Top 10 Onboards Of The 2020 F1 Season!
2020 was a vintage year for thrilling onboard action - strap yourselves in for our top ten countdown!
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  • くっしょん

    Kimi's overtakes are excellent!!!

  • raouf frht
    raouf frht

    guys are like driving at 300km/h and then and accident "oh thats dangerous" . like driving that fast was not hahah. sainz you are the man

  • Ghost Chixo
    Ghost Chixo

    Wait did Latifi say “accelerating going accelerating going”????? Isn’t that the same thing 😂

  • Максим Соколов
    Максим Соколов

    Кими ЧЕМПИОН

  • Rage Riven
    Rage Riven

    Anybody else react to the last clip? I've never moved so fast in my life.

  • Lucas Peruzzi
    Lucas Peruzzi

    5:12 it was impressive that Grosjean was able to bring the car out after such a big hit

  • Miguel Llallihuaman Calderón
    Miguel Llallihuaman Calderón

    Is just me or Räikkönen is always near to the main show? haha However, such a masterclass in that running at Portugal D:

  • Tommaso Palesi
    Tommaso Palesi

    Fantastic Kimi and his short gears

  • Daniel Husson
    Daniel Husson

    Des millions foutu a la poubelle, finalement quelle sport de merde! Pendant que des gens crève la dalle ? quelle monde?

  • afkaj

    All other drivers blaming the leader, Kimi correctly blames the trigger happy drivers in the middle not looking at the guy in front of them.

  • Javey Johnson
    Javey Johnson

    I think Kimi was playing career mode as well as Magnussen

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith

    Can we all agree that kimi is just kimi like u know what i mean 🤣

  • Thomas Kretschmann
    Thomas Kretschmann

    Everyone: Albon: Y^e^s^^I^^d^o

  • Di Mauro Szvesz
    Di Mauro Szvesz

    Magnussen deserve more the F1 seat than Mazepin

  • Kassio Campos
    Kassio Campos

    Kimi's start in Portugal was amazing!

  • porpentosa

    10:25 Kimi being asking about Leclerc's crash while driving at full speed in the parabolica, then asking if he was OK seconds later. That is how much of a gentleman he is.

  • MrHalex007

    Raikonen 2021 next Champion 🏆👌🏼

  • MrHalex007

    Sainz🏆👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼the best reflex, Very Nice pilot.

  • MrHalex007

    Eu: puta q p## , vai TNC, um bando de incompetentes. 🐴

  • MrHalex007

    4:25 Raikonen, nice, Very hability

  • MrHalex007

    As ferraris patinam muito na saída de curva na chuva. Tem que melhorar o controle de tração.

  • Nick A
    Nick A

    Kimi was the only rational one who actually understood the crash at mugello

  • Mickie Vulture
    Mickie Vulture

    Sainz 6:52

  • phaserra

    I think teams should warn their drivers if there are 3 cars wheel-to-wheel so they be more catious to not sandwitch someone.

  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby

    Drivers gonna watch out if they are driving in front of Kimi.

  • Robert Tisch
    Robert Tisch

    Best F1 clips that I have ever seen! Thank you!

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones

    albon's car was vibrating so hard it was affecting his voice

  • MI7

    charles leclerc: YES SERGIO LOCKED UP, THIS IS GOING TO BE A P2 FINISHHHH!!!! race engineer: what happened? i didnt see it charles leclerc: here ill show you what i mean.

  • RaK

    Hands down Kimi.

  • Michael

    IDK who was the person making the pace that caused the whole mid bunch to be in a collision at Tuscany, but I find it ironic that HAAS was the first team initiating the chain of collisions.......

    • Milo Lurot
      Milo Lurot

      It’s was bottas, but it wasn’t his fault at all. He maintained pace, but some people in the mid field a bit further up, I believe Russel and Kyvat fell behind and accelerated, as the people behind saw that they also accelerated, but in reality they caused the crash, as the speed of those at the front remained the same. So in fact kimi was the only one who was right.

  • Edobette

    6:30 ed 8:05 Perez spettacolo. 14:15 Raikkonen ATOMICO

  • Andruschka Winowitsch
    Andruschka Winowitsch

    Bottas was in the lead at tuscany.. it was his fold..

