I bought this lamborghini huracan performate a few months ago and have had so much fun driving it. It's always hard to integrate my love for cars with mtb or riding videos on here. So I never really saw the opportunity to do so. But I'm super proud of this beast and have decided to share it with you guys. Sorry if you prefer me just talking about mountain bikes but I do love this thing! I talk about the car, the features and some of the special attributes of the performate versus the standard Huracan. And then go driving on some wet and greasy roads. Let me know if you'd like to see more car content! And feel free to be honest if you're not a fan!
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  • ewan young
    ewan young

    My favorite part are massive 20inch bronze/gold whoops ! bet there not a good as the hope with the superdrive hub!

  • Jessica

    Beautiful Audi huracan performante. Love it!

  • vtrmcs

    I have a feeling that Matt's insurance quote was responsible for the recent stock market fluctuations. Egads, I cannot even imagine what he must be paying.

  • Weareallbeingwatched

    Bruv what is with that number plate?!

  • Mitch Warren
    Mitch Warren

    Hexagon is a great word ! Triangle just wouldn’t do.

  • Alex Mason
    Alex Mason

    Close with the carbon bit... ;) It’s because the graphene layers used to make carbon fibre has carbon atoms arranged into millions of hexagons.

  • Seth Press
    Seth Press

    Mate you could regularly do car reviews! Superb. From one car lover to another Congratulations!

  • vazza69

    Lucky!! That's what you get for working hard at your passion 👍

  • Gopher Yourself
    Gopher Yourself

    Matt is so real thats why i love him i mean tricks are cool too but watching a real person is so much better

  • Hamilton R
    Hamilton R

    2 of my favorite things mtb and cars

  • AbdulSukor AbdulRahman
    AbdulSukor AbdulRahman

    the peel p50 is faster than that heheh *check it on google peel p50* its actually the slowest car ever lol

  • gorome

    honestly, you presented this car better than a lot of car SVsoftrs. energy, knowledge, and comedic edge

  • freeride Anthony
    freeride Anthony

    I shuddered at that sound and your happiness . So happy man 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍

  • aaronzxr750

    Congrats man! That is one beautiful vehicle👌

  • Marty P
    Marty P

    Be careful bro.

  • Lewis M-J
    Lewis M-J

    He is a nice quiet person

  • Hadil Kilani
    Hadil Kilani

    Your right dude

  • Speeding Ant
    Speeding Ant

    What makes me the happiest about watching this is you drive it as intended, plus you have worked hard for it

  • hans yolo
    hans yolo

    Unreal car man! So stoked for ya :)

  • lowfuse2

    why is this so true i luv cars and bikes

  • Raikzz

    How do you compare it to GT3 in regards of driving experience, excitment etc

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones

    Sick name

  • Shaun P
    Shaun P

    Nicest rim/car colour scheme I’ve ever seen! I may have to be cheesy and put bronze rims on my black sxs after seeing this! Maybe a black bike with bronze rims too?.... hmmm

  • Stuart Brown
    Stuart Brown

    Mate that is the sickest car out its so nice very jealous your very lucky keep safe dude.

  • 2Swift4u

    I think Red Bull is seriously overpaying their athletes lol

  • Liam Poole
    Liam Poole

    defo should get new tires there so slippy

  • FX

    3:20 wallpaper, thanks!

  • Essex Auto Tints
    Essex Auto Tints

    Yes Matt you legend, good on you!!

  • Adrian Lewis
    Adrian Lewis

    Amazing car! Well done Matt! fyi its called forged carbon*

  • FreeRideMac


  • Aaron Dinga
    Aaron Dinga

    Matt- "It's four wheel drive" My brain -Ah so you can take it on the trails Matt- "So that 650hp is usable actually" oh right yes of course.

  • Brian Westfield
    Brian Westfield

    Congrast! And respekt for not planning to modify it. Too many of these perfectly beautiful cars get ruined by trendy mods.

  • allsic

    And here I am at 40 yes old trying to arrod my 1st enduro bike in Mexico...

