Authentic And Honest! Alanis Sophia WOWs Judges With “Anyone” By Demi Lovato - American Idol 2021
From performing as a child with her tiny, toy “American Idol” microphone, to auditioning in front of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan...with the same microphone! Alanis Sophia WOWs the judges with her authentic, honest and confident rendition of “Anyone,” by Demi Lovato. Lionel tells Alanis she has “huge potential,” while Katy tells her she’s “the best they’ve seen all day!” Will Alanis go into Hollywood Week just as confident as she was for her audition?

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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

  • Kelvin Garcia
    Kelvin Garcia

    Wepa!!!!!!!!! Boricua power!!!

  • Rebecca PNW
    Rebecca PNW

    Again, she was so amazing. Believe in yourself and you’ll conquer the world! 😘

  • Shane Donguines
    Shane Donguines

    Wow❤❤❤❤ you really had a wonderful voice plus demi song ! ❤❤❤

  • 핑엘리

    WAIL, girl!!!!

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    Amazing Grace! 😍

  • Norman Tabios
    Norman Tabios

    She's still one of the best singers this season....

  • Its Jeffrey Applegate
    Its Jeffrey Applegate

    Too much autotune. For fucks sake.

  • Aibantei Sawkmie
    Aibantei Sawkmie

    Wow like Carrie Underwood's voice🔥🙌❣️

  • 1oldmac1


  • MizzRivera86

    sing mama!

  • Sheila Montijo
    Sheila Montijo

    Bravo!!!! Loved it loved it!!!! Éxito belleza tienes talentazo

  • Ashlyn Schaetzle
    Ashlyn Schaetzle


  • beingbeckeroni

    Girl came out her and belted Demi Lovato level belts into her tiny American Idol toy mic from her childhood. 👏🏻 ICON

  • Joe Barajas
    Joe Barajas

    Always listen to you mom, she's always right and this audition proved it beyond a doubt. Excellent!!! ❤

  • Ateli’s World
    Ateli’s World


  • Kyra Strom
    Kyra Strom

    major rachel berry vibes

  • HaleyHolliman

    She sounds like a goddess

  • Sarah Pace
    Sarah Pace


  • Lauren B
    Lauren B

    As someone who lives in Wesley Chapel, I'm PRAYING that she wins

  • Fede B
    Fede B


  • Sarah Nicholson
    Sarah Nicholson

    I don’t think she was that good. They pick the same people over and over and I’m over that. Like how many more 19 year olds that can scream a note going to keep getting through?

  • Volvo 90
    Volvo 90

    Watching the facial expression of Katie on her next performance in particular she knows how good this girl is. Not sure whether that is good or bad - depends whether it’s fixed as people seem to think it is as she will know this girl is concert material.......

  • Scout White Bull
    Scout White Bull


  • Coal Akida
    Coal Akida

    Im back again to listen to this , its the best rendition I have ever herd, and those judges were mezmerized, shes the winner and they know it, so there going to play her down now, just watch but they wont let her go. .

  • wfujay

    This girl is a dark horse to win it all.

  • Gina Dunlap
    Gina Dunlap

    Sound better than Demi!

  • flower Star01
    flower Star01

    Piano was not necessary here. Would’ve love to hear her without that background noise.

  • Pace PacesPlanet
    Pace PacesPlanet

    Amazing. so true.

  • Alanis Guajardo
    Alanis Guajardo

    Alanis is by far my favorite contestant on American Idol....and I'm not saying that just because my name is Alanis and I was named after Alanis Morissette too LOL

  • James Lynch
    James Lynch

    She sang a tough song with ease. I would have thought Demi was on the mic. Luv this girl.