  • Tom

    Brake and go traffic doesn’t work well in F1

  • Lyynx T
    Lyynx T

    It's actually so funny to see how Grosjean is upset with other drivers about the way they drive. That idiot almost killed himself while racing and so many times put at risk lifes of other drivers.

  • IG

    14:15 one o the best laps of F1 history

  • Jake Martens
    Jake Martens

    Imagine top ten movies except 10-6 is the same movie, just different scenes heh.

  • NoReality DA BAWS
    NoReality DA BAWS

    11:37 when Kvyat gets a puncture, I'm really sad that his team doesn't even ask if he's ok, he his the first one to report the crash and says he's ok but obviously he's not (he's moving his head left to right when he says that (meanings = no))(It's probably disappointment but still); also he apologize for it when his life was in danger. Kvyat always has been one of my favorite driver but I'm not sure if he got enough support in his career. I hope he comes back soon!

  • Fernando M
    Fernando M

    6:10 Batman VOICE

  • Joe Gaines
    Joe Gaines

    Ever with the pandemic have a massive impact I was actually thinking that the 2020 F1 season with commence but now I'm glad they continued the 2020 season of F1, even less or more reluctant to continue on.

  • rbonotto

    Bottas is a ridiculus driver

    • Mr. UwU
      Mr. UwU

      Why tho?

  • ELfiSDaMy F1
    ELfiSDaMy F1

    Kimi safa de todo Jajjaja

  • Ed Rod
    Ed Rod

    13:20 broke the suspension. Sharp and pointing at Russel's helmet that dangerous. He was smart for not hitting head-on.

  • Warner De Lilly
    Warner De Lilly

    Obedient overtake. Renault

  • Rebekah L
    Rebekah L

    1:22 Gone back in time have we

  • AA97

    the 360° degrees camera of Kvyat at Silverstone is sooo 😍

  • Carlos Alfaro
    Carlos Alfaro

    09:26 There is a face of a kid in the clouds.

  • Rivendell

    feel bad for giovinazzi at tuscany (9), from that onboard the dude was amazing at dodging everything. shame about the rest of the race

  • Theo Mason-Thompson
    Theo Mason-Thompson

    The Fast and the FURIOUS - Istanbul Drift!

  • Where’s Waldo
    Where’s Waldo

    Grosjean.... it wasn’t me this time guys.... I think.

  • Chancas GamingPT
    Chancas GamingPT

    Kimi’s 1st lap in Portugal 🇵🇹

  • Reuben Sandwich
    Reuben Sandwich

    Latifi sounds strangely American.

  • Marcos Oliveira
    Marcos Oliveira

    17:52 Latifi kkkkkkkk

  • JackyRin

    Räikkönen is like a father who worries about his children who are always crashing.

  • Piotr P
    Piotr P

    its friday then... :D

  • Onad

    Magnussen beban anjir

  • John Martlew
    John Martlew

    Crash! Multi million dollar cars and the fist thing over the comms is “Everyone OK, are you OK? “ Of course!

  • TheTimeTraveller

    *Kimi's overtakes most of the field on lap 1 Engineer: _ok push_

  • t130 CO
    t130 CO

    Raikkonen is Master

  • Dave YYC
    Dave YYC

    this is way better to watch than live on TV with David Croft yelling annoyingly in my ear.

  • Kushal Mohankumar
    Kushal Mohankumar

    Everybody when a driver crashes:Is he ok? Kimi when his teammate crashed in spa:He should have let me by 13:47

  • Michael Barreto
    Michael Barreto

    7:08 and 7:43 Danil Kvyat 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻top overtakes

  • KSok

    Raikkonens engineer straight up lying about leclerc... nice

    • Mr. UwU
      Mr. UwU

      The audio cold have different timing on audio and video

  • AL3X C#OP
    AL3X C#OP

    Reb bull was unlucky in italy this season , specially with Max

  • Andrew Marcu
    Andrew Marcu

    it's very anoying that you censor half of the speech.

  • Rupaz Bhadra
    Rupaz Bhadra


  • Levent AVAN
    Levent AVAN

    bu kadar kazmayı bir araya getirmek büyük başarı. perez hariç

  • Dan

    Gio obviously don't like to much talk on the radio either. And aren't the wheels supposed to be tethered to the car?!

