Kia e-niro EV in -40°!! Will it work?
Just when you think it can't get any colder. The day after the -35 test, it is -40! -40 is where both Celcius and Fahrenheit meet. So this is both -40°C and -40°F. Do you think it will start and drive? Because remember, the media and the petrolheads constantly tell us that EV's don't work in the cold? So it can't possibly start in -40, right?

  • Karen Evans
    Karen Evans

    Gloves please

  • Tim the Lindroos
    Tim the Lindroos

    Im a proud owner of an Kia Stinger diesel with 2,2 liter engine and 200 hp. It will start every day! Good car! :)

  • Steve Walsh-Balshaw
    Steve Walsh-Balshaw

    That whining noise would really irritate me sounds like a worn bearing

  • André van der Weijden
    André van der Weijden

    What is that app you are using?

  • Josh T
    Josh T

    Interesting fact, -40°C is also -40°F

  • Navruzov Max
    Navruzov Max

    That's no cold at all, if you will be in Russia, so -45-47c you will understand that i mean, by the way some people are using in Russia nissan leaf in such tough conditions, and to tell the truth, it works!!! Absolutely amazing! E cars rules

  • Alex

    Is there a diesel version and is it the d-niro?

  • seesaw

    Minus 40 BUT his Kia was PLUGGED IN! That matters! What happens to his Lithium batteries when they drain dead empty in -40 and are left frozen for a day? In other words - left unplugged for a weekend? Plugged in the battery heater keeps the batteries alive and keeps them charged.

  • Brandon Tube
    Brandon Tube

    Since I'm in central Canada, I have seen these temps. We had the same air mass last month (today its 10 and rainy, however). My gas vehicle has to warm up for a good 10 minutes before I'm comfortable driving it in those temps, so to be fair the EV works well in those temps. I'm a bit surprised you don't have gloves on, that's more dangerous than the temperature itself. LOL Thanks for showing.

  • Fredrik Dahlin Winscher
    Fredrik Dahlin Winscher

    2 q, 1, why would it be dangerous to drive in -39? you know its getting cold like that every winter since beginning of time up in the north, and it had not stopped anyone. well of corse they have (like you have not..) clothes and gloves and stuff to get the car out of a ditch. 2, why would it not start, its an electric motor and it been plugged in.

  • Dodo M
    Dodo M

    I trust electric cars more and more

  • Tony McFlattie
    Tony McFlattie

    Where is Bjorn? Jk jk

  • Alex Gray
    Alex Gray

    I expect those responsive displays are OLED, not LCD.

  • The Amazoner
    The Amazoner

    FYI battery will be warmed only when plugged in otherwise it will not warn

  • Gang-gang

    Which country is this

    • Jyrki Tarhonen
      Jyrki Tarhonen


  • Trevorfoggia

    Hi Tony, greetings from Cumbria in the U.K. Kia make great cars that’s for sure. I’m actually considering the Kia eSoul for my next lease car. Have you driven one? I’d like to know you opinion. I know they are basically the same car. I’ve just subscribed. What tyres are you running please? Stay safe and well, and warm.

  • Daywalker 2150
    Daywalker 2150

    Test it 1 day without preheat at -40 🤔

  • Adrian Iacob
    Adrian Iacob

    Being connected to the wall charger, very likely that some power was used to pre-heat the batteries, after charging cycle ended. Also could be (don't know for sure) a small blow heater behind LCD's in order to keep them at least reasonably responsive, very thoughtful of Kia engineers...

  • Paul

    Have you ever thought about moving somewhere warm?

    • Tero Piispala
      Tero Piispala

      I have been in Utsjoki in midsummer. It was practically 30-34C entire week and sun was shining 24h per day. That's not typical weather but nice when it happens.

  • Derek Bowen
    Derek Bowen

    Do I detect Scouse?

  • Вазелин Мазалов
    Вазелин Мазалов

    Термометърът в колата показва -5. Този е лъжец. При -39 се разкарва по тънка фанела и без ръкавици!!!?? Ние не пасем трева!!

  • mahalo aloha
    mahalo aloha

    Kia and Hyundai use LG screen module. It is awesome~

  • ram64man

    Did you check your tires being so cold the air will condense in the tires making them under pressure

  • Coops1964

    Hiyah Tony, I've just found your channel and subscribed, very informative. Ive noticed you haven't the stock wheels and wondered why you've changed them, also what tyres have you got on? Last question is where is your accent from, it sounds very Warrington or similar? Cheers pal.

