Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan gets Steering! IT CAN TURN!
In today's episode we're installing a off-road steering rack and building out our steering wheel and steering column, and then connecting it all up!
Huge thanks to Adam LZ for the steering wheel, check it out here:
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  • LR Lapua
    LR Lapua

    why not just use some off road hubs instead of making a hybrid axle ? Kartek and a few others probably have a bolt on hub and spindle you could use, building some new/stronger rear arms would also be a benefit....

  • tim wegman
    tim wegman

    I'm so confused I've watched you turn a burnt Lamborghini into a manual ls v8 futuristic track car and now another Lamborghini into Rock hoping, trail blazing, hill conquering, giant overland beast but you can't cut some thin aluminum and tack a bit of foam and leather to it. I'm confused as to why I know there is a reason I just haven't seen the post or found the rules to it yet so please someone let me know why they can't just fab a new aluminum seat like I have seen dozens of other guys do and if it is in the track rules then if they can build the rig and safety roll cage and have it inspected then why not the seat I'm sure Oscar would do it correctly..

  • Ethan Macheras
    Ethan Macheras

    Looking good and can't wait for paint!

  • SirDropbear


  • Hugo Mata
    Hugo Mata

    Speaking of drifting when you gonna put a badass drift build on your channel? I'd love to watch that

  • Stuart Ipsen
    Stuart Ipsen

    Best part of the video was the "Oscar did a great job" shirts announcement 🤣

  • olddog

    Oscar is a gem! 😊

  • Alexon Animationz
    Alexon Animationz

    I love off road and I love supers what's better than putting them together

  • Daniel Georgianni
    Daniel Georgianni

    At what point is it not a lambo anymore?

  • Jack Hoff
    Jack Hoff

    Man that's a huge spreader on the rack. You may need to add some rollers to support the ends of it. It has so much leverage on the mounting bolts they may work loose.

  • Berto Castro
    Berto Castro

    Ask the guys of pfi speed they had a company build axels for the bully civic

  • Onedisaster Attatime
    Onedisaster Attatime

    Dude this is off topic. But hows that boat doin?

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson

    I recommend building extra axles for the fun run

  • Korgon2013

    Been following for a bit- but- won’t the steering contact point on the leading edge vs the trailing edge of the hub mean unintentional racking under load/speed/impacts?

  • sago talmi akhri
    sago talmi akhri

    Where is your turbo transmission Supra??

  • Theresa Saito
    Theresa Saito

    I like the way this build is like a meccano toy kit

  • Busted knucks
    Busted knucks

    Your Ackerman is off

  • Lee Edgar
    Lee Edgar

    Wheres the boat gone??

  • Sheshan Mendis
    Sheshan Mendis

    B is for oscar


    Have you checked bump steer for the steering rack height??


    Could you base mount the kirkey seat direct to the floor or on a minimal base mount system to get it as low as possible??

  • András Lőrincz
    András Lőrincz

    Offroad Lambo.Man this is so goofy and genious idea at the same time, it made me excited about it. I just found your channel, and can't wait how it will be lookin' when finished

  • N Tesla
    N Tesla

    Anyone else remember the single seater?

  • Jack Mossman
    Jack Mossman

    That rack costs more than the whole car. Least there’s one quality part on the build lol

  • Charlie Deffner
    Charlie Deffner

    seeing those bump stops made my jaw drop

  • AR Arunika
    AR Arunika

  • A1 Tanner
    A1 Tanner

    Yall are some serious pros

  • A1 Tanner
    A1 Tanner

    On todays episode of research stool

  • Jesse C
    Jesse C

    Is it me or is thing starting to look like a giant traxxas RC? Sponsorship maybe??

  • Quirky Car Stuff
    Quirky Car Stuff

    jesus holy good lord this is nuts and I love it

  • Foof50

    Servo or hydraulic pump?

  • ThatParticularPanda

    17:54 Lockpickinglawyer is that you?

