Will my boyfriend punch me in the face for a billion dollars?

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  • matthew hayball
    matthew hayball

    All these “ would you punch so and so for 1 billion dollars” are stupid, I don’t care how much you love the person your punching. Punch them once have it hurt for maybe a couple days and then become a billionaire

  • Snufkin

    I would happily get punched in the face for someone else to get so much money. Money is power, just think about all the stuff u can change with it(: worth a red nose

  • 起死回生

    I’ll do it for free

  • Forest Rassi
    Forest Rassi

    Wait so we gettin paid now

  • Locals Only
    Locals Only


  • P. Tsonchev
    P. Tsonchev

    I love how he asked her so nicely. "Is it okay if I buy you a new tooth with our prize money?"


    Hell yea 👍

  • smokemeowout 420
    smokemeowout 420

    Yea let me go get my 3 year old lil sis

  • KalebYT

    I WOULD NEVER!!!!!

  • Low Quality Bread
    Low Quality Bread

    I punched air 🙂👍

    • Low Quality Bread
      Low Quality Bread

      Now give me my money

  • Ahmad omer wardak
    Ahmad omer wardak

    Yea she is soo annoying can someone help I can't even talk

  • Ignore of you're gay. 500 years ago
    Ignore of you're gay. 500 years ago

    "Will you punch your girl in the face for 1 B dollar???" Me a weebs who like anime girl: " well ican but it's impossible"

  • Ignore of you're gay. 500 years ago
    Ignore of you're gay. 500 years ago

    "Will you punch your girl in the face for 1 billion dollar??" Me:"Get a good lawyer and a coffin we're going to need it"

  • Samuel De Jesús Caraballo
    Samuel De Jesús Caraballo

    Y e s

  • Shane Hutchison
    Shane Hutchison


  • Sainul Abidh
    Sainul Abidh

    Answer is no

  • Thiha Steve
    Thiha Steve

    The fact that i don't have a girl


    I will do it for free in some cases

  • Moon L
    Moon L

    you guys are getting paid?

  • SilveryYT

    Me who has a big brain:caculating powers of inteligence we can just use an fake girl If we would like her

  • Jack German
    Jack German

    I’m betting all the girls who are asking to be punched have never seen a real fight before

  • Nolan Stewart
    Nolan Stewart

    No I would not

  • One of Bh
    One of Bh


  • 😳2BlockyBoy😳

    Thats a girlfreind AND 1.B dollars. Win win

  • Snow Le furry
    Snow Le furry

    *grabs frying pan* HEY LITTLE SIS I GOT A SURPRISE

  • WeeWeeWaaWaa

    Hell yeah

  • Mr. Deku
    Mr. Deku

    I would never do that lmao love is more important than money moola

  • Pham

    F YEA

  • Damon Bryant
    Damon Bryant

    Yes but jokes on you I don't have a girlfriend

  • Callum Cottee
    Callum Cottee

    I wouldn't

  • David Kling
    David Kling

    I wouldn't...it would be tempting...but if you're a strong dude, the damage you can do with that hard of a punch may not be fixed with any amount of money...say you shatter her jaw or kill her...

    • David Kling
      David Kling

      ...I know it's not supposed to be taken seriously, I just have this impulse to play devil's advocate.

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer

    I would if no one stop me

  • 6T2G

    I will do it for free Because I don't have a girl

  • Gabe The meme human person
    Gabe The meme human person

    "would you punch a girl in the face for 1B dollars" Fuck yeah dude

  • Mulham Moghraby
    Mulham Moghraby

    I guess am punching air

  • N0Y3sMaybe

    Yes I would punch nobody

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma

    If i love her for real ..never

  • ooga booga
    ooga booga

    I do it for free

  • Fujiwara No Mokou
    Fujiwara No Mokou

    I wouldn't punch for the money but for the enjoyement

  • gumball the cat
    gumball the cat

    Idk if it okay for me to say this bcos im a muslim..but I'll punch my wife for free..will you guys judge me and the whole Muslim?

  • Karma

    Wait forget about the money I get a girl?

  • Irena Gaweł
    Irena Gaweł

    Yea Hood bonus king

  • kayden playz
    kayden playz

    I dont have a girlfriend

  • Madiq is sum Ting wong
    Madiq is sum Ting wong

    I’ll beat the system I’ll starve myself or like loose a lot of weight and muscle mass so when I hit her it doesn’t hurt

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Night night

  • Ahmed El-hefnawy
    Ahmed El-hefnawy

    Well they said punch her but they didn't specify wether i can have something around my fist or not, a small pillow should do the job.

