His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!
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His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

  • Carlos Vipe
    Carlos Vipe

    Great performance, man!!! Very sorry for what you've been through.

  • Yohara Servin
    Yohara Servin

    I’m starting to cry right now sooooo beautiful 😢

  • Monica Yemha
    Monica Yemha

    No entendí nada y me emocioné hasta las lágrimas. Ojalá tendría la posibilidad de que lo subtitularan en español 🙏 y creo que me desidrataria 😥😢😭

  • E Zehtzangarit PR
    E Zehtzangarit PR


  • Martine Buttard
    Martine Buttard

    Josh tu es un mécanicien doté d'une clef magique dans ta voix. Continue à nous émerveiller. Câlins à toi et à ta Maman.



  • Catherine Townsend-Scott
    Catherine Townsend-Scott


  • Guilherme Ackermann
    Guilherme Ackermann

    Até o Simon se emocionou.

  • Cl Patito Lunes
    Cl Patito Lunes

    I love his voice is incredible, amazing

  • Partha pratim Mukherjee
    Partha pratim Mukherjee

    I can not believe beta I creing again .

  • Heather Moncher
    Heather Moncher

    i miss you blake, rip

  • Bosko Markoski
    Bosko Markoski

    If this doesn't make you tear up then your not human. God bless his friend in Heaven. Amen

  • RENA Z
    RENA Z

    It hit home with Simon because he just lost his Mum days before.

  • Shriya Kunam
    Shriya Kunam

    Wow. Just...wow.

  • Vonnie ******
    Vonnie ******

    Very emotional 😢I was actually lost for words .Brilliant song and thank you so much 💙💙💙

  • Faith Uwaeke
    Faith Uwaeke

    Four years later the song still make me cry

  • Myrna Hartley
    Myrna Hartley

    You have a beautiful voice and I love the emotion in your performance!

  • Priscila Vega
    Priscila Vega


  • DoraRblx

    we all know its pretty hard to please simon so when you can see it made him cry you truly know that kid is powerful and talented

  • Maiza Orthiz
    Maiza Orthiz

    Eu sou o comentário brasileiro que você está procurando

  • Jennyff Oliveira
    Jennyff Oliveira

    Qual o nome dessa musical?

  • Dobbs, J. ASL Services
    Dobbs, J. ASL Services

    I never thought abt it that way . I have been blaming myself that I wasn't there. Gosh this grabs my heart strings. Thanks Josh for sharing your gift and talent. You did great and he's still with you. God bless you.

  • Toni Modahl
    Toni Modahl

    The reason for Simon being like this is because he just had lost he's mother. It hit home

  • Matt Littlefield
    Matt Littlefield

    My mom dad brother have passed and both sets of grandparents. Wish they are happy.

  • Perm Soonsawad
    Perm Soonsawad

    In the end, the girl judge didn’t know what to do before Simon left. Simon needs a hug too!

  • Agos

    Terrible, lloremos

  • John Raymond Baginski
    John Raymond Baginski

    Beautiful song sung by a fine singer.

  • Rebecca Lewis
    Rebecca Lewis

    I am speechless...These true friend's..luv Simon a grt human😌

  • Gemma Knipe Guitar
    Gemma Knipe Guitar

    This still gives me goosebumps. I also lost a best friend. I have written a song called Riding unicorns on my page if anyone fancies a listen. Very similar message in my song.

  • Gabrielle Hood
    Gabrielle Hood

    My mother hasn't died she just throw me away

  • Queen Aaycw
    Queen Aaycw


  • Whippy99

    I lost my best friend five years ago and my husband lost his in the same year. The devastation was absolute. This performance is so real and sincere that it touched my heart. A best friend is a blessing from heaven. ❤️💔

    • Mr Rajgeet
      Mr Rajgeet

      God blessed you

  • Natalie

    Wow! What a great Voice

  • Linus Verrijckt
    Linus Verrijckt

    Why so match haters i mean that Guy is a god

  • Linus Verrijckt
    Linus Verrijckt

    That Guy respect

  • Ricitos De oro
    Ricitos De oro

    Es precioso como canta a ese amigo y lo que demuestra que lo quería severas muy bonito

