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This is my fun channel, you'll find everything hobby related, rc cars, monster trucks, supercars, destruction and a bit of business stuff :) Although a lot of my videos are RC Car videos you will also see other stuff like business, Amazon FBA, eBay, Monster truck, Cars, insurance and many other topics.
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  • oliver deacon
    oliver deacon

    You should do a Dino run with it

  • Matthew5 Demian1
    Matthew5 Demian1

    Gimme The Cars Please

  • Sevalecan

    If I wasn't already subscribed, I'd subscribe for the cat. 3:13 I miss my own precious babies.

  • Wintur85

    Richard Hammond looks funny in this video ;)

  • DragonMaster None
    DragonMaster None

    0:37 i have that rc cars lego form lol

  • Apeiron Phosphorus
    Apeiron Phosphorus

    That’s insane $1100 for plastic ,wire and a PCB . Rc needs to come down in price.

  • Thaklaew Yiamsawasd
    Thaklaew Yiamsawasd

    Wake up wake up

  • DubRpanda

    Get in a helicopter follow it down a runway

  • Xyrone dein Catibog
    Xyrone dein Catibog

    Kev when your gonna do a speed run on the speed car????


    So nice ❗❗❗❗

  • Olza boi
    Olza boi

    My Favourite Part Of The Vid Was His Cute Little Kitten 🐈 “meow”

  • swaldoski

    I love this channel

  • Finn Loebert
    Finn Loebert

    Thank you so much I love all of your videos they keep me very interested in upgrading my car

  • Let God Be True And Every Man A Liar
    Let God Be True And Every Man A Liar

    Subbed ya! Love your enthusiasm...

  • Random Video Guy
    Random Video Guy

    What's that worth in Australian money for that car

  • Jacob Laughbon
    Jacob Laughbon

    There is zero reason those are $1100. Like zero.

  • Chris Whitkanack
    Chris Whitkanack

    Great a test drive. Only waited a year for you to show back up in my recommendations. I honestly forgot about this project of yours. So now I guess I'll wait for another year before I actually get to see the car try to beat the record

  • Matt Maryan
    Matt Maryan

    Kevin, I really enjoy your videos. Excellent job! Crazy fun & I'm a consumer of fun. Cheers!

  • cnuauk

    mo power babe!

  • Izaack Flandro
    Izaack Flandro

    I subscribed

  • [Alexthekittycat 1]
    [Alexthekittycat 1]

    i love that "so subscribe *thump then a bell* and smash the bell"

  • Kathryn Wilson
    Kathryn Wilson

    One day he is going to put a Ferrari motors in that car

  • Eric Hernandez
    Eric Hernandez

    Still no progress on the monster truck, on day one day

  • Barbara Shuck
    Barbara Shuck


  • Romello Savage
    Romello Savage

    Get a slide winder rc car

  • Oc Levi
    Oc Levi

    I love this

  • Ricky Reyes
    Ricky Reyes

    The best one ive seen so far it will be a dream come true to own one of those.

  • Richard dillen
    Richard dillen

    Im a bit late to the party, but do you have ceramic bearings or steel bearings in this?

  • Cool Cat
    Cool Cat

    Please don’t rely solely on the Velcro on the lipos!!!! Make sure they’re strapped together too. 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😟😟😟😟😕🙁🤔🧐🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Cool Cat
    Cool Cat

    3:18 Nice Cat spoke to me: “subscribe and smash the bell” I had no choice but to obey the kitty 🐈

  • Elite Blue Carbon Gamers
    Elite Blue Carbon Gamers

    Does anyone know what the most powerful motor is and any esc that will run with it?

  • Dennis Diaz
    Dennis Diaz

    Where do you buy it (the Rc car)

  • king Rum
    king Rum

    You need an air dynamic rc body frame that pushes the car down to the ground the faster it goes with a air system that lets air pass over the electrical and batterys to help keep everything cool and from flipping over.