  • Hazel

    This is what its like to watch a star in the making

  • Kim Sherrell
    Kim Sherrell

    This little girl here is the next winner of American idol please let a rock n roller win this year she has such a beautiful voice

  • AllDopedUp13

    Winner winner winner hands down. She’s amazing!!! What unbelievable talent at such a young age

  • Giglia Pages Paesano
    Giglia Pages Paesano


  • Edelmari Santiago Torres
    Edelmari Santiago Torres

    Boricuas???? This was beautiful ✨💕

  • Kelly Cappuccio
    Kelly Cappuccio

    all the good auditions happened in this room.

  • Ciera Howell
    Ciera Howell

    The loaded ok’s and then she showed them up with a kids toy ha

  • AJ Perea
    AJ Perea

    My top fav along with Cassandra Coleman

  • 197atya

    She's AWESOME!!!!!!!! The next ALANIS MORISSETTE

  • Nicole L
    Nicole L

    This was cute but nobody can sing it like Demi. Nobody can capture the emotion.

  • Ab C
    Ab C

    and there's your winner folks........

  • Marissa Cintron
    Marissa Cintron

    I think this version is better than original with Demi.... She deserves a shout out for absolutely killin it!!!!! You got my vote baby girl !!!! I could watch this over and over and over !!!!!

  • Jose Cruz Rangel
    Jose Cruz Rangel

    I tell my four kids that no one will ever love them more than mom and that includes me. I also tell them that mom deserve the utmost respect. Seeing Alanis and her mom brings tears to my eyes. I wish both the best.

  • Elise Leonard
    Elise Leonard

    No one should be surprised when she wins! She’s incredible! Wow! ❤️

    • Elise Leonard
      Elise Leonard

      Anniston Moll she chose the wrong song for sure, she’s still awesome, I hope she comes back ❤️

    • Anniston Moll
      Anniston Moll

      She was eliminated

  • Vicente Segovia
    Vicente Segovia


  • Sophie Keeling
    Sophie Keeling

    I love her presence and her voice.

  • Cherrylicious2527

    My last name is Alaniz with a "Z" 😁🤗

  • Nature ASMR
    Nature ASMR

    I had that same mic!!!

    • Alex Mia
      Alex Mia

      We all did!!

  • Corey Hicks
    Corey Hicks

    I got Selena vibes in the beginning 😍


    Now am stuck to her 😢❤️❤️This is beautiful

  • Cheryl de Lavigne
    Cheryl de Lavigne

    Did you see how serious Katy Perry on this audition. It means something special.

  • chusnul mubaroq
    chusnul mubaroq

    Awesome to watch.. a great song...

  • Rahibullah Nordin
    Rahibullah Nordin

    Did i misss but i didn't see her in Hollywood week

  • Sin Jon
    Sin Jon

    This girl has a crazy beautiful voice

  • Wendy Green
    Wendy Green

    Where is she? I haven’t seen her in Hollywood?

    • Sin Jon
      Sin Jon

      @Alex Mia idk what’s going on with this one. I know she sang Uninvited for Hollywood week or whatever, but I saw on her personal SVsoft channel that she’d been sign to a label before. I thought that was against Idol rules.

    • Alex Mia
      Alex Mia

      It’s be ages she gets slipped under the rug because she’s a industry plant.

    • Volvo 90
      Volvo 90

      She sang uninvited by Alanis Morrisette - brilliant!

    • Lexie Thomas
      Lexie Thomas

      They showed her for a split second at the end of Mondays Hollywood week episode making it through! Worried that since they didn't show her performance that she isn't going to progress in the show!!

    • Sin Jon
      Sin Jon

      Probably in future shows or she got montaged which would be a shame

  • Ricardi Martinez
    Ricardi Martinez

    Guess ima have to just re-watch this since they don't want to show her on any of the past episodes

  • ĎeeDee

    The best part of youtube can skip to the end.

  • Tamra Flowers
    Tamra Flowers

    BEAUTIFUL girl, BEAUTIFUL voice, BLASPHEMOUS and disgusting song....

  • Chris Maxey
    Chris Maxey

    That kid is just to cute. And can sing on top of it. Great job

  • DrewTube50

    Hey mom, if you're reading these comments, you have a beautiful daughter there, inside and out.