    • FinlandTony

      These are the winter wheels that come with e-niros in Scandinavia. The stock wheels will be going on in late March which have the summer tyres on. Looking forward to a slight range improvement then. The winter tyres are Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 studded. They are just mega in the snow/ice. I'm originally from Runcorn, but have worked and spent a lot of time in and around Warrington, so your pretty bang on there mate. Most people say Wirral (which is pretty close too). No-one is saying Liverpool which is interesting, I guess I've lost my scouse twang that I used to have!


    Cool mate, something out of the box.

  • László Bakonyi
    László Bakonyi

    I think there wasn't so cold now, because you were wearing jacket, not a T-shirt! :-)

  • Peter Spearman
    Peter Spearman

    Experienced -42 here in Canada. Most of our company trucks would not start. Those that did had some wheels frozen (bake pads) and transmission / differential oil created high resistance due to its viscosity. Impressive that the Niro functions at this temperature. Better than ICE vehicles

  • Joe Blue
    Joe Blue

    What county is this?

    • Jyrki Tarhonen
      Jyrki Tarhonen


  • Amir Moradi
    Amir Moradi

    If you're not gonna be driving an EV for a long period of time it's best not to charge it to full. Keeping it under 70% is probably best

  • Simon

    Very nice content. Instantly subscribed.

  • Top12 boardstore
    Top12 boardstore

    You still should not leave the car without having it unplugged. You should also preheat the car before driving. You will kill that battery.

  • Bop City
    Bop City

    dude, put some gloves on.

  • Mircea Munteanu
    Mircea Munteanu

    Gasoline cars do run, as long as your battery and coolant are in good shape, and don't drive them only on short trips you should be fine, Just had -43 C two weeks ago

  • pkny9394

    Wondering can you do a test leave it outside over night without plugging it in. does the thermo pack kick in below certain temperature when you plug it in

  • GrrMeister

    *Anyone who imagines an **_Electric Car_** will save Global Warming is sadly deluded*

    • cbcdesign001

      Even so they are a lot more efficient that ICE cars with an MPGe of 120 or more so it makes sense for anybody that can use one to get one but they are not yet suitable for everybody.

    • Top12 boardstore
      Top12 boardstore

      I don’t think anyone believes that. It’s to late for saving the world from global warming we have passed that point and BEVs alone will make a difference on that problem. But BEVs in cities will save the lunges of a lot children and adults. Cancer allergy, asthma are serious issues caused buy smoking and ICE cars.

  • Szilveszter Sáfár
    Szilveszter Sáfár

    Hi Tony, the colors on the bar on your energy consumption screen are weird - at 4:54. Mine has the smaller 7" screen and it shows the bar in the same colors as those percentages above: orange (drive), green (climate), blue (electronics), violet for battery care. This last one I've never seen go above 0%, and it's supposed to be the battery heating or cooling when needed. I guess the -10 celsius that we had here didn't trigger it.

  • na prad po Polsce
    na prad po Polsce

    Good Job

  • jackfish campbell
    jackfish campbell

    Tony those kinds of temperatures happen from time to time v in a lot of Canada. I live in Winnipeg a city of 800,000 . A couple of weeks ago our airport temp went down to _ 38.8 c and yet there were thousands of vehicle's driving around, numbers modified mostly by the pandemic. The vast majority of those cars are running on gas engines or petrol as Europeans say it , people here use block heaters as needed. My car is 19 kia niro hybrid and I plugged it in last winter twice just to be sure. But it's in an unheated garage and I haven't bothered this winter and its been fine. It is pretty creaky sounding at low temperatures though not as much as our previous ford focus.

  • John Wilkinson
    John Wilkinson

    Glad to have found this channel. I really enjoyed my trip with Tony and Andrew on Aurora tours in 2016 in Finland.👍

    • FinlandTony

      Hi John, did you come across my channel just by chance or what? Small world that like.

  • Alrukitaf


  • Rennie Allen
    Rennie Allen

    I will note that the vehicle was plugged in. I'm from Winnipeg (had -41°C this year) and we don't think much of a car starting in -40 when its been plugged in. The challenge is when it isn't plugged in.

    • Rennie Allen
      Rennie Allen

      @david brown exactly, so, impressive it is not.

    • david brown
      david brown

      It's an electric car.

  • DC Various Vids
    DC Various Vids

    Cool running... well actually rather chilly.

  • nickie Redshaw
    nickie Redshaw

    Great video thanks take care in the mega cold weather

  • Daniel Santos
    Daniel Santos

    Have you tried the EV Watchdog App? It's a monitoring OBD2 app which runs on Android and could provide you with a bunch of data.

