2020 Turkish Grand Prix: Race Highlights
A shock polesitter. Unpredictable conditions. And one man on the edge of securing a historic seventh world title. After a nine-year wait, Turkey delivered a classic race!
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  • stayblink moaengene
    stayblink moaengene

    Hala geliyo izliyorum mükemmelll

  • King Goty
    King Goty


  • Типа крутой спартанец
    Типа крутой спартанец

    Valtteri Bottas - go to Formula E.

  • Raditya Pramana Putra
    Raditya Pramana Putra

    What A Istanbul Thriller! 16/04/2021 13:37.

  • Joaquin Fernandes Garcia
    Joaquin Fernandes Garcia

    4:06 Lewis Hamilton has got DRS

  • Przemek teo Cudak
    Przemek teo Cudak

    Errro City hannover

  • brotesser 101
    brotesser 101

    who is keeping coming back to those awesome races?

  • Can Yorulmaz
    Can Yorulmaz


  • Martin Wood-Wilkinson
    Martin Wood-Wilkinson

    "That's for all the kids out there who dream the impossible, you can do it too...." Yes Lewis - if you're in the quickest car for the past seven years it is hardly the impossible. Go sit in this year's Williams or Haas for a season, win the title and then you talk about realising the 'impossible'.

    • Raditya Pramana Putra
      Raditya Pramana Putra

      Well, that is The inspiring words, mate. I love it!

  • Rosemary Kyler
    Rosemary Kyler

    Hey guys I have Luis Hamiltons number it's for his fans only so if your interested say hi?

  • Hayrullah Gül
    Hayrullah Gül


  • Ian T.
    Ian T.

    Verstappen is a yoke ! What a start!

  • Ilyaskehh

    What a shame that 'Drive to survive' didn't include this phenomenal race

    • Baris Emre
      Baris Emre

      They need another season for this race only

  • Shameen Kamburugamuwa
    Shameen Kamburugamuwa

    Rewatched this after missing this in Drive to survive.

  • HASAN ONLİNE 29 34
    HASAN ONLİNE 29 34

    Turkey gp game

  • Mafika Mbutho
    Mafika Mbutho

    Lewis Hamilton is the best...

  • Irene Garcia Arquero
    Irene Garcia Arquero

    4:06 Lewis Hamilton has got DRS

  • Matthew Jimenez
    Matthew Jimenez

    here after Netflix excluded this amazing race from season 3

    • Mafika Mbutho
      Mafika Mbutho


  • C. Sum
    C. Sum

    This might rank number 1 as the most entertaining race Ive seen.

  • Darth bone
    Darth bone

    6:07 I can't express how happy I was to hear those words

  • Heloise Conceição Conceção
    Heloise Conceição Conceção

    Cio cuo

  • Philip Kälin
    Philip Kälin

    And Hamiltons wins his 7th world championship and another race in a really goat way! WHAT. A. RACE!

  • Yusuf Güneş
    Yusuf Güneş


  • GMGAMER. The best gamer ever
    GMGAMER. The best gamer ever

    GO Lewis!!!!!!

  • Raditya Pramana Putra
    Raditya Pramana Putra

    Another FIA Formula 1® World Championship Wet Race Without Safety Car (SC) Deployed At All! 2008 Formula 1® Santander British Grand Prix 2009 Formula 1® Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix… …Also Like That! 12/03/2021 01:33.

  • Kucing Kejeblos
    Kucing Kejeblos

    Feels like a long time since vettel gets a podium

  • Mr Bungle
    Mr Bungle

    2:38 +41 seconds Leclerc from Stroll,and still could have finished P2 ,for me he was driver of the day,u don't just melt seconds like that

  • Furkan ÇELİK
    Furkan ÇELİK

    Harika bir gündü.Gelecekte bu yazıyı görmek için yazım.Şuan üniversite 3'teyim okul inş bitecek.

  • Rusan Guvenc
    Rusan Guvenc

    it was the best race of the year


    I think Vettel is the best driver for this rainy wet track...with a car that heavy he showed he had control of the car. Im just glad he didnt spin

  • MERT

    Turkish Gp > Every Arabic Gp

  • Alperen Gökhan
    Alperen Gökhan

    Years later this race is going to be number one in "Top ten moments of the Lewis Hamilton brilliance" video

  • hakima ELJAI
    hakima ELJAI

    Pm 4 3rd ff

  • Dozer video
    Dozer video

    Super 💪💪💪

  • ismail özel
    ismail özel

    ah orda bizim tofaşlar alacaktiki 😄

  • Yusuf Güneş
    Yusuf Güneş


    • Yusuf Güneş
      Yusuf Güneş


    • Yusuf Güneş
      Yusuf Güneş


    • Yusuf Güneş
      Yusuf Güneş

      F1 Benz

  • Femi barry Fagbolagun
    Femi barry Fagbolagun

    yes I watch it

  • Psammites09

    This was at 4:00 AM here in Mexico City, but I didn’t care at all once the race started. It was absolutely worth it!!

