LET THE BRACKET BEGIN // TSi3 vs. G425LST // The Closest Match in Bracket History!!
Watch the closest (and longest average distance) match in the history of the TXG Driver Bracket! The Titleist TSi3 and PING G425LST go head to head in round one, find out which driver advances to the semi-finals!

0:00 // Intro
3:31 // The Action
8:52 // The Winner is...

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio - Toronto, Canada

  • Tim Buma
    Tim Buma

    Ian saying the Ping, Titleist, TM and even the Callaway as the favorites didnt age well lol!

  • Steve Veskey
    Steve Veskey

    Ping always makes great drivers. Titleist looks SEXY.

  • Devin Porter
    Devin Porter

    I just bought the TSI in big part because of this video. I tried both the ping and TSI and I found the TSi to be way easier to hit. I have never hit a driver better and further than this one.

  • stenzy

    Matt's smash factor is terrible and he's still carrying it like 320, wtf lmaoooo

  • Will Griever
    Will Griever

    Can we see a quantification at the end, with the results, 1-8? TSi3 could be #3 or 4, but we'd not know, unless we're charting the totals, along the way. Love what y'all do. Good stuff. Keep livin' the dream.

  • Omar Shake
    Omar Shake

    Awesome matchup! Love my g425 lst but was thinking to reduce headweight as well. I have a few non cb shafts I want to try in that head but I don’t want to end up with a super high swing weight. Did you guys notice any differences in ball flight, forgiveness, and distance before and after the weight change?

  • J B
    J B

    This should have been the final!

  • Chris Peanosky
    Chris Peanosky

    booo! re-draw this matchup

  • pdwiqzl pdwiqzl
    pdwiqzl pdwiqzl

    The 22 people that down voted this must have been watching their phone upside down and thought they were hitting up vote. What a great video.

  • ZupE891

    which driver is the most forgiving driver? I never hit the sweat spot

  • dan

    Matty boy is back!!!! Happy days

  • Chris Gatti
    Chris Gatti

    Well if the Ping wins the whole thing - so did the TSI3!

  • David Lieux
    David Lieux

    Awesome bracket! May need to compare the Titleist to the rest as you move forward... interesting stuff. Keep up the great work.

  • michael agishian
    michael agishian

    Mattys tempo is up a bit yet smooth AF! Mashing the LST.

  • Mark Kennedy
    Mark Kennedy

    What a start! 🔥

  • Paul Koppenheffer
    Paul Koppenheffer

    Titleist fans crying foul after malfunction. Will there be a do over or do we let the controversy brew.

  • Adam Gordon
    Adam Gordon

    Brings new meaning to the term "on the screws". Beautiful swings Matty.

  • Kellen Philipp
    Kellen Philipp

    damn I sorta wanted the TSi3 to move on and I think the shaft switch killed the momentum. Either way, looking forward to seeing how things play out

  • Think It's still allowed for now
    Think It's still allowed for now

    I don't understand...seems odd that Matt is hitting it 335-350 every time pretty much with less club speed than guys like Kyle Berkshire & Bryson who we see on live courses playing ...Matt would be leading the tour in driving distance if this was the case. Does it translate to the course with Matt? I've seen him play on simulators and sprays it way more than we see in these (I know you are taking the better shots) but I feel like these simulators enhance the numbers quite a bit as typically the only ones that have simulators are selling clubs. It's hard to hit a drive straight and long at same time consistently. I played in a simulator with conditions and it was saying I was hitting my 7 iron 190 which i know is not true...it's my 168-175 club based on wind. Are we too assume that in real conditions Matt avg 300-310 or does he really avg 340 off the tee with driver?

  • Jim Lightizer
    Jim Lightizer

    Wow! I honestly had Ping's chances in the single digit percentage... Ping being the flagship of forgiveness just had me thinking it wasn't going to be so long. The "forgiving" brand and the "old man" brand coming out swinging!

  • Hector Mendoza
    Hector Mendoza

    I think you may need to retest these 2. First the shaft issue. There were more swings with the Tensei shaft on the Titleist head then the Ping. Also, the center line moved quite a bit to right for the last set of the Titleist. You can see that at 7:49 in comparison to the Ping line at 6:30.

