Incredible Transformation Of A 1990 Toyota Pickup!!!
The transformation of my 1990 Toyota Pickup!!!
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Build List:
Body lift:
Headlight harness:
Corner lights:
Tail lights:
Headlight surrounds:
Carpet kit:
5VZ Clutch:
Front Shocks:
Rear Shocks:
Tintable Raptor Liner:
Black Raptor Liner:
Professional Raptor Gun:
Fender Flares:
Pod lights:
Front blinkers:
Conversion harness:
Camera equipment used in the video!
Sony A7II Camera:
GoPro Hero 8 Black:
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  • ROADKILL4147

    nice job did ya use rino liner just wandering :)

  • José Felix Escalante
    José Felix Escalante

    Soy nicaragüense me gustaría remodelar la mía una runner 2001

  • Wong Fah
    Wong Fah

    Salam satu hobbi 🇮🇩

  • Keith

    this, and you are just bad ass man

  • Vladimir Mitrovic
    Vladimir Mitrovic

    All proces done in 12 minutes. This guy is really great and fast. Good job . Great job keep going

  • Raihan seerat
    Raihan seerat


  • James Whiteman
    James Whiteman

    Ol whistlin diesels gonna buy this and fukin ruin it in a second, sad emoji ,, great vid, love the passion

  • VEGA

    Süper harika ellerine sağlık .Mükemmel bir çalışma güle güle kullan.

  • seeker

    Toyota doesn’t really die it just retires until it’s needed again

  • simon bridges
    simon bridges

    You've got some skill sets, there pal. Briliant

  • Aguinaldo Lopez
    Aguinaldo Lopez

    Bravissimo. Complimenti 💪

  • Toy Wongnunta
    Toy Wongnunta

    อยากเอารถคันเก่า ที่บ้านไปทำแบบนี้มั่งจัง สวยฝุดๆ จะต้องใช้เงิน สักเท่าไหร่น้าแบบนี้

  • 风风

    金属前后保险杆很硬汉 但是会不会对行人的伤害太大了

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh

    just showed on my recommendation feed. Just saw from start to finish. You are an one man army brother. More power to you. Love from India

  • Miguel .Angelo
    Miguel .Angelo

    Hermosa camioneta

  • Godspeed onethousand
    Godspeed onethousand

    Anazing work pro🤙🤙❤

  • Eric Kelvin
    Eric Kelvin

    Mahn this is passionate

  • Le Shadock & La Gibi
    Le Shadock & La Gibi

    super bricoleur le mec

  • Nguyen Manh Tuan
    Nguyen Manh Tuan


  • jobson88

    All hail to the creative engineers! :) But seriously: friggin' awesome!

  • damkayaker

    Beautiful truck and your skills are awesome. 10:51 Why did you leave that dent or did that happen after you finished it?

  • Jonathan Nawrocki
    Jonathan Nawrocki

    wow is really cool

  • Jaime Mendoza
    Jaime Mendoza

    Subbed it!

  • Steven Davies
    Steven Davies

    Still looks crappy....

    • Austin Niemela
      Austin Niemela

      Thanks lol

  • Victorious Pauper
    Victorious Pauper


    • Austin Niemela
      Austin Niemela

      Thanks 👍

  • Gerar Pertet
    Gerar Pertet


  • Rak Hit
    Rak Hit

    West Coast Customs: "We got a specialist for your interior, engine, aftermarket bodywork, audio..." Austin: "Yeah, I can do that." This guy has some serious skill not to mention patience. I'd pay him to restore my car.

    • Austin Niemela
      Austin Niemela

      Thanks man!

  • Charlie Pugh
    Charlie Pugh


  • bluesharp59

    Thumb's Up !

  • Nice job. I wish I could've gotten my 89 Bronco ll done in 12 minutes.

  • King Fantastic
    King Fantastic

    Where do people learn to do a work of art like this? Definately wanna learn.

  • Charm Wal
    Charm Wal

    wow i want one



  • tazmankb26

    Badass man- you are immensely talented and have mad skills. Toyota's have always had a soft spot in my heart as my first vehicle was a 76' SR5 pickup with the 20R. I would love to find that model again and build it up.

    • Austin Niemela
      Austin Niemela

      I appreciate that!

  • Maria Edleide
    Maria Edleide


  • Julio Sandoval
    Julio Sandoval

    Mis respetos mecánicos chingones

  • Raghav Thakur 8060
    Raghav Thakur 8060

    4:28 what are those for?

  • Chesda YUK
    Chesda YUK

    It look old nut is till strong car


    Wowww good👍👍

  • jorge jelicic
    jorge jelicic

    Impressive !

  • Maria Lenkova
    Maria Lenkova

    Amazing !! wish I had your talent

    • Austin Niemela
      Austin Niemela

      Wow, thank you!

  • Homo in universum
    Homo in universum

    Que trabalho maravilhoso! Ganhou um inscrito. Demais seus vídeos!

  • Interesting Videos for Techno
    Interesting Videos for Techno

  • Anders Nielsen
    Anders Nielsen

    It went from a nice working tool, to an ugly city tractor.. That is not incredible, it is depressing!

    • Austin Niemela
      Austin Niemela


  • المصطفى المصطفي أحمدو
    المصطفى المصطفي أحمدو

    Muito bom excelente 🇲🇷🇲🇷🇲🇷🇲🇷

  • المصطفى المصطفي أحمدو
    المصطفى المصطفي أحمدو

    جيد جدا 🇲🇷🇲🇷🇲🇷

  • Deathwingelite Gantz
    Deathwingelite Gantz

    Love the restore & effort that went into it. BUT "Show pony" - Too pretty to be practical?. Yes you can do something doesn't mean you should..

