Can you KEEP Aircraft parts that falls on your house?! YOUR questions on UAL 328 answered.
The engine of United Airlines flight 328 exploded in mid air as the Boeing 777 was climbing through 12500 feet. This incident has been dissected in detail by several, great, youtube channels so I decided to do something slightly different.
In this video I have selected 8 of the different questions which have been sent in to me by YOU on both Twitter, Facebook and SVsoft.
I hope you will like the result!
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15:31 - Question 7
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  • Aqua Lung
    Aqua Lung

    The US Space Shuttle Columbia blew up right over my house in Texas. I didn't even think about wanting to keep any debris I found on my property. Why would you do that? I mean, what would I do with it? And besides, it didn't belong to me in the first place. I'll never forget that sound and how it literally shook my frame farmhouse to the point where pictures fell from the walls. I honestly thought there was military action going on. RIP to that crew.

  • misomicro

    Listen to the man, folks! If it starts rainging aircraft parts whilst you're sitting in your garden, get out of there quickly!

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström

    Another thought - hollow titanium fan blades sounds like the opposit of cutting costs :P

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström

    Wouldn't the air rushing thru the engine just blow the halon gas away?

  • moviemad56

    As a non-pilot, I had no idea that planes don't get manufactured entirely by one company [I'm pretty sure that before WWII they were?]. Mentour is educating me, little by little! Apparently the aviation industry is unimaginably complex. Thank you, Mentour. :)

  • Donde_lieta

    Finders keepers, losers weepers

  • Dominique Musiclover
    Dominique Musiclover

    Nice video

  • Sim Cabin
    Sim Cabin

    very detail, informative and usefull , just subscribed you capt.

    • Sim Cabin
      Sim Cabin

      @Mentour Pilot thanks capt

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      Welcome to the channel!

  • Diamond_Playz MC
    Diamond_Playz MC

    me keeps the one little screw that they will wonder where it is

  • Njål Nilssen
    Njål Nilssen

    For those wondering how these kind of blades are inspected, search; Thermo Acoustic Imaging. (Greetings from an EASA B1 tech.)

  • 5610winston

    I would certainly keep them, sell for scrap to pay for replanting my garden and fixing my roof.

  • chnapo1

    You have earned that subscription long time ago :)

  • Lord My-T
    Lord My-T

    Boeing would not be hit by that too much, even if they were to blame. Boeing is a massive company (>58B$ revenue) and commercial airplanes are only one part of their business, with others being military and space. So even if they would lose commercial airplanes completely and even if it were half their revenue, they'd still survive, no problem.

  • Hio Yua
    Hio Yua

    That's a shame, I was just about and go collect airplane parts to make my own!


    Sounds like pratt and whitney adopted Boeing's business practices, cheap parts cheap labor, big profits, don't care about consequences that may arise and cause possible loss of human life.

  • Kevin Button
    Kevin Button

    If there shit hits my house they will be paying me

  • Steve Sloan
    Steve Sloan

    Well, Ma . . . Looks like we won't be usin' the front porch for awhile.

  • Dainis Brjuhoveckis
    Dainis Brjuhoveckis

    I just love how the green plant is positioned on the right side relative to the pilot talking and the red thing (beanbag?) is positioned to the left. Perfectly how it is supposed to be.

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot


  • Brandon Botting
    Brandon Botting

    Good vid

  • beo

    If it falls from the sky, and the jet is no longer there, its clearly abandoned property. The fact thats its valuable in an investigation means, they should buy it back from you. Why would you want to lend it to the investigators and then get it back after the investigation has concluded? It has zero value afterwards. Call the airline and make a deal with them. Why on earth would you want to call the authorities? Its a civil dispute at best. Either its abandoned property or its a tortious act of trespassing by the falling object.

    • beo

      @darryl haynes Even if the tail number is unidentifiable, if the owner of that part demanded damages for the part, implies that they have standing to collect damages. By demanding payment for the part, they in effect say that they are the owner of that part. No tail number required. The person demanding payment self identified. Will I be forced to pay for damages to the part by it falling from the plane into my house? Nope, because the moving object collided with a stationary objection. The moving object is always at fault. Just like when a moving car hits a parked car. This point is settled in law.

    • darryl haynes
      darryl haynes

      So if it lands on your house and destroys it and you didn't get the tail number of the plane you should be charged for the damage to the part caused by your house?

  • Jon Frisby
    Jon Frisby

    I clicked through to this video because the question in the title was interesting. You didn't answer the question at all. You sidestepped it entirely. Guess I won't be watching any more of your videos.

