais enregistré avec tant d'émotions. Un morceau unique. Good technician, good artist

  • Gadjo DILO
    Gadjo DILO

    Le son est bien enregistré, très bien monté, que de l'adrénaline, pas de lourdeur, tout en finesse, bravo l'oreille

  • Gadjo DILO
    Gadjo DILO

    10 ans que j'ai ce son, pas trouvé mieux

  • Jake Small
    Jake Small

    V12 is the best sounding thing ever made

  • Rosa Tejeda
    Rosa Tejeda

    10 😍😍😍😍

  • Chara Mia
    Chara Mia

    WiiiIIIIOOoommmmmm 🤤

  • Eric S
    Eric S

    Now this is pod racing!

  • danny reinó
    danny reinó


  • MouserRandom

    that sound

  • sanks spankyFF
    sanks spankyFF


  • Томас Андерсон
    Томас Андерсон


  • Coffee Boi
    Coffee Boi

    A t h m o s M o t o r s

  • Isaiah Vance
    Isaiah Vance

    those v-10 are wicked

  • Jefin Jafar
    Jefin Jafar

    I came back here every new V6 era races

  • Honza Kolek
    Honza Kolek

    70's cars, come back please

  • Duxk DUX
    Duxk DUX

    F1 cars is how fast I can run

  • 千千CHUPRO

    Soy gay

  • Masrul Shariff
    Masrul Shariff

    Tinggal nak terbang je...

  • Karma

    FE is Better

    • Chinchilla Master
      Chinchilla Master

      Formula E sounds like an electric toothbrush 😂

  • Red Devil96
    Red Devil96

    00:32 EARGASM!!!!

  • Angyeel Sanki
    Angyeel Sanki

    subscription 629000. I'm here

  • Dan

    Sounds like Star wars the last jedi hyperscape crash

  • Goodknight

    Compared to today’s F1 engines, it’s nowhere near the exiting sound they used to have....

  • Sir Isaac Clarke
    Sir Isaac Clarke

    This is where Anakin's podracer sound was born!

  • marcos longoni
    marcos longoni

    Age 2020 f1 is gay sound progee

  • pallyali786

    The V10 sounds like a raging beast

  • Sumit Kapur
    Sumit Kapur

    v12 vs v10, v10 is better weird, i though more pistons sounded better

  • Kiyiya Shirayuki
    Kiyiya Shirayuki

    When F1 Cars Said Nyoooooooooom I Felt That

  • Han Sinyo
    Han Sinyo

    V12: Wow! V10: Great! V8: So Good! V6: Eh?

    • Kiyiya Shirayuki
      Kiyiya Shirayuki

      V12, V10, V8: Nyoooooooooooom! V6: Broooooooooooooom!

  • Toni Phillips
    Toni Phillips

    The flippant sphere technically kill because pigeon bilaterally roll amongst a yielding robin. hysterical, piquant calculus

  • Bill Blass
    Bill Blass

    Good show man, you got it here...perfect!

  • Rafi Farras
    Rafi Farras


  • E

    0:31 Look kids, now that's a F1 car!

  • TypeR 600RR
    TypeR 600RR

    Ppl here commenting about the V10 so which one is the V10? They all sounds similar 😓😓

  • Fulvio Bretto
    Fulvio Bretto

    Beloved tutbo charged 80s engine! Childhood memories. And Tosa steep at Imola, teenhood memories.

  • JenniferAnistonFan2021

    DINOCOS ALL MINE. Oh wait, wrong reference

  • Enok Mairena
    Enok Mairena


  • VBS

    Ferrari should do a closed track race with their V12, V10 and stupid V6 shit !!!

  • David Starkey
    David Starkey

    F2004 😍

  • Henry Gardner
    Henry Gardner

    They look so slow now!

  • Murali P
    Murali P

    Really super v10 car sound vera level

  • Suctess

    At Hockheim-Ring in Germany you could hear the V10s from 20 kilometres away.

  • Tariq Mukhtiar
    Tariq Mukhtiar

    Those accelerating V10s make me think of one word: Schumacher

  • Gadjo DILO
    Gadjo DILO

    Sound ingenier

  • Gadjo DILO
    Gadjo DILO

    Toujours pas trouvé mieux. Great sounds best ever

  • Joeri Van De Weyer
    Joeri Van De Weyer

    I wish I was a tree on a F1 track.

  • Juan José
    Juan José


  • TheNew Falcon
    TheNew Falcon


  • Sharif Sharara
    Sharif Sharara

    V12 loudest

  • pedro gamer 197
    pedro gamer 197

    Vim pelo video do rezende mc laren vs i8

  • Kiyiya Shirayuki
    Kiyiya Shirayuki

    You cant spell F1 Without V10

  • sweet22boy


    • sweet22boy


  • P51D mustang
    P51D mustang

    I can't be the only one trying to compare the sound of this to a stuka

  • JenniferAnistonFan2021


  • Krutarth Patel
    Krutarth Patel

    F1=sound of v10


    Cool From Indonesia

  • Steve Marino
    Steve Marino

    The way F1 cars are SUPPOSED to sound! These new hybrids are just crap. I won't watch F1 anymore because they have totally ruined it from top to bottom.

  • Bogdan Vischet
    Bogdan Vischet

    That V12 though That V10 of Schumacher though That V8 though That Lauda V6 though

  • E

    V10 is pure eargasm

  • Xavier Vasquez
    Xavier Vasquez

    Era Increible!!! realmente increible!