Listen to Your Heart (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Violet Orlandi)
Original by Roxette
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Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.

  • Chris Melton
    Chris Melton

    MAN! That low end gives me chills! Great vocals too!

  • darren schwartz
    darren schwartz

    You are simply fucking awesome....keep up the epic track since Africa

  • Devin Jansen
    Devin Jansen

    Her voice is WOW

  • Devin Jansen
    Devin Jansen

    I swear Leo could collaborate with crickets and make it sound awesome

  • Charles Grim
    Charles Grim


  • Tina Miranty Music Channel TV
    Tina Miranty Music Channel TV

    Like it...🎸😍

  • dpapl

    блин, задолбался уже крутить)))

  • Uya Marisa
    Uya Marisa


  • marcus10

    I laughed my a** off when I saw puppet playing piano on beggining! Great move guys! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Дмитирй Котарев
    Дмитирй Котарев

    Hell- yeah!

  • Caveat de'Erinyes
    Caveat de'Erinyes

    Puppet aside, he's usually so care free and campy its rather interesting to see him with a more serious side. And Violet, as usual, superb vocals!

  • tomaszko303 tomasz
    tomaszko303 tomasz

    mega wonderful, thank you

  • Vladimír Oravec
    Vladimír Oravec

    i love you Leo i am from Slovakia but working in Norway 10 years.....very good productions

  • Ricelle Fajardo
    Ricelle Fajardo

    More songs good collab.nice👍more power.good job

  • Kritpitak Chaiya
    Kritpitak Chaiya

    improved original.

  • Lee Pritchard
    Lee Pritchard

    Wow You two together are amazing. Love to hear you cover er Dead Ringer For Love -Meatloaf . Great when Leo gets female vocalists . Or you could cover The Phantom Of The Opera .

  • john taylor
    john taylor


  • PoliticallyAbstract

    Great cover. Violet Orlandi though, she's in every collab out there right now and this is an unpopular opinion for sure, but she sounds forced, kinda sour and her voice lacks power and depth. There are way better singers out there, but a pretty face goes a long way I guess.

    • PoliticallyAbstract

      @Teeebs - For sure, different league. But as for covers goes, I find Orlandi to be average at best. Don't get the hype really.

    • Teeebs

      Agreed, while this is a good cover, Marie Frediksson's vocals in the original were way more powerful than this...

  • M T
    M T

    Leo is a freaking genius 😮

  • Love Music
    Love Music

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  • Jimmy Mcgee
    Jimmy Mcgee


  • Carsten Renzing
    Carsten Renzing

    @Leo: Just awesome

  • Darwin Bonifacio
    Darwin Bonifacio

    Solid idol.. Fann here from manila Philippines

  • Jm VDM
    Jm VDM

    Great song ! But the guy in the thumbnail just looks so confused as to why she didn't use a sthetoscope instead 😂

  • ДНЕВНИКИ БРОДЯГИ Канал о Туризме
    ДНЕВНИКИ БРОДЯГИ Канал о Туризме


  • ThatTallGuy

    Such an amazing cover! Just when I thought your music couldn’t get any more incredible than it already is, you are like “Hold my beer...” haha I’m a guttural death growler and I can’t begin to come close to your vocal potential! Love your videos, man!!!

  • Jani Nyman
    Jani Nyman

    It is rare... Proud parents (for once) can show what they did :)

  • Christian Jimenez
    Christian Jimenez

    This is a great cover,, I think Marie could like the version. RIP Marie.

  • rkaks

    Thank you Leo for introducing Violet! And now I have been searching and listening to her music and there I have found Lauren Babik, Halocene and more.. once more, Thanks :D

  • Dimitar Krotnev
    Dimitar Krotnev


  • VRMan3D

    So friggen awesome.... I will fly to this with Bomba or LeDrib, BotGrinder, LittleStellarFox, CricketFPV, the dude from Atlanta with the big beard haha, Oh StingerSwarm hehheh.. (Racing/freestyle drone pilots). I don't monetize, so perhaps it's ok to use your music. Or you could just give me permission. Dood you rawk. My kids also rawk, session drummers, guitar players, semi famous whatever players, songwrights getting royalties. Yep i have 92 kids, all musicians, hehheh. 5 tho. And they (the cool ones anyway, jk) love Frog Leap Studios. I was gonna start a software company, kids educational with a such similar name.

