Welcome to the Internet - Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW)
listen to album here: boburnham.lnk.to/INSIDE

inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.

  • DKSpeed 3
    DKSpeed 3


  • Vanetta Mosetta
    Vanetta Mosetta

    I'm so happy Bo isn't wasting away in some faceless service job; I'm so happy Bo (and I) both live during a time when raw creativity can be shared, and I'm so happy Bo shares the incredible talent and provocative world inside his head! It improves my mental health and his talent just gets better and better! However, I'm devastated that I discovered him too late to see a live show...

  • Legendar Zayexe
    Legendar Zayexe

    иууу, по кайфу

  • Punisher38

    Эта песня - это действительно музыкальное воплощение интернета, если такое вообще возможно

  • Mark Cullimore
    Mark Cullimore

    This is what I’m going to link to when I see people complaining about finding weird stuff on the internet.

  • Dragons Gem
    Dragons Gem

    Finally real music

  • Anna secker
    Anna secker

    Why am I so much more attracted to him now

  • Lizzy McDonald
    Lizzy McDonald

    his evil laugh is perfect.

  • Theodore TheKing
    Theodore TheKing

    man looks like that one evil guy from Men in Black with that spider hand thing

  • Sophie Wood
    Sophie Wood

    This guy is so talented wtf

  • Siege S.
    Siege S.


  • MAC

    This song is so unsettling, made worse by his empty wide smile and white teeth and I can’t see his eyes.

  • sardel -a
    sardel -a

    1:29 is POG

  • Sidney Pope
    Sidney Pope

    1:30 - he kinda looks like James McAvoy

  •  Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache


  • the nate show
    the nate show

    this would definitely fit in with something like mitchells vs the machines or something else.

  • Catriona Graham
    Catriona Graham

    I shouldn't like it. But I think its because its so honest.

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy

    IFunny has their new theme song.

  • J D
    J D

    The Internet is the largest psychology experiment in human history, and the test subjects are an entire generation.

  • RonZombie91

    This is hands down my favorite from this entire work of art you've created.

  • Tom Newell
    Tom Newell

    A masterpiece

  • Ilaria Lombardi
    Ilaria Lombardi

    I've rewatched this video 100 times

  • Yesah35 Lowe
    Yesah35 Lowe

    This should be the introduction when someone first opens google and any social media’s

  • Paku's Gun
    Paku's Gun

    This reminds me of Little nightmares 2

  • Ashley Kennedy
    Ashley Kennedy

    when i first heard this song i thought it was by Thomas Sanders o-o

  • Divan Nadivanov
    Divan Nadivanov


  • ria mathenmathai
    ria mathenmathai

    The far-flung volcano commonly tip because cabbage significantly drip around a fortunate customer. fantastic, eager camel

  • Brandon Marvel
    Brandon Marvel

    I feel like this guy NEEDS to be Robert Pattinson’s joker. That laugh near the end was blood curdling, and his inflection would be a welcome new interpretation of the character

  • Misty Wilson
    Misty Wilson

    Omg this!

  • Dorymaid

    imagine this song as soundtrack in Ralph breaks the internet

  • Armin Arlert
    Armin Arlert

    Count Olaf vibes

  • ALLMETAL1970

    Me: actually enjoying the song Bo: mentions the pecil drawings of harry potter characters having an orgy Me: hold up

  • nya

    lyrics LMAO Welcome to the internet! Have a look around. Anything that brain of yours can think of can be found. We've got mountains of content! Some better-- some worse ^^; If none of it's of interest to you, you'd be the first. Welcome to the internet! Come and take a seat. Would you like to see the news or any famous women's feet? There's no need to panic, this isn't a test, haha Just nod or shake your head, and we'll do the rest. Welcome to the internet! What would you prefer?? Would you like to fight for civil rights or tweet a racial slur? Be happy! Be h♡rny! Be bursting with rage! We've got a million different ways to engage. Welcome to the internet! Put your cares aside. Here's a tip for straining pasta; here's a nine-year-old who died. We've got movies and doctors and fantasy sports. And a bunch of colored-pencil drawings of all the different characters in Harry Potter f♡cking each other. Welcome to the internet! ^^ Hold on to your socks Cause some random guy just kindly sent yoy photos of his c♡ck They are grainy and off-putting; He just send you more?! Don't act surprised. You know you like it you wh♡re. See a man beheaded Get offended See a shrink Show us pictures of your children, tell us every thought you think Start a rumor, buy a broom, or send a death threat to a boomer or dm a girl and g♡♡m her; do a zoom and find a tumor in your- Here's a healthy breakfast option You should k!ll your m♡m ^^ Here's why women never fuck you Here's how to build a bomb Which power ranger are you? Take this quirky quiz Obama sent the immigrants to vaccinate your kids.. Could I interest you in everthing all of the time? A little bit of everything all of the time Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime Anything and everything, all of the time Could I interest you in everthing all of the time? A little bit of everything all of the time Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime Anything and everything, all of the time ;) You know, it wasn't always like this Not very long ago, just before your time Right before the towers fell, circa '99 This was catalogs, travel blogs, a chatroom or two We set out sights and spent our nights waiting for you! You. Insatiable you. Mommy let you use her iPad, you were barely two And it did all the things we designed it to do. Now, look at you! Oh, look at you! You. You! Unstoppable, watchable Your time is now, your inside's out, honey, how you grew. And if we stick together, who knows what we'll do? It was always the plan to put the world in your hands. *THAT laugh 😩* Could I interest you in everything all of the time? A bit of everything, all of the time. Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime. Anything and everything all of the time. Could I interest you in everthing all of the time? A little bit of everything, all of the time? Apathy's a tragedy, and boredom is a crime Anything and everything and anything and everything and anything and everything and all of the time


