Top 10 Moments of Sportsmanship in Formula 1
Sometimes, competition takes a back seat for sportsmanship. Take a look at these 10 examples of fraternity and togetherness in the heat of rivalry.
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  • Brandon Mccomas
    Brandon Mccomas

    I still wish i was there to help save that driver from burning those men who just stood there are THE FULL EMBODIMENT OF COWARDS THE 3-4 OF THEM COULD HAVE SAVED THAT MANS LIFE

  • Aiden Romine
    Aiden Romine

    To make it and STAY in formula 1, I think you need to be a GENTLEMAN. Hence why Nikita Mazespin is going to be out of a seat next season

  • leo climbing
    leo climbing

    I probably do have an unpopular opinion here... but for me is sportsmanship something else than saving other people's life. If I would see a scene were a people is about to die I would immediately try everything to safe him. It doesn't matter if it is in sports or in life. There is absolutely no question that these were great moments of some drivers but in this regard it isn't sportsmanship (my opinion) it's more something like humanity 🤷‍♂️

  • JP Martin
    JP Martin

    Would present drivers, emulate them?????

  • Аброр Максудов
    Аброр Максудов

    2nd place made me cry

  • Pnixis 123
    Pnixis 123

    Ehh seb help Toro Rosso

  • Kenneth Ellseth
    Kenneth Ellseth

    Had someone lend another driver a helmet now there would be WW3 started by sponsors.

  • Kaustubh Kapare
    Kaustubh Kapare

    team orders are exactly what killing the sport...

  • WolfdenGaming /Mavadelo
    WolfdenGaming /Mavadelo

    How on earth can people dislike a video like this?? smh

  • Dace Habsburg
    Dace Habsburg

    Merzario saves lauda

  • Pablo Garcia
    Pablo Garcia

    Que pena lo de Comas😢😞

  • Enzo Lobo
    Enzo Lobo

    Hoje não, hoje não, hoje sim...

  • Moobeus

    We live in a world when giving back a place to someone who gave it to you is considered “sportsmanship”. No it’s called not being an absolute scumbag u don’t get a medal for that.

    • Giri_shiva

      @Moobeus true,not that many are having sportsmanship like the old ones

    • Moobeus

      @Giri_shiva I understand that, that’s why I’m saying it isn’t really a reflection of Hamilton being a sportsman, but really just shows how unsportsmanlike most drivers are that this is considered an unexpected and sportsmanlike move.

    • Giri_shiva

      @Moobeus most of the drivers won't do that.even schumi gave barricbello the first place only after bagging his fifth title already.also giving back ur position when ur the first driver and are standing second in championship standings is definitely sportsmanship.sportsmanship doesn't need to be always abt heroism.sometimes showing respect to ur rival is also considered sportsmanship

    • Giri_shiva

      @Moobeus valterri was a second driver.and in the start of 2017 Ferraro were leading.merc were devouring for a win so badly.if Lewis had overtook kimi,he could get closer to seb.but sadly,Lewis couldn't.hence,he gave back as promised

    • Moobeus

      @Giri_shiva sportsman ship is going above the line of duty to do something respectable, not literally fulfilling the terms of something you agreed to. Valterri let him pass on the condition that he would give it back if he couldn’t gain anymore places, so he gave it back. That is just expected it’s not sportsmanship.

  • Sjoerd Griffioen
    Sjoerd Griffioen

    David Purley not being able to rescue Roger Williamson is horrible. Especially because he felt they could have saved him.

  • Jake Massey
    Jake Massey

    If you did cry to the Senna and comas story, you arent human

  • AriefPlayz

    I had a feeling Niki Lauda was going to be in this one. I just didn’t know which number.

  • Inkysquid4

    This just shows that us humans are more than selfish people. That is what makes us special. Every single story in this is what people need to look at today, whether they like F1 or not, as the drivers in here- victims and heroes- show us what it is to be human. Rest In Peace all the drivers who were killed or have since passed on.

  • Mand0Gaming

    In my opinion its ertls fault,

  • xolitia

    song at hawthorn and moss part?

  • vince065us

    Was James Hunt ever recognized for pulling Ronnie Peterson from his wrecked car?

  • Ewan White
    Ewan White

    It’s funny we never hear about Comas trying to save Senna

  • Shiven Pillai
    Shiven Pillai

    Hamilton doesn't belong anywhere near this list, or F1.

    • Giri_shiva

      cry more

  • ViewyFFA

    Schumi did not belong in this top 10.

  • Iceman

    8:59 music?

  • Red Tsar
    Red Tsar

    (Not so) Fun fact: The car shown at 7:00 is actually Williamson's.

