I would love to meet those who abuse me! I Arsenal v Benfica I Granit Xhaka press conference
0:00 intro
0:20 we have not given up in PL but Europa so important now
1:00 this season has been complicated and up and down
2:05 can see how we are improving
2:35 best form under Mikel? Hard to say but I am in good shape
3:15 Mikel one of main reasons I am still at the club
4:30 important thing is the team and coach and staff are happy with me
4:59 Partey? we play well together
6:05 all the managers have picked me so must be doing something good
7:40 I want to be at Arsenal long term - people thought I would go when what happened with fans a year ago. I am very happy here
8:50 I love the club and not afraid to play in front of fans and they only help push us
9:55 Mikel's tactics clear and very good
11:00 Pepe very important to us and looks very good on the left
11:55 social media abuse? OK to criticise me as a player, but not my wife, kids and family
13:15 When lose everyone hates you. I would love to meet people who write to me
14:25 online abusers are not supporters of my club -
15:20 can football help? Have to accept what people write.
16:10 I am surprised how strong I am - it is not normal
17:25 the first leg result better for us but we were still disappointed
18:00 Seferovic? Friends since teenagers
Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka opens up on the abuse he has endured from 'supporters' but insists he is happy at the club ahead of Europa League second leg tie against Benfica.

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  • HaytersTV

    are online abusers true Arsenal fans??

    • Anik

      @Lenard Jacop it’s easy to be all for abuse online, try saying that to his face, and in real life, and see where that gets you.

    • Lenard Jacop
      Lenard Jacop

      @Amesy20 Like I said preform well and no one what abuse you your family your dog. The Tony Adams cherry on read Patrick vera done is Birkham ever got abuse form fans ?

    • Mason Meaney
      Mason Meaney

      No.. 👏

    • Dipesh Bhatta
      Dipesh Bhatta

      No never

    • Amesy20

      @Lenard Jacop I am not saying a player can’t be criticised, I am saying not abused or his family as that’s despicable but you think otherwise and are a worry!

  • Zenda Malik
    Zenda Malik

    Sounds like Cristiano Ronaldo... And kinda look a like.. i think hes cr7 brother tbh 😂

  • Meek Geek
    Meek Geek

    Bro! don't talk just work and no one will abuse you...you have been here for four years and you still talking xhit.

  • Ramsey Merdassi
    Ramsey Merdassi

    Arsenal should never have signed Xhaka. Terrible signing. Not good enough to play at this level. He would struggle to make any championship side. If he worked harder in training instead of trying to deflect towards arsenal fans he might actually improve. If Arteta wants have a short time in the job he should stick with Xhaka

  • austin johnson
    austin johnson

    You see why he gets the abuses he does?. Look at his performance against Burnley today

  • Andy Andrea
    Andy Andrea

    Come back and take some criticism for your and Leno's fuck up today! No doubt your a nice guy but are you good enough for where Arsenal and Arteta want to go? Maybe you're great in the dressing room but so is Martin Keown and Ian Wright. Never going to abuse you but you pass back and sideways so often. What is it you see that no one else does? Don't get offended everytime you get constructive criticism off fans. No one should get abused.

  • barrybreaks

    No need to be abusive but how many games has this donkey cost Arsenal? He chats a good game but cant even trap a cabbage.. Absolute wasteman!!

  • SilkySquirrel woodcraft
    SilkySquirrel woodcraft

    not gonna lie but his performances and the team were and have been appalling. that being said he has been a new type of player under Mikel. still would like to sell him now tho

  • Bradley Edwards
    Bradley Edwards

    As a arsenal fan I think Granits been playing his best football at arsenal lately and long may it continue! Signing partyey has brought his level up imo

  • Osh at Large
    Osh at Large

    Those season ticket holders should be banned for life

  • Osh at Large
    Osh at Large

    Such a fantastic start to the questions! What a dick.