  • billionnaire1

    More relatable content from SVsoftrs especially given the state of the economy 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • AG

    Beautiful choice! Drive safe:)

  • Tyler Kelly
    Tyler Kelly

    Needs a bike on top!

  • Dave Mackinder
    Dave Mackinder

    And all from riding ya bike with ya mates. Great video. Thx

  • Jez Clements
    Jez Clements

    WOW JUST WOW! Avid biker and car enthusiast here. You've worked hard entertaining us all. Plus working hard with your bike frame designing and with your sponsors!! Damn right you SHOULDN'T feel bad for the "work hard and reap the benefits" It's not "showing off" at all. It's being proud of what you are achieving :) All the best for more bike and car content. :-P

  • Cameron Jeffers
    Cameron Jeffers

    madness. It's been so cool to see your journey. Congrats

  • Skrziwan Skrziwan
    Skrziwan Skrziwan

    Siiiic! You've earnd it! enjoy:)

  • Paul

    good for matt. now he just needs books for his garage!

  • Simon Sandtjärn
    Simon Sandtjärn

    Thats is The most beutiful car on the planet!! Im happy for you! Awesome channel and awesome content! 👏👏👏

  • Titan_Q

    please don't crash

  • Bike Life with Rob
    Bike Life with Rob

    Love my AMG, this is another level!!! My son loves it

  • Mo Bigsly
    Mo Bigsly

    Must be nice Mr Jones

  • Chicken Lips
    Chicken Lips

    facking boss man.... what a car. Enjoy it

  • azwa1987

    Sick mate!! Very envious 😁👌🤘

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze

    Does it bottom out across the brickhill level crossing

  • Bad Larry
    Bad Larry

    great reg

  • aaron

    I think you should race dmo 😂🤣

  • oliver callow
    oliver callow

    Now all we need to do is pick a name and gender Without offending anyone 🤣

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown

    Awesome car, awesome video, can definitely tell you’re a proper petrol head.

  • Bryan Curneen
    Bryan Curneen

    I recognize this car - basting out the church road roundabouts👍

  • aston_mtb

    First World problems, your lamborghini heats up your garage, LOVE IT

  • Dylan barber
    Dylan barber

    Matt bro this is insane, have you thought of making a separate SVsoft channel only with your cars and that

  • Sonny Spence
    Sonny Spence


  • Gra Jones
    Gra Jones

    Fair play Matt you work hard for what you own ! Nothing wrong with that! Cracking videos mate

  • Saidi

    I've never understood paying that much for a car, but I'm sure people don't understand why my mtb is worth more than my car...

  • Emanuel Films
    Emanuel Films

    I would love to see more car videos :D

  • Bradley Guliker
    Bradley Guliker

    I like cars, but the modded type and not a stock car w insane power. Just because you really can’t push them unless your on a track. Edit no shame or anything, man worked his ass off for it.

  • Digby Boileau
    Digby Boileau

    surely a black rap

  • Pierre B
    Pierre B

    Matt Jones here my new Lamborghini! Sam pilgrims fitting a 100cc on a push bike!!!! Hahahahaha

  • ADE2366

    You could loose a flock of pheasants in the front of that, and when they come out the back, they’d be plucked & cooked 😂👍🏼

  • Mark Phipps
    Mark Phipps


  • blaneysiktube

    Will you be trading this in for a Tesla model s Plaid?


    dude, really i thought i was the one who liked cars and bycycles at the same time, WELL I WAS WRONG.

  • sinned erbil
    sinned erbil

    Pls help and donate bro..


    Such a lovable dude!! Nothing but good vibes Matt! I sold a friend of yours Daryl Brown my old mx5 turbo :). Hope to meet you guys for some track time later in the year :).

  • L5 BTG
    L5 BTG

    I think with the forged carbon it's not quite as light as weave but it's actually cheaper to produce. Lamborghini worked with a manufacturer of golf clubs to develop it haha

  • Steven Wickens
    Steven Wickens

    I hope you are running Fox 40 on that car.

  • Alex loves History
    Alex loves History

    I for one would love to see a track day with both the Porsche and the Lambo!