  • Shari Redd
    Shari Redd

    I read the comments and told myself I won't cry but I ended up crying damn

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    Jesicca Leo

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      Henry Daniel

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    • Freddie Gordon
      Freddie Gordon

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    • Hui Tang
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    • Hui Tang
      Hui Tang

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  • Novita Andriani Depari
    Novita Andriani Depari


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  • Jiana Galang
    Jiana Galang

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      Thakur Raju

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      Sanjay Parekh

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  • Marlene Ribeiro
    Marlene Ribeiro

    Esse garoto canta muito muito meu Deus é lindo 💟🤩

  • Mona Culano
    Mona Culano

    Who cried like me as well as simon hand up✋

  • Dominika Korkuz
    Dominika Korkuz


  • Brian Jeffrey
    Brian Jeffrey

    Beautiful voice and R.I paradise mate ❤️💔💗

  • Juana Rivera
    Juana Rivera

    I love it

  • Raul Esparza
    Raul Esparza

    I cant stop tô cry!!!!!!

  • Sol Paloma
    Sol Paloma


  • Alba Araújo Araújo
    Alba Araújo Araújo

    Esse é forte ..😢😢😢😢

  • Cleonice Freitas
    Cleonice Freitas

    Emocionante. Toda as vezes que assisto essa homenagem de Josh eu choro muito. E a interpretacao impecavel uma voz. Sou do Brasil, Salvador capital Bahia.

  • Rita Contreras
    Rita Contreras

    I love his voice and all the feeling he put into it. He made me cry cause I lost my grandson 2 years ago also and his song really touched me.

  • Saiful islam Khan Hridoy
    Saiful islam Khan Hridoy

    I miss you......💔

  • Clara Garner
    Clara Garner

    So beUtioful

  • hawraa14_


  • Adolphe kango assumani
    Adolphe kango assumani

    I remember my young brother ....reste in peace Youri bossembe forever in my heart .....i was hursted....i cry again .

  • John Arvin Anchorez
    John Arvin Anchorez

    This song became one of my favorites since I have listened to him.


    0:38 she's so pretty , what's her name ?

  • Rafael Thomaz
    Rafael Thomaz

    Sensacional e emocionante!! Sem palavras que emoção ele nos passou com essa canção!

  • Jairo Cifra
    Jairo Cifra

    My eyes: no way i just pee. My nose: but that came from me dude. My face: wait what happend?

  • Sakti Sihombing
    Sakti Sihombing

    Would i believe to the views?

  • Hello Broo
    Hello Broo

    Kok komen nya gw liat kbnykn bhsa inggris:v

  • Dorina Fodor
    Dorina Fodor

    Foarte frumos 🥰

  • madamabutterfly1986

    He was good, but I didn't cry and I also think the reactions were quite a bit fake. I think only Susan Boyle really kicked ass. Her audition was one of a kind: voice, wit, song choice, the way she was taken for granted before showing her great talent. She managed to expose everybody's stupidity.

  • Family Goal
    Family Goal

    I remember my grandma died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jenifeer Muñoz
    Jenifeer Muñoz

    name of the song? Please!!

    • Marie Traore
      Marie Traore

      Jealous by Labrinth

  • Francia Portillo
    Francia Portillo


  • Diego Rodrigues
    Diego Rodrigues

    Qual o nome da música?

    • não sei quem
      não sei quem


  • Nelliaun Vascosti
    Nelliaun Vascosti


  • LYZABETH LOPEZ - Fitness & Nutrition
    LYZABETH LOPEZ - Fitness & Nutrition

    so beautiful... *tears*....

  • João Do Povão
    João Do Povão

    Puxa onde estou ? Não sei mas fiquei emocionado,alguém mas se emocionou?