  • Gordon More
    Gordon More

    -40C and -40F are the same because its too freaking cold :)

  • Jussi Siponen
    Jussi Siponen

    Heh, my e-Niro must have been in the same shipment, the plates have the same letters and the number is just four off from yours.

  • A T
    A T

    Weird that the battery warmer doesn't activate on those temperatures. Wonder if it's broken or something. In evnotify, the "inlet" value shows temperature of the liquid going in to the battery.

  • Mick G
    Mick G

    Could your cold hands be the cause of any delay on screens?

  • Ally Bamma
    Ally Bamma

    Is this the part elec part petrol niro? Mate I've got a brand new one and its shocking.

    • Szilveszter Sáfár
      Szilveszter Sáfár

      No, it's the "e-niro" in Europe or "niro EV" elsewhere. Meaning it's full electric.

  • FinlandTony

    I've discovered the reduction gear uses 1 litre of 70w gear oil. This is a very viscous oil and in these temps will be very thick. I think this is the cause of the air raid siren. The noise goes away after 20 minutes when the oil has warmed up a little. I've also noticed the air raid siren doesn't appear until the temps get close to -20°C or colder. I have a motorbike (Triumph Bonneville Bobber) with straight cut gears and that whines too. So I think this is very probably the reduction gear making the whine.

    • Tim the Lindroos
      Tim the Lindroos

      I think the Luftwaffe was coming! :)

    • lezzeti

      Ah, that explains why I had that noise for a very short time last winter. It was minus 22 degrees, and cars sometimes do strange noises at those temperatures..

  • Mike Wheeler
    Mike Wheeler

    Wife says, are you from the Wirral?

    • Mike Wheeler
      Mike Wheeler

      @calmjm Yep just what I thought after I asked the question - doh! Have to fly up there on day to see the lights. At the right time of year 😁

    • calmjm

      @Mike Wheeler It's midnight sun from May to August, you can't see even any stars. :)

    • Mike Wheeler
      Mike Wheeler

      Oh - just read your About info. 😎 Went to see the aurora with Sally in Iceland. Not a great show unfortunately. Planning to ride motorbike to Norway sometime (prob 2022) so summer months. Is aurora visible in the summer? Stupid question? 🤔

    • Mike Wheeler
      Mike Wheeler

      @FinlandTony I learnt to drive in North Wales, where it does snow occasionally. Skill level not good enough though to stop me scaring my kids when they were young enough to scare. Why Finland Tony?

    • FinlandTony

      @Mike Wheeler No 🤣 First time driving in the snow was in Widnes and I hit a kerb in my Fiesta XR2 and wrote it off. I've come a long way since then. That was 20 odd years ago.

  • Testdriver2804


  • Thomas

    Even all exhaust filters work right from start up 🤪 Great car! My i3 would punish me with reduced power and regeneration, but that's OK.


    And people in Wi. had endured normal winter temps of -30°F.


    -39° C is about -19°F.

    • DJ Cruiser
      DJ Cruiser

      Any negative temp is just to darn cold.

    • TheJood59

      Nope, -39C is -38F. They are the same temp reading at -40. (comment from northern Canada)

  • James O'Brien
    James O'Brien

    Is winter mode on ?

  • Omar Alvarez
    Omar Alvarez

    I have the hybrd niro version. Very capable car. At - 10C here in Texas, with the snow, I drove no problem.

    • Lennox Williams
      Lennox Williams

      @Catalin Ghervas Thank you!!

    • Catalin Ghervas
      Catalin Ghervas

      @Lennox Williams They're all front wheel drive, not an issue is snow as much as ice. But then any car will have problems driving on the ice without proper tires.

    • Lennox Williams
      Lennox Williams

      Is yours front wheel drive? Ive been nervous about taking mine out in snow.

  • Alvaro Gala González
    Alvaro Gala González

    Quick tip: there is a setting which enables a battery heater, it should be activated in these conditions to get some regen and charge.

    • Lars Emanuelsson
      Lars Emanuelsson

      @KsiNixNie The battery was at least -15 to -24 when he started, not -39.

    • KsiNixNie

      @FinlandTony I had commented earlier but deleted it because I wasn't sure. But I looked it up and I think I know how it works now. There's a video from Bjorn trying out the e-Niro in Norwegian winter: At the 10 minute mark you see that his ODBII says that battery temp is going up immediately after plugging in. There's another part where he mentions the heater. I believe it works only when charging and will stop when the battery reaches 10 degrees celsius or so. That would mean it would be better to use scheduled charging so your battery is relatively warm when you leave.