  • Steven Wechter
    Steven Wechter

    well i can tell you the part number for the racing harness is dh806hslef


    So. Whats your plans for the night? :Meh dunno might fuck around and build an offroad lamborghini

  • A Rowe
    A Rowe

    These comments are too nice! This whole build sucks!... I miss when they built real cars....

  • eric zeigler
    eric zeigler

    what about a f1 race car seat tilt to get the headroom

  • funwithdaboyzzz Andrewanddaniel
    funwithdaboyzzz Andrewanddaniel

    Remember don’t call it a h*t wh**ls car

  • Mike

    In my opinion firewall plate is to thin and its flexing.

  • RedlineMotorsports

    I absolutey love this build but what is the deal with those ugly rims? They ruin the entire thing.

  • nimrodg35

    I am here to say that I am still waiting in update on the boat

  • black prince
    black prince

    Ничего не понял, но очень интересно

  • henryrherringjr

    Oscar kills it every time. I'd still like to see you guys LS Swap a BMW i8. That would be a killer car.

  • Ricardo Lazalde
    Ricardo Lazalde

    Where's the boat

  • anesh Sookhayee
    anesh Sookhayee

    Why don't url make it a right hand side drive

  • Hayden Cavanagh
    Hayden Cavanagh

    Always great content! Although may be time for a gimbal stabilizer for the camera

  • Dave Van Gemert
    Dave Van Gemert

    "B" is for butcher!

  • JAY

    Buy seats??? 1.44M subs, you get that for free as in sponsored.

  • jagraj7870

    Thats a BEAST, check out the BAGGED Jeep Gladiator Dually we are building on my page!!

  • Tajr

    I want to see this real bad

  • Charles Wagner
    Charles Wagner

    That looks like a Batmobile.

  • Stephen Thompson
    Stephen Thompson

    Chris how much have you spent on the boat so far? Aw thinking about the dock rent you have to pay :(

  • Benson Hedges
    Benson Hedges

    You’re gonna feel the rocks on ur ass, that’s a cool car though

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson

    Collapsible steering column bar for safety

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson

    3d print a seat from carbon fiber

  • John Reynolds
    John Reynolds

    I am using The Drive Shaft Shop to make flanges to go from a 4T80 to 930 CV joint.

  • O K
    O K

    i know you said you will not be putting front fenders hood and bumper on it but it would just look so cool

  • Issac Daniels
    Issac Daniels

    If you had named the 1967 mustang elizabeth Warner bros wouldn’t take it away

  • Filipe Azevedo
    Filipe Azevedo

    This car went from hell and back already. Just mais something you can enjoy and not a 2000 HP twin turbo Supercharged with nitrus and methanol

  • FlexFinder

    you guys should do a first gen pathfinder next. they're cheap and you'll get a ton of attention from the pathfinder groups I'm in, because no one on youtube builds them.

  • Hungry Jack
    Hungry Jack

    Idk if you covered this or not, but this is an important safety factor...please, please, please make sure you have a collapsable steering shaft. Last thing you need is to get into a front end collision and get impaled by the steering shaft.. I'm loving how this build is coming out, excited to see the final product!

  • Marvin De Bot
    Marvin De Bot

    Bugger that, WHERE'S THE BOAT?

  • Ralph Menta
    Ralph Menta

    Can you engineer your own seat? You have the basic structural basics from the Kirky. This way you can make a prototype out of wood, then just copy the layout with aluminum. I am not sure if its allowed from a safety point of view, or if it has to be "racing approved" or whatever. Just a thought fellas

  • John Rogers
    John Rogers

    Excited about this build, but, however where is the rest of the boat build????

  • Play Gamer _HarryT
    Play Gamer _HarryT

    After this car are we stopping with all these LS swaps

  • djm jr
    djm jr


  • Petteri Aittola
    Petteri Aittola

    The fabrication is really mesmerizing, why not show it a touch slower? Mr B Build never welds in the films, it is allways Oscar only...

  • Petteri Aittola
    Petteri Aittola

    Midway the clip there is the steering wheel lying against the prop tunnel... As a pilot, I think that could be huge to have the gear stick on your right and the wheel in the left manouvered like a trim wheel on a plane. Both hands on controls all the time.