  • S SaiKumar
    S SaiKumar


  • Henry Gardner
    Henry Gardner

    Racing drivers respect each other with their lives. The bond they have for one another outweigh the rivalry by a huge margin

  • Marthinneill Apoi Michael
    Marthinneill Apoi Michael

    Lewis its james no way

  • _ RaulJosh97
    _ RaulJosh97

    After seeing the movie million times I really assume that was the most dramatic and brave moment of F1 and will be forever

  • DiegoMontemayor34

    I know it's similar but y'all should do a Top 10 Moments when drivers saved other drivers life

  • Christopher Ortiz
    Christopher Ortiz

    Toto at 0:57: "Fuckssake, we didn't win, whose fault is it?!"

  • Palutka

    Unpopular opinion: 2nd one should switch with 1st one

  • Gta Gamer
    Gta Gamer

    I was sitting in my hall while watching this video. But I moved to my room when it reached top 2. Not because there's something inappropriate for family in this video, but because I know that tears would be inevitable

  • Farhan Navaz
    Farhan Navaz

    10:09 i really cried there

  • Nsd Fancy
    Nsd Fancy

    Marshals back then were soo lazy 🤦‍♂️

  • Makaveli Tha Don
    Makaveli Tha Don

    4:37 seeing peterson in his lotus and the music gives me chills....

  • tommeh innih
    tommeh innih

    Hungaroring 2017 Bottas and Lewis?

  • Allidon Scizor
    Allidon Scizor

    Does anyone know the song from 9:00

  • F.B.I

    I immediately recognized that thumbnail.

  • Astrax Gaming
    Astrax Gaming

    Every time i hear érik comas name or ayrton senna i almost cry, i have probably spent up to 30 hours just watching ayrtons crash and how érik tried to help. Rest In Peace

  • shaulingames

    I cried when I saw the scene of Senna

  • Robin Berger
    Robin Berger

    7:54, when he waves his arm I can see how disappointed he was he couldn't have the driver

  • Dylan Wijaya
    Dylan Wijaya

    I love Senna! 😭😭😭😭😭

  • JackyRin

    Vatteri: Thanks lewis Lewis: ಠಿ_ಠ

  • azn_ Heckie
    azn_ Heckie

    Even after watching this video 10x i stilk cry. Because it shows that even in F1 there is Humanity, Friendship and Love. This Video surely shows why F1 is wonderfull. Its about emotion and determination. This is F1.

  • Cappy Vlogs
    Cappy Vlogs


  • MXBOY 18
    MXBOY 18

    9:45 what is the name of the music?

    • Road to 2020
      Road to 2020

      ive been trying to find it but have had no luck so far

  • Keashin28

    2:44 this camera angle is so cool they should bring it back

  • Keashin28

    Bottas looked like he aged 10 years in the oady 3 years

  • Josmer Suero
    Josmer Suero

    If they made a movie about Senna, Coma's story would be the saddest scene ever on film.

  • Christian Merolli
    Christian Merolli

    Was toto angry or sad?

  • Audi RS
    Audi RS

    1:00 Lewis, it's James.

  • Shiv Bajpai
    Shiv Bajpai

    I feel sad about Erik Comas

  • comentarista25

    Senna is 1 lap ahead of us and is still here never gone..

  • SSL Gaming
    SSL Gaming

    Erik comas is a hero for attempting to save senna

  • Trey Grube
    Trey Grube

    #1 better be senna pulling erik comas out, and then erik attempting to do that with senna

  • Ged Houghton
    Ged Houghton

    Song for when senna saves comas? It’s beautiful piece 😢

    • Iceman

      Wish I knew

  • Avinash M
    Avinash M

    The Schumacher-Barichello incident was a BS moment. How is that sportsmanship? Schumacher made Barichello stand on the top step coz the crowd was booing at him and Ferrari. At Indy, they tried to do a synchronous crossing of the line, with the intention of Schumacher winning and Barichello coming in second. When that didn't happen, he acted as if he planned it all along! True sportsmanship were those incidents where fellow drivers ran in to save their trapped comrade, without fear for their lives! Senna, Peterson and Williamson incidents were the most painful and sad to watch.

  • Maurice Fibich
    Maurice Fibich

    Senna and lauda are heros

  • Cappy Vlogs
    Cappy Vlogs


  • Tom Connell
    Tom Connell

    The way purley turns back at the wreckage heartbroken, man that hurts.

