Police officer fired for pepper-spraying Black and Latino lieutenant during traffic stop
Bodycam and cellphone video shows how a Virginia officer pepper-sprayed a Black and Latino Army lieutenant during a traffic stop in December. Christina Ruffini reports on the details of the stop and the lawsuit against the officers.
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  • Jan Witts
    Jan Witts

    He was expecting them.to shoot the whole time...

  • Jithendra Shankar
    Jithendra Shankar

    When the war begins it will be the police jokers who's gonna say hi to Jesus first 🥇

  • Toeknee Chestknut
    Toeknee Chestknut

    Have their brains checked over. They are dangerous people in a police uniform.

  • Amoeba Amoeba
    Amoeba Amoeba

    Being cop is being stupid

  • andy georgiou
    andy georgiou

    Absolutely disgraceful

  • andy georgiou
    andy georgiou

    Absolutely disgraceful

  • Ruat Puia
    Ruat Puia


  • Rey Rodriguez
    Rey Rodriguez

    That stupid police bring to war zone..see what he can do... stupid police no respect..

  • Living Like us Labrador’s
    Living Like us Labrador’s

    I’m really concerned about the dog tho I hate all police officers who did these things! To all the 8-9 yr old black kids think cops are bad people now BLM!

  • Moric Steinfurth
    Moric Steinfurth

    This country is cancer

  • Firsst 67
    Firsst 67

    W następnym filmie pokazujesz, że ktoś zabija gliniarzy, ponieważ wierzyli, że nie jest niebezpieczny. Kiedy proszą go o opuszczenie samochodu, dlaczego stawiał opór? Widziałem dużo filmów, kiedy ludzie strzelają do Policjanta. Kiedy mówią „wysiadaj z samochodu”. Po prostu to zrób.

  • MoparMan85

    So are the terrorists overseas or are they wearing police uniforms?

  • bass and bucks 42
    bass and bucks 42

    They're just jealous their fatasses weren't able to get in the military and instead they're stuck as cops

  • the wrong in the world
    the wrong in the world


  • Country Balls
    Country Balls

    Welcome to the land of jokes, you're only able to live the american dream if you close your eyes

  • Addison <3
    Addison <3

    So this is what America has come to..

  • limma bacwan
    limma bacwan

    Do the army in united state know "KORSA soul"

  • Rafael Jaussi García
    Rafael Jaussi García

    Coño 😳😳

  • Fran Rafael
    Fran Rafael

    can’t even serve in peace

  • Fran Rafael
    Fran Rafael

    This is ridiculous

  • Shon Knight
    Shon Knight

    I'm so glad he is suing these horrible people thank God he is safe

  • andre de oliveira
    andre de oliveira

    Never go to the States

  • andre de oliveira
    andre de oliveira

    This is the American Dream

  • Demz T.
    Demz T.

    Motto: Trust no cops...

  • Ghost Buster
    Ghost Buster

    They say US cops are failed military wannabes! Must have felt good for those 2 arresting a military personnel, sadly. US cops are just a bad contagious infection to the nation

  • J. Williams
    J. Williams

    Its never been about the troops....#deflection

  • Ahdan Prasetyo
    Ahdan Prasetyo

    and they let someone racist to be a part of government office which maintain public safety and order? how f up is that

  • zendu august
    zendu august

    Whadda cocky cop

  • kaidas luna
    kaidas luna

    They almost killed his dog

  • Anthony Staten
    Anthony Staten

    man I swear y’all this happens all the times

  • Edward Matte
    Edward Matte

    Out *

  • Edward Matte
    Edward Matte

    If your racist grab your shotgun and blow your brains all


    These cops should be slowly tortured in a dark wood!

  • Business Size
    Business Size

    The even excellent excited tile expectably educate because authority immunocytochemically long modulo a materialistic history. agonizing, wet warm

  • Saeed Vlogs
    Saeed Vlogs

    Lol that army guy was nice, otherwise if it was my country, the cops would have gotten a beating of a lifetime

  • ross spencer
    ross spencer

    Good they treated him with contempt

  • Joey Fingers
    Joey Fingers

    We all know that LT was lost.