  • Costan

    Imagine lapping your championship rival

  • Gabriel Rangel
    Gabriel Rangel

    Come on valteri bottas to p9 p14 in the merc!

  • # Designs
    # Designs

    i love this car racing and the car speed

  • Alp Gültekşn
    Alp Gültekşn

    Best race ever!

  • K. Buğrahan Mert
    K. Buğrahan Mert

    Yine bekleriz.

  • garry527

    I thought I’m watching Tokyo Drift...

  • Erdem Güler
    Erdem Güler

    "Sebastian Vettel is back on the podium." When I was hear this promise, I'm very be happy.

  • Yetomen

    Türk var mı

  • Ferhat Türkel
    Ferhat Türkel

    turkish grand prix its amazing

  • Bence Hasitz
    Bence Hasitz

    seb 🥰

  • Dem K.
    Dem K.

    Formula One turbo intercooler petrol engines hybrid all with all brands and all companies : Easy damage heavy parts engines, over 100 l/100km with Formula one speed (160-250 km/hour, over 250 km/hour) on all circuits, little damage with traffic limit speed law on all circuits, test maximum strength engines all over 150,000 rpm. From All companies Database

  • Revolution NOW
    Revolution NOW

    Michael Schumacher is the greatest of all time even if Hamilton wins 50 titles he wont be in Schumacher's league . When he carries a team with no chance to world champions then Hamilton can talk . We all know hes only great because that Mercedes is unbeatable . Even a rookie russel almost won a gp with Hamiltons car if not for the mistakes of the pit crew

    • Tunahan Erbey Yazıcı
      Tunahan Erbey Yazıcı


  • WALKOUT Boss
    WALKOUT Boss

    The likes are because Seb and Perz on the Podium... The dislikes are because LeWiS HaMeLtOn is 7 Campion....

  • Vision Transcend
    Vision Transcend

    This is not F1. Please bring back V12 and proper engine screams. Not this vaccuum cleaner nonsense.

  • 이레보TV


  • memduh kahraman
    memduh kahraman

    3:09 😂😂😂

  • memduh kahraman
    memduh kahraman

    3:10 😂😂😂

  • gomathi balakrishnan
    gomathi balakrishnan

    Dedicated to "Turkish Restaurant",Muscat.

  • That one asian guy
    That one asian guy

    It brought tears to my eyes when i heard the words "SEBASTIAN VETTEL IS BACK ON THE PODIUM!!!"

  • Alessandro Barcio
    Alessandro Barcio

    Race results on Turkey grand prix 2020 1st Lewis Hamilton 44 Mercedes (7 time world champion) 2nd Sergio perez 11 Racing point 3rd Sebastian vettel 5 Ferrari 4th charles leclerc 16 Ferrari 5th Carlos sainz 55 Mclaren 6th max verstappen 33 red bull 7th Alexander albon 23 red bull 8th Lando norris 4 Mclaren 9th Lance stroll 18 Racing point 10th Daniel ricciardo 3 Renault 11th esteban ocon 31 Renault 12th danil kvyat 26 alphatauri 13th Pierre Gasly 10 alphatauri 14th Vatteri bottas 77 Mercedes 15th kimi raikkonen 7 alfa romeo 16th George russell 63 Williams 17th Kevin magnussen 20 haas (out) Dnf romain grosjean 8 haas Dnf Nicholas Latifi 6 Williams Dnf Antonio giovinazzi 99 alfa romeo

  • Hot Wheels
    Hot Wheels

    This race shows that Max is not near Lewis’ level yet He may have the same raw speed as Lewis but he isn’t a better all round driver

  • BruntyTheSpinKing

    Are we just gonna ignore that voicecrack?

  • marshmello

    türklere selam olsun.

  • Lucas Coelho
    Lucas Coelho

    How can u say max is better than lewis after watching this like im a fan of his but im honest this was just unnecaptable

  • Machiavelli

    Please replace Abu Dhabi with Turkey as the last race each season

  • Machiavelli

    Can we just appreciate how Ferrari finished 3 and 4 despite this being their worst season

  • Liars

    read the zionist protocols then you know everything about these freaks .

  • Cengiz Han
    Cengiz Han

    Nice 👌🇹🇷

  • SANANR. it
    SANANR. it

    Önemli birşey yazmışım gibi beğenin

  • MR Black
    MR Black

    nasılda kayıyorlar ama sajfjasgsfd

    • SANANR. it
      SANANR. it

      Buzda sürüyorlar sanki sjsksksks

  • westbrionage

    Hope we get more wet races this year.


    I have a dream to race one day here with My Ferrari in 2030

  • Emir 0023
    Emir 0023

    THİS IS 🇹🇷

  • Andhityas Cintya Widianna
    Andhityas Cintya Widianna

    Another Crazy Podium Celebration

  • PIANO Yo 10
    PIANO Yo 10

    this competition just killed so much!!!

