POP IT! POPULAR VS NERD AT SCHOOL || How To Become Popular Funny Situations By 123 GO! SCHOOL

Which are you: a nerd or a popular person?
We’ve put together the funniest selection of Nerd VS Popular relatable situations and coolest hacks!

The popular and the nerd, isn’t it the age-old rivalry in the book? Either way, the most important thing though, is to be kind to one another!

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  • Elaine Hernandez
    Elaine Hernandez


  • Mo Li
    Mo Li

    Uggg stop it with the pop it cover obviously there is no pop it thing in this video

  • Rene Powell
    Rene Powell

    Um a phone can't get that cracked from a 3 feet drop

  • LittlesisGacha GIRL
    LittlesisGacha GIRL

    The phone was different for the one you ‘’DID SURGERY ON”😕

  • Jeremy Anderson
    Jeremy Anderson

    Yeah me too when ava hair doesn't have to be cool

  • Jeremy Anderson
    Jeremy Anderson

    What she did with her phone

  • Tej Patel Real
    Tej Patel Real

    Kate Is Stinky

  • Cody's Roblox Video's
    Cody's Roblox Video's

    The phones wouldn't crack that much from such a short distance. 🙄

    • Cody's Roblox Video's
      Cody's Roblox Video's

      @Cassie bot

    • Cassie

      When she said “I look like penny wise the clown!” I almost died of laughter 😂🤣

  • Jacob Delp
    Jacob Delp

    Why is there so much weird ideas and why are people pranking other people for no reason like she just picked up and asked someone to help her open a bottle and she got pranked that just makes no sense

  • hotrod78213

    I love your y

  • Annie Wong
    Annie Wong

    Jennifer is not nice

  • Nadhif Akram
    Nadhif Akram

    This is 1000000000000% cringe 😎

  • Deepa Singh
    Deepa Singh

    This is so mean

  • Pratishtha Jalan
    Pratishtha Jalan

    but everytime its not possible that a book worm and toppor students are not stylish and fashionable

  • Avishka Nair
    Avishka Nair

    i love jen's dance

  • Hemi JellenHeimer
    Hemi JellenHeimer

    this video is made by somebody that probably doesnt have real glasses that they need because 1. you cant see if you replace your glasses with red spoons and 2. having glasses doesnt make you a nerd

  • Hemi JellenHeimer
    Hemi JellenHeimer

    7:26 that isnt how you become popular

  • Hemi JellenHeimer
    Hemi JellenHeimer

    6:00 its not gonna take that long, also that isnt how you sweep efficiently

    • Cassie

      Cant pick up her phone with "wet" nail polish but can pick it up from the floor 🤔

  • Hemi JellenHeimer
    Hemi JellenHeimer

    why do you guys need so many sound effects?!

  • Tik Tok Videos
    Tik Tok Videos

    This stuff is so stupid. The adults are still in school?! Their so dumb and the voice HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!I CAN'T GET OVER HOW FUNNY STUPID THIS IS

  • edith hampton
    edith hampton

    I LOVE SHCOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 🍇🍦𝓟𝛼𝚛𝖖𝖝𝑠ጣ🍦🍇

    4:03 the fact that she could’ve just swiped and press audio :|

  • Broc Weymouth
    Broc Weymouth

    ) no,

  • Broc Weymouth
    Broc Weymouth

    Very yuhkohh


    uh this-

  • Evan Neglia
    Evan Neglia

    this was 1 sec ago !!!

  • Will Lopez
    Will Lopez

    I'm a nerd and I don't wear glasses

  • Iqra Manoo
    Iqra Manoo

    I like the part of the cute glasses

  • KaylaPlayzThat


  • Ashley Rodrigues
    Ashley Rodrigues

    It don't matter if you are unpopular it is okay ...

  • Savannah King
    Savannah King

    123 go is the worst

  • Savannah King
    Savannah King

    123 go is the best

  • Team Padama
    Team Padama

    i love tiktoks

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo


  • Amina Zghino
    Amina Zghino

    This is realrunny to watch

  • nikkip1377 Jackson
    nikkip1377 Jackson

    That is so funny that she thinks that she has a bookay of flowers from a man that likes her but it seems that it is the delivery man🤣😂

  • Xiankyle Quicho
    Xiankyle Quicho

    Her: cant see without glasses but can see the shoe is gonna step the glass without glasses

    • Huma Mano
      Huma Mano

      Yea it's just role-playing for get subs

  • Habtamu Tesfaye
    Habtamu Tesfaye

    I LO VE pop its

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

      Awesome video!

  • Xaqaii


  • Ãñ&ēl

    But for real tho at 25:10 that dance is kinda cool

  • Jeany Maturan
    Jeany Maturan

    I have realme phone!