  • Chris Reed
    Chris Reed

    He’s been arsenals most consistent performer for years now... all arsenal fans are a joke.. without xhaka we would of finished 20th last year and be about 22nd this year in the championship 🤣🤣🤣

  • Reckoner

    Xhaka and Partey is a good partnetship - hopefully they can play many matches together consistently

  • pimpim pagon
    pimpim pagon

    You still NOT GOOD ENOUGH for Arsenal 🔴🔴COYG

  • Sanjay R Pai
    Sanjay R Pai

    Yea he is crap we all see know it and see it.... online abuse to the family is wrong but he can’t be taking sympathy from it to cover his mistakes and the fact that he is crap !! He needs to be sold 😊

  • Thibault Axel Habineza
    Thibault Axel Habineza

    Xhaka is shit, dead food

  • Everton Thompson
    Everton Thompson

    I've always liked Granit Xhaka since arriving at Arsenal he's in my opinion exactly what we needed. Yes he has made mistakes but don't we all

  • yonni tdk
    yonni tdk

    we love you xhaka

  • 2015 Arya Karkera 58
    2015 Arya Karkera 58

    He has improved alot under Arteta and he is getting work done for now but he definitely wasn't or is not good enough to be an Arsenal captain. When Arsenal reaches where it deserves to be Xhaka cannot even be a rotation player tbh. We deserve nothing less than Partey's calibre in our midfield to be a CL level team. Xhaka maybe a captain material due to his strong personality but his attitude and maturity isn't good enough for Arsenal. He can be a good player at a lower league where his weaknesses are not exposed and at Arsenal in PL all his weaknesses got exposed that's why he probably was most criticised in his career here. I admire his tenacity and focus to handle all this criticism over the years but bottom line is if he had left early it would had been better for both him and the club.

  • Artur Pariasek
    Artur Pariasek

    Thank you for this interview! This guy isn‘t even bad, xhaka is really important in every game right now. He just makes unnecessary mistakes tbh. He really is overhated

  • Yacouba Sawadogo
    Yacouba Sawadogo

    Xhaka won't be first or the last player that will see his family being abused or threatened due to his poor performances.it's frequently happening in every league in Europe because fans are very demanding but players always know to deal with this situation when it happens.i just don't like when he gets mad and throw the shirt on the pitch in front of every fans.it's unacceptable!! Every fan is different! But we all love one club arsenal!!!

  • Dean Tiernan
    Dean Tiernan

    07723480160 I will meet you

  • achiando raymond
    achiando raymond

    I personally think footballers should let a pr company run their social media accounts ,you can't win in these sites

  • jackson riviera
    jackson riviera

    The vast majority of Arsenal fans respect and value a player like Xhaka. I hope he knows that. Unfortunately, every fanbase has a minority of idiots, and those who abused Xhaka's wife and kids should be identified and banned from the Emirates for life.

  • Kevin Schmidt
    Kevin Schmidt

    Don't get personal with him that's not okay. But Jesus i don't like him as a player. And 1.5 decent months doesn't change the fact he has to be sold this sommer ! Not a coincidence that we haven't finished in the top 4 ever since he joined.

  • Jeffrey Nsofor
    Jeffrey Nsofor

    The way he speaks and his body language reminds me of Cristiano Ronaldo....

  • Lee Barker
    Lee Barker

    Love this guy.

  • Jane Mwai
    Jane Mwai

    Those who are Arteta out here are some questions for you 1.Where exactly do you rank this Arsenal squad 2. If klopp was Arsenal's manager where would this team finish 3.How available(injuries) have the players been. 4.Do you see any improvement? The thing with Arteta is that the club know its a gamble with him because he hasn't coached before in this capacity.When Wenger left he was the front runner to get the job until Emery came in and couldn't fit into the clubs Dna for example Arteta fixed something instantly that Emery struggled to do , playing out from the back . So do your analysis objectively

  • Ash Creedmoor
    Ash Creedmoor

    I am one of Xhaka's biggest critics and it isn't his fault, it is the managers and owners fault. As a person he is fine, as a footballer for Arsenal he isn't good enough. Too slow, too one footed, poor tackling, gives away too many fouls, can't turn to face and slows the game down too much. This is in winning and losing. Hopefully gets moved on and goes to the Italian league where he will do much better.