      Caiu um cisco aqui no olho amigo 😭

  • Jj Shaner
    Jj Shaner

    Beautiful I lost my son a yr and 3 months ago I miss him so very much if I could just have a day back to hold him and tell him over and over I love him I miss him😭

  • amelie couillard
    amelie couillard


  • Gabriela Trajano
    Gabriela Trajano

    amo demais!

  • mina ssilia
    mina ssilia

    It's difficult ,I have left my father since in 2009 .I have suffered.

  • Michael & Friends
    Michael & Friends

    pissed off how much this hit me in the feels

  • Tracy Durant
    Tracy Durant

    How I feel about my brother glad you are happy with out me

  • Claudia Boschetti
    Claudia Boschetti

    È UN DONO DAL CIELO ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Luis F. Elgueta
    Luis F. Elgueta

    Donde puedo encontrar la traduccion de la letra?

  • Neide Mendonca
    Neide Mendonca

    Assistindo hoje, esse espetáculo! Alguém que entende português ou é brasileiro, sabe o nome dessa música? Agradeço desde já a quem se dispor a me responder!

  • Bernd Ciemek
    Bernd Ciemek

    Sie war in den ersten

  • kunizuchi•sama

    The frizen Simon's heart beated for his mom,oh well ._. he is not that good at saying good things to the participants,like he use to be cold to the people,ye it's sad but he made people sad too, he can say what he thinks but without hurting people ye?

  • Tracey McGuire
    Tracey McGuire

    So beautiful 😍

  • Badrur Rozi
    Badrur Rozi

    Simon itu seorang juri yang berhati keras. Namun kali ini dia menangis, amazing

  • ePlants Nursery
    ePlants Nursery

    "Captivating, got me right in the heart & speechless" ! brilliant, truly beautiful Josh. Love & best wishes to you xx

  • Carlos Augusto
    Carlos Augusto

    verdadeira amizade

  • Jxson

    Me if I was Simon and I heard his voice one sec: SPAMS GOLDEN BUZZER

  • Andreia Livia
    Andreia Livia

    Gente qual o nome da música???

    • não sei quem
      não sei quem


  • Viviane Maria
    Viviane Maria

    Por favor qual o nome da música alguém pode me dizer?

    • não sei quem
      não sei quem


  • Maria Francisca Mota Cunha Vasconcelos Simões
    Maria Francisca Mota Cunha Vasconcelos Simões

    O simon tinha perdido a mãe recentemente, portanto também sentiu a múdica da maneira k foi cantada

    • Maria Alvarez
      Maria Alvarez


  • Maria luiza Rodrigues
    Maria luiza Rodrigues

    O musical mais lindo do mundo 🌎 Brasil parabéns mg

  • Maria luiza Rodrigues
    Maria luiza Rodrigues

    Isso não é um musical e um poema lindo mg Brasil

  • Maria Aparecida Pires Valadares Pare Valadares
    Maria Aparecida Pires Valadares Pare Valadares

    Coitado do Simon

  • Daniel Tavares
    Daniel Tavares


  • konde fibs
    konde fibs

    Imagine if it was a song

  • Tracy Phiri
    Tracy Phiri

    2021 am here crying who cutting onions

  • Динара Мадыбекова
    Динара Мадыбекова

    Ай молодец 👍 Джош ты Супер

  • Manju Singh
    Manju Singh

    Hes made me cry 😥😥

  • Rachel de Jesus dos S. Faria Quel
    Rachel de Jesus dos S. Faria Quel

    Muito lindo eu chorei

  • Rosie

    My grandma recently died and she's now with my mom, dad and grandpa, and I'm jealous that they are happy without me ..

    • Alyssa Vincent Stephens
      Alyssa Vincent Stephens

      I’m so sorry for your loss. You will see them again. 💗

    • Elizabeth Avery
      Elizabeth Avery

      Sorry for your loss🙏

    • tviki3


    • mwiartisan woods
      mwiartisan woods

      Dear rose sorry

    • mwiartisan woods
      mwiartisan woods

      Oh sorry