  • Books and Love
    Books and Love

    5 minute crafts 2.0

  • Stacey Crane
    Stacey Crane

    Omg This is so bag lol

  • Sugonma Balls
    Sugonma Balls

    These people haven't seen real humans interact lmao

  • Shaheer Samad sara sarah
    Shaheer Samad sara sarah

    Messge to my friend her name sonu khan

  • Goopster King
    Goopster King

    I’m literally in Europe rn in Hungary

  • Goopster King
    Goopster King

    And she had the Hungarian flag over her shirt

  • Goopster King
    Goopster King

    Cuz I am

  • Goopster King
    Goopster King

    Wait... is annie Hungarian?

  • rxsem4ry

    we ALL gto clickbaited again-

  • Mimi

    OK girls that was so mean

  • Niksha Periwal
    Niksha Periwal

    This girl :- I hate being unpopular Nobody: Litrally nobody: Me : Same

  • Benjamin Ram
    Benjamin Ram

    Chicken dance

  • Dayne Rademakers
    Dayne Rademakers

    ummmm u can tell the phone was change bcs of the phone case like bruh 123 go

    • kawaii_gamingYT

      wdym- ._.

  • HUNNI Kitty
    HUNNI Kitty

    From the thumbnail u can see it is basically saying if u got bubble wrap u are broke... I can't even afford bubble wrap TnT

  • XxxCookieLuver123xxX

    Okay, can we talk about how disrespectful it was of them to drop a whole bomb of water on the girls head I mean like come on 123 go.

    • Slimzins Slime Happy
      Slimzins Slime Happy

      Check my SVsoft channel

  • Shelma The cat
    Shelma The cat

    We all know the best popit is the mc donalds drinks

  • Python Ithon
    Python Ithon

    Oh- First its Freaky Feind Now its Disgusting Dancing Clown Oof apparently Pennywise now looks like the depressed version of a fatherless duck

  • Yasmine


  • Laila Hope
    Laila Hope

    i am very popular and i have glasses so thats kind of a proto type

  • May Giang
    May Giang

    Why did I search ha ha hacks and this showed up?

  • Godpvp79

    Popular kids or poor kids are just the same

  • Anika Chowdhury
    Anika Chowdhury

    Who dances in class like :l

  • Toca Bluberry
    Toca Bluberry

    31:12 o noooo I saw ittttt😩

  • Melissa Usher
    Melissa Usher

    100 mystery buttons but only one lets you escape

  • William aka Boodysmigles1
    William aka Boodysmigles1

    1. This doesn’t work, ur not all of a sudden cool. 2. I HATE POP ITS AND LOVE BUBBLE WRAP

  • Solid Sniper
    Solid Sniper

    Bruh y is there only gurls?.??!

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    nai sifa

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    Epifania Omangay

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  • Tommy Loki xd
    Tommy Loki xd

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  • Tommy Loki xd
    Tommy Loki xd


  • Tommy Loki xd
    Tommy Loki xd


  • Tommy Loki xd
    Tommy Loki xd


  • Tommy Loki xd
    Tommy Loki xd

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  • Tommy Loki xd
    Tommy Loki xd


  • Tommy Loki xd
    Tommy Loki xd


  • Tommy Loki xd
    Tommy Loki xd


  • Tommy Loki xd
    Tommy Loki xd

    hit huv

  • Omar Alshareef
    Omar Alshareef

    I feel bad cus Kate and it’s not to be famous or popular it’s love

    • Omar Alshareef
      Omar Alshareef


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    Jade Hodgson

    Get a figit

  • Jade Hodgson
    Jade Hodgson

    Beta figit

  • panda god 😀
    panda god 😀

    She can see without bc she see that he step on it



  • Nicole Taryn Sendjojo
    Nicole Taryn Sendjojo

    I hate ava

  • Samar Shah Gaming and other stuff
    Samar Shah Gaming and other stuff

    Your videos are crap and your voiceovers are so cringy

  • Lian Khaeleen Lee
    Lian Khaeleen Lee

    5:03 is when i realized her mask is backwards and why the f do u need a thermometer to heal a goddamn phone

  • Lian Khaeleen Lee
    Lian Khaeleen Lee

    the nerd of the video: *literally me*

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      When she said “I look like penny wise the clown!” I almost died of laughter 😂🤣

  • lia wowza
    lia wowza

    Why did u have to put broke on the thumbnail don’t talk like that pls

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    Jia Sparkle

    The Title and the Thumbnail is just Click bait this is not what everyone else was looking for

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    Layla Maurice

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    Christopher Ramirez


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