  • suz Amistad Vlog
    suz Amistad Vlog

    She has a nice voice really

  • Victoria Ferguson
    Victoria Ferguson

    Omg 😮😮😮 CHILLS

  • The Vamps uk
    The Vamps uk

    Yeah her voice is crazy amazing but what’s up with the microphone?😂

  • Lauren

    I so prefer this over the original

  • Marcos Zimmermann
    Marcos Zimmermann

    Omg she has been the voice kids 2 times a think and now im watching her again years later....this is so cooool

  • Romani Goddess
    Romani Goddess

    I love her! She is so cute! Her voice is incredible...had me crying. lol

  • Anthony Durham
    Anthony Durham

    I love you 💓 guys

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    God! She's so beautiful too!

  • The Hitman
    The Hitman

    She is stunning and has an amazing voice. 👏 hope she goes far!

  • Maribell Ramirez
    Maribell Ramirez

    Shes going places!!!

  • Bessie Wells
    Bessie Wells

    The acrid betty postsynaptically grate because impulse acceptably bruise among a protective chick. husky, wooden raincoat

  • Jasmine Mccuen
    Jasmine Mccuen

    definite winner

  • Héctor Arriaga
    Héctor Arriaga

    I love Katy Perry she's so humble and bumble


    Emilia Clarke?

  • Shawn Mancey
    Shawn Mancey

    Nice voice not right song

  • Jackie Gilmar
    Jackie Gilmar

    Learn how to say Alanis!!!

  • Chanel Summers
    Chanel Summers

    If her mom was such a super fan she would know how to pronounce Alanis 😂

  • tht kid boy
    tht kid boy

    This is a very hard song to sing and she did an outstanding job!!!

  • Melissa Casas
    Melissa Casas


  • 折原一志

    The foregoing pentagon lilly stir because birthday reversely need save a mature cathedral. petite, hard-to-find calculator

  • followthetulip

    I remember you from La Voz Kids! You are all grown up now! Mucho exito!

  • Kevin Driesen
    Kevin Driesen

    Why is the piano so loud!!!??

  • TheLone Stranger
    TheLone Stranger

    A gorgeous girl with a gorgeous voice!!

  • Michi&Madi Forever
    Michi&Madi Forever

    I like the way she’s dressed, her mouth, face and teeth does look like Morissette. That’s nuts if she was named first

  • Michi&Madi Forever
    Michi&Madi Forever

    A singer that never knew her mother saved her mother, that is such bullshit

  • Javier Lb
    Javier Lb

    Amazing voice....she would have sung That i would be good by Alanis Morissette

  • Jeremy

    Holy shit.. that first run felt like I entered a Disney movie, I thought I was tripping lmaoo glad to be back

  • A heart made wise
    A heart made wise

    Alan is Sophia gave me full body chills from the first note.

  • Mike Tettmar
    Mike Tettmar

    Wow she might just be the next American Idol.....her control and softness is amazing.....

  • Jelica Jimenez
    Jelica Jimenez

    Ridiculous yes!!! 😻 I love her confidence, passion, and a very good singer.

  • NorthNode1981🌜☪️♾️☯️😘


  • samaradp

    she's wonderful

  • The RS Yearly Challenge
    The RS Yearly Challenge

    Winner of American Idol IMO

  • Sheri Evans
    Sheri Evans


  • FCA1975

    Beautiful woman, beautiful voice.

  • Sadie Kinsley
    Sadie Kinsley

    I’d go on American idol just to meet the celebrity judges.

  • No to Socialism-communism-Marxists-demoncrats
    No to Socialism-communism-Marxists-demoncrats

    Winner winner winner!!!!

  • Dieter Howe Cedeño
    Dieter Howe Cedeño

    The mom and daughter have some air of Alanis morrisete

  • Lorena T
    Lorena T

    Everyone is good this season!

  • Dave Blevins
    Dave Blevins

    Pretty voice 🤩🤩