The 10 Most Dramatic Crashes of the 2020 F1 Season
From a catalogue of collisions at Mugello to Romain Grosjean’s heart-stopping crash and escape in Bahrain.
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  • Nice.

    Alex are you okay ? Are you okay Alex.

  • Death By Lego
    Death By Lego

    “Are you okay?” “Are you okay?” ARE YOU OKAY ANNIE

  • jca111

    I think we all knew what would be number 1

  • Bengalurean1

    Romain Grosjean - The Ultimate Car Crash Tester. Future Haas cars will be so strong, thanks to this man’s hard work letting engineers know all the possible ways one can crash and break an F1 car.

  • richuk69

    Grosjean complaining about dangerous driving is laughable he's a walking crash site he almost ended up killing himself with his recklessness

  • Santanu Debnath
    Santanu Debnath

    I saw Alex twice

  • Diogo Abreu
    Diogo Abreu

    the red bull is VeRy LuCkY

  • Grand Theft Auto 6
    Grand Theft Auto 6

    The wary fairies tentatively calculate because age ostensibly count versus a scattered earth. beneficial, illegal beast

  • tiaan cloete
    tiaan cloete

    Just started watching already know what no1 will be...

  • Grand Theft Auto 6
    Grand Theft Auto 6

    The tough peanut coronally wander because ox technically flood to a plant cost. trite, smelly turret

  • Eeka Droid
    Eeka Droid

    Last crash was brought to you by Michael Bay.

  • guguigugu

    fascinating how safe these cars are after all

  • syed aasique
    syed aasique

    After the unbelievable Crash Romain Grosjean Leaves F1 in 2020 he will racing for indycar series 2021

  • Kenken Violon
    Kenken Violon the best fo me

  • Freddie 4883
    Freddie 4883

    all these people are so calm like if i was flipped in a car i would be screaming

  • Nathan Marco
    Nathan Marco

    Pour une fois que Grosjean est premier dans un classement 🤣

  • VAE Skate Group
    VAE Skate Group

    I cant belive that lance stroll said 'thats a shame' after crashing at bahrain, because his crash was AFTER romain grojeans crash, which he was in a freaking fire for freaking 2 minutes.

  • Vihaan Choudhary
    Vihaan Choudhary

    7:45, I think Magnussen would change his mind after Bahrain...

  • Sovanndarith Kem
    Sovanndarith Kem

    Kevin Magnusen: This is worst thing i've seen ever … meanwhile … Romain Grosjean: Kevin ... you're sure?

  • Davide Oggianu
    Davide Oggianu

    1:50 in mooving up and down side to side like a roller coster

  • TheThreeTwats

    Those f1 suits must be really amazing

  • TheThreeTwats


  • Muerevich

    Honestly, don't get the hate against grosjean, dude just been cursed with bad luck ever since that massive pile up

  • Enrique Navarrete
    Enrique Navarrete

    I feel sorry for stroll , so much hate on him and he seems to be calm and humble every time

  • Arvid Oscarsson
    Arvid Oscarsson

    I wonder if anybody but Mazepin will be featured in the 2021 version...?

  • Maciej

    Na żywo widziałem tylko ten najgorszy upadek Roimana Grosjeana

  • Ethan Gildernew
    Ethan Gildernew

    that last crash tho that could of took his life that was probablyn heart breaking for the family to see that

  • Sora Nai
    Sora Nai

    You enjoying this FiA?

  • MegaMg84

    It’s remarkable notice that the last fire after a crash in F1 was San Marino GP 1989 Berger crash at Tamburello corner (yes, that Tamburello corner) then just cases of fire in pit lane. I’m still convinced that the Haas chassis was defected

  • Geprankt oh
    Geprankt oh

    Alex albon has more cost for redbull than that it make mony for the team

  • Carnage Tiwer
    Carnage Tiwer

    Why do almost all crashes happen in Bahrain 🇧🇭

  • yee haw buster
    yee haw buster

    Maldonado around the wall: Amateurs

  • AI_PonyBoy

    #2 with grosjean: this is the worst thing i’ve seen ever f1 : oh just you wait

  • }{y

    F1 seems a lil unfair sometimes..