  • GetReward47

    I don't see xhaka getting into any top6 club, recently he has been good but avg rest of the time. If we consider arsenal as 3rd best English club he's not good enough but for 6-12 in the table he will be ok. No offense towards anyone just my opinion. Also no one should be abused online or offline.

  • ansardagooner 14
    ansardagooner 14

    I remember the old arsenal team. When they went down to 10 men they would still win the game or comeback and win the game! This team would rather settle for a draw or focus on damage limitation as soon as we’re down too 10 men

  • Gidado Sidi Mustapha
    Gidado Sidi Mustapha

    Has someone also noticed Xhaka's facial and vocal resemblance with Cristiano?

  • Enis Azemi
    Enis Azemi

    His mentality is great for himself and his family as a and secondly as a player for his club for whom he plays for. As he said if a player playes one bad game people will criticize and when you play a better game people praise you. My message to you Granit is be yourself and dont worry about people saying this and that. Love the club and "play for the Badge" and that's what matters. ✌️

  • Why Fhy
    Why Fhy

    I'm a Chelsea supporter and I actually think he's a decent player. I don't get why he gets so much stick. To be honest these players are at the very highest level and especially the premier league where every player is high quality. People have good days and bad days, and at this level that can be the difference between winning or losing. There are so many variables to a team performing well. It's idiotic to think players are at 100% every match. That's what makes football so amazing. You can have the best 11 players and still not win every match. Fans need to back off especially with abusing families etc. Cowards. Up the Chelsea

  • mad monkey
    mad monkey

    He abused the hard working die hard fans when he threw the shirt on the floor and put his middle fingers up shouting "f*** off" to them all The club is a joke for putting up with that.

    • An Enigma
      An Enigma

      What of the abuse that lead to the bust up?

  • Lenard Jacop
    Lenard Jacop

    He just needs to play and keep it moving the team been shit for 10 plus years you can understand the fans anger.

    • Alex George
      Alex George

      Thats the thing-some fans think its ALL on Arteta but the truth is these problems have been brewing under the surface for at least a decade and they're just becoming visible now

  • Freaky Deeky
    Freaky Deeky

    Smack that across the floor Smack that towards the goal

  • mandy hill
    mandy hill

    Granite Xhaka keep up your positivity, don't let the small minded negative people upset you. Hold your head up high. Thank you Hayters TV.

    • HaytersTV


  • CJ's tube Jack of all trade
    CJ's tube Jack of all trade

    Well done Xhaka. Superb

  • Johnny Sounds
    Johnny Sounds

    Well said Christiano

  • Gerhart Ringler
    Gerhart Ringler

    No need to meet the idiots. As said by the other supporters, why do u want to talk sense with a silly person. ✌️

  • Qhawelenkosi Ndlovu
    Qhawelenkosi Ndlovu

    Online Abusers should be muted! COYG⚽️🏆

  • Qhawelenkosi Ndlovu
    Qhawelenkosi Ndlovu

    I love Xhaka. The Captain role is too big for Auba. Auba knows how to score not carry the team!

    • blackninja gamer
      blackninja gamer

      hes the only other capable captain for our team and ever since xhaxa was stripped from the captain band hes been playing better and improving

  • Abdus Salam
    Abdus Salam

    Quality press conference by Xhaka. Arsenal fans need to calm down. Let our club get out of this transition and build slowly but back the team except abusing and ranting after every defeat because yes we want to win every game but right now every team is evolving but we need to and will with everyone on the same side!!

  • Willy Skallz
    Willy Skallz

    One of the most consistent performers this season for the club. Excellent midfielder.

