Hitting my new kicker ramp on my electric motocross bike - Full speed gap jumps! I shred some urban MTB freeride spots on my Cake EMX bike and hit huge jumps off my new MTB hopper ramp, would you ride this jump?
The guys at MTB hopper have supplied me with another amazing new ramp but this is the MOTO edition and its made to take the weight of motocross bikes so I thought it would be perfect to try it on my Cake Kalk zero emissions motorcycle and see how big I could send it off this little beast of a kicker ramp! I get out for some urban freeride lines around my hometown of Colchester and start off by making a huge step up jump using a big grass bank as the launch pad, it had a perfect landing at the top and It would have been rude not to hit it! After going big I try using the ramp as a step down which was definitely a heavier landing but still super fun to fire dirt around and fly through the air. From here we moved to a classic grass bank to get some slow motion steeze or at least an attempt of being steezy haha! I then stomped a cool urban wheelie line before going full speed over a bridge and going long distance down onto the road below, I love this bike!
I hope you enjoy the video!



Welcome to my channel, I'm a professional Freeride Mountain biker and former FMB world champion(2013).

This channel is all about Mountain biking, I make a huge variety of videos for everyone who loves dirt: From downhill biking to slower paced trials riding and everything in between like dirt jumping, slopestyle and enduro!

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  • Stéphane B
    Stéphane B

    testing jump sur-on bike ?

  • Péter Legyesi
    Péter Legyesi

    5:53 - 6:06 : DDDDD so dramatic

  • OlliimNetzde

    Hey... What is that a E Motocross

  • Roberto

    I fkn NEED one of those ramps!

  • Oliver Sampson
    Oliver Sampson

    And where did u get it

  • Oliver Sampson
    Oliver Sampson

    Dose the Cake have gears

  • habanerat

    Hey SAm! Your enthusiasm is great!!! I am nowhere near your skill level by about 1000% but I too feel that happiness! Edit: I'm 57 and my new mtb makes me feel like kid! Hitting tiny knarls and what not but it's like I'm a kid again on my Torker BMX

  • Tree hugerz
    Tree hugerz

    "So urban"

  • Tree hugerz
    Tree hugerz

    " That wasn't really a metre was it" No sam that was like 3

  • Chadwick Rider
    Chadwick Rider

    The U.K. and rain, no way. LOL, just about every U.K. video I've watched it is raining, or just rained, or is about to rain.

  • Samuel Mingolelli
    Samuel Mingolelli

    2 steps t failinig: number 1:fail number 2: ¨ill deleta that one¨ lol no okay

  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark

    You got like, 3 feet of air that time.

  • Steve Murray
    Steve Murray

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    John Brown

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    DannyBoy's Metal Cave

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  • Will King
    Will King

    The price of those ramps is absolutely preposterous. Obviously you get them for free here but anyone who actually buys one needs their head testing.

  • RideThroughLife

    You need to set it up to land on a stairset of doom!

  • Louis 1
    Louis 1

    Hailing island right

  • Tim

    That thing is sick! Looks so fun

  • Oliver Cialfi
    Oliver Cialfi

    Wait... pilgrim actually built the ramp

  • Jake McLeod
    Jake McLeod

    You need to get on a real mx bike and ride a proper track haha. The skill is there anyway.

  • P3tchy

    So much want for a hopper...

  • Ale Visconti
    Ale Visconti

    Sam I think you should use a full face helmet haahahaha

  • Dylans503

    That thing is so slow. Over priced garbage. Check out josh hill on the alta motors electric dirt bike. Jumps 5 times further in his sleep.

  • Sam Roberts
    Sam Roberts

    Stop being annoying mate im bringing out a video of me jumping the sur ron so behave

  • David Francisco
    David Francisco


  • Christine Saari
    Christine Saari

    I love how you open boxes

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    Joe Sudek

    At 6:40 he looks like a british ace ventura

  • hydrogen 1
    hydrogen 1

    Great video lad! I almost soiled me nickers when you were about to case that double me mate!

  • Docs77Tv

    Love the content Sam please could you tell me if your electric bike vlogs are monitized, I've been wanting to start a SVsoft channel with my youngest son.

  • Jake DeMaio
    Jake DeMaio

    Looks like Jim Carey in dumb and dumber a little bit.. cool video!

  • Andrew Petrov
    Andrew Petrov

    Sam, I bought this ramp online.. I keep throwing it on the ground like you do to set it up, but the auto-setup feature wont work..plzz help!

  • Phil Victor
    Phil Victor

    Definitely need a lot more of this

  • Randy Ross
    Randy Ross

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    Yes M8

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    Martin Schwaiger

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    Gorkita A.A

    Eres auténtico. Una máquina!!

  • Ed B
    Ed B

    Absolutely love Sam and his videos, but the damage to the park from the tracks is so bad

  • dale Webb
    dale Webb

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    Neil Barber

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  • Blake B
    Blake B



    thank you this makes me grin all the way in ventura california usa!

  • Kelly Wiley
    Kelly Wiley

    Just can’t get enough of your videos. Can’t wait to see more. Keep checking for your grips to get back in stock.

  • Blown out Berms
    Blown out Berms

    some day im gonna be rich enough to have a cake bike

  • Pär Andersson
    Pär Andersson


  • Richard Cookson
    Richard Cookson

    I'll move it back a meter and moves It 4

  • Manny Echaluce
    Manny Echaluce

    I can deliver a lot more Pizza with that contraption................ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • surbenmoten

    My moto ktm 125sx

  • Hendyy - Road To 1k Subscribers
    Hendyy - Road To 1k Subscribers


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    Jon S

    Why did you bother with the wheels 😂

  • Defiant Parkour
    Defiant Parkour

    The cake sounds like the bat pod

  • Zach H
    Zach H

    That step up is one of those gaps that I doubt a camera can do justice, looks huge. Id like to see you on a fullsize 250f or 125!

  • TataTheHunter

    Complete disregard for lawn maintenance 👌

  • Jalapinga 117
    Jalapinga 117

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  • suchasreallife

    This is perfect for some that went from mtb to moto mostly bc Covid but still is a fan of Sam

  • Dave P.
    Dave P.

    Less than 5 minutes into the video...... Hopper ramp already at max setting.

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    Dj Elliotboyyy

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    Gaming PRO

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    Brecci_ Yt

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    Jeff P

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    BendixRichter MTB

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    areed 508

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    Moto Brady

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    Andreas Feldmann


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    Active_ Tajus

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    Julian Mcnamara

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  • Andy Young
    Andy Young

    Such a fun video with massive air time! You should send every bike you have over every hopper ramp you have!

    • Sam Pilgrim
      Sam Pilgrim

      Good plan!!

  • Nick Williams
    Nick Williams

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    • Sam Pilgrim
      Sam Pilgrim

      Not yet!

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    • Sam Pilgrim
      Sam Pilgrim

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    Adrian Davies

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    • Sam Pilgrim
      Sam Pilgrim

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    Ывэо эх

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    Cell Creator

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    The computer blockster

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      Sam Pilgrim

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      Sam Pilgrim

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    Ian Pérez

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