MY Friend Almost Got MARRIED #Shorts
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  • Sunnyfog

    Iphone 14?

  • Evan Huynh
    Evan Huynh

    You can tell this is fake because every time he doesn’t get the right one he just gets the dog one

  • Ushs Sujs
    Ushs Sujs

    Pov. Your old comedy broke so you had to get one from 5 below

  • Lightning

    How do I block a channel on SVsoft? How do I report a channel on SVsoft? How do I ban a channel on SVsoft? I need answers plz

  • Sangeeta Barve
    Sangeeta Barve

    Is nich mad

  • el chapas
    el chapas

    The controller xd

  • Hermela berihu
    Hermela berihu

    I have a question? How is the an iPhone 14?? Are you for real 😐


    Zoe like wan wan in mobile legends

  • Furness Tang
    Furness Tang

    iPhone 14 haha

  • Kurwa Kowalska
    Kurwa Kowalska

    Okay, now return the watch back to walmart

  • sofia bursuc
    sofia bursuc

    Yeah sure ... im subscribing right now... defenetly....🙄😐

  • Andrea Ysabela Ballesteros
    Andrea Ysabela Ballesteros

    Zoey is cute

  • No name
    No name

    This is called cringe. These tiktokers are using SVsoft as a Dump Area for their cringy senseless tiktoks.

  • Samantha B
    Samantha B

    Why did he do that to her watch? She didn't do that for his iphone

  • i don't have a name
    i don't have a name

    they made it so fake that they didn't even turn the controller on..

  • The Time
    The Time

    Yea... I’ll help you... *scrolls

  • dd

    IPHONE 14-

  • Lia C nunez Núñez
    Lia C nunez Núñez

    There is no such thing as an i phone 14

  • Dream's Dog
    Dream's Dog

    I’m ashamed that I share a name with this girl

  • big one9732 allairw
    big one9732 allairw

    Iphone 14. *Prosides to show iphone x box*

  • Keegan Johnson
    Keegan Johnson

    Wow a I phone 14

  • Yumeko Jabami
    Yumeko Jabami

    Wait we were supposed to laugh? Cause I didn't.

  • Mubz

    I phone 14


    Nick: OHHH AN IPHONE 14 Lololol

  • Jenny Roblox
    Jenny Roblox

    There is iPhone 14?!

  • ShadowHunter051

    Am i the only one that saw him put 10$ in edit but say 10k$ xd

  • fbi bob
    fbi bob

    I like his videos but come on an iphone 14 what next iphone 100

  • foxys_ girlyy
    foxys_ girlyy

    Wie der einfach mit stuhl auf dem Bett sitzt 😂

  • Emili

    So no one is going to talk about the "iPhone 14" ??

  • dread falcon
    dread falcon

    Zoe is soo cute and funny Nick and zoe and zhong and zango

  • Benny Ze
    Benny Ze

    I feel awful for the fact he’s even over a million

  • FlipMationGaming ;D
    FlipMationGaming ;D

    They act like kids who got pizza for breakfast and then they fight over the last slice of pizza

  • FlipMationGaming ;D
    FlipMationGaming ;D

    The past is better than the future Because there was no cringe people in the past

  • Marquise Alexander
    Marquise Alexander

    Everyone in this is like... I don’t even know.

  • Joyesh Singha
    Joyesh Singha

    iPhone 14 😂

  • S2D-121 Taniya Masud Temkar
    S2D-121 Taniya Masud Temkar

    Why is she moving like that?😶

  • Xen Vizxin
    Xen Vizxin

    Did this nigga say iPhone 14

  • Savage peeps
    Savage peeps

    Nigga said an I phone 14

  • humanity legend
    humanity legend

    You speak another language

  • Angelo Flor
    Angelo Flor

    An iphone 14 me 👁️👄👁️ Are you dumb or wat

  • iiEllixia

    iPhone 14 is a thing???

  • AARU vs PIYU!!!!
    AARU vs PIYU!!!!

    Zhong: throws the PS4 controller Controller: Why you why you bully me??

  • georgenotfoundiscute

    guys don't ignore the fact zhong IS PLAYING WITH THE CONTROLLER OFF??

  • Shed Moaz
    Shed Moaz

    I will use this video as a motivation for me to study so that ill not end up like these people. Thank u ☺️

  • rich drake
    rich drake

    An iPhone 14 stupid🤣

  • Cutie Squad
    Cutie Squad

    What was nich doing on the couch

  • Utami Dewi
    Utami Dewi


  • Monica Martinez
    Monica Martinez


  • SydDreemur 2.0
    SydDreemur 2.0

    Why the girl went like: THUFUFUTHU

  • Bobby Ricky
    Bobby Ricky

    Yay a iphone 14 is gonna come out like it exist I wish It did for free

  • Brooklynn’s farm Fam !!
    Brooklynn’s farm Fam !!