  • Athletic Venture Advisors
    Athletic Venture Advisors

    Great entertainment and drama, but I had the feeling while watching the tracers that the Ping was going to win. The accuracy made the math work for the win, but the consistent shape is what did it for me.

  • Rom Candelario
    Rom Candelario

    Looks dept: Titleist 💯, Ping👎

  • Namesi

    The Dirty Dog hitting 350+ bombs; you love to see it!

  • Luke Wanless
    Luke Wanless

    Clearly the ventus was not a mikey build

  • Nick

    Feeling pretty good sitting here with my own G425 LST and 1K TX as well :)

  • Pete Keyes
    Pete Keyes

    wow. super impressive Matty! TSi3 got the perverbial "shaft" that last 5. Target line moved well (5-10y) right of prior 15 drives. easy to see side by side ... no idea how or if it changed Matt's setup. But, if the hitting "matt" was square to original target line it would be hard for human "Matt" to square up to new target ... 😂😉

  • Joe Nixon
    Joe Nixon

    "I'll probably still hit the Titleist".......for now........

  • Andy Walker
    Andy Walker

    Why is it hypnotic watching Matty keep smashing balls, just so impressive. I heard that rattle and wondered how many clubs could get broken while filming the bracket!!

  • Ricky Garcia
    Ricky Garcia


  • Matt Mulvihill
    Matt Mulvihill

    Shocking result but what a contest. At the beginning I was sure the Titleist would walk away with this one, but that Ping just goes so straight. Great first pair in the bracket!

  • ACGolfwrx

    Shaft change robbery!!!!!

  • tomh

    Matty looking strong, fast and downright ruthless

  • C Fordell
    C Fordell

    Would it be possible to re-run this test with second shots added, making the position on the fairway an impacting factor.

  • BoardSports

    That's what I've been waiting for! Fresh cup of coffee, SVsoft @work and Driver Bracket - Love this shit!!!

  • danny collins
    danny collins

    I think the difference was when the connector broke though. If that had of happened at the end of the set, Titleist wins due to the distance it lost on those last two swings of the first set

    • danny collins
      danny collins

      @TXG Tour Experience Golf Then should it not be classed as a no contest? redo this part? you cant put through a driver that had an unfair advantage. hahahaha

    • TXG Tour Experience Golf
      TXG Tour Experience Golf


  • Rodney Greenwell
    Rodney Greenwell

    Awesome... Where did you get the different wieghts for the ping . I just bought the 425 I kept my tour 65 shaft with Tour wrap midsize grip preferred it to the one on the 425 and would like to different back wieghts.....

    • Roy Smith
      Roy Smith

      Ping G410 driver weights will fit but only in center

  • Robert Skelhon
    Robert Skelhon

    You need a Plate contest. (1st round losers) Winner of the Plate v Winner of the main bracket. That’s if Matty isn’t completely knackered!

  • Paul Langan
    Paul Langan

    was the TSi3 not much further than any of the setups. When the ventus broke the next 2 ts3i swings were 10 yds shorter than the Ventus. If you had the ventus for those swings the overall winner was the TS3i..............am i wrong?

  • Mikael Pyka
    Mikael Pyka

    I would be excited to see Matty hit a few with the Autoflex, to compare with these monster drives he hit with Tensei and Ventus!

  • wdn5258

    I love it when Matty boy is feeling himself like this!

  • Brady Rowley
    Brady Rowley

    Please do a retest with a fixed Ventus shaft! Hands down the TSI3 wins the match with the Ventus shaft.

  • Trevor Dandy
    Trevor Dandy

    I'm still not over this. There should be a Looks/Feel/Sound element where the TSi3 wins every single time the results are anywhere close lol

  • J Tudhope
    J Tudhope

    Matt seems to love doing these tests so I say do a losers bracket and let one drive that loses a head to head made a comeback and challenge for the title!

  • Lindsay Newell
    Lindsay Newell

    What on earth did you put in Matty’s coffee this morning? 😳 127 clubhead. Even his mishits were insane - 17mm heel, 6mm low should not be going 340. 🤩 That right bunker used to be in play in early brackets. Now it’s not even in the right zip code.