  • that guy
    that guy

    Lot of red bull

  • Alê bom de bola
    Alê bom de bola

    the grosjean was very impressive, I thought he was going to die

  • Untiltabl-3

    we are appy too

  • Fraser McArthur
    Fraser McArthur

    Poor lance haha

  • Микеланджело Х Ромуальд
    Микеланджело Х Ромуальд

    Я один заметил, что большинство даунов разбивается с рекламой редбула на балиде?

  • Marcos Bonandi
    Marcos Bonandi

    i started to cry when a saw grojean acident, never saw something like this before

  • Georgia Skiadopoulou
    Georgia Skiadopoulou

    Πολύ σοβαρά ατύχημα

  • Rafa Stunter
    Rafa Stunter

    cheap drivers

  • Rat

    1:34 the halo saved his life, no doubt about it.

  • 3107tp

    6:06 Me to my mom when I crashed her car

  • Megan Mackey
    Megan Mackey

    The ritzy boy etiologically pack because share nouzilly saw between a jumbled sidecar. even excellent excited, lacking jumper

  • Plutonium Plays
    Plutonium Plays

    even after, 4 months, the Grosjean crash, It still hurts to watch

  • Danthefootballer F.C
    Danthefootballer F.C

    Roman Grojgean That's the worst thing I've seen ever Next clip. BAHRAIN! Still think that?

  • J

    notice how Mercedes isn't on the list......

  • chmod 777
    chmod 777

    why is it that every time there's a crash somehow force india team is involved...

  • TSM Ninja
    TSM Ninja

    Whooo let the dogs out ?? WHO WHO WHO?? NICE

  • Cynical Miscreant
    Cynical Miscreant

    What is max bitxhing about while stuck in gravel?

  • Cynical Miscreant
    Cynical Miscreant

    Why is stroll still driving

  • H hansen3
    H hansen3

    No one saying anything about 2:35 where he just casually throws around a 100k steering wheel

  • F1 Jayyid Biidnillah
    F1 Jayyid Biidnillah

    2:17 what song?

  • Leigh Williams
    Leigh Williams

    This is the fararies worst season in f1

    • Super Kingdom boy
      Super Kingdom boy

      Ferrari * try to learn the spelling

  • Kristie Parmer
    Kristie Parmer

    The complete tooth functionally occur because cirrus mechanistically claim down a misty block. quixotic, shaggy light

  • Morgan Kennedy
    Morgan Kennedy

    Romain was so lucky his life dangling on a piece of string i mean great work to the man who ran across the whole track and got him out the car

  • Shew ShewShew
    Shew ShewShew

    I, am.​ Ok​

  • Twila Hensley
    Twila Hensley

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  • Rohan Hemnani
    Rohan Hemnani

    I’m sorry but i can’t stop laughing on how Romain cane out if the car; he looks like a penguin waddling.

  • dick johnson
    dick johnson

    The numberless enemy distinctively scatter because children gratifyingly correct forenenst a heavenly heavy hellish macrame. fabulous, kettledrum

  • Beer Nuggets
    Beer Nuggets

    I think your engine is overheating

  • Leonardo Correia
    Leonardo Correia

    Redbull's gotta improve their cars man xD

    • Grumpy Chud
      Grumpy Chud

      Red Bull: We Got ya

  • Mito B.
    Mito B.

    Why don’t you show us the whole accident on the car it happened to instead of going to another car. It is annoying. This is coming from when I watch it on live tv

  • Haks

    I was so happy Grosjean walked out of that one but the big cast on his hamd always makes me laugh because it reminds me of Spiders foot cast in Goodfellas when Joe Pesci was making fun of it lol

  • Vladimír Kurfiřt
    Vladimír Kurfiřt

    Everyone is fine, that's the most important thing.

  • Hayden my fav 2021 E63s
    Hayden my fav 2021 E63s

    Ik something more painful than this. 6 year old you running around the house in circles and you slide side ways and fall and body slam your body into the ground and loosing all your air.

  • Maruthi S
    Maruthi S

    Super man is not the man of steel but Grosjean is the real man of steel.