  • Maikel Cano
    Maikel Cano

    I have a very good question for anyone who can help me. I want to buy a radio controlled car, I already have one but I want something exclusive, something that meets all expectations, including maximum speed and performance and quality of components.

  • Maikel Cano
    Maikel Cano

    I have a very good question for anyone who can help me. I want to buy a radio controlled car, I already have one but I want something exclusive, something that meets all expectations, including maximum speed and performance and quality of components.

  • chaton roux
    chaton roux

    to fit 24 cell lipos in there, you need to make it a lot longer wheel base XD

  • Jesus Baruc Ramos Romero
    Jesus Baruc Ramos Romero

    By the luck of the irish

  • Jesus Baruc Ramos Romero
    Jesus Baruc Ramos Romero

    If this little model with stands the forces of 206mph then a real life scale one will do so to just add seats radio all that shit

  • Robert Deblois
    Robert Deblois

    I would be scared this thing is going up in flames with all that lipo... bring a fire extinguisher

  • kisbey drones and cars .
    kisbey drones and cars .

    I would love that gravedigger rc truck but I don't think I'll ever get it now due to illness and not going back to work .

  • Salena Alamprese
    Salena Alamprese

    Where do you get all those RC Cars?

  • Heather Hart
    Heather Hart

    Hey Kevin you should try the ECX amp crush rc truck

  • Viper Racing
    Viper Racing

    You're gonna need an airfield for that thing.

  • Henk V Harten
    Henk V Harten

    He started the match, and Raz Shifrin took the challenge. and today it is very silent at the side of Fast Kev.

  • seriously rabid gaming
    seriously rabid gaming

    I have a 1982 pb bullit I have if you want to give it a look It needs abit of work done

  • Mark Watson
    Mark Watson

    You need a airport runway dude lol. That thing is awesome


    power is key to life jeremey clarkson

  • Thegr8beast2007

    Imagine putting all of these motors on a rc drift car...

  • villedocvalle

    Lol giant caps

  • the turtle tribe
    the turtle tribe

    your amazing kevin

  • قل قسم
    قل قسم

    عنا البلاء عن رجآل انا قلت لك لا؟

  • Andy Privat
    Andy Privat

    What do you Think about "Lehner Motoren" ? They Build Electric Motors with over 20Hp for RC cars.

  • Matt Markstrom
    Matt Markstrom

    When is the next world record video

  • Gamer

    can you try the world record soon plz

  • Roger Tammy Cowlishaw
    Roger Tammy Cowlishaw


  • Not You Again
    Not You Again

    While the car was on the bench and no tires on it you spun everything up and the wires in the background were lifted up until you let off the power. What was that about? EMF, wind, or what?


    Combine engine 2x2 traxxas x maxx in this car


    Combine engine 2x2 traxxas x maxx in this car

  • Jack k
    Jack k

    You starting to look like Richard Hammond

  • RC TAZ
    RC TAZ


  • owen sammons
    owen sammons

    My slash goes that fast on 200% I’m a little scared to See full power

  • Prince Ramzan
    Prince Ramzan

    I want one of those battery

  • King doge
    King doge

    imagine it could be faster than his lambo

  • the gaming berry punch
    the gaming berry punch

    Bro you can get a professional to drive it

  • Maks Coscia
    Maks Coscia

    try getting the same body shell but don't cut the wheel covers off that will make it a little more aerodynamic

  • BOOM

    Imagine Kawasaki vs that rc car 0 to 200 mph

  • sebastian martin
    sebastian martin

    yesssss he should be getting better weather soon been waiting since he told us about this project

  • David Boyd
    David Boyd

    Need for Speed 😍

  • TheCrimefighter

    Kev, I was a happy man playing with my Blade 230 and 450x Rc Heli! Your fault I had to justify to my missus about buying an Arrma Typhon 6s. Now I want 8s!!!! Your a gee man. Love the videos