  • Oscar Salamanquesa Boluda
    Oscar Salamanquesa Boluda

    Grande Leo excelent

  • David Molina Ramos
    David Molina Ramos

    I just love how Leo's puppet is far more expressive than most "mainstream" or "popular" artists 😁 Violet and Leo are too freaking awesome and talented!

  • bryan ortiz
    bryan ortiz

    Wow. What a fantastic version of this classic song 🎵!!

  • thelloyd87

    The first video I saw was the cover of Africa. He made the song his with his unique style and character and the video was fantastic not to mention hilarious.

  • Gábor Szaszkó
    Gábor Szaszkó

    I love you so much! Greetings from Hungary! :)

  • Marcelo Vicente da Silva
    Marcelo Vicente da Silva

    Definitivamente um novo jeito de ouvir seu coração. rss

  • MyBiPoLaR O'Neill
    MyBiPoLaR O'Neill

    This add on the end actually made me follow her, Catchy tune. You can't forget her name

  • laci fehér
    laci fehér

    Great great great, congrat!!!

  • Th1Doose

    5:39 song is realy nice :o Please, do a song like this.. i loved it af

  • Jacob Weaver
    Jacob Weaver

    ok the song was good the end was great the cat

  • Ddii Fadoul
    Ddii Fadoul

    3:52 so cute! Amazing job!

  • epikhas

    4:33 Hello!!!

  • Keith Roberts
    Keith Roberts

    1000+ thought this stinks. cant imagine why.

  • Steven

    Leo, You need to remix "That's all" by Genesis! I'd love to see/hear what you come up with. Love you covers dude!!!

  • Bobby Ballinger
    Bobby Ballinger

    No one can deny that Leo just ROCKS!!. Keep it bro... can't wait for future releases.

  • Jen Graves
    Jen Graves

    Awesome cover!!!!! I would like you to do Lil Wayne's Blunt Blowing I think you could rock that

  • Eastwood Otter
    Eastwood Otter

    How is it that 80s-90s pop sound so much better as metal covers? Awesome, dude!🤘🏼😯🤘🏼

  • chefkoch

    wow !

  • Predator 1488
    Predator 1488

    So fucking good, i really like this cover, on repeat every day

  • Jon Stoops
    Jon Stoops

    Great match up Leo Rocks

  • mathew hart
    mathew hart

    For Leo to match the black background of Violets (The Queen of the black backdrop) is just the way to go on this.Being able to go and forth between Leo and Violet without flashes of color and focusing on the people, instruments and that heart but also breaking it up with the puppet to change it up a bit. it also allows them both to be on the screen as the same time and not being out of place either. He also let Violet shine and show off her full talent and vocally match so good and with that out-tro along with her other calbs with in a few months have exploded her channel and has put her up there as one of the queens of SVsoft music.

  • PNW Affliction
    PNW Affliction

    this new mortal kombat song pretty good! does it play at the end of the movie?

  • Jinxy Gear
    Jinxy Gear

    best cover ^^ gruß germann

  • Daniel Zawisza
    Daniel Zawisza

    3:52 super

  • Nigel Depledge
    Nigel Depledge

    This is frikkin' amazing! I might dare to say it's better than the original. Then again, I think any video is better by having Violet in it. I loved her listening to her heart! 🤣🤣

  • Craig Prins
    Craig Prins

    wow....just wow

  • Martin makes something
    Martin makes something

    1206 ppl dont listen to their heart!

  • Greg Glen
    Greg Glen

    Absolutely awesome as per usual!!!

  • Robert Sałapatek
    Robert Sałapatek

    Am i the only to this fragment at 3:50 non stop? Just can't stop XD

  • MiltonY2K

    Best cover from Leo and Violet.....

