Everything You Need to Know About the Mercedes Power Unit | F1 Explained
It's the beating heart that drives our Formula 1 car - here's everything you need to know about the modern Mercedes F1 Power Unit! 🧠
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  • Danilo Monteiro
    Danilo Monteiro

    It was amazing. We need more engineering content.

  • SlayVid G
    SlayVid G

    Where is the flux capacitor??

  • Voldemort

    Wair, why is no one talking about Mercedes showing their split turbo/compressor unit for the very first time? This is exciting! Thank you for this Mercedes AMG!

  • Joseph Dungee
    Joseph Dungee

    Let's Go get another one #44 Lewis "The Hammer" HAMILTON!! Good luck brother, praying for you (all Drivers for a Safe Season)

  • Doug Blomeley
    Doug Blomeley

    The song is “Our Imperfect Place” by Strength to Last ... could listen to that on loop for hours!

  • Stefan O.
    Stefan O.

    How many Horsepower?

  • ben fitzgerald
    ben fitzgerald

    Are the engines going to rev higher this year??

  • Niels

    would love to take one of these ICEs apart, I wish to see the tech and thought that went into it.

  • sarif samudra
    sarif samudra

    This is the reason why we can see the reason mercedes win title battle in new era of motorsports F1 the best man and the best team ( people ) behinds it How hard to achieve dream Mercedes make use believe nothing is impossible if you do that

  • It’s churchYT
    It’s churchYT

    Williams whole factory have there pen and paper ready here.

  • Leon DieBoer
    Leon DieBoer

    Whites... amazing

  • Racing With Erl
    Racing With Erl

    Can’t wait to see the new car

  • Francisco

    Awesome power unit! How many horsepower are you achieving this year? Is it around 1100?

  • willow's random garage
    willow's random garage

    I would love to rebuild one of these engines.

  • Sonny William
    Sonny William

    Free F1 Class! What's not to love from Mercedes?❤️

  • teammusketeers

    what is the name of the soundtrack here anyone?

  • ragemydream

    To be honest, F1 has always been the pinnacle of Automotive technology and should be showcased more to the public about the great feats that are accomplished.

  • Sergio David
    Sergio David

    Me encantan las lecciones de mecanica que dan en su canal,lo explican de una manera llana y que lo comprende todo el mundo. Un saludo desde España

  • Marfran Dema
    Marfran Dema

    The reason F1 is dying is here. Unnecesary complicated and expensive they have only harm motorSPORT. They are also difficult to analyze, that's why FIA and their 10 staff members do not have a clue if the 4 p.u in grid today are 100% legal or not. The only reason Ferrari got "caught" is because they messed with the flowmeter instead of the ERS.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor

    Imagine Redbull and Ferrari being so insightful with behind the scene footage. No, me neither.

  • john s
    john s

    Back to V10 ..V8 engine Thanks

  • Alexis Mandelias
    Alexis Mandelias

    Amazing how a 3 minute long video can have no information at all

  • MrOptimisticc

    New to f1, what does the Mercedes engine or body have which other cars dont?? Whys it so fast and nimble

  • Mob_Abominator

    This year they'll break the record for most consecutive wins right ?

  • Chai Time Data Science
    Chai Time Data Science

    Fan request: A video on "Party Party Mode" :D

  • Ante Zecic
    Ante Zecic


  • # Mac
    # Mac

    Was this the Ilmor engine?

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that power unit is so cool and powerful.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video dude.😃👍

  • MadelnOahu

    When they showed the renderings of the pu and how it sat in the car really blows my mind of how small it is

  • Zeeshan Ajmal
    Zeeshan Ajmal

    I hope that someone at Ferrari is writing it down for their own sake ...

  • Pippi FPV
    Pippi FPV

    What kind of fuel do the motors run of? Is it bezin like, or more like diesel? Or is it similar to alcohol?

  • Ricardo Harris
    Ricardo Harris

    Go get 'em... 💯

  • Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis

    Well I love F1 (and Mercedes) but although the new engines might be more efficient and blah blah blah compared to the V8s they sound utterly awful.

  • Taylor Wheeler
    Taylor Wheeler

    but can it run crysis

  • Bhavish Shah
    Bhavish Shah

    These are the types of videos that can get kids interested to take up engineering or the science courses as a profession

  • gizmoochi

    I wish there was something stronger than the 'Like' button. These videos are fantastic. Keep up the good work.

  • areepo z
    areepo z

    50% Thermal efficiency is great!!! can road cars achieve this such efficiency?

  • Stephen Bachman
    Stephen Bachman

    Red Bull "write that down, write that down"

  • Resize Films
    Resize Films

    Amazing job Mercedes!