  • Dgnius Makileven
    Dgnius Makileven

    Chill with the abuse, but Granit Xhaxa, cannot be a starting midfielder for arsenal. The club is suffering for a PROPER Mid-Field Pairing. We cannot compete amongst the elite too many mediocre player. And has he said Arteta is why he is still here. Terrible decision in my opinion.

  • Parapsyglider

    Great interview, spoke well there, very honest. Online abusers are poison especially if they are targeting families. But Xhaka as a player is not good enough, for a mid table team he is good though. The sooner he leaves the better for Arsenal.

  • TheGunnerdano

    If it upsets you or effects you and your life this much they dont have it? its all for personal brand and money at the end of the day so if you cant handle it delete it.

    • Nolita Werrett
      Nolita Werrett

      Common sense. But we have seen the way he plays - he has no common sense!

  • Nas A
    Nas A

    I’ve always criticised him as a player but jeesus some people take it too far. I can’t imagine how much anger I would have if I did something bad at my job and people started insulting my family. It’s ridiculous. I’m glad he’s talking about it it shows how much it hurt him.

  • Kibui Wa Diaspora
    Kibui Wa Diaspora

    No player or his family should ever be abused in any way.......but critique is always allowed. But it’s not Xhaka’s fault, the club signed an average player with high expectations.... imagine if we got Kante

  • Yousef 015
    Yousef 015

    @HaytersTV do you know who the first guy asking questions was called because he sounds exactly like one of my teachers.

  • english bob
    english bob

    absolutely not


    Give this guy the armband back, Auba doesn’t cut it anymore and you can see he doesn’t have that captain mentality. Xhaka performs EVERY game and you can tell he’s proud to play for the club.

  • mark hancock
    mark hancock

    Say strong well said very good interview. Good luck tonight.

  • yellowgamer

    Harry Kane and Son abuse you constantly, so you have met some of them

  • Gavin Israel
    Gavin Israel

    Honestly not a fan and he’s a flop for me big time who’s notoriously overrated in a football sense. The people who abused him are wrong and out of line, nothing is wrong with banter but it’s never good to abuse players and there family. Xhaka shown strength and character and I personally want to see him take more control on the field, taking more set pieces because he has a great shot on him, read the game a little better and have more of an impact on the team..

  • Melody Tropikal
    Melody Tropikal

    Xhaka too slow king of back passes. Otherwise I don t hate him personally. If we want to win big things he is not the answer.

    • r

      averages 4 accurate long balls a game but yea king of back passes

  • Gaetan Klai
    Gaetan Klai

    I agree: winning, losing, it's all part of the game! So is passing forward.. Try that and I bet you won't receive as much abuse..

  • Kemar Bailey
    Kemar Bailey

    Hes deffo captain material. Auba could not talk like this

  • kai ming
    kai ming

    This interview make me respect g.xhaka more.

    • HaytersTV


  • Elite_Alpha_Male

    I’m not an online abuser but xhaka! Awful player, ever since he joined us we haven’t made champions league FACTS!

    • HaytersTV

      all down to him?

  • Twisted Gooner
    Twisted Gooner

    He has his issues but when he’s on it he’s on it I like his attitude and also like to see him have a good run of games with partey

    • HaytersTV

      they play well together

  • H A Phillips
    H A Phillips

    I have never and would never say anything personal about Xhaka or about his family, that's just stupidity, but I wish people would understand why he was booed. I was at that game, he wasn't booed for his performance - he was booed (and I was booing too) because we were desperate for a goal and when he got subbed he trudged off at a comically slow pace as if we were protecting a lead and he was wasting time. It was absolutely infuriating.

    • HaytersTV

      he was a disgrace that day

  • J

    He’s really stepped up his game this season, he’s been excellent. He shows great mentality and leadership on and off the pitch, and I personally think he should be captain again 💯

    • J

      @HaytersTV i think because he’s made such a big improvement and he’s made a strong comeback after the issue under Emery, people are respecting/supporting him more which is good. He’s our only real leader on the pitch at the moment

    • HaytersTV

      interesting to see how much support he is getting now

  • An ch
    An ch

    He’s a grown up man making big money who the fk cares what anyone is writing on social media it could literally be anyone and yet often it’s pinned on fans. They all need to stop crying n moaning like little bitches , not saying I condone the idiocy of people online but anyone who’s played an online game in there life cod etc knows the abuse is mad and should also know it’s whatever n not cry about it.