  • Shayan Nazar
    Shayan Nazar

    Goes to show how far safety in f1 has come that not even one of these extended past mid 2000's

  • Pedro Lopes
    Pedro Lopes


  • DEM30 Football
    DEM30 Football

    I have made a video why I love Formula 1 , can anybody give me his opinion about my video

  • Maximum Lvl
    Maximum Lvl

    Senna saving comas makes me cry every time, and then comas rushing to save Senna is too much

    • DEM30 Football
      DEM30 Football

      I have made a video why I love Formula 1 , can anybody give me his opinion about my video

  • Cappy Vlogs
    Cappy Vlogs

    Don’t call me weird for not crying during the Senna Comas story

    • DEM30 Football
      DEM30 Football

      I have made a video why I love Formula 1 , can anybody give me his opinion about my video

  • silverfilter

    Thank you for this. This has got to be one of my favorite f1 vids

    • DEM30 Football
      DEM30 Football

      I have made a video why I love Formula 1 , can anybody give me his opinion about my video

  • Andrew Page
    Andrew Page

    Aryton Senna is and will always be the greatest.

  • Zara

    9:50 I was crying so much

  • Slipperydjdan

    Ferrari so dominant in 2002 they tried going equal over the line

  • Justin

    I just came from watching a bunch of Niki Lauda interviews, then see him peeking behind there at 0:55

  • Acid God
    Acid God

    5:58 The size of the wheel tho

  • Nicola Sotgia
    Nicola Sotgia

    Arturo Merzario save Niki's life

  • Onan. O
    Onan. O

    honestly, the team that asks a driver to let go of his position for his teammate is a team that lacks integrity. Let the drivers race for the position, isn't that the point of the whole sport!

  • Patrick Cole
    Patrick Cole

    0:56 I can’t tell if Toto is mad or happy

    • İnanç Daloğlu
      İnanç Daloğlu

      He says "Yes! "so he's happy I think

  • grfpalm

    i feel the 70s were more dangerous than the 60s and 50s because they were slower than the ones from the 70s

  • crusherbmx

    Didier Pironi, considered a villain in the 1982 San Marino Grand Prix, somehow blamed for Villeneuve's death at the next race.....but at the Canadian Grand Prix that year, he ran out of his car and tried to save Riccardo Paletti.

  • Sigma 5
    Sigma 5

    What's the music playing at 6:13?

  • Hardware Mentor PK
    Hardware Mentor PK

    0:55 Lewis its James

  • Alan Gaming
    Alan Gaming

    My favourite even those it wasn’t an F1 driver it was Romain Grosjean and the medical car drivers with the flames

  • Paul Fagan
    Paul Fagan

    My heart broke for Comas...😪

  • la Putin
    la Putin

    10-9 are not spotsmanship its bs

  • moizzkhan

    Someone needs to give a medal to whoever came up with the Halo

  • Bryce Mumford
    Bryce Mumford

    I don’t care if I’m leeding the biggest race in the in the sport if a car recds and is on fire I have a fire soot and helmet I am going to do the best that I can to save that driver

  • toddmware

    No.10 Hamilton’s wasn’t sportsmanship. It was team orders. He would have been Vettel multi 21 with Webber had he not given the place back. So settle down on the ‘sportsmanship’ status

  • Sidd

    5:39 Stirling Moss sadly passed away just a month before this video was released. A real F1 hero.

  • Dankoexplorer

    9:43 I almost cried at that moment. The Senna's death was inimaginable

  • Marvin Greitensmeier
    Marvin Greitensmeier

    0:55 Niki: Oh look! Thats a fair man. Giving Bottas his position back. :) Toto FFS NO!!!!!!!!

  • Nick Riches
    Nick Riches

    Jesus christ I'm crying at the Comas one

  • Rishen Reni
    Rishen Reni

    3:44 Is that Senna??

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    The part with Senna & Coma made me cry

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    What Schumacher did 2002 in USA you will never see in F1 again and that's why he's the greatest!

  • fabio ferreira
    fabio ferreira

    ¨Let Michael pass to the champiomship¨ and all the work Rubens done till that moment, just go to trash? If was senna on the cockpit he just turned the radio off and go more faster to victory, bacause he know it who he was and what the team was without him.

  • kaski tv
    kaski tv

    The grosjean incident in bahrain (2020) should be in the list as well

  • Glenne

    After romains accident now you can add the marshals and the saftey car driver Alan van der Merwe and Dr. Ian Roberts

  • Glenne

    valteri its james

  • Seaf Halabi
    Seaf Halabi

    That day senna drove at imola a car that was not considered safe even at that time.

  • Leo Rouxx
    Leo Rouxx

    That Barrichelo’s thing was ridiculous

  • Nikhil P.
    Nikhil P.

    So beautiful.

  • Julia

    My heart broke for Comas when he realized he couldn't do anything to help Senna 💔