  • Bryan Proffer
    Bryan Proffer

    Definitely need a redo of this one without a broken shaft. The Ping had 2 extra swings with the Ventus and it really looked like Matty was hitting the Titleist better with the Ventus than the Tensei.

  • chuckyz2

    Titleist was killing the Ping until he had to change shafts. That one needs a redo after you fix the tip.

  • Owen Rivard
    Owen Rivard

    Idea for next year: Seed the drivers based on your thoughts from preliminary testing. Won’t be perfect but might help avoid 2 big dogs facing off so early lol

  • Bill Brasky
    Bill Brasky

    Taking it to pound town Mattie boy!

  • Brian Bartsch
    Brian Bartsch

    I was thinking to myself that Matt had found another gear when he reeled off that 359, only to ha e him mention that he was a bit tired but it was fair....359 when you're tired!! This channel does nothing but entertain me and want to improve my game. Well done guys. Looking forward to the rest of the bracket.

  • ichor20

    Can't wait for the next episode of the bracket! This year I picked up a G425 max, one friend a sim2 max and another the radspeed XB and we've been talking mad noise to each other. TXG will settle this for me..... and name PING #1 😂

  • Tom Otto
    Tom Otto

    This should’ve been the final.. LOL

  • Joe Belford
    Joe Belford

    Gonna have to make this double elimination!

  • Rufuss Thoo
    Rufuss Thoo

    Bombs, drama, fun = the bracket. And that's how it should be 👍

  • justicebdone

    Today was the real finals. (spoiler alert) ------------------------ With the exit of the tsi3 I'm of the opinion that Ping will be last driver standing because of the accuracy.

  • Okorie Ogba
    Okorie Ogba

    Someone looks fast and efficient today😳😳😳

  • wagwanman

    was there a reason for moving the centre line to the right half of the fairway for the final TSi3 set? And if so, did it influence the accuracy stats?

  • Peter Cusanelli
    Peter Cusanelli

    When that shaft screw broke anyone just a littke disappointment a pink shaft did not come out!

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown

    Golf porn.

  • Paoyuan Tsai
    Paoyuan Tsai

    wonderful video!! thanks for it!!

  • jakesmalley38

    This just shows that a Ping driver is equal to the best driver when put at the same swing weight of all the other drivers. 💣💣💣

  • Chris Schuster
    Chris Schuster

    Mattys been lifting 💪

  • Cody Reeder
    Cody Reeder

    Shaft change killed the titleist..

  • Smokin Jaws
    Smokin Jaws

    That was awesome!! N

  • Louie Landas
    Louie Landas

    Great Video Boys. My favorite driver was the G400 LST. I am currently using the G425 LST and looks like mine had a stock 26g weight in it. If i wanted to get it closer to the G400 LST what weight should i replace it with. Thanks!

  • michael vesnesky
    michael vesnesky

    Man, I feel like these could've squared off at the end

  • Mr Mikey
    Mr Mikey

    Matty looked so disappointed when the Ping won this bracket

  • John Romero
    John Romero


  • Josh Lindquist
    Josh Lindquist

    Amazing driving performance Matty, stupid result. TSi3 over Ping all day

  • The Fit Golfer
    The Fit Golfer

    Been waiting for the 2021 bracket for over a year now...LET’S GOOOOOO!

  • Tucker Hanes Golf
    Tucker Hanes Golf

    Okay so please tell me they were cutting out shots or is this guy the best driver in the game of golf

  • Kevin Sheridan
    Kevin Sheridan

    ...from the noise this may require a redo due to shaft substitute...otherwise conspiracy theories may start to bloom ..not fault on you though..good job!


    Absolutely love the LST. How were you able to change the rear weight? Is that something available to the public or did you just shave some weight off of the stock weight?