    This song is #25 trending in music and it belongs here forever much love

  • Brad Arnett
    Brad Arnett

    The internet was a bad idea. I said it on newgroups before you were around. I said it on Slashdot when you were too young to care. Then I gave up and got drunk and high for an indeterminate period of time. But you're stuck with it now, whatever it is now. Enjoy!

  • A random YT person
    A random YT person

    this is actually amazing how did i not find this guy before?? thought bo burnham was another teen pop singer but this is awesome!

  • Oswald the rock
    Oswald the rock


  • Rebecca Yvonn Rehnlund
    Rebecca Yvonn Rehnlund

    John Lennon, is that you?

  • Music Man
    Music Man

    F U N N Y 6/10

    • achilleas merrick
      achilleas merrick


  • Rachel Briscoe
    Rachel Briscoe

    it's like he never breathes

  • Rob Henry
    Rob Henry

    This is the same feeling Willy Wonkas chocolate river tunnel gave me as a child lol

  • Syed Asad
    Syed Asad

    It would be accurate but it doesn't have enough ads in it. (I guess youtube itself would solve this problem with how they are planning to put ads everywhere)

  • inosuke Hashibira
    inosuke Hashibira

    3:51 HAHAHAH

  • AlexJustAlex YT
    AlexJustAlex YT

    Funny how we're like "OMG THE DANGERS OF THE INTERNET, SO TRUE" then change absolutely nothing and just continue like we always have basically ignoring the warning anyways.


    He looks like heisenberg from resident evil village

  • D Mann
    D Mann

    This has a more coherent and meaningful criticism of technology in five minutes than Black Mirror has had in literally a decade of existence.

  • Вероника Швагла
    Вероника Швагла

    Love ya, dude I listening your songs like a lot of my time and I really like it. Please, do what you do. You are great. From Russia with Love.

  • Mïlk Man
    Mïlk Man

    This special is so valuable because Bo predicts how you are going to feel at any certain moment throughout the film, cementing further the point of you being a slave to Internet, and he even mocks you for feeling that way. Truly a masterpiece that shall never be forgotten

  • sciamhach

    Neil Gaiman should have cast Bo as Dream in the upcoming Sandman show. He'd perfect for the role.

  • Det. Suzi
    Det. Suzi


  • marko

    This is the most song of all time.

  • Uber Laufer
    Uber Laufer

    Like gunpowder, the internet is a powerful thing, equal parts evil and benevolent.

  • Gaspar Orlando
    Gaspar Orlando

    This guy looks like Karl Heisenberg....

  • _N

    This has become my fav english song overnight damn.

  • Franklin Hawks
    Franklin Hawks

    Why do i feel like this would be a musical part if Tim Burton did the Matrix? or is this the youtube song that finally hit adulthood.

  • Don’tCallMeKason

    He’s like if Michael reeves and klaus from the umbrella academy fucked and I love everything about it

  • ralph RMFG
    ralph RMFG

    I think he finally snapped. Poor bo the quarantine got to him

  • J-bird 86
    J-bird 86

    Ironically, I found this song on the internet looking for distractions.

  • HMonster 1
    HMonster 1


  • mrwood8214

    Bo, oh my god!