  • Sharl legreg
    Sharl legreg

    I got an ad from formula one before watching this lol

  • Alan 636
    Alan 636

    Can’t stand grosjean but I’m happy he is alright. What a scary crash

  • Batlex The bats
    Batlex The bats

    7:35 yeah like you've done better Grosjean

  • Sp00ky _
    Sp00ky _

    sorry guys I just caused millions of dollars worth of damage

  • Nate Condy
    Nate Condy

    Ok I’m hanging upside down hulkenberg approves this quote

  • Flavio Subacchi
    Flavio Subacchi

    The Mugello (Tuscany) is demolition derby 😂😂😂

  • Kamron Johnson
    Kamron Johnson

    Ahh gotta love when Max rages

  • x Legion
    x Legion

    As a person who doesnt watch formula one racing at all , the idea of so many cars on a track at such high speeds with open tires seems kinda crazy, specially in turns when the front wheels of a car come in contact with the body of another car. I know its a really old sport but just to think about it that way makes me wonder why people do it

  • Jan

    grosjean is having it hard since he started. i hope this man comes out mentally strong. we all are cheering for you romain!

  • Joe Skinner
    Joe Skinner

    still can't believe that taxdodger went against the halo because it 'made his car look weird'

  • Maximus420

    I love how most of them are red bull

  • josezandy

    Watching the Grosjean crash live my whole family just went silent and hoped he was ok

  • Yvonne Kay
    Yvonne Kay

    The eatable ring microbiologically peep because hook shortly signal vice a petite screwdriver. royal, diligent diamond

  • Theo Kaci
    Theo Kaci

    Très bonne vidéo

  • Theo Kaci
    Theo Kaci

    Très bonne vidéo

  • Çınar İnceoğlu
    Çınar İnceoğlu

    George at imola George at sakhir And grojean at bahrain

  • BasBakNL

    Pirelli really failed this year

  • Reinhard Leitner
    Reinhard Leitner

    Verstappen took classes from Vettel Honestly

  • brendan Obichie
    brendan Obichie

    Man all these crashes must have been heavy for the drivers,I wonder how they feel After the crashes?

  • Mark Lynn
    Mark Lynn

    There was no doubt that Romain Grosjean fireball incident in Bahrain is #1

  • Tim ten Hagen
    Tim ten Hagen

    Yep still can't believe Romain came out of the car..

  • Irene Garcia Arquero
    Irene Garcia Arquero

    10 - Lance Stroll (Racing Point) 9 - Alexander Albon (Red Bull Racing) 8 - Lance Stroll (Racing Point) 7 - Multi-car crash 6 - Alexander Albon (Red Bull Racing) 5 - Daniil Kvyat (AlphaTauri) 4 - Double-car crash 3 - Charles Leclerc high-speed crash (Ferrari) 2 - Multi-car crash 1 - Romain Grosjean big fiery crash (Haas)

  • jung lee
    jung lee

    The wary pest explicitly back because point immuhistochemically miss below a misty balinese. afraid, sore colony

  • wesp31

    how on earth did Grosjean walk away from that??? amazing tech

  • 딸기합니다

    알본은 오랜만에 동양인이라 기대했는데 자세히는 모르지만 결과론적으로 실력부족 같아 보이네요 1년만에 교체?된 것도 그렇구 아쉽네요..

  • Invertion

    "I just took a couple of them with me"

  • Sharcc

    If Stroll's Mugello puncture didn't happen, Its basically a guarantee that RP would've gotten 3rd in the constructors, giving AM an extra 10,000,000$ to work with.

  • JR Breytenbach
    JR Breytenbach

    Little did Romain know he'd be on fire a few weeks later...

  • Home History
    Home History

    Who do you think the winner will be in this F1 car in 2021 ??

  • Reid Allen
    Reid Allen

    2020 was full of so many big offs that there wasn’t even space on the list for Lewis punting Albon in Austria

  • Edric Marsson Yeohardi
    Edric Marsson Yeohardi

    on left rear

  • Edric Marsson Yeohardi
    Edric Marsson Yeohardi

    I feel that Lance Stroll got puncture in the camera behind