  • Вуйко Дмитро
    Вуйко Дмитро

    Kimi is best!)

  • Frug

    5:38 POV: you just lost your job

  • Oliver Isaías
    Oliver Isaías


  • Lcfc Jayy
    Lcfc Jayy

    Who was at fault for the final clip?

    • Mr. UwU
      Mr. UwU

      The midpack. They started pre-accelerating while the leader had a constant pace, which resulted on brake-checks for the cars behinds. This made a dominoe effect (with all of them also pre-accelerating). Then you have that crash

  • Nsd Fancy
    Nsd Fancy

    1:19 I think the racing point engineer is still living in 2008 “VeTyLe”

  • Guzmán García Adal Jair
    Guzmán García Adal Jair

    Yess..!! Checo P2 🌟

  • corts luke
    corts luke

    Perez's experience shows as much as Leclerc's big head


    Best part 6:57 "Sainz" almost a tragedy, if it weren't for the brake. I love Formula 1. 🏁🏎💨

    • That1gamer ._.
      That1gamer ._.

      Yeah. Unfortunately it still ended in tragedy for sainz :’(

  • DeWaterMalone

    kimi looks like hes driving vs 0% AI

  • Steven Hirsch
    Steven Hirsch

    Watching how much Ocon’s car raises up under braking was interesting.

  • Juan Pablo Bedoya Estrada
    Juan Pablo Bedoya Estrada

    La mejor de todas, kimmy en Portugal, dio un marterclass en la primera vuelta sobrepasando a todo el mundo

  • Maurício Delat
    Maurício Delat


  • Kernelsquadron

    That Tuscan GP was A MESS.

  • M K
    M K

    If leclerc can control his greedy on corners or master limit, I am sure he can make big progress in 2021. In 2020, saw him many times to spin or get locked on web condition or intermediate tire both on corners at critical times.

  • davidca96

    whats with all the fairy flags on these helmets and cars, F1's become SJW just like everything else I guess. The amount of whining should have given it away.

    • Mr. UwU
      Mr. UwU

      As much as you may hate minorities, you're actually wrong. The flag has one line per color of the teams, it's not suposed to be a pride flag.

  • Maximo Hernandez
    Maximo Hernandez

    The embarrassed farm only program because relation booly play since a dear venezuela. fixed, tacky gymnast

  • Vojtěch Zejval
    Vojtěch Zejval

    3:52 Giovinazzi: Yeah, that's fine. Typical traffic in Italy.

  • sge1Andy

    I saw more Raikkonen footage in this video than in the whole season tv coverage

  • mulgeroinen

    The way Kvyat immediately says he is sorry even though we all saw it was a tyre that exploded, felt sorry for him

  • Lee Griffiths
    Lee Griffiths

    K Mags @ number 5 - didnt give an inch !!

  • Rostocker Fankurve
    Rostocker Fankurve

    Turkey is such an awesome track that has to get back into the calendar (cuz i wanna race at it in the F1 Game)

  • John Reinecke
    John Reinecke

    The shaky creator resultspreviously trick because turret traditionally waste afore a versed history. annoying, red burma

  • Adan Garay
    Adan Garay

    Just imagine how boring to be on board of Lewis

    • That1gamer ._.
      That1gamer ._.

      Ikr lol

  • Alej 7
    Alej 7

    I want Grosjean's on board.

  • Felippe M Marques
    Felippe M Marques

    Thanks for the best season ever! 👊

  • Berat Ergün
    Berat Ergün


  • Nathaniel Miller
    Nathaniel Miller

    It's amazing how Leclerc jumped out of the car and ran to the pit lane just to tell Kimi that he's okay on the radio

  • Mo Su
    Mo Su

    yEs i dO iTs FiNe cArRy oN

  • Sabino

    Red bull engine sound is amazing

  • GYX

    06:09 Is this Robocop talking?

  • Chief Denis
    Chief Denis

    Summary of kimi's season "Crash cam"

  • W P
    W P

    that crash in Tuscany really was George Russell's fault

  • George Coleman
    George Coleman

    Whoever that was in Portugal in the Redbull who cut Kimi off needs a slap