  • Actually No one
    Actually No one

    God i love this song so much

  • Cuppuccino Boy
    Cuppuccino Boy


  • — Delta-4 —
    — Delta-4 —

    I believe this is more of a song about how as a species we have became attached to our electronics. But also how big brother has decide to take advantage of us. Even at two you already have a profile and many countless data points on your personality. People in a powerful position use this to take advantage of us. They try to sway our opinion and take away our freedom to talk and our ability to vote freely. Big brother is casually peering into our lives and gathering data on us. By 50 the average person in the USA has 50000 data points on them. Even after 1 second of being born, you already have data points sent out to the world. If you are interested in learning more, check out The Great Hack on Netflix, or listen to Darknet Diaries. In conclusion to my SVsoft comment section essay, we are surveilled. We are watched by thousands, categorized and catalogued into endless lists. Data is used against us, for insurance and even just for our basic right to vote. They are always watching, they will not stop watching and the will follow us to the future. - Delta-4 -

  • Crimson Victory
    Crimson Victory

    Best description of the internet I've seen

  • Rosie

    I am trapped in this video. I've watched the special weeks ago and I keep coming back to this. :)

  • Sans

    Man went from a Drug addicted Santa to this

  • Coolstarburst

    This whole song sums up Scott Cawthon’s retirement from fnaf in an absolute nutshell.

  • Stephen Haworth
    Stephen Haworth

    june 4th... 15 Million views by the 23rd. Wow?

  • Fern Parker
    Fern Parker

    The accessible creek morphologically unpack because humor genotypically correct on a null missile. robust, thoughtful lamp

  • Steel Fil
    Steel Fil

    Reminds of the musical when they tried to lure Pinokio into the lunapark

  • bluesk1_b0y

    jshlatt from dsmp vibes anyone?

    • Luigi

      Jschlatt moment

    • Cal Cradden
      Cal Cradden


  • Blingchachink

    I’m so glad I never made more content.

  • Kaleb Bloomer
    Kaleb Bloomer

    Kinda gives me Dr.Horrible's Sing Along Blog vibes.

  • Arnold Silva
    Arnold Silva

    It’s crazy how brilliant Bo is. I always wondered if he was actually a genius like he jokes he is on stage, but this song solidified it.

  • dont mind me just passing by
    dont mind me just passing by

    just looking at a non existent camera while lip-syncing this

  • Pradyuman Agarwal
    Pradyuman Agarwal

    "Your time is now Your inside's out" Fucking genius

  • Suvi Mäkinen
    Suvi Mäkinen

    I love this song, I also simp for Karl Heisenberg and umm...

  • Addison Miller
    Addison Miller


  • Count von Jestershank
    Count von Jestershank

    That laugh though....

  • Hayleybabybear

    I want to hate it so bad because it's true and awful but you can't go wrong with a sick carnival polka tune and it's been on repeat for many days. pls send help

  • GN4RST4R

    Sounds like it could be a song in Dr Horribles sing-along Blog..

  • ナイジェル天使

    3:52 is the very best istg 💖

  • Chillax

    3:50 That laugh tho it's super contagious.

  • Macedthur

    POV: You're a secret agent who was trapped by your Villain who introduces his latest invention via a song.

  • Chillax

    This song made my day.

  • Terrance Penn
    Terrance Penn

    I feel like its a Psychopath song ngl because the internet has a whole world of its own theres the dark web there’s people who watch inappropriate just like porn hub they watch it without the reward they do it because they cant let go of the “cravings” of that thing they do people order drugs random girls on the internet


    Alright disconnect the internet, get rid of it. Return to tradition

  • LastFanStanding12

    This song makes me want to stop using the internet. But then I could never listen to this song again. Truly a Catch-22.

  • Valius Grimm
    Valius Grimm

    This is one of if not his best song, I adore anything he puts out. He has truly mastered comedy songs.

  • Madison Campbell
    Madison Campbell

    That’s one of the best evil laughs Iv ever heard

  • Limes

    This song is.... perfection

  • SuddenWarrior76

    Is this a Series of unfortunate Events parody?

  • Springtrap

    Welcome to the internet song: *exsist* Karens: THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHY KIDS SHOULD NOT HAVE THE INERNET

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Ryan Reynolds and his crew should look into getting a Bo Burnham song in the next Deadpool movie since the film rights went to Disney now and Burnham just sounds so Disney, but hilariously dark.

  • Hipsterfoxi

    Sounds exactly like Lemon Demon lol

  • 99redragons

    I honestly love the comedy, but whats moving is the second part where its like hes talking to the new generation, saying “This is your world, your internet, your technology. You were raised on this and it’ll be up to you to make it what you want it to be.” And I think thats an important message. For better or worse, the internet is a reflection of us

  • Avery Ryan
    Avery Ryan

    This song and the imagery is so well made I had a panic attack by then end. Pure Genius.

  • Garry


    • Luigi


  • savannah

    im actually obsessed with this

  • Lucas Merlo
    Lucas Merlo

    Just Monika