    • Alvaro Gala González
      Alvaro Gala González

      @FinlandTony Uh... Oh... What a bummer. 🤦‍♂️

    • FinlandTony

      Winter mode is enabled. The battery heater is useless and never comes on.

  • Rennzzo S
    Rennzzo S

    He's right about frostnip--it is sooooo painful. And that's why I will never again live in "Sunny Alberta, Canada". No, just no.

  • 0JEB0

    Put some gloves on! It's -39C!

  • Clive Flint
    Clive Flint

    I thought that the e-niro had a battery heater that kicks in below a certain temperature.

  • Robbie Fitzgerald
    Robbie Fitzgerald

    Its always a good time when i get in my car and the clutch is stiff. Luckily it hasnt been like that in a while.

    • Ally Bamma
      Ally Bamma

      @anahatamelodeon ah I see thanks. I'm struggling tonseenornfind the advantages of mine tbh. .self charging u know..still stops.if

    • anahatamelodeon

      @Ally Bamma No, EV's have the motor permanently coupled to the wheels. No need for a clutch because an electric motor can start from a standstill and can operate over a wide speed range without needing gears.

    • Ally Bamma
      Ally Bamma

      Does a niro even have a clutch?!

  • Charles-André Bélanger
    Charles-André Bélanger

    Hello Tony , which obd adaptor do you use with EVNotify ?

  • mikeselectricstuff

    LED dispays do not lag in the cold

    • charlesmartin82

      Why not? It's still an LCD. They must use a formulation that's good in the cold


      Displays are not LED, 99.99% are LCD.

  • VolvoCars

    Simply amazing! Beats any fossil car.

    • Pinkaew Namwarnaei
      Pinkaew Namwarnaei

      Beats "any" fossil car? Please elaborate? Here I live (in Norway) temperatures like this happens some days every winter. Never any issues with fossil cars, my Kia Soul EV 2018 looses more than half its range when its around -40. Cheap fossil cars will have issues keeping the coupe hot in this temperatures, but that's about it.

    • Deuxiit

      Lots of people driving their fossil so at the same temps to work and back. Evs are good but I don't get the hype since we done this same stuff for decades with fossils every winter. The range drops half on evs with cold weather's and the charcing is slow because of the coldgating. We need to change to evs in time but the hype is just cringy since lots of evs owners complain alot about e niro and konas performance at cold winter. 12v and charge port freezing will leave you in dangerous trouble with -30c.

  • Barry PURKIS
    Barry PURKIS

    Nice video. Did you check the grade of oils in the transmission and other moving parts before this test. From a quick glance online it seems that -40F is the point where most oils stop flowing. Or does the Niro have a winter spec oil? A similar thought applies to the brake fluid, esp if it is somewhat old. Any water that has joined with it will be frozen in the pipelines and master cylinder. Here in warm Havant UK I actually had to defrost the screen five times this winter already!

    • FinlandTony

      Reduction gear uses 1 litre of 70w gear oil. This becomes very thick and could be the cause of air raid siren.

  • Nirbhay Singh
    Nirbhay Singh

    Good work bro from India

  • Jarmo K
    Jarmo K

    why would it not start ? if you have power on 12v battery everything works

    • anahatamelodeon

      All electronic components have temperature limits outside which they are not guaranteed to work. I think -25°C is a common lower limit for some chips.

  • FinlandTony

    A common question which I will answer here. Q: Why didn't I preheat the car first? A: It's a cold test to see how all systems perform starting from cold.

    • Raiden Ibrahim
      Raiden Ibrahim

      @Fred Felmet Awesome! Took about 20 mins but it reallyworked!

    • Fred Felmet
      Fred Felmet

      I dont know if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for InstaPortal password hack if you wanna try it

    • Lars Emanuelsson
      Lars Emanuelsson

      It is very impressive! Byt should be more interesting to see how it works if you dont have anywere to plug in when -40 and have to use the car when the battery is as cold as outside.

  • Stephen clay
    Stephen clay

    Hi has your e Niro a battery heater and if so have you seen it working. Mine should have one but I have never seen those temperatures here in the uk. THANK GOODNESS. The uk would of come to a complete standstill way before that temperature probably about -10. A great video it proves just how low cars can operate in. As you say you really wouldn’t want to be out walking in that for long. So to sum up I shouldn’t get any cold problems with our e Niro in the uk.