  • guigui listen
    guigui listen


  • mrnielson

    HAHA, fired! HAHA, now still the other one.

  • Jeffery Gold Productions
    Jeffery Gold Productions

    Them cops should be in prison

  • Edin a
    Edin a


  • Edin a
    Edin a

    Criminal cops beggars

  • Young Foolio
    Young Foolio

    If he was white that wouldn’t had happen

  • xxTopTigerxx

    There's always this status where I love and support cops and cops are just scary criminals. That meter is right in the middle.

  • George Ross
    George Ross

    Our police are from the bottom of the barrel and we give them guns

  • Bunny Bun
    Bunny Bun

    Yeesss charge the two guy

  • Bunny Bun
    Bunny Bun

    Both of this cops should be in jail

  • Zion Washington
    Zion Washington

    It's sad to say even tho I know there are good police officers out there I've grown a hate and fear for police officers and I'm only 13😓

  • Burning blade101
    Burning blade101

    Hope he wins the law suit lol

  • i420x Gaming
    i420x Gaming

    Scumbag officers, a man put his life on risk to be treated like that by the people he's saving I'm glad the officer got fired but he need a sentence that's straight agrivated assault and not to mention a gun in there face. What If he did that to the officer? Life in jail. That's what. All these movements about equality yet a cop can pretty much do what he wants without repercussions

  • Vague Ginger
    Vague Ginger

    That soilder shouldve gotten promoted after handling it so well, especially after being pepper sprayed

  • Adam deste
    Adam deste

    He'd probably be shot dead if it wasn't for his uniform.

  • Rainer Santos
    Rainer Santos

    Why can't the black dude just follow orders? "Yes, officer. No, officer. Am I free to leave officer?"

  • achmet lachdoch
    achmet lachdoch

    What is wrong with people in America? Yeah I know most of them are brainwashed, but that video is too much :D Maybe busy teaching the children how to get money instead of educating them beeing good persons for this world.

  • Issiah Sayre
    Issiah Sayre

    Yeah ofc they want him to not say anything man didn’t nothing wrong at all

  • Whalesnamedshark

    Why wouldnt they just ask “yo where’s ur plate ?”

  • Pistolia Games
    Pistolia Games

    American soldiers have no respect in public lol

  • Jon Warburton
    Jon Warburton

    Cops are probably taking testosterone supplements and can’t control their rage and desire to dominate everything. It’s common among older cops and should be something that’s looked into. Respect to the soldier for staying calm and surviving.

  • sai ram
    sai ram

    Very unfair.. Sad this happened

  • Flavius Daniel MindSIEntertainment
    Flavius Daniel MindSIEntertainment

    Sprayed, pointing weapons at him, and kicked... How are not those police guys arrested? I mean just getting fired its kinda easy. 30 days in temporary jail and fined and fired. To make them regret what they did. You cant just empty a pepper spray on a lieutenant cause you hold one, and threaten to shoot him.

  • Nobody And nobody
    Nobody And nobody

    -COUGHS- excuses -COUGH- lies the police say -Cough cough-

  • beturmoney onme
    beturmoney onme

    In my country even the lowest in rank or even the simple soldier (here is mandatory to join) is above every police officer if they want to search you or ask you anything is in your hand to say yes and if they even try to do a body search and the soldier don't want has the constitutional right to ask for the military police to come and do what the simple police wants or try to do. Happened to me years ago at a central spot in our capital and it were the hardest unit back then named MAT it means like Restoration of Order Unit and they truly are hardcore, anyway i told them (i was in my civilian clothes had the weekend off) if you want to search me call the military police to do it if you want to ask me anything about where I'm going now or what i am doing here be my guest but DO NOT ask NOTHING that has to do with my military service plus give me your names and badges (they had nothing to identify them) so after they get super nervous their supervisor came said sorry after i show only at him my ID and that I'm free to go. True story no bs this is how was working back then now idk to be honest

  • Alam Alex
    Alam Alex

    Never ending, it will keep going on and on and on for this so call VALUES of USA.

