Mathieu van der Poel | 2019 and 2020 Wins | inCycle
Relive Mathieu van der Poel's wins from 2019 and 2020 in this compilation.

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  • dyan tebrinke
    dyan tebrinke

    the commentary at amstel gold race is pure gold...400 metres bla is like he wrote it and says it out loud legato, beautiful work.

  • Steven Cycling
    Steven Cycling

    Look at the video I made of Egan Bernal. Go ahead and LIKE it.

  • Tenjo Becker
    Tenjo Becker


  • blinky

    dont f with the white shorts

  • William Marshall
    William Marshall

    I’ve been following road racing for about 35 years and that Amstel gold finish was something I’ve never seen before. For a rider to lead out a large group that long and at that pace and then not only catch the breakaway but then sprint for the win is just something otherworldly. This guy is going to be the very best when it’s all said and done. Mind blowing power.

    • Nev SG
      Nev SG

      I had goosebumps watching it live.

  • Andy Tsang
    Andy Tsang

    Does anyone know what saddle he uses?

  • Cerita Nico
    Cerita Nico

    Ilove bike 🥰

  • David B.
    David B.

    The commentator at the Brabantse Pijl 2019 is amazing

  • Scully

    I don't think he's so much more powerful than others but he's able to go so much deeper and cope much better with the pain

  • Nollie 360
    Nollie 360

    Who's here after Strade Bianche?

    • Sjors de Waard
      Sjors de Waard

      haah me

  • Nexo Productions
    Nexo Productions

    Vaya bestia.

  • Marcelo Martino
    Marcelo Martino

    The baest

  • David Danser
    David Danser

    that AGR victory was something special

  • bean

    can i know the name of the English commentator?

    • white powder black magic
      white powder black magic

      I think it's Robbie McEwan

    • bean

      in the first two races of the vid

  • dan hug hes
    dan hug hes

    Amazing montage, breathtaking wins

  • Diego Mello
    Diego Mello

    Um Mito 👏👏👏

  • Jan Gelderloos
    Jan Gelderloos

    Add to this list all the cyclocross victories over the same time period and we all can agree that we're witnessing a phenomenon in action!

  • GoWikus Community Production Channel Official
    GoWikus Community Production Channel Official

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  • David O Brien
    David O Brien

    5:05 Reminded of that moment in the 1987 TdF, stage 21, up La Plange to the finish line, when Phil Liggett shouted, "That looks like Roche, that looks like Stephen Roche!, it's Stephen Roche!!... ..I don't believe it!"

  • Michael Strasser
    Michael Strasser

    That Trentin thumbs up (and shrug) in Tour of Britain Stage 7...when VDP gets going that's all you can do! (oh and Amstel '19 still gives me shivers)

  • Anthony Stephenson
    Anthony Stephenson

    Mathieu van der Poel has arrived, look out world.

  • Boots

    Just insane. He does everything well with a bike... This guy won more in his first 2y on the road than probably most riders ever will in their careers... What a guy!

  • Hans Baas
    Hans Baas

    Fantastic. He would have won in Yorkshire had he eaten, but he's learned a lesson I guess.

  • P-A

    Poulidor can be proud of him

    • Gerard van der Heijden
      Gerard van der Heijden

      His grandfather called him "le phénomène" ... he was right

  • A G L Racing
    A G L Racing

    What happened to Nove Mesto, Val di Sole & Lenzerheide? And his CX wins.......

    • Jeffrey Waqenaar
      Jeffrey Waqenaar

      The video would have been 2 hours LOL

  • Siopao.Sauce

    04:00 RIP Bjorg Lambrecht

  • dek0ration

    I only just noticed the high pitched disbelief laughter of the second commentator on the Amstel Gold Finish.

    • Bálint Markó
      Bálint Markó

      Thats Matt Stephens 👍

    • Jelle Bakker
      Jelle Bakker

      @Max Anderson He meant the one a few seconds before the finish.

    • Max Anderson
      Max Anderson

      Pretty sure that’s MvDP lol

  • D Wright
    D Wright

    Great video, thank you, 19 Amstel Gold, and 20 Flanders I will never forget

  • Fabio290

    Nice vid lads, really enjoyed this, what a beast

  • Mattias van Ingen
    Mattias van Ingen

    You missed the beautiful victory at the Binckbank Tour!

  • dave kata
    dave kata

    Beautiful Do also.mtb wins

  • Daryll Dela Rosa
    Daryll Dela Rosa

    Why do the Dutch have such sporting prodigies like MVdP and Max Verstappen? Really a blessed nation.

    • Daryll Dela Rosa
      Daryll Dela Rosa

      @Nicolaas Van den Broek He's Belgian.

    • eagerbob

      It is selection. MVDP 's father was a race winning cyclist, and the father of his mother too. Same with Max Verstappen, his father was a racedriver and his mother too. So it is the perfect genetic storm.

    • Stefan Pete
      Stefan Pete


    • Jan Gelderloos
      Jan Gelderloos

      And the ladies on wheels, a force to be reckoned with.

    • MAX__Apex

      Jeffery Herlings don’t forget ....

  • tile ValenNoel
    tile ValenNoel

    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Stian Pollestad
    Stian Pollestad

    That win at Amstel Gold Race was really special. Will never forget it!

    • Joey Rana
      Joey Rana

      It was Alaphilippe and Fugulsangs race to lose but just got too complacent in the end

    • W

      There were some weird gps data in last 2 km

    • Thomas Hnr11
      Thomas Hnr11

      Same !!!