    • Austin Niemela
      Austin Niemela

      Thanks! You want to see pretty go check out my red toyota... This is a very practical build

  • Béla Fesztbaum
    Béla Fesztbaum


  • Béla Fesztbaum
    Béla Fesztbaum


  • Zayar Linn
    Zayar Linn


  • James Hollen
    James Hollen

    Austin, YOU ARE THE MAN !

  • Mr. S308
    Mr. S308

    why didn't you fix up all the dents?

  • Kodi Marius
    Kodi Marius

    i see toyota 1990 hilux i hit like 😍👌👌👍👍great job bro!

  • Maluku Original
    Maluku Original

    bro, you work alone with a high work ethics, salute


    Just wowed 🤐🤩

  • SGt Smith
    SGt Smith

    Props!! You aren't a kid playing video games, moaning about the world & whatever else!! True skills

  • SGt Smith
    SGt Smith

    Seriously don't know how ya had the time, but do a giveaway to subscribers or do a fix up to someones vehicle!! Have an 07 Colorado, 57,000 miles. Would love to see what you could do!

  • SGt Smith
    SGt Smith

    Well everyone that sat on their butts, watched netflicks (or wthe it & other tv is) or did nothing during Covid for 9 to 14 months are looking at their pos vehicle & fat gut crying!

  • santos shaun
    santos shaun


  • Arnaldo Vargas
    Arnaldo Vargas

    The best !!!!

  • DWG

    Absolute cracking job!! Hats off to you mate.

    • Austin Niemela
      Austin Niemela

      Thank you!

  • Don Guti
    Don Guti


  • Mart lalk
    Mart lalk

    Nice Job /

  • Bill Bob
    Bill Bob

    I have a 22 year old Toyota truck that still works great! I would love to give it a face lift.

  • Santiago Pagliani
    Santiago Pagliani

    Incredible work! lot of passion, pacience and hardwork! congrats from Argentina

  • Rob Skinner
    Rob Skinner

    How much did you spend on this project?

  • Czech Death
    Czech Death

    Makes me hopeful I can do that to my car aswell. I dont have shed like this, or tools, or skills xD damn

  • The SouleMan NYC
    The SouleMan NYC

    the whole rig!! but the custom bumpers... i mean.. that is just over the top!!! Nice Work!

  • Tommi Metsäpuro
    Tommi Metsäpuro

    for me it was not incredible anymore after painting on the rust 1:45

  • Darwin Jaramillo
    Darwin Jaramillo

    Que bacan 👍🏻👍🏻.

  • faraj medr
    faraj medr

    wow that au some man.

  • CeruX

    Lyrics: *Beat*

  • ilyn Payne
    ilyn Payne

    This is one amazing job my friend I've never seen anything like this

  • Bashir Johnson
    Bashir Johnson

    One word......... AMAZING

  • Art King Of WholeFoods
    Art King Of WholeFoods

    You SHOULD do this as a business!

  • Shankar Shrestha
    Shankar Shrestha

    Welldone bro

  • MichalBoguslawski


  • Jim Wang
    Jim Wang

    Always love toyota👍

  • Olaniyi Oyelowo
    Olaniyi Oyelowo

    She's reborn! Well done!

  • Aymen Musa
    Aymen Musa

    You did an amazing job

  • Carlos Barba
    Carlos Barba

    Gorgeous!! Love Toyotas specially that style , with that bullet proof engine. Great job !!!

  • Marco Aurelio
    Marco Aurelio

    Fsssssssssssßy gostaria H UI OP OP POVO V

  • Marco Aurelio
    Marco Aurelio

    Fsssssssssssßy gostaria H UI OP OP POVO V

  • สุครีพ สะเตอะ
    สุครีพ สะเตอะ


  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson

    Very Cool

  • Jellicoe Chin
    Jellicoe Chin

    I don't think this dude knows how many islanders he's made happy in this vid.

  • The Rugby Channel
    The Rugby Channel

    Remarkable, Beautiful.

  • Алексей Парк
    Алексей Парк

    Привет с о. САХАЛИН.😁👍

  • J.

    Dude! Is there literally any skill you don’t have?? F’in AMAZING work!!!

    • Austin Niemela
      Austin Niemela

      Thanks brother!!

  • Stephane Edgard
    Stephane Edgard

    Good djob i like from Martinique ...

  • c K
    c K

    1:39 what compound are you using to paint the frame? 1:49 what solvent are you using?

  • Don Berry
    Don Berry

    Foreign products are foreign profits. Get it.

  • sumit agarwal
    sumit agarwal

    Hats off


    great job on that truck you are super guy thanks glenn so fl

    • Austin Niemela
      Austin Niemela

      Thanks 👍

  • Elísio Eudes
    Elísio Eudes

    Excepcional guerreiro!!

  • 송종철


  • Rob T
    Rob T

    WOW. how much do you want for it. or how much did u sell it for?

    • Rob T
      Rob T

      @Austin Niemela cool. I like it but not $15k like. but thanks for the info. keep up the good work

    • Austin Niemela
      Austin Niemela

      I still have it, almost ready to sell. I’ll ask around 15k

  • Kakabsat Bag
    Kakabsat Bag

    Wow amazing car..

  • Rossana Torre
    Rossana Torre