  • Fozcast

    "Sebastian Vettel is BACK on the podium!" Serotonin Levels: 📈

  • Wayne Molina
    Wayne Molina

    Lol i install again the real racing 3 cuz of that guy

  • Jason Yu
    Jason Yu

    Our wish is granted, an extended cut is out!

  • Yash Mali
    Yash Mali

    All I do is spin spin spin spin

  • Kartik Gambhire
    Kartik Gambhire

    I bet lewis can't make to podium if he switches with racing point

  • abdul jabbar
    abdul jabbar

    Kinda ironic that ferrari didn't s🅱️in

  • Duru Doruk Şafak
    Duru Doruk Şafak

    I m turkey

    • Duru Doruk Şafak
      Duru Doruk Şafak

      Ne Mutlu Türküm Diyene!

    • Duru Doruk Şafak
      Duru Doruk Şafak

      Niye ıngilizce konuşuyoz

    • Joker Truck
      Joker Truck

      @Duru Doruk Şafak yes

    • Duru Doruk Şafak
      Duru Doruk Şafak

      @Joker Truck you turkey

    • Joker Truck
      Joker Truck

      Me too

  • Ahmed Omer
    Ahmed Omer


  • Ragnarok Love Love
    Ragnarok Love Love

    Who can stop Lewis ?

  • Ricardo Arguelles
    Ricardo Arguelles

    this track will be insane in a couple months, i just can't wait.

  • Boru

    One of herman tilke's better tracks

  • Red Badger
    Red Badger

    This race showed a few things. Verstappen and Leclerc still make some silly errors due to frustration and impatience. Vettel is still a great driver. Perez and Hamilton are incredible at tyre management. and Hamilton is so calm under pressure and he just let the race come to him on a weekend that the Mercedes looked weak

  • Red Badger
    Red Badger

    Race of the season. Hopefully this or portimao is in place of Vietnam in 2021

  • Amitabh Roy
    Amitabh Roy

    That "back on the podium" gave me goosebumps.

  • Luca Fabretti
    Luca Fabretti

    this race proved that Stroll is an average driver with lots of money to his name. Shame Albon or Hulkenberg can't get a drive.

  • Cedo


  • mrjeudnews

    What gives me goosebumps "Sebastian Vettel is back on the podium!"

  • Pagan Monkey
    Pagan Monkey

    Great race real wet conditions but was Lewis a bit to blame for the first corner incident 😳 difficult one.

  • chromosome

    Turkey should be in the calendar every single year man.. this is no denial...

  • Marcio Ribeiro Pedroso Ribeiro
    Marcio Ribeiro Pedroso Ribeiro

    MC laren andou muito bem essa corrida.

  • vigilhammer

    Need to see if lewis can pull this off in another car. Doubt he would. He would be complaining all the time. It`s the car that has brought him those victories

  • Mattia Sbinotto
    Mattia Sbinotto

    Best race of the season We s🅱️an our way onto the podium

  • Ramaano Muravha
    Ramaano Muravha

    the best race of the season by far

  • JankyDice

    I don’t understand why there will never be a race where all those drivers have all the same car... Let’s see who’s really the best “driver”... Of course f1 is also machinery and technology, there is nothing wrong with that

    • Goldenslayer0422

      @JankyDice Go back to a few years ago and you'll see a more varied list of winners: The thing with F1 is that it doesn't need to be spec, it just needs the performance gap to be small enough for driver skill to matter more. Now, you may be thinking that still isn't spec. Well, not a lot is. Even in spec series like F2 or F3, you'll see other teams consistently do better than others because they can set up their car more and have more data due to them having more money. Even in karting, it isn't entirely down to the karter: One kid could roll up to the track with trained professionals attending to his sponsored kart whereas the other could roll up with his secondhand kart helped set up by his dad. The thing is that there are many sports where it is all down to the physical competitor, but motorsport isn't one of them. Plus, at the end of the year, it's not the drivers who get prize money as they have their own salary: it's the teams who get the prize money.

    • JankyDice

      @Goldenslayer0422 but in that way there isn’t really anything to win for drivers... If i drive a different machine than you, we are not competing...

    • Goldenslayer0422

      Because F1 is an engineering competition as much as it is a racing series.

  • Judith Majoro
    Judith Majoro

    More like “Which F1 driver can survive driving on an ice rink”

  • MrNotagoodtime

    Turkey should never leave the calendar. I would love to see Portugal and imola stay but Turkey is just a classic I would love to see it stay for next season

  • Vitor Marques
    Vitor Marques

    “Sebastian Vettel is back on the podium” Was the most beautiful thing I’ve heard this godamm year.

    • o

      no Binotto = fast

    • BattalBoi

      Grazie Ragazzi

    • Driver Nephi
      Driver Nephi

      My favourite thing about the 2020 season was seeing Vettel back on that podium, was beautiful. Grazie Regazzie.

    • Prudhvi


    • Lachlan Unwin
      Lachlan Unwin

      Same mate