  • Erik Vuong
    Erik Vuong

    Well I’m so weak that a punch wouldn’t hurt my girlfriend. If I had one, that is.

  • Blight patterson
    Blight patterson


  • Убуши Буваев
    Убуши Буваев

    I'll do it for free

  • Yeeter duck
    Yeeter duck


  • Matevž G.
    Matevž G.

    Guy without arm: +girl +arm +1bil

  • Shadow_Dev12

    Yes I would with 0 hesitation

  • DogKilledSnake

    NO I'D DO IT FOR FREE!!!!!

  • rainbow cool
    rainbow cool

    hell no

  • Nitr0

    I mean ez punch for me cuz I'm lonely without a girlfriend

  • Jevil Your Local Therapist
    Jevil Your Local Therapist

    I’m sorry little one…

  • ㄒㄖ 乇卂匚卄 ㄒ卄乇丨尺 フ卂爪卂卂ㄥ
    ㄒㄖ 乇卂匚卄 ㄒ卄乇丨尺 フ卂爪卂卂ㄥ

    my gf: "babe? would you punch me in the face for 1B? me: sure just lemme take my pills real quick. *SNAP BACK TO REALITY* me: *punches myself being startled snapping back*

  • Jesuser

    It's a win for me because the hardest i can punch is not so hard

  • Mrs GlutexoGX
    Mrs GlutexoGX

    I would do ist dir free

  • lolzIDK

    I need to get a girl first༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  • Keon Mott
    Keon Mott

    She getting hit with that 300 Mack truck deluxe respectfully if I had a girl run me my money

  • Alilgamer

    Just imagine a person that got 10 girls be likr: WE ARE GONNA BE BILLIONARE!!!!

  • Daniel Harris
    Daniel Harris

    I would punch a mannequin named girlfriend becuz i dont have a girlfriend and take 1 billion dollars lol

  • amezing WeedeR
    amezing WeedeR


  • adam holmes
    adam holmes

    Nah I wouldnt

  • Russell Walters
    Russell Walters

    Chris Brown doesn't need to get paid for this 😋

  • Mini Trill
    Mini Trill

    U can afford the surgery to fix her face after the punch 😂

  • Ph4nt0m_ H4ck3r
    Ph4nt0m_ H4ck3r

    I don’t care if it’s quintillion I ain’t doing it

  • Ziv Javen Berjuela
    Ziv Javen Berjuela

    Yes, because I can use that money to heal her face

  • SoulKnight

    I see two upsides to this. 1. I get $1B. 2. I get a girl.


    "Are you ok with losing a tooth" 🤣 i mean damn how hard is that punch going to be

  • Omoplata Gaming
    Omoplata Gaming

    That dude is de emasculated as fuck

  • Skye Garcia
    Skye Garcia

    Ain't got a girl

  • KoolaidJazz

    Disrespectfully, She gettin folded regardless. I’m chasin a bag, not a b i t c h.

  • Jadyn Slater
    Jadyn Slater

    Fuck no

  • Kim Heng
    Kim Heng

    As my sociology teacher has said : can you eat true love?

  • gabgaming 980
    gabgaming 980

    i mean, i would ask for her consent before bashing her face in, to inform them that i'm about to smash them in the face for 1 billion dollars. then again, i couldnt punch her in the face, since i'm a *lonely loser with no friends* **insert sadness and sorrow**

  • knock knock
    knock knock

    The issue is getting a girl

  • Jo

    If i dont die, he can.😅

  • Snooze

    Yes because + 1B + A girlfriend

  • Stephan Louw
    Stephan Louw

    Hell no I would not

  • Soroush A.S
    Soroush A.S

    Where should I sign?

  • NotedKilla777

    In a heart beat

  • Jale Spindeldreher
    Jale Spindeldreher

    I'll do it for free.

  • James Littlejohn
    James Littlejohn


  • SoulGazer Shayn
    SoulGazer Shayn

    Lmao that's a perfect answer. That's what I'd say to my SO and that's what I would want my SO to say to me.

  • I’m sitting on a Chair.
    I’m sitting on a Chair.

    I would. *Punches a blank space as hard as i can*

  • Soxs-n-Slides

    i mean i’m single so punching my pillow wouldn’t be that bad

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    Bruh I don’t have a boyfriend by if I did THEY BETTER PUNCH ME😂😂😂

  • kidkicker7888

    No that's fucking up because she is hot so fuck that

  • Lenix Brown
    Lenix Brown

    Yes twice 10 times i woulf

  • EpicBoxing

    TBH, that's not even question but more of an offer to me..