  • Isaac Anderson
    Isaac Anderson


  • Alain Belanger
    Alain Belanger

    Make it eco friendly Footprints F1 report challenge ahead timeline

  • Justin Hill
    Justin Hill

    To much reading. Those of us with dyslexia have to pause for every new sentence. I like to watch SVsoft because I am predominantly a visual and auditory learner, due to my dyslexia. I absolutely love Mercedes formula 1 and all of the technical videos you have posted but ones like this are very difficult to get anything out of for me. Just a thought.

  • one ferrdek
    one ferrdek

    If engine have smaller stroke and bigger bore 100mm . How be weight engine ?

    • one ferrdek
      one ferrdek

      Heavy block high Nm Light block low Nm

  • one ferrdek
    one ferrdek

    How much V8 in 2010 need fuel 180 Kg? Or more? Kubica told more then 180 kg this is history

  • one ferrdek
    one ferrdek

    I find spec V10 honda engine 980 KM if true this engine must more power

  • one ferrdek
    one ferrdek

    What power have V8 unlock RPM i remember in 2006 Mercedes engine max RPM 19600 ...

  • Jeremie Corbaz
    Jeremie Corbaz

    Redbull taking notes

  • Gregory Fernandez
    Gregory Fernandez

    Why does no one ever talk about the turbo, all this detail about the engine and the battery and not a word about the turbo, every video I've seen about F1 power units never mentions it. also at 0:22 you forgot to include the 2014 car.

  • Hayden Isaac
    Hayden Isaac

    Interesting to see the unusual looking turbo design with the long shaft that runs down the centre of the V. I wonder if F1 will keep this style of engine until 2026 or change sooner and what will be next???

  • Walter

    Do You Think This Would Fit On My Honda?

  • Forty Four
    Forty Four

    badly explained if you ask me. (you dont)

  • Missouri Re sole
    Missouri Re sole

    50% comments on Ferrari, 50% comment bring back the V8 hybrids

  • Henry Calavera
    Henry Calavera


  • justice77

    just a shame that AMG engines for consumers are some of the most poorly built with the baddest reliabillity out there.

  • EEmonkey

    If you listen carefully you can hear Ferrari engineers scribbling down some notes

  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy

    F1 Enthusiasts: **Admiring the content** Dumb F1 Fans: **Types 'Note it down' and 'Tractor ' 'memes' thinking they are funny** Grow up guys. This is coming from a Mercedes fan. Not from a fan of the teams you think you are trolling. You are making a fool of yourself. You are trolling none.

  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy

    Great content as usual 🙂 I have a small suggestion. Having to read the explanation makes it a bit difficult to appreciate the rest of the visuals without pausing. A voiceover would be better I guess.

    • Andy Harman
      Andy Harman

      One of the things I like about SVsoft is I can pause and read text repeatedly to let it soak in, or study pictures at my leisure to pick up little details.

  • Diana Maioru
    Diana Maioru

    Content like this is part of why Mercedes are champions through and through! Thank you for sharing so much detail with the fans, we love this stuff. Keep it coming and may you reign this year as well!!

  • Gautham Kini M
    Gautham Kini M

    Just feels like you want to know more of it !❤️

  • Anima

    Should go more into detail about how it actually works, most fans knows all this already.

  • Matt Harte
    Matt Harte

    I bet Haas wouldn’t be complaining so much if he had one of your engines powering his car

  • tenzin tsering
    tenzin tsering

    I found the video creepy without a voice. Please add the voice next time. Reading text while watching the video takes more effort. I struggled watching this video. It’s like watching movies with subtitles. The text were not short, but quite long. Adding the voice would have made things so much easier to understand. The human connection was missing. It was all machine here. Videos are meant for watching and listening, not reading. Videos are not books.

  • Carl Tang 2002
    Carl Tang 2002

    Excuse me but that is almost similar what ferrari have the year Fía tell them was prohibit??????????

  • V8Hilux

    I'm sure a lot of their IP is hidden away from these videos, but it feels like Merc are giving out as much info as possible for other teams to go through with fine tooth combs. 😋

  • Vihaan Singh
    Vihaan Singh

    Other teams- write that down write that down

  • Haseen

    When ur so op you have to teach ur competitors (Ferrari)

  • Kenny Ren
    Kenny Ren

    by the way can everyone read through the captions easily tho😂It scrolls a bit fast for me

  • Kenny Ren
    Kenny Ren

    A lot of people today love to talk shit about modern formula one cars, I guess this video functions well to tell those guys some FACTS, nice work Mercs🤗

  • Aashish Eapen
    Aashish Eapen

    Damn Mercedes is really letting us in!!