  • Fo Indarto
    Fo Indarto

    Granit Xhaka, I love you man. Hayters TV, I love this channel 👍👍

    • HaytersTV

      thanks for watching Fo

  • Rohan Brown
    Rohan Brown


    • HaytersTV


  • Yuva Coothen
    Yuva Coothen

    Xhaka, big man, you've already met troopz before lol

    • HaytersTV


  • Gaetan Klai
    Gaetan Klai

    Did you hear that Thierry Henry doesn't watch Arsenal when Xhaka is playing..?

    • Gaetan Klai
      Gaetan Klai

      @HaytersTV yep true story

    • HaytersTV

      we did now

  • Safe Mo
    Safe Mo

    He has been sensational since his red card. Keep up the good work Granit 💪🏽

    • Safe Mo
      Safe Mo

      @HaytersTV r u an Arsenal fan? It's something I always wanted to ask you

    • HaytersTV

      hope it continues

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M

    Arsenal fans have seen the best and the worst side of Xhaka. Under Arteta he is showing his best! He needs more top quality midfielder like Partey around him to dominate week in week out

    • HaytersTV

      great point

  • Barbes B. Dawodu
    Barbes B. Dawodu

    Sorry to say but sometimes the fans behave rudely to the players lest we forget we all are humans.

    • HaytersTV

      Exactly, affects them just the same

  • Gengads G
    Gengads G

    He is not good enough for Arsenal football club period.

    • Gengads G
      Gengads G

      @HaytersTV Totally agree, and I am not been personal here, I just speak on his performance and how my club is going backwards. As fan I have to voice my opinion in respectful manners.

    • HaytersTV

      Criticism is fair but abuse cannot be tolerated

  • criminal oldschool connection
    criminal oldschool connection

    Granit is a strong men a deservse better i liked him at arsenal at least he trying to win every game...

    • HaytersTV


  • Gaetan Klai
    Gaetan Klai

    Win or lose, I just never liked you Xhaka. So sick of your side or back passes.. You're poor. And we will never forget what you did that day!!! You are not liked around here. Just leave in the summer..

    • HaytersTV

      you have made yourself very clear

  • Dare9ja

    He's doing great now, let's appreciate him for the obvious performances over the last few weeks. He's putting more energy, taking more risks in passing. And we are benefiting from his improvements

    • HaytersTV

      we are

  • Darren Lionheart
    Darren Lionheart

    Thanks for the Video Hayters, no matter what he does on the pitch you can never judge his Character.

    • HaytersTV

      Thanks for watching!

  • S.E.M Tv.street.Entertainment.Media
    S.E.M Tv.street.Entertainment.Media

    If u asked me anyone who don't respect the nature of their football club likewise the captain/ captain's Armband shuddnt be playing for that same football club..so if u aske me #Xhaka shud have bein sold longtime ago to anger management football school..straight up facts from my heart 💯

    • HaytersTV

      fair comment

  • The World We Live In!
    The World We Live In!

    If he plays as poor as willian, Auba and Belerin these days, I don't know what may had happen to him!

    • HaytersTV

      oh dear


    You can meet me online. All you do is pass backwards and sideways. At least accept these criticisms like a man 🥱

    • MILO ICE
      MILO ICE

      @HaytersTV Nah id ask him to leave the club.

    • HaytersTV

      What would you actually do though if you saw him in person? You'd probs ask for a selfie

  • Reece Fowler
    Reece Fowler

    Mate just watch AFTV and if he has an issue put a comment or get in touch with AFTV

    • HaytersTV

      what do they say about him?