  • mohammeb Mahrooqi
    mohammeb Mahrooqi


  • Taylor Craig
    Taylor Craig

    Had to say.. That was edited damn well. What a car!

  • Conor Dunne
    Conor Dunne

    We need more car content!

  • MarginWalker

    I just want to compliment Ben on the B roll/beauty shots (not to mention editing). He's a big part of what makes Matt's videos so enjoyable.

  • 500jmf

    Awesome dude!! Thanks for the videos always get me smiling :)

  • Steve Robinson
    Steve Robinson

    m8 the uk is on its arse peeps struggle all over , kids love mtb and you pull this , get a grip

  • Tobias

    damn i too wanna be succesfull in life so i can try out some of the crazy things humans have developed!!

  • rob86trott

    Next video title. How Mat got 6 points and £500 fine 😆

  • colin oxenham
    colin oxenham

    Pro mountain bikers make this kind of money? Jesus H Christ!

    • ludde pettersson
      ludde pettersson

      @Something Something we all aging. Aint no such thing as doing it badly. Just move different. As his SVsoft grows, so does his brand and name. And eventually he wont need to compete. Just have fun on Cam and make the cake.

    • ludde pettersson
      ludde pettersson

      @Brian Cherry Honestly i think SVsoft Brings the most money to the table, over half a million subscribers. But at the same time, he got 4 different incomes. Prize-money, Sponsors, Clothing and youtube! Dude deserves this forsure!

    • Brian Cherry
      Brian Cherry

      Pro riders that have a successful clothing line can afford this. Good on Matt for running a successful company on the side.

  • Cheap-O MTB
    Cheap-O MTB

    I used to always want Matt Jones' accent. Like.. I could be a sports broadcaster with that voice. Yell out cool chants while drinking with my "mates." Get the ladies all hot and bothered. Not anymore.. HexaGUN hexaGIN hexaGEN

  • Moe Tarded
    Moe Tarded

    You got mud in wheel well. Mud!

  • Leto Grew
    Leto Grew

    U have to get an alcantare cushion lol

  • Overdrive Champ
    Overdrive Champ

    he's so excited to show us

  • Andrew Rhodes
    Andrew Rhodes

    Out done Harry main 😂

  • heliman223

    Nice one! What a car! Best review I've seen, love your genuine excitement. 👍

  • Barney Clifton
    Barney Clifton

    I preferred the gt3.

  • Jason _
    Jason _

    Where does the bike rack go?

  • Steven T
    Steven T

    Wow what a car! Congrats! I’d love to see it in more videos

  • Dylan Watsham
    Dylan Watsham

    well done matt your a legend mate i love watching your videos

  • KTMSparky

    Just feels like a bit of a kick in the teeth when you are working like a dog and still sleeping on a sofa, but some people are driving cars worth more than houses I still can't afford! The UK has a big problem.

  • The Flow Hunter
    The Flow Hunter

    Awesome, what a noise!! All that from making a bike go up and down eh.......

  • Brad Burton
    Brad Burton

    As people all over the country and the world fall in to insanity and poverty...........SVsoft ers and influenc ers all over the land stacking money and expensive toys, having the ability to go and do anything they like! Just ads to the uncomfort of experiencing a normal existence don't ya think?

  • Ollie winn
    Ollie winn

    Could of bought loads of bikes lol

  • Kamote Industries
    Kamote Industries

    You should also review the gt3 from a mountain bikers perspective and also the ranger-raptor. Love those two

  • Fox Slider
    Fox Slider

    So sick! Looks like the performante is the way to go with the huracan. Drive safe.

  • Zonchanch

    I don't even ride bikes - I just like your guys' content! Been watching for over a year now! I might buy a bike soon but it will be electric FO SHO - i'm too old to go full pedal-mode.

  • Lucas Durham MTB
    Lucas Durham MTB

    Beautiful car! so glad for your financial success! its hard to make lots of money at bikes but youve done it very well, congratulations mate!

  • Oliver Ayton
    Oliver Ayton

    U gonna strap ur bike to that one

  • Evilgaming111

    Matt Jones understands his cars this is great. Except he pronounced Porsche wrong. I want more vids like this.