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  • Come On Fhqwhgads
    Come On Fhqwhgads

    R.I.P. underwatered plant. 16:15 If this was a YLYL video, this is the point no one gets past.

  • Whilan

    JonTron: Buy Omega 3 Fish oil Robot: Did you remember to take your medications today Jon?

  • jaimin Sangar
    jaimin Sangar

    Finally stumbled upon this meme guy's channel

  • Michael Reineke
    Michael Reineke

    7:58 Accurate.

  • C Dude
    C Dude


  • APK Eggs
    APK Eggs

    Jontron seems to be the only person who consistently makes only good videos, I've never ever skipped a video yet, even his old videos feel extremely well produced and the quality for some reason has always been pristine

  • Prince_Alex1022

    plz tell me that i'm not the only one who relised that the robot has a hand drawn face with a sharpie

  • Edgar Poe
    Edgar Poe

    Maybe death by indirect fire won't be so bad.

  • Edgar Poe
    Edgar Poe

    JON!! You're married.???? Right on.

  • Anthony Flores
    Anthony Flores

    I forgot to take my morning medication

  • s b
    s b

    I'm back...me yesssssssssssss🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • TheHappyMasksalesMan_

    8minutes in my face fucken hurts

  • Irondragon1945


  • Minato Thanatos
    Minato Thanatos

    “Rudy help ive fallen!” Rudy-Did you take your pills this morning?

  • some buddy
    some buddy

    The robot thing is so sad :((( poor old lady just wants company

  • Cee San
    Cee San

    the warzone downed sfx was subtle, but I'm glad you didn't lose your touch

  • Brendon Sulesky
    Brendon Sulesky

    Why is Owen Wilson's grandfather teaching me Cane-Fu?

  • Muirkat

    Why are the hosts speaking English? Isn’t this a Korean morning show? Shouldn’t they be speaking... Korean???

  • Dilon Fleckenator
    Dilon Fleckenator

    Dogecoin is god let it be known Fleckenator has spoken. The profit Elon musket has whispered me this sweet nothing.

  • l_shane_l

    Not gonna lie I thought Steven seagal had gotten to Jon

  • loganboi

    Welp. See you guys in 6 months

  • Nathan Stuebner
    Nathan Stuebner

    I'm 19 and immature as fuck because at 8 minutes I laughed so hard I legitimately puked half my oreo blizzard from dairy queen up

  • Younity

    16:03 i love this segment and how much effort went into the scene. compliments to the chef

  • Drivel Banned
    Drivel Banned

    Gotta love those daily uploads

  • Profeta degli Dei
    Profeta degli Dei

    Ask The Gods.

  • Jlovedown McHoedown
    Jlovedown McHoedown

    This video fills me with existential dread

  • Purpp Goku
    Purpp Goku

    Jontron is the Miura of old school content creators.

  • Black Dad
    Black Dad

    I crunch my toilet paper

  • Liam Knox
    Liam Knox

    Make bids once a week please bro

  • Little Alex
    Little Alex

    It's so weird how good the quality is, you dont get this much on SVsoft. But when you do its epic.

  • AWDproductions

    I'd like to think Kardashians need the comfort wipe

  • Bárt Brokovník
    Bárt Brokovník

    this is the first video from you that i saw and a milisecond in I SEE A MEME wow :D

  • malo the random dragon
    malo the random dragon

    Jontron dummy thicc Man be walking I hear him 31 blocks away he needs the comfort wipe deluxe + edition for that dumptruck

  • malo the random dragon
    malo the random dragon

    9 months man.

  • malo the random dragon
    malo the random dragon

    9 months man.

  • Jay Dabbelju
    Jay Dabbelju

    Now I want a tactical nail clipper with an acog.

  • Polo_Sheridan

    Well guys I will see you next year when he uploads another new video.

  • Gaby B.
    Gaby B.

    Look at the shape of my weird body

  • Andrea Frasca
    Andrea Frasca

    Uhmmmm... I may be late to this buuuuuuuuuuut... where's the parrot?

  • Kool aid Man
    Kool aid Man

    8:21 😳

  • Neglected Oreo
    Neglected Oreo

    4:33 40 degrees celsius about 104 F; how tf will that not burn an old person

  • ice of astak
    ice of astak

    the man behind the slaughter

  • Dr. Proktor
    Dr. Proktor

    ,,Ok, now, you have my attention" could be a similar meme with ,,I'll take your entire stock"

  • music with feeling Ayahuasc-E
    music with feeling Ayahuasc-E

    I thought that dude put a gun on the robot

  • Pep

    Jon Trons comedy is golden

  • Lilycheese4

    Does anybody know where the heck Jon's merch store went?

    • Lilycheese4

      @Emily An Maybe I'm dumb maybe I'm somehow doing this wrong but I SWEAR his merch store is just GONE and I have no idea if he said something about it and I missed it.