  • Sen Thamizhan
    Sen Thamizhan


  • Tim tv story - Tagalog horror stories
    Tim tv story - Tagalog horror stories

    Noob Police.

  • Psychological Polarbear
    Psychological Polarbear

    Is it still racist if a black cop pepper strays a black military citizen?

  • Dewo Apandi
    Dewo Apandi

    Oh...my god🤦‍♂️😩... he is a soldier from your country and not a criminal.

  • Chaol Arshad96
    Chaol Arshad96

    Stupid discrimination racisms in America. Shame america laws

  • Gorge Carlin
    Gorge Carlin


  • Ivan L
    Ivan L

    Black lives matter

  • Gorge Carlin
    Gorge Carlin

    Every one of those thugs should be fired and jailed. Everyone!

  • Justin Mauigoa
    Justin Mauigoa

    Some cops smh

  • Ese Teko
    Ese Teko


  • Emeka Amamasi
    Emeka Amamasi

    A black dude in a nice new car....thats a recepie for disaster.

  • cristall a
    cristall a

    He fight for american interests,and they handcuff him,good job ,////The ,,democracy" has not exist.

  • anoni

    "I'm honestly afraid to get out" "Yeah you should be" Ummm sir...and his hands were out if the window, why was he peppersprayed? That's insane "you are resisting arrest" yea who wouldn't you are waving around guns and yelling I wouldn't trust that either

    • Wayne Lu
      Wayne Lu

      I don't understand the logic. You protect people, you don't threaten and say that they should be afraid

  • Dwi Prianggodo
    Dwi Prianggodo

    Thats what rasist deseved

  • Craig

    I dont understand why we are only shown an edited version of what i would have to assume is Bodcam footage of an incident that we have no business drawing conclusions for based on what is provided.If notice the only reference to the reason for the traffic stop is given by the anchor employed by the broadcast station . ( He said / She said) If you had the slightest bit if consideration for what your viewer's ( informed opinions) were , i would suggest providing them with an unedited , full account of the situation at hand .This is how TRUE JOURNALISTS & REPORTERS inform their Local and NATIONAL viewers of newsworthy events happening around their world for the sole purpose of public awareness , in order to preserve moral conduct and ethical standards for determining what is right and wrong in our societies.

  • Jeremy Flores
    Jeremy Flores

    These guys are idiots reporting . He got pulled over due to not being able to see the plates on the car. Nothing to do woth race!

  • Jeremy Flores
    Jeremy Flores

    Nobody saw the begining of this. He failed to pull over for 1.5 miles which makes it a high risk stop.

  • tracie D
    tracie D

    This makes me.so angry why do police think they have the right and power to do what they want this is why no one has any REPSPECT for the law now.....

  • Smokin88 88
    Smokin88 88

    Dam STUPID COPS. Stupid dumb Ss they should off got life in prison

  • 1911


  • William Handy
    William Handy

    If this didnt go public, he would still have his job

  • JoyAnn

    Wow this is how we treat our military?! Just freaking pathetic and people have the nerves to say this is not happening smh...let me guess they're going to dig up his past to see what kind of student he was smh

  • Traky boy
    Traky boy

    What is going on in our Country ????? Corruption seems to be Moving through our country as quickly as covid-19 has. And the victims far out number those of C-19 !!!!!!

  • Xavier Rea
    Xavier Rea

    All you have to do is comply ..pendejo

  • Barbara Hamilton
    Barbara Hamilton

    Gayle King she try to get away from her conspiracy theories creed of blacks assassins creed on royal family!! Our civilization and society needs people We can Trust

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez

    0:57 “I’m honestly afraid” Cop: “yeah, you should be” well..

  • Florian Maurer
    Florian Maurer

    Idiot cops

  • T_M_R_O_T_R

    Why do you have to mention his ethnicity tho...

  • Dai DAi
    Dai DAi

    Stupid police. Something is fishy

  • corviaus

    Like WTF YO...