  • Joni Hei
    Joni Hei


  • innerFire

    Mercedes: the only team who isn't afraid to show what they are made of and somehow still having the ability to be ahead of everyone. I just love them so much !!!

  • Trace Maddison
    Trace Maddison

    Beautiful from the inside and out

  • Lewis Hamilton WDC
    Lewis Hamilton WDC

    I will be supporting mercedes all the way, let's win this championship I believe in you guys.

  • toni simic
    toni simic

    Danke für diese tollen Informationen! Macht weiter so, damit begeistert ihr viele neue junge Ingenieure :)

  • Barney Klingenberg
    Barney Klingenberg

    0:37 That's the first time i've seen an compressor, Turbo and MGU-H as a picture. Amazing piece of engineering as this layout has been one of the silver bullets that lead to the silver arrows historical successes. Thanks Mercedes for sharing these amazing images.

  • gowri sankar
    gowri sankar

    Finally, we are waiting to see the beast on the track

  • Mikee CZ
    Mikee CZ

    Do you think that Mercs are deliberately and cheekely showing things that normal humans cannot see but F1 engineers will pick up on to give away some secrets a little to bit to help others to catch up a little bit? Cuz the dominance is hurting all, including Mercs?

  • 藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
    藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

    yea V6 is good but it still sounds horrible,you can only hear it a few meters away

  • Dunia Alat Berat Channel
    Dunia Alat Berat Channel

    The Modern Power Units are 50 kg heavier but produce 100 HP more and achieve 50% thermal efficiency. Wow....Amazing

  • Linda TheOne
    Linda TheOne

    1:40 Oh yes EQ boost ...

  • GamerTanmaay

    we came a long way from pulling a cart by a single horse

  • Youtube Universe
    Youtube Universe

    The content we thought we will not get

  • Wang Zian
    Wang Zian

    Ferrari,watch and learn!

  • Dummheit to Go
    Dummheit to Go


  • Baltazar Cruz
    Baltazar Cruz

    RedBull take notes 📝 👀

  • isshyfux

    another reason why merc is number one

  • itissrinivasan

    Even the fun social media guy is so informed / educated. Think about how intelligent the engineers must be. wow. makes me feel dumb !

  • Blackjack 91
    Blackjack 91

    Yea i knew mercedes had been working on this project for a long time. That’s why their first 4 season wasn’t that good. Lucky for this hybrid era mercedes are able to dominate F1

  • Ido Koren
    Ido Koren

    Someone please send this to ferrari

  • ImmortalDuke

    So how woulf someone put this in a boat. Just asking for a friend.

  • Obsidian Repository
    Obsidian Repository

    Hey Mercedes, will you consider releasing some material on how some of this technology will trickle down to your road cars?

  • Gusfezio

    @ferrari yeah check this up guyz

  • Sat Nav
    Sat Nav

    When someone in Germany forgets what "Lbs" means

  • B007

    If mercedes are flexing their previous engines on youtube, you know the new power unit for 2021 shares nothing with the old one except it's a v6. I believe we're abot to witness a huge leap instead of marginal gains heading to the engine freeze period.

    • rbgosling

      The engine freeze comes into effect at the start of 2022. There's still plenty of work that can be done through 2021 to get the 2022 engine ready - it is THAT engine that really needs to be the optimum, as it carries through '23 and '24. But, it is true the 2021 engine has a few improvements over last year ;)

  • Raditya Julung
    Raditya Julung

    But why the rpm never hit maximum in 15.000? Not like v8 can hit max rpm easily

  • Curious_Cat

    1:14 I found Mercedes secret on how they have the best PU, they use a microscope to build their power unit while the others use their hands.

  • Nikt Ważny
    Nikt Ważny

    U hope Ferrari learns something from that video 😂

  • Rizal Pambudi
    Rizal Pambudi

    Dear Mercedes Today, you are my lecturer I've learn a lot from this channel

  • yung phoebe
    yung phoebe

    Thank u so much for sharing i have been interested in f1 and engineering for time now I want to achieve something by being a girl in f1 team being engineering is a dream of mine of people inspiring me in the grid

    • rbgosling

      Mercedes HPP takes on talented graduates every year. For a lot of engineers there it is their first job after university, you don't need to build up years of experience. Study hard, show your talent, and your passion for F1, there is a place for you to come to Brixworth and help design the most awesome engines the world has seen! While it's still true the men are a majority there, there are a fair few women engineers so you certainly wouldn't feel out of place.