  • Adam Goedhart
    Adam Goedhart

    Matty looks like he is swinging freely there

  • Titos Castro
    Titos Castro


  • Stephen Carroll
    Stephen Carroll

    Great video guys looked like the line changed to be a little more right second part of the video the line intersects with the water. All and all love the brackets nice job guys 👍👏 great swinging Matty💪

  • Frank Yang
    Frank Yang

    Breaks a connector and a heely contact gets 348yds....Wow. Just wow!

  • William Green
    William Green

    Just got my Ping G425 LST today with Tensei orange shaft, so delighted with the result.

  • Myles Hancock
    Myles Hancock

    A man with renewed confidence and power. Bravo Matt, an absolutely incredible driving performance 👏👏👏💪💪💪

  • Craig Summerville
    Craig Summerville

    Well, you two certainly had a case of the giggles today. Both of you were positively giddy and Ian wasn’t even hitting!

  • GiTyNic

    128 club speed 180 ball speed 🔥 🔥🔥

  • paul demontmorency
    paul demontmorency

    I was Fitted for the ping LST on March 9. Watching videos like this , is making me more impatient .

  • John Verheyen
    John Verheyen

    Can we take appearance and sound into play too? TSi3 hands down. The Ping sounds like the Nike Sasquatch!

  • Rob Potter Golf
    Rob Potter Golf

    Matty going Hulk mode and breaking the Titleist connector. Ironic the tracer line was in green, too 👍

  • Icemanzacw

    This needs to be replayed with the Ventus Blue once it’s fixed. Those first couple with TSI3 were insane. The asterisk of all asterisk’s.

  • Ross Lillebo
    Ross Lillebo

    Bummer....Sad to see the TSi3 go so early.

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith

    Shocking upset! The weight change in the Ping really unlocked greatness. Well done boys

  • TheGRTiger

    Absolute pound town. My Lord. Killer opening match-up.

  • Tom W
    Tom W

    It is what it is.

  • Tim Barnes - Strength & Conditioning
    Tim Barnes - Strength & Conditioning

    Where's the TSi4?

  • thomas szampruch
    thomas szampruch

    Matt and Peter Finch need to have a long drive Comp.

    • thomas szampruch
      thomas szampruch

      Maybe get Micah Morris involved.

  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson

    At 11:20 Ian says the best single drive he's hit was the 359 one with the TSI. Matty went over 360 with the F9 and Fuji 2.0 two years ago. Just sayin

    • Nick Johnson
      Nick Johnson

      @Ian Fraser.. I can't remember why I walked into a room normally, but I remember this because I had the F9 when I discovered your channel, and especially enjoyed Matty Boy doing what I do to my buddies

    • Ian Fraser
      Ian Fraser

      🤣🤣, you have a better memory than me Nick.

  • Chris Freitag
    Chris Freitag

    An epic heavyweight battle from the first drive when Ping threw down the gauntlet and said top that one. Matty was having so much fun he broke the shaft adapter and it decided to retire rather than continue. Professor Ian was grinning ear to ear enjoying this one. Where a 335 yard drive was a short one. In the end an “upset”, but was it really. Clearly, both are excellent drivers. Well done TXG and a terrific start to the bracket.

    • bugattidane

      100% agree. Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but I think that when the bracket is concluded we’ll essentially be able to say Ping and Titleist are both the champions!

  • David Miller
    David Miller

    What a great series. Well done guys.

  • Jenz Kim
    Jenz Kim

    Just so good. 😤💪💣🚀

  • Brandon Leach
    Brandon Leach

    Some one these numbers were just crazy!! Made me literally laugh out loud just watching!!

  • Chris Festa
    Chris Festa

    This really should have been the final, these drivers are HOT! Although, I did think the TSi3 in Matt's hands would win, but as a G425 LST player, I like the results!

  • Rowdy Roddy
    Rowdy Roddy

    should test all 8, then cut the lowest 4... then test the 4 to move on, again, then cut the lowest 2 of them, the do a final 2. That way the cream will rise to the top.

  • Mark Lennon
    Mark Lennon

    Any chance of subtitles please? Matty hits 185 and shatters my screen 😆

  • Steve McCrory
    Steve McCrory

    Golf manufacturers are now wondering if their connectors are Blois-proof, as opposed to Dechambeau-proof. Thought he'd cracked the clubface at first.