    • FinlandTony

      It does and I have seen it turned on one or twice. But that's about it. Kia really need to do major software revision on the battery heater because it's useless. The only issue you would have in UK is possibly ice/slush freezing the charge door shut. Here it is such dry cold, the snow doesn't stick to the car. So I have no issues with the charging door or anything.

  • Jimmy Lager
    Jimmy Lager

    Why didn’t you pre-heat the car? Was it just because you were aware that it was going to be colder and wanted to try it?

    • Clive Flint
      Clive Flint

      It’s good to know it can do -39c but yeah, preheating is well worth the time.

  • Richard Wood
    Richard Wood

    Good to know. -6 lowest with us this year in Herefordshire. P.S. Who the ***** were you signalling to?

    • FinlandTony

      That chap who backed out of his driveway and then put his indicator on signalling to let me pass. I also knew who it was (but he won't have recognised me in the e-niro) last time he seen me I was in a blue I-Pace.

  • Alin Mustata
    Alin Mustata

    Does it have a heatpump?

    • FinlandTony


  • Hamish

    Why didn’t you pre heat it 🤣🤣

    • Lars Emanuelsson
      Lars Emanuelsson

      The battery was preheated

    • Christoffer Øvervoll
      Christoffer Øvervoll

      To test how it is in cold start

  • JunkerOnDrums

    Why does it sound like a tram?

    • lezzeti

      Because of the cold. The oil in the reduction gear get a bit thick at -39 degrees.

  • terpstek

    How low can you go in temperature... Impressive to see the e-Niro still driving under these conditions. I hope the motor noise is a cold issue and will disappear when it gets warmer.

    • FinlandTony

      Just uploaded a new video with a consumption test in -34°C. In -40°C I would say 200km. Which is impressive. I think the noise is the reduction gear, because it uses 70w oil which will be almost solid in these temps until it has warmed up.

  • bartholomew simpson
    bartholomew simpson

    I wonder what prohibited the author to pre-heat the car before using it

    • Lars Emanuelsson
      Lars Emanuelsson

      The battery was preheated

    • Robert Sparling
      Robert Sparling

      It was a cold test.

    • descb600f

      No app.

  • DMC

    Super impressive!!And to think i was worried about the charging port door at -5 in the uk last week!

    • apocrypth

      charge port does not have actually temp issue, its more like moist freezing in the bottom of the charge port near that sink hole there, sticking the charge port "door" to it too... but no big deal actually, you can open it anyway but you need "card" for charging or something

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell

    I am one of your Subscriber from Atlanta Georgia, USA. I can't even imagine that kind of cold at all. I'm quite impress with the Niro EV. We were looking at the Model Y SR and the Niro EV. Now I have reconsider my choice after watching this. Very impress. Great video. Keep warm. Brrrrrrrr

    • David Campbell
      David Campbell

      @Clive Flint I sure will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation. Much appreciated

    • Clive Flint
      Clive Flint

      You might want to watch TeslaBjorn’s videos from Norway. He drives Tesla’s and other EVs in -26c and below

  • Albert Bijnen
    Albert Bijnen

    Respect that you are going outside and i wonder that the car is running. In the netherlands it was last week -12 C and today is was +17 C. I did not take our kia e soul to drive but my motorbike with these temp.

    • Albert Bijnen
      Albert Bijnen

      @FinlandTony I drive a yamaha xt 1200ze and it is my 7 th. Te last 2 i had total damage in the blackforrest germany. For a couple of years i did tourgiding for a gasthouse in the black forrest.Longtime ago a met there a guy from finland. He was driving to barcelona for a bikermeting in barcelona. greetings albert

    • FinlandTony

      What motorbike you got Albert? Jealous you are riding!

  • Ilkka Paavilainen
    Ilkka Paavilainen

    -39 is very cold even finland! Crazy weather.

  • Andrzej P
    Andrzej P

    Wow, I thought that my e-Niro is suffering at -5C ... seems like it's nothing 😃 . Great job

  • RobEV

    Try leaving the car overnight without winter mode enabled and see if the temperature in the battery in the morning is colder as it may be doing something in the background. Also try putting the car into neatral for a little bit whilst driving and see if that affects the motor noise. Really interesting seeing how the e-niro performs in exteme cold even though my e-niro here in the UK will never see temperatures like that.

    • Richard Wood
      Richard Wood

      Neutral doesn't disengage anything mechanical. I suspect it's the transmission (reduction gear/final drive) making the noise. I hear a mild version of it, with more of a beat, at certain speeds and temperatures in ours, at any time of year. Presumably stiff oil + different clearances.

