Top 10 Sexiest F1 Cars
The pursuit of the fastest racecar never stops in Formula 1, and with that comes some truly unique designs. Some more beautiful that others. Feast your eyes on these beauties, ten of the sexiest F1 cars we’ve seen roar down the tracks.
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    I don't see the Moneytron Onyx or the 2016 Manor on this list, big disagree with your selections


    The MP4/6 looks better than the 4

  • zounds13

    No Lotus 72?

  • D. R.
    D. R.

    I'm surprised there are no V10 era cars!

  • Omahamaho

    I like how none of the cars on this list exist past the 90s, the way it should be lol

  • carlos eduardo lopes
    carlos eduardo lopes

    in Brazil we speek portuguese, not spannish! Jacarapaguá J spells the same as in english

    • carlos eduardo lopes
      carlos eduardo lopes


  • Dry My Tears
    Dry My Tears

    Where is the 1999 BAR??

  • mikey380sx

    0:15 love seeing that Williams squat before it takes off

  • Qomplainerz

    Lotus 49 :-)

  • overtheunknown

    Nothing from the 70's and 00's 😔


    Was it difficult to add english subtitles?


    Jordan 191 - the best ever!!!

  • RossBayCult

    Let’s face it. We’re all here for 8:04

  • Christo

    the aspect ratios have be fiddled with on all the old footage. too flat and sleek. cant compare when tires arent actually round!

  • beatsS99

    And Lotus 78 and Lotus 79. Brabham BT46B?

  • Gothmog2266

    top job by the narrator

  • Loïs Dadon
    Loïs Dadon

    Mansell is blessed by F1 Gods

  • Surprise toy City
    Surprise toy City

    9:14 I guess Nelson Piquet must have remembered that trophy when he received the one for his victory in 1986 German GP ;)

  • Motorsoul ss
    Motorsoul ss

    And yet they not included the most beautiful F1 car ever, the Ferrari F1 92

  • kimi raikkonen
    kimi raikkonen

    Ferrari F2008


    Dejaron afuera al Shadow DN5, al brabham BT 44, la Ferrari 312 T4, el Ligier JS11, el Tyrrell T38..sus conceptos estéticos son muy debatibles.

  • Mechanical Whale Productions
    Mechanical Whale Productions


  • MontyGote

    I misread the title as "Top 10 Sexist F1 Cars" and I was confused for a moment


    I honestly thought this way for april fools but then I saw the date when it came out

  • Baco

    was hoping to see the tyrell 006

  • BKamron

    I don't care, the mid 00s had the best-looking. But that Jordan 191 with the 7up logo though is a boss-looking car tho.

  • monaro5

    How did the Lotus 72 not make this list...

  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear

    How does anyone do a list of 10 Sexiest F1 Cars and NOT INCLUDE THE Lotus 79?


    Jacarepaqua with J as in french Jacques. Not an H.

  • BlacksmithVRS

    @5:45 "Honder Engine"

  • 80s F1 Fan
    80s F1 Fan

    1: Lotus 98T 2: Jordan 191 3: Benetton B186 4: Ferrari 126C2 5: Williams FW11B 6: Brabham BT53 7: Ferrari 641/2 8: Williams FW14B 9: Mclaren MP4/6 10: Brabham BT54

  • behopp

    Jordan 191?

  • SolidSonicTH

    Is this an objective list...?

  • Bill McDonald
    Bill McDonald

    Where's the Ferrari 312T? Not even a nod? A wink? Nothing?

  • D.E.B. B
    D.E.B. B

    Lotus 72 in JPS black and gold. Or the year before, with red/white, and gold leaf. Most beautiful F1 car, ever.

  • Babalorixá

    McLaren 1998

  • TuomioK

    Im dissapointed. I think the SOUND is huge part in F1's sexiness. So I think it's a disgrace to not include cars from early 2000's and late 90's.

  • Keith Bird
    Keith Bird

    What? No Lotus 49?

  • Z. Niamut
    Z. Niamut

    mate, I'm so high rn, I read "top 10 *SEXIST* F1 cars" smh...

  • Mark Briggs
    Mark Briggs

    Great narration. Thanks

  • Wayne Schlotfeldt
    Wayne Schlotfeldt

    Poor pick for No. 1

  • Gross Meister
    Gross Meister

    The Lotus 98T is the #1 most beautiful car ever, followed by the 99T! No doubts about that!

  • Simon Hill
    Simon Hill

    no Lotus 72?

  • Briana sasthap
    Briana sasthap

    The well-groomed bolt specifically squash because chard jekely reach below a disagreeable squirrel. daffy, pretty disadvantage

  • Diether Santos
    Diether Santos

    Formula E Gen2 Car is the best

  • Holanduzo

    Missing the Rothmans Williams.

  • Alexander Trefz
    Alexander Trefz

    Shame on you, not putting the Red Goddess into this lineup.

  • Sašenko Š
    Sašenko Š

    7up 😂

  • Nervo 63
    Nervo 63

    The Gold Leaf Lotus was a beautiful F1 car...

  • derek crymble
    derek crymble

    1982 Ferrari should have been on this list !

  • Aldin Bibic
    Aldin Bibic


  • RccDB Cars
    RccDB Cars

    How didn't you include Schumacher's Ferrari F2004??? Most beautiful F1 car ever. In my opinion...but also one of the most successful

  • dodolurker

    I don't hear many people mentioning this, but as far as beautiful F1 cars go, my #1 is the Brabham BT55 from 1986 :-). Sure, it wasn't that great for various reasons, but in my eyes, it looked absolutely stunning :-).