  • Yago Reck
    Yago Reck

    Oh crap. I love Leo, I freakin' love Violet (she's the ultimate GF goals for a metalhead, at least for me

  • Валера Легецкий
    Валера Легецкий


  • Lojayn AR
    Lojayn AR

    could you do an arabic track? and if you could, tell me and I'll tell you what it is

  • Audiogeeks Vintage Sales
    Audiogeeks Vintage Sales

    Very strange first time thru. But it grows . Excellent metal rework.

  • Christopher Yawn
    Christopher Yawn

    EPIC, 🔥. T. ENDS

  • Camilla Håvik
    Camilla Håvik

    Fantastiskk 😀😀♥️♥️

  • Relax by Red Conifer
    Relax by Red Conifer

    ALL of your songs are great💪, i wish you make cool and the gang - she's fresh 🙏🙏🙏

  • Michele D'ambrosio
    Michele D'ambrosio

    One of your best cover, iconic song! Great job both of you! I really loved this cover, keep on going Leo and thanks for your amazing work!

  • SoulEdgeHarmonics

    Such a good song, and a wonderful cover!

  • Diego Barbosa
    Diego Barbosa


  • LordBLB

    Great stuff as always, Leo and Violet! Simply amazing!

  • Magyarangol Fordítás
    Magyarangol Fordítás

    I love your covers.... There is always something added and the way you rethink these songs is gr8

  • Anthony BACH
    Anthony BACH

    Absolutely Massive 🔥

  • Dapper D
    Dapper D

    She ruined the song. Everything else was perfect.

  • Blake H
    Blake H

    great song. could have done without the heart removal part.

  • Retno Mulyadi
    Retno Mulyadi

    This cover fucking awesome !!!!

  • Mutterkorn

    This is great. Thanx Guys

  • walid idrissi
    walid idrissi

    Daaaaaamn keep this shit coming 🤟🤩

  • stanisława mah
    stanisława mah

    Love you musicie 😍😍😍

  • Roberto Fregolent
    Roberto Fregolent

    I love u Violet

  • stephanie elder
    stephanie elder

    would be better with lauren babic



  • Улов-Рыболов

    Чуть со стула не упал...Ничего себе вы зажигаете))

  • Ryan Adshead
    Ryan Adshead

    love your productions and covers, keep em coming!

  • Naiara Alves
    Naiara Alves

    Sem comentarios wow

  • Uygar Turantekin
    Uygar Turantekin


  • brix ton
    brix ton


  • Vanta Blue
    Vanta Blue

    I love this collab and cover, but it also really makes me miss Marie Fredriksson. Her voice was special. So many memories. Thank you. I got happy tears of fond remembrance.

  • Terry Kennedy
    Terry Kennedy

    This man played all the instruments. Now i must listen to my fart, Itz telling the truth. Listen to my fart, Ivegotta go take a poo

  • Сергей Шатровский
    Сергей Шатровский

    please sing with Ai Mori )

  • Randy Hill
    Randy Hill

    Excellent Job you two! I can listen to this on repeat lol.

  • Geir Andre Bråten
    Geir Andre Bråten

    Jævla bra fy faen!!!!!!!!

  • TeknoHermit

    Voices that want to be hoid, but you can't find the woids.

  • Gianpaolo Bertacca
    Gianpaolo Bertacca

    When are you gonna upload the full version of "Violet Orlandi" ?

  • Wurstbrot81

    Great. Now I have an violet orlandi-jingle-earworm


    Holy shit! Her voice is amazing! She has an Amy Lee quality about her but definitely a beautiful voice in her own right. May be the first time I've heard her, but she is pure talent. Of course Leo, you're the shit as well

  • Tab Clark
    Tab Clark

    I would love to see "Heaven" By Bryan Adams covered, and "Wonderwall" by Oasis covered. I feel like that is a challenge you would do amazing at!

  • Tab Clark
    Tab Clark

    This is the best cover I have ever heard! Friggin amazing Leo!

  • Sašo Petrič
    Sašo Petrič

    Maaaan i wish i was Violet