  • Uncle Joe
    Uncle Joe

    Yes, statistically it could be a coincidence that 3x P&W 4000-112 engines shed fan blades in less than 3 years. However, if we consider fan blade failures / cycle for all the different engines out there, as a forecaster I'd expect to see P&W 4000-112 as a big red outlier in my data set. I'd be calling it 'necessary' to ground them.

  • Mike Mhoon
    Mike Mhoon

    Why would you want that junk?

  • terenfro1975

    Pin wheel

  • Gissie

    Wouldrag neen way slowing plane down?there seem to be alot of planes falling out sky at moment. asked people to pray for pilots. Like reasons we told not to throw stones down mountain it may have been small but by time it lands on something its very forcefull.

  • D LS
    D LS

    Without watching: NO. If they’re from a flight desaster, they are evidence -to be collected and investigated.

  • Lloyd Bell
    Lloyd Bell

    Great video mate.!

  • Linux Ninja
    Linux Ninja

    Apparently you didn't listen to the ATC Audio. ATC asked 'left or right turns?' 'Left.' I'd hoped you would have pointed out that you don't turn around a dead engine. Other pilots have pointed this out. It's not because Denver has some standard 'left turns' procedure.

  • Karren Webb
    Karren Webb

    Question. Since the airline can choose the engine for its aircraft, how would the installation and the instrumentation be different or similar for the different engines? Thanks.

  • killer queen Bites za dusto
    killer queen Bites za dusto

    Finders keepers

  • Hanno Falk
    Hanno Falk

    @Mentour Pilot At 15:04 there are two forward mounts and no aft mount on the drawing.

  • Batman

    I like the barbecue engine it’s awesome. Do you order them from Rolls - Royce.

  • Bob Fels
    Bob Fels

    Wow you are pronouncing Maastricht really well!!! You practiced? :)

  • carter films
    carter films

    If I go to a plane crash the is 10 years old can i take the wrekage or salvage pieces

  • Богдан Благовирний
    Богдан Благовирний

    The skillful slash principally include because syria cytologically object notwithstanding a mushy correspondent. keen, hideous high rest

  • 7249xxl

    Hey finders keepers. And if they dont let me keep it i will go beast mode and piss over it.

  • Friday Californiaa
    Friday Californiaa

    It's raining -men- aircraft parts ! ^^

  • Damien Chambers
    Damien Chambers

    couldnt you tap on the blades with a ballpeen and listen for dull acoustics to locate cracks or fractures?

    • Speedbird

      @Damien Chambers Thanks😊I think @Mentour Pilot put out some really good videos. I would love to see some more videoes from the maintenance side of things, but thats not easy. Beside this pandemic going on, its hard to get permission from a part-145 organization (the airline maintenance department) to make/broadcast videoes.

    • Damien Chambers
      Damien Chambers

      @Speedbird Awesome answer, I think I have my new research binge lol. any aeronautics vids you'd recommend would be appreciated

    • Speedbird

      No, you cannot. Those cracks are to small/fine to notice by tap-testing. Tap-testing in aviation is used on composite parts to locate delamination, never on metallic parts.

    • Damien Chambers
      Damien Chambers

      @Mentour Pilot I feel like that would be an awesome side project for your channel lol

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      Only if you were trained to do that and I’m not sure how accurate that would be with hollow blades.

  • Snoopy Chaun Films
    Snoopy Chaun Films

    This is the dumbest video in SVsoft done of aviation 😂😂😂

  • The Lombax
    The Lombax

    Someone cut corners during lockdown with maintenance, inspections or overworking certain airframes.orrr P&W never intended for conditioned engines to be worked up and then stood down for long periods. The fatigue could be caused by Thermal contraction? It’s an interesting situation. Especially the proximity of the failures.

  • David J.
    David J.

    Short answer: Yes, but you shouldn't.

  • APS

    Do the engines on an aircraft come from different manufacturing 'batches' in case of any undetected defects? If not, what is the likelihood that the left engine was close to failing too?...

  • RUSapache

    If some company manufacture planes, why don't they also build engines for it?

  • Dave Deal
    Dave Deal

    Just curious if the storage of airplanes added to the delay or conditions that led to the fan blade failure?

  • Gregory Barrett
    Gregory Barrett

    It may not be Boeing bashing but instead an expression of concern or doubt about the combined financial (and other) impact on Boeing and its ability both to survive and to compete.

  • davinator

    Actually you generally don't want to turn towards your dead engine, if you turn away you're "on top" of your running engine, and it will essentially push you away from the ground, if you're on top of your dead engine you're pushing yourself into the ground, it's possible just unnecessarily risky

  • James Wakefield
    James Wakefield

    From what I remember, you can keep jetsam, not flotsam. It's very unlikely that a pilot would deliberately jettison an engine, so, no, you can't keep it.