  • Kc Mullins
    Kc Mullins

    I'm wanting to build a stupid fast Redcat volcano... I seriously thought about getting the arrma kraton 8s or 6s internals motor esc all that and installing them into it. Should be a bad ass volcano

  • angelisone

    With the whole packages, they are about $5,100.00 Going that fast, one wrong turn... Those radios operated on 2.4Ghz & what is max ranges? Well done on your videos, Kevin Talbot

  • pro gaming
    pro gaming

    do you want a 203 hp 6x6

  • Just The Nose
    Just The Nose

    it costs me a nickel

  • Luke Maney
    Luke Maney

    You better learn something about aero, before your $4000 rc car flies and gets destroyed! You need down force to keep it on the ground. Also I would put a fpv camera on it a drive it like you would a real car?

  • Lachlan Klose
    Lachlan Klose

    Is that Tetris music in the background hahah

  • Kelly Westra
    Kelly Westra

    Say three like th ree

  • zwmqs

    His "Mo Powah Baby" strategie is a pretty good one.

  • Hansa Prajapati
    Hansa Prajapati

    For the new car you should make it a rear wheel drive it would be fun

  • Blaik Lewis
    Blaik Lewis

    You could go for a similar body style to the current record holder, but with golf-ball style dimples. I dunno how you would make it, but I think it would be better aerodynamically than the current record holder that way. (This is all if the current body doesn't work, which I hope it does!)

  • Low Effort Engineering
    Low Effort Engineering

    worl record or not this car is going to be absolutely mad!

  • Liam Lookhoor
    Liam Lookhoor


  • Sheila davis
    Sheila davis

    Kevin your soldering skillz are wayyyyy better than they used to be. I can't wait to see this thing rip!!

  • Millimeterfux

    Oh my God....the spoiler kit, it looks like the Batmobile 😎

  • Will Moore
    Will Moore


  • chrisaxon chrisaxon
    chrisaxon chrisaxon

    Where did you get the sheet of black plastic from and what type of material is it? Cheers


    So close to 1mill!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Seth P.
    Seth P.

    Kev be playing Christmas songs


    I wish I had an rd car :(

  • goreyboggs

    Great Job, long time watcher. New Sub😁

  • Christopher Jackson
    Christopher Jackson

    What a stupid waste of time. Get a clue dude.

    • Kevin Talbot
      Kevin Talbot

      you're amazing but its a hobby, i'm having fun, what more is there to it?

  • Gunnar Horpestad
    Gunnar Horpestad

    Who ripped off his balls ?

  • Gunnar Horpestad
    Gunnar Horpestad

    Stupid voice !

    • aberoth player
      aberoth player

      Oh no, it’s a hater 🤦‍♂️

  • mhm mhm
    mhm mhm

    Can you do 600mph rc car vs wall I think the wall would be distorted 😂😂

  • Stirling Thompson
    Stirling Thompson

    What about swapping the titanium parts for magnesium parts

  • Karina Ramdass
    Karina Ramdass

    hi kevin i dont have a rc car can i win one thank u

  • Karina Ramdass
    Karina Ramdass

    i love all of your video and the rc car is very fast and i dont have an rc car

  • KushkushOg Bomb
    KushkushOg Bomb

    Change the wheel bearings to a higher abec or use Ceramic bearings on everything should increase your speed

  • KushkushOg Bomb
    KushkushOg Bomb

    You should just use one of the huge motors..

  • N G
    N G

    Somebody needs to integrate a ducted fan system to create a vaccum underbody so they can reduce the need for drag inducing down force up top. Exhaust it over a ducktail for a bit of downforce. This is RC, think outside the box guys.

    • Merrick Williams
      Merrick Williams

      yes and no. at those speeds the car is already getting sucked to the ground and with a vaccum or fan system would slow the car down and add unneccesarry weight. now with onroad rc cars yes that would be perfect hell i have been thinking of ssomething similar for my pan car

  • Erny

    2023 he finally does his 2nd speed run and gets 120mph

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