  • Gabi Koonings
    Gabi Koonings

    Turning radius; your average city.

  • Ryan Hutchinson
    Ryan Hutchinson

    Hey where is all the B is for Boat vids???? Is there a separate channel I'm missing out on??? Any help greatly appreciated

  • James Dixon
    James Dixon

    Adman lz steering wheel aint very good product 😬

  • Eddy S
    Eddy S

    What’s the update on the boat

  • daboy12s

    very surprised you are using non-splined UJ's!!!

  • joe boersma
    joe boersma

    When you switched the front hubs around did you move the mounting locations for your tie rods outward to give you the right Ackerman angle? If you draw a line from the center of your rear diff through the pivot point of your front knuckles, the tie rods should intersect that line. From the video it looks like they need to move outward.

  • Dominic Bustamante
    Dominic Bustamante

    This is one sick and expensive side x side.

  • Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinson

    You could try a steering dropbox

  • Vetteboi_MJ

    this is so awesome!! cant wait to see it finished!!

  • Francois Viviers
    Francois Viviers

    It's like 6 - 8 months, is this ever going to end. 🙄😑

  • Revus

    Don't Fujiwara yourself with the steering.

  • Dwayne john
    Dwayne john

    I'm liking the content Buttttttt..........I want to know about the boat 😯 , what's funny is I don't know anything about boats lol , but I love the content on the boat

  • Yusuf Petersen
    Yusuf Petersen

    Thats a nice Rack!!!

  • JakubH

    You should call it ELEWHORE

  • robert webb
    robert webb

    I keep telling you guys, it's TORQUE ( a force ) you design transmission parts for, not HP

  • robert webb
    robert webb

    I hope you have all the steering joints in the correct position to eliminate bump steer

  • n 135246
    n 135246

    Since this is a (very) non-parallel steering column/shaft axis geometry , have you considered measuring where the non constant velocity would be max and by how much (possible dissymetry between steering left from right etc)?

  • Modify Reality
    Modify Reality

    Any chance the guys that put together Rob Dahm’s drive shafts and cv axles can make you a set in fairly quick order?

  • john Treloar
    john Treloar

    What happened to the intro for the episode, nothing at the start just straight into it???

  • Jake

    I hope you're not B is for Building the Race day axles or you're gonna B is for Break on the first jump.

  • santhosh kumar
    santhosh kumar

    Why you not try to build a cnc plasma cutter to make fabrication parts🤔

  • Boris2014

    Join this bit, with that bit... and that thing over there, with the round thing. Another pile of junk. Will it drive over 40 mph?

  • MrJy93

    Leaning the seat back is also what some NASCAR teams are doing too. But then you'll need to think about your pedal assembly.

  • youbloodyrippa

    3:06 isnt that it in the background on the ground near the can n screwdriver

  • Max C
    Max C

    Soooo since this is all so custom and it's an offroad car.. whats the plan when stuff breaks?

  • Nahuelche

    Oscar is the absolute definitive man, he is the evolution of human kind.

  • Jason Harris
    Jason Harris

    Can’t wait to see the finished product. This thing looks nuts.

  • Joseph Mann
    Joseph Mann

    Let me know when it’s done....

  • therene

    can you not just make the floorboard lower for the seat?

  • Andrew Novak
    Andrew Novak

    Way more impressed with this thing the more it comes along. Was definitely skeptical at first, but with the laser cut pieces an what not it’s coming out far more legit than I imagined. 🤙🏽

  • Javier M
    Javier M

    Can’t wait to see this finished 💯💯💯

  • David Alejandro Silva Iacobelli
    David Alejandro Silva Iacobelli

    I love how he explains this connects to this, this to that, that to there, and then you have a really awesome steering assembly design. I don’t know anything about off-road builds, I know a little bit about race car builds, and I’ve never seen a steering set as cool as this. Really shows what a great designer SEM is.

  • Scuba Guy
    Scuba Guy

    that dude Oscar is some machinist