  • Nick Dahl
    Nick Dahl

    Algorithm didn't even push this to me, had to search it up cuz was wondering what Jon was up ta. Come on youtube you know I wanted this

  • Emerald Gamer12
    Emerald Gamer12

    6:45 OkAy NoW YoU hAvE My AtTeNtIoN

  • SomeKindaHero117

    Jon, I'm so curious on what you do when you're not occasionally remembering you have a SVsoft channel

  • Vincent van Hal
    Vincent van Hal

    Praise the Jon "comfort wipe" Tron!

  • ham sandwich
    ham sandwich

    The King has returned

  • Logan Reed
    Logan Reed

    When your dance partner gives you Vietnam flashbacks

  • Heavy Weapons Bird
    Heavy Weapons Bird

    Don't leave me...

  • The Batman
    The Batman


  • Kyle Tanking
    Kyle Tanking

    That’s a great pulp fiction poster

  • a b
    a b

    its been fun jon, see you next year!

  • Skitch

    8:59 *"Life is hell this way"*

  • Brian McCarty
    Brian McCarty

    O K N O W Y O U H A V E M Y A T T E N T I O N

  • roboiago

    that friggin ending killed me lmfao

  • Falco Wings
    Falco Wings

    Wat?! WTF?!

  • zefg123

    Cant smile. Face is swollen up from surgery. Johny boy makes me happy

  • Atharva Saxena
    Atharva Saxena

    Ah yes, after years of studies and research we finnally found it The weapon against humanity *A nail cutter with a Acog 4x sight*

  • R

    the robot is just a hunk of plastic with wheels and an ipad

  • Oliver Koogler
    Oliver Koogler

    Thanks to 6:34, I can't take a shit without thinking about Jon.

  • Great Yeeter
    Great Yeeter

    The Korean people literally said that Korea is one of the fastest aging countries... LIKE WHY THE HELL ARE YOU AGING FASTER WUT

  • Negative -
    Negative -


  • Jacob Ooten
    Jacob Ooten

    The Elder Scrolls joke had me rolling 15:09

  • Grandmother Productions
    Grandmother Productions

    Hey! I scrunch, maaaaan!

  • Mister Bones
    Mister Bones


  • Idiot Gamer
    Idiot Gamer


  • what Joshua
    what Joshua

    The longer you don’t post I do hardcore drugs

  • Wrong Channel
    Wrong Channel

    Hey what happened to your bird?

  • Vex Zorro
    Vex Zorro

    Jon got thicc around 8:30

  • tawhid raiyan
    tawhid raiyan


  • 孫࿆悟空࿆SonGoku

    What?What the Fuck

  • Jayzard231

    Jontron: *tries to do kane fu* Instructor: and stealing her child

  • Ethan Fillman
    Ethan Fillman

    Hey jon, did Oj ever get even with you on Twitter? It’s 32 cause that was his number

  • Saxy Dude
    Saxy Dude

    The way the lady talks about the robot is so sad, someone just visit her or take care of her Jesus Christ

  • Stewie Raney
    Stewie Raney

    Review Y2K The MOVIE

  • Jonathan Devers
    Jonathan Devers

    Rudy would actually be a pretty sick invention if its applications and design weren’t so limited. R2D2 irl

  • Lemonwhisper

    The door is locked

  • Evaristo Loves Miracle Wolfie
    Evaristo Loves Miracle Wolfie

    What? What tha fuck? Meme of that guy

  • Lady Owl
    Lady Owl

    Every moment of this video was a freaking gold mine 👌

  • Lopeli

    Jon Tron cured my depression.

  • Kejiri

    Video parodying product commercials... Also Jontron ad for honey : D But fun video!

  • Noah Blenden
    Noah Blenden

    Glad to see you are posting again

  • Justin Janicki
    Justin Janicki

    Remember when he made awesomely insane video game reviews? But at least caddicarus has filled that hole.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Jon tron please stop ending your videos

  • ————

    I only know you from the memes

  • Captain Autism
    Captain Autism

    Just incase anyone didn't know because I didn't either, perforation is a small hole in something (or a hole in the ground, to use the comfort wipe in)

  • Isaac Portillo
    Isaac Portillo

    good to have you back Jon

  • Chad Cuckproducer
    Chad Cuckproducer

    13:45 Squidbillies: Now that is just sad as hell...

  • Naveed Butt
    Naveed Butt

    Return of the King

  • Potato es
    Potato es


  • kvntckr

    The Skyrim bit took me out

  • Kade Scroggins
    Kade Scroggins

    It’s to the point everyone of his videos is gonna start with “im back!!”

  • gill s
    gill s

    the face mask thing was in the move holy man. Pretty funny

  • charles neal
    charles neal

    i missed you so much @jontronshow you are so funny man thank you for making funny videos

  • TETP

    look! it da guy in da memes!

  • Alex Fox
    Alex Fox

    This Skyrim bit, 15:10, had me on the floor XD