OFFICIAL TRAILER #2: Rick and Morty Season 5 | adult swim
No time to unpack this. Rick and Morty returns for season 5 on Sunday, June 20 at 11pm ET/PT on Adult Swim.
Song: Diane Young by Vampire Weekend
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  • R.I.P βƪʊe
    R.I.P βƪʊe

    the worst part is that the netflix series is switching to hbo go :(

  • Sami M
    Sami M