  • SirBlade666

    Isn't this basically the same as "my neighbour's ball/pet is in my garden, can I keep it"?.

  • Steven Penning
    Steven Penning

    if aircraft parts are found on my property or damaged anything, I would sell these parts back... They discarded these parts and perhaps damaged my property so they now belong to me.

  • Alex Mayer
    Alex Mayer

    nope.. its mine... it came down on my property willingly... sooo beat it feds!

  • General_ Groves
    General_ Groves

    That large piece landed blocks from my house, from what I hear, the guys car got totaled and he is in the process of getting a huuuuuuuge compensation check from the airline. I have a feeling his family will be moving to a fancy neighborhood in the coming months xD

  • Nexarius

    That question is rediculous. If a car crashes into the fence of my house it means I get to keep the car right?

  • Neville Borg
    Neville Borg

    The amount of valuable, well-structured information you give out in under 30minutes is astonishing.

  • Besher

    There was even another Engine failure (from what I heard) in the UAE

  • Syn

    Incorrect. Here in Scotland I own my land ad centrum. From the centre of the Earth to the skies above as per the angle given the land area. If you fly through my air space and something falls from it it's mine as it had no business being in it. Trespass. Pay my tax and i'll think about it

  • Patrick Friel
    Patrick Friel

    Some see the engine cowling of a 777 but I see the makings of a Jacuzzi.

  • David Bradley
    David Bradley

    Fire extinguisher looks like a Soccer ball not a football lol 😂

  • David Bradley
    David Bradley

    Obligatory not a pilot but wouldn’t turning into the dead engine be easier but also harder to turn out of because the thrust configuration would be inclined to keep the aircraft in the turn, thus making turning away from the dead engine safer if only marginally with today’s safety measures as if something went wrong the aircraft would want to roll out of the turn naturally.

  • Dave Adams
    Dave Adams

    If pieces of aircraft suddenly landed next to me and I just cheated death - hell yes I would keep the aircraft parts !! 👍😎

  • RustyNuts

    very similar to my fire suppression system on the train that I drive (class 43) even uses the Ar & N.

  • weedfreer

    Whats the wall covering you're using in the background here...i'm assuming its a better insulated alternative to plaster/plasterboard right? Looks a pretty neat system is all...may need to consider it for my living room with a large exterior facing wall. :-D

  • weedfreer

    One way they attempt to find cracks in engine blades is to clean the engine blades until they are as clean as they can get them and then bathe them in Kerosene. Once they have them bathed in kerosene they wash them off again...only this time, they use a different method which leaves the kerosene within any flaws or cracks. They can then use UV light to get any kerosene which may have found its way into a flaw or crack to fluoresce...thus identifying the location of the crack. Pretty neat...and simple. Engineers like simple, it makes it harder to get it wrong ;-)

  • Kevin Cozens
    Kevin Cozens

    Some very good questions. Love your T-shirt. One of the rare times I've seen you in a video where you weren't wearing your uniform.

  • Ithmiths

    I dont care if i can or cant. If an airplane part lands on my property im keeping it

  • SavageSmithy

    Those fire extinguisher bottles look like they're holding an unfathomable amount of steam

  • milcoll73

    just watched blancolirios interview with capt behnam. amazing story. that flightcrew saved that aircraft and all 381 souls on board.

  • Sean

    Color me a confused commenter but how can you use both fire extinguishers for one engine or one for each? Maybe I misunderstood at 14:45 but it sounds like that's what he said...? I thought there are 2 for each engine cause they live in that little football thing he described, in the wing next to the engine.

  • movax20h

    Hollow fan blades, are definitively harder and way more costly to manufacture than solid one. It is not a matter of cost, but of engineering and technical necessity. And solid ones will add to much to the weight of the engine and make the failure way more dangerous.

  • Mikosch2

    Mentour: Can you keep it? The law: No, you can't. My dog: Good luck getting it back, tho.

  • Thomas farquhar
    Thomas farquhar

    If it falls in my garden it's mine now bitches

  • Ste Jer
    Ste Jer

    So what's the answer? Can't be bothered to watch 24 minutes of mostly empty talk.

  • Viljamin Somemakuuhuone
    Viljamin Somemakuuhuone

    24:02 I have been in doubt that this channel is incarnation of Boeing saving it's reputation. For now on there no doubt about it anymore. :D

  • Marcus Culver
    Marcus Culver

    The reason for left turn patterning is also because they have more control over the operative engine and thus easier to recover from the bank vs. turning over the failed engine that is causing an aerodynamic drag which would already be causing the plane (if no correctional adjustments were made) to turn right (in the same way a car tries to steer into the flat type)

  • Right Coast
    Right Coast

    Man, now if airplane parts do fall in my yard, it's going to be hard to not make a jacuzzi out of them.