  • Stan Foyle
    Stan Foyle

    I’m surprised you could get the door open

    • Clive Flint
      Clive Flint

      It’s more of an issue if it gets dew or water on the doors which then freezes. Being so low it’s unlikely that it’s got any moisture still in the air to freeze.

  • Hugo Fernandes
    Hugo Fernandes

    Also, do you have the battery care activated? It's supposed to be activated for cold climates, but I guess you have to activate it manually...

    • A R
      A R

      @FinlandTony I had Battery Care activated once in -25 C when battery SOC was below 30 % during drive.

    • FinlandTony

      Yep, winter mode is on. Battery care is pretty useless. Kia need to fix it.

  • Hugo Fernandes
    Hugo Fernandes

    Why didn't you preheat the car since you had it plugged in? 🤷‍♂️

    • Lars Emanuelsson
      Lars Emanuelsson

      The battery was preheated, and some leaked to the rest of the car, thats why it showed -34 instead of -39.

    • EWheeler Finland
      EWheeler Finland

      @Hugo Fernandes I'm sure on any other day, he does. That was only for the video. I've done it also, just for video and the experience.

    • Hugo Fernandes
      Hugo Fernandes

      @EWheeler Finland But could have preheated the inside of the car...just to be more confy 😊

    • EWheeler Finland
      EWheeler Finland

      I believe he was making a point how easy it is in that temp. Preheating would have made it look too easy. EVs are much better cars in the cold than ICE

  • Gertjan en Corné Technologie
    Gertjan en Corné Technologie

    Wauw why does the battery not warm itself up in this extreme temperature?!

    • Michael Eric Menk
      Michael Eric Menk

      @FinlandTony The chargers in Karasjok and Tana bru is run by Ishavsveien. Ishavsveien is a joint venture between multiple power companies in the county of Troms and Finnmark. If you are coldgateing, Ishavsveien is the best option, it's the cheapest in Norway at speeds below 43kW (4,25kr/kWh). The next best is Circle K (4.49kr/kWh) (but the closest Circle K charger for you is Tromsø). Grønn Kontakt (now Mer) only have a few charges in Troms and Finnmark, well south of Alta.. But Ishavsveien is the only one that have good coverage in Finnmark. They are planning one i Hesseng, in case you want a trip to Russia...:-D

    • FinlandTony

      @Michael Eric Menk Do you know what charge network those chargers are? I've got a Grøn kontakt rfid, would be easy if it was them.

    • Michael Eric Menk
      Michael Eric Menk

      @FinlandTony I assumed it would cold gate, but it will charge safely. You will not damage the battery, as you were worried about in the last video. Some car manufactures use the battery heater to keep the battery from being damaged only, not to optimize charge speed... So you can still use it safely. But luckily for you, the fast chargers in Tana Bru and Karasjok charge per kWh, and not by the minute.

    • FinlandTony

      @Michael Eric Menk Yes the e-niro coldgates like crazy. See my road trip videos through Finland. Still coldgates even after driving all day.

    • charlesmartin82

      @Hugo Fernandes he has it on and showed it yesterday 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • FinlandTony

    Consumption test from yesterday in -34°C will be coming today or tomorrow.

    • FinlandTony

      @Sam Roger that.

    • Sam

      Do share in miles/kWh for us imperial luddites if you can please

  • Richard Versluijs
    Richard Versluijs

    Great that the E-Niro performs great in these cold conditions! We never get these temperatures in the Netherlands. Last week we had -14 degrees and life almost stopped here 😉. How did the I-pace perform at these temperatures?

    • FinlandTony

      I-Pace also performed faultlessly down to -37°C. It did give a 12v low battery warning for 10 mins until the traction battery charged it up enough. Ok the brakes didn't work too great for 10 mins while the 12v was low. But other than that, fine 🤣

  • Laika Travels
    Laika Travels

    Interesting 👍

  • jose fernandez
    jose fernandez

    +21ºc in Biarritz !!

    • The Life Of Batteries
      The Life Of Batteries

      @FinlandTony +13 in UK ;-)

    • FinlandTony

      Not jealous at all :) (Ok maybe a bit)

  • Pasi Haaraoja
    Pasi Haaraoja

    Sähkikset toimivat myös äärimmäisen kylmässä!... Itse arvon Hyundai E-Niron 64 kwh tai Tesla model 3 SR+ välillä...