    Since when was it an iPhone 14

  • Dasha Zacharee Tino
    Dasha Zacharee Tino

    Google: acting was invented in 1500 The people in 1499

  • Emilio Escalante
    Emilio Escalante

    Buy me iphone 1000 🙄

  • Andrea Harden
    Andrea Harden

    Yo she lookin like w e n d y s

  • Margaret Bennett
    Margaret Bennett

    iPhone 14 is not even out

  • Raina Williams
    Raina Williams

    The iPhone 14 LOL


    I phone 14 lol

  • Summe r
    Summe r

    The thing is they have 1.81 mil subs i don’t think they will get ten mil

  • Fernando Minecraft
    Fernando Minecraft

    Exist iPhone 14?

  • Medhat Danial
    Medhat Danial

    I love this one

  • Rocio Garcia
    Rocio Garcia

    Was the controller even on 😳

  • Dont hate ppl for smt stupid oof
    Dont hate ppl for smt stupid oof

    Wait.... There's already the iphone 14? bruhhhh i phone literally be going vRoOm vRoOm 😃

  • ahmedzamz

    Didn't he say 10000 dollars not 10

  • hayden Abernathy
    hayden Abernathy

    I like how one just says grow taller like it would happen

  • Bryce Chennault
    Bryce Chennault

    That’s not a iPhone 14

  • GamerKitty

    The ps4 controller was of xD

  • Rashonna Pugh
    Rashonna Pugh

    Can I get that diamond watch cuz he already slapped it out of his hand her hand I want it thank you very much please thank you for watching

  • Angie Sidwell
    Angie Sidwell


  • Angie Sidwell
    Angie Sidwell


  • Captain Cornflakes
    Captain Cornflakes


  • Amadou Haidara
    Amadou Haidara

    My laugh is delayed. It will arive in 39-50 days

  • Jailee Figueroa
    Jailee Figueroa

    iPhone 14?

  • NRG Vybz
    NRG Vybz

    Yo he got an I phone 14 lol

  • Zoe-

    Em my Name 👁👄👁💔

  • Jacob Coote
    Jacob Coote

    Ew, I hope he doesn't reach 10 million idiot followers

  • David Fehrenbacher
    David Fehrenbacher

    I like how it says in the captions is $10 watch

  • Aidan AK47
    Aidan AK47

    Please stop

  • Allvieyan Alvin
    Allvieyan Alvin

    Love you sister zoe

  • Sophia Lalicker
    Sophia Lalicker

    Uhh WoW thE iPhoNe 14?!

  • Maika togavuto
    Maika togavuto

    Is it just me or does this account just irrelevant 😒

  • Grubhub Dad
    Grubhub Dad

    Zoe looks like that one fortnite skin *Ugh*

  • Brooke Vienneau
    Brooke Vienneau

    iPhone 14 😫😫😫

  • shinbee

    They said my laugh will arrive soon,but it got delayed.

  • Grant Williams
    Grant Williams

    Is iPhone 14 🤩

  • Prachi Mathur
    Prachi Mathur

    An iPhOne 14!!!!!

  • Mackenzie Isaacson 18
    Mackenzie Isaacson 18

    Is anyone going to talk anout how je said he got an iphone 14 ????

  • Forrell Dorsey
    Forrell Dorsey

    A iPhone 14???

  • fbi


  • -Chøcø -
    -Chøcø -

    Why does zoe altime says summonya

  • jorlan pangilinan
    jorlan pangilinan


  • discord mod
    discord mod

    If i laugh at this audably at this on video consider it a fake skit or an indoctornation

  • Kalvin Orphan The Orphan
    Kalvin Orphan The Orphan

    Dis dude playing uno wit the 0 card and playing the ps90 with no lights? Lucky man

  • Dorian Thomas
    Dorian Thomas

    No such thing as an Iphone 14

  • bruh

    Him: everyone here will help you to 100 million subscribers. Me: yeah sureeeeeeeeeeeee ❤️ Sike

  • Grace Valle
    Grace Valle

    AN IPHONE 14

  • asia /اسيا
    asia /اسيا


  • Marcus Morgan
    Marcus Morgan

    I thot it was the iphone 12 🤔🤔

  • Shilpa Sharma
    Shilpa Sharma

    Iphone 14 👁️👄👁️

  • Rosalyn Tabieza
    Rosalyn Tabieza


  • da fuq
    da fuq

    it hurts to see people like this who actually have alot of subscribers