  • HauntedShadowsLegacy

    Regarding the whole 'picking the engine separately' thing, that's not the only option airliners have when purchasing airplanes (especially from Boeing). Airplanes are surprisingly customizable in a number of ways. Seat count, crew rest areas, emergency cabinets... Hell, you can go all out with a decorative 'starlight' ceiling if ya wanna dump the extra dough. Or you could buy it without any seats or crew rest areas or storage compartments or whatever. It'd still cost you a cool couple mil, but you'd have your own jet for a lower-than-average price. Boeing either makes or purchases the internal add-ons they offer, but anything not offered or installed by Boeing falls well outside their liability.

  • Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley

    Plus there's no flames coming out the back of the engine, it's all contained within the engine.

  • Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley

    Of course you an keep them, I would sell them back to the people that wanted them, easy.

  • Vera Bolton
    Vera Bolton

    I am not a pilot but I would always turn away from a possible fire. If my right side was on fire, turn left if possible. Naturally.

  • Jarco

    From a different pilots youtube video I learned that they are forced to turn away from the broken engine because it's easyer to stop the turn when it's done this way

    • Jarco

      @Mentour Pilot fair enough i am sure you know more about it than me haha

    • Mentour Pilot
      Mentour Pilot

      Yeah, not really a factor in an airliner flown at the correct speed and trimmed out.

  • 3dstudiomike

    24:46 Good pun.

  • WitchidWitchid

    On a jet can an engine be feathered so that the fan blade doesn't keep pinwheeling? Offhand I have never heard of feathering a jet engine. .

  • NbKXStorm

    Is it? Though? This sounds more like the folks doing the inspections didn't do what they were supposed to do(replace the blades when they found the problem.)

  • MrFuzzerkins

    id ask if i can get the money to repair my home if that said aircraft part landed on my house and or vehicle/vehicles

  • toddbod94

    I haven't watched the video but I'm going to say you can't keep them, probably because they are evidence for use in accident investigation.

  • Joseph S
    Joseph S

    If a car crashes through your fence does it become your car? Geez.

  • Speedbird

    2:18 No, no, no..🤭Which airline does walk-arounds with hydraulic pumps on?!?! 🤨🤪😣

  • X D
    X D

    Nah I'll just keep it thanks

  • Zakir Anderson
    Zakir Anderson

    If i loose control of my car and end up in someone's garden do they get to keep my car

  • the fox king
    the fox king

    they turned left coz you NEVER turn on a dead engine

  • Oliver Scheel
    Oliver Scheel

    I can't accept the answer that It was "physics" not financial decisions that are the reason for these (and after three incidents somewhat tending to be faulty) fanblades. Actually attaching the bigger fan in the first place is done to make the turbine more efficient to still be sold to customers. Raising the diameter of the fan of the P&W turbine while keeping the cowling, the disc and all other parts as unchanged as possible IS a finacial decission to make the model change cheaper. A complete redisign is NOT forbidden by physics, but was financially undesirable by P&W. Making the fanblades hollow is only a pysical feasible solution if you fiancially decide to try to keep it simple by not altering all the other parts of the turbine which P&W did.

  • mgcamp85

    I don’t think I would let them take it until they paid for the damages to the property

  • Arioch IV
    Arioch IV

    What a silly,. juvenile question. Property rights aren't voided just because something accidentally lands on your lawn. If there is a car accident in front of your house, and one of the cars ends up on your lawn, do you think it becomes yours? If a neighborhood dog strays onto your lawn, does that mean you own it?


    Sure you can. I know I always do

  • Life Reportage
    Life Reportage

    I heard that the airline will buy back any piece fallen from an aircraft on someone's property for exorbitant amounts of money, is it true? Back in the 80s I heard that they paid about $1,000 per kg.

  • bobby cv64
    bobby cv64

    excellent work PETER, yes, we are discussing ENGINE FAILURE and sorry for P&W failures (like any responsible company will figure out the issues) and BOEING, yes NOT BOEINGs fault, every case was a P&W engine. EVERYONE WANTS A SAFE PLANE and EVERYONE is a team. You don't think that AirBus and Boeing COLLABORATE, they do, competitors, if they find something bad will even tell their competitors. BOTTOM LINE: SAFETY Which is why I love the Aviation Community.

  • 3fxz

    Can you keep the car that hits your mailbox?

  • Camping&Gaming

    Never heard of that manufacturer before.

    • Speedbird

      Which one?🤔

  • Spartan117JMC

    This guy sounds Norwegian/Swedish. Great Vid tho!!

    • Speedbird


  • Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson

    Was the fire a gas fire or oil fire

  • V3ryan

    Only if you hide it away and deny everything.