  • Pasta Col Tonno
    Pasta Col Tonno

    F1 is running out of content

  • H̸̪̓á̸̦a̶̗͊č̴̩h̸̘͂ă̶̘m̵̛̫ḁ̴̋-̶̺͑C̵͇̕h̷̲̓ą̸́m̴͎͋a̶̛͖

    Ok the mp4/4 is just straight up too NSFW for youtube. I think this video is demonetized.

  • Casey Colgan
    Casey Colgan

    1:14 "and a Renault power unit" lol, we're retroactively calling engines PU's now lol

  • Arne Dopudja
    Arne Dopudja

    Benetton B194 tho.

  • aydan khaliq
    aydan khaliq

    My list: (not in order) 1. Brabham bt52 2. Ferrari 641 3. Brabham bt55 4. Jordan 191 5. Ferrari 312t2 6. Ferrari 156 7. Eagle MK1 8. Maserati 250f 9. Mercedes w196R 10. Ferrari 412t2

  • Troy Lewis
    Troy Lewis

    Where's the Tipo 159 Alfetta or the Lancia Ferrari D50 V8? Fangio's 1956' world championship car, beautiful!

  • madbalee

    +Prost 98-99


    Alternative title for Argentina:Top 10 B E C C A S E X I E S T F1 cars Only Argentinians can understand Solo los Argentinos entenderán

  • Speed Killer
    Speed Killer

    why arent any new cars in the list? do they really look that bad :(

  • Steve Denton
    Steve Denton

    Lotus 25 should of been number one

  • Urchin Norton
    Urchin Norton

    Its weird "4.00" m in, front looks like the 192 although the team wear 7up branding, philips is on the cockpit. Is it an interim car 191y maybe?

  • Hallam Crafer
    Hallam Crafer

    F1 onlyfans confirmed

  • Earlybird Earlybird
    Earlybird Earlybird

    The Lotus in 1984 was the sexiest F1 Car ever !

  • Bender Bending Rodriguez
    Bender Bending Rodriguez

    That reggaeton tho

  • Mzz Zzz
    Mzz Zzz

    I liked the BMW Sauber

  • electroborg

    *looks at the title* *thinks: I wonder how the 1989 Ferrari fares*

  • Daltira

    That first Williams car & the Jordan 191 DEFINATELY the nicest looking.

  • Hepek

    Lotus 49 should be #1

  • Jewbro Afrodude
    Jewbro Afrodude

    Now do F1's most sexist cars or F1's most racist cars

  • AppleLauda

    8:07 1450 BHP!!!!!!

  • MN F
    MN F

    Really? No 2004 Ferrari?

  • Constipated Parker
    Constipated Parker

    I thought this was WatchMojo for a second.

  • Sam Fallow
    Sam Fallow

    The fact that the Lotus 72 isn't No. 1 is disappointing. That it isn't even mentioned means the list is invalid.

  • Jordan Price
    Jordan Price

    Ferrari F1/86 Looks absolutely sublime on par with the Lotus 98T

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz

    Lotus 79 is sexiest

  • DinsdalePiranha67

    What? No love for the Lotus 79?

  • studio calderini
    studio calderini

    Well, guys, I miss the following (in chronological order): Maserati 250 Lancia D50 Tyrrel oo6 Uop Shadow

  • Alex Magg
    Alex Magg

    Then the 9 cars F1: and the 1st is HAAS 2021😂😂😂

  • Jeffrey Bos
    Jeffrey Bos

    One of my personal favorites has to be the Simtek S941. It was slow, underpowered and Ratzenberger lost his life in that car but i just love the looks of it...

  • SoWieTakeda


  • Moosa Sultan
    Moosa Sultan

    Sexiest Cars In F1 Cars of 2000's: Are we a Joke to you

  • Chad A
    Chad A

    Tyrrell P34? Hello?

  • Pablo Fernandez
    Pablo Fernandez

    Not only the Ferrari 640 had the first sequential style paddle shift transmission, that gearbox also added a 7th gear, i still find it hard to believe since 7 gear transmissions were a standard for F1 during the 2000s and early 2010s

  • Crab ken
    Crab ken

    I’d like to throw in the Renault R25

  • M Phelps
    M Phelps

    I thought the problem with John Barnard's "move to Maranello" was that he didn't move to Maranello.

  • R D
    R D

    The mp4 slash 4 what a beast

  • Snoopy The Dog
    Snoopy The Dog

    Thought the Keke Rosberg and Alan Jones Williams were much nicer looking than Mansells, Lotus 72...beautiful, in fact most of the Lotus's apart from the one you guys chose, most of the 60's cars were beautiful, some of the best looking Ferraris and Maseratis and Alfas....just my opinion

  • Alfred Schonberg
    Alfred Schonberg

    What? No Lotus 79?

    • Hugo Stiglitz
      Hugo Stiglitz

      Exactly bro. You have great taste unlike the creator of this video

  • Ricardo Cortes
    Ricardo Cortes

    I missed the LOTUS 49. And in first place. Both for technological breakthrough as well as looks. I am sad.

  • William Hancock
    William Hancock

    What about the lotus 25 and 79 some strange choices here!

  • Fernando Batista
    Fernando Batista

    It is Jacarepaguá, not Racarepaguá, in portuguese the j is pronounced as the j in english, not as a R in spanish. And you missed th Simtek S941 Ford.

  • Richard Santmier
    Richard Santmier

    What? No Lotus 79 in the list??

  • Potato Pants
    Potato Pants

    "The Rotund Renault"

  • Matthew Austin
    Matthew Austin

    Music @ 5:00 ?

  • MRSamiboi

    Hahaha de chesaris

  • Scott L.
    Scott L.

    No Tyrrell-Ford P34? Y'all crazy...

  • Ronayi Yetiş
    Ronayi Yetiş

    to me, it is Ferrari F2004