  • The Overlord Of Procrastination
    The Overlord Of Procrastination

    I got trolled for saying what a bunch of cowardly cretins these trolls are 😂 There’s no winning this war against these denizens of pond life.

  • T C
    T C

    This kind of relationship with a player and fans isn't healthy for the club. I agree it shouldn't happen but lets be honest. Xhaka isn't good enough for Arsenal.

    • T C
      T C

      @pst chijioke obichukwu Is that a serious question?

    • pst chijioke obichukwu
      pst chijioke obichukwu

      Why is Xhaka not good enough?

    • HaytersTV

      complex issue

  • Michael Arkajilo
    Michael Arkajilo

    Give Xhaka the armband

    • HaytersTV

      Deserves it back?

  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane

    Plz tell granit I wish him all the best and some ppl seriously chatting behind a screen

    • HaytersTV

      Nice words

  • ryan roller
    ryan roller

    i like xhaka!

    • HaytersTV



    Xhaka should be the captain not Auba period....

    • HaytersTV

      Xhaka is certainly captain material, has shown that in the past

  • Ian deCastro
    Ian deCastro

    I dont get why Europeans are so aggressive towards these athletes. They are human beings and there is a lot going on with covid.

    • HaytersTV

      The abuse has been disgusting

  • cristyoutube 21
    cristyoutube 21

    childs on social media:oh,you re so bad child when they meet khaka:oh,f**k

    • HaytersTV

      Exactly that!

  • Shaheed Morwe
    Shaheed Morwe

    'Sticks and stones', My G

    • HaytersTV

      Abuse is never acceptable

  • Signals927

    Social Media is a forum of hate and wish it never existed. Cowards hide behind it.

    • HaytersTV

      Yep, completely understand your point

  • Mark T.
    Mark T.

    I think the main thing to focus on is Ourselves. When we make mistake. We said we will learn and grow from it. We are not perfect. Even we said it to ourselves. So why does football players get treated like they have to only be perfect. Seriously? Use your common sense. You want people to treat you the way you think but yet you treat people differently. Plus, it’s easier to say criticise someone online because you are not doing it face to face. Shame on you of you are one of them.

    • HaytersTV

      Absolutely, no player intentionally goes out onto the pitch to make mistakes

  • Melanin Cloud
    Melanin Cloud

    Those abusive season ticket holders are probably the same toxic fans who talk rubbish on AFTV.

    • HaytersTV

      who knows?

  • O G
    O G

    Xhaka is a good player jus he needs a partner because he is a bad boy as well he has to kill you any time and a yellow card is just his thing no problem and every team needs that man a bad boy him and Luiz

    • O G
      O G

      @HaytersTV yes Partey and Xhaka is a good partnership but Xhaka is more bad boy than Thomas as well 💪

    • HaytersTV

      Partey that man?

  • JXY

    Honestly if it wasnt for the things hes done in the past hed be the most respected person at arsenal

    • HaytersTV

      Everyone makes mistakes

  • Ron Catton
    Ron Catton

    The scum who post personal/abusive comments on any player, are just that...'Scumbags! Criticize someone for the performance in their work, and not their personal family lives.

  • stanzz fitness
    stanzz fitness

    If We are being honest, Xhaka has been one of the few players whose attitude and desire to win deserves praise. He has been consistent. Certain paper fans are just unwilling to let go of the nasty incident that happened during the Unai Emery era. Keep Grinding Xhaka!! 🙌🏾

    • HaytersTV

      Definitely, been excellent recently

  • Tweeta Rankin
    Tweeta Rankin

    The real arsenal captain my bro the fighting machine

    • HaytersTV


  • Kunte Okonji
    Kunte Okonji

    He speaks like the natural leader he is! Steel mentality.

    • HaytersTV

      Great mentality 💪💪

  • Ryan Crane
    Ryan Crane

    Xhaka is one of the only players on the Field that consistently plays with heart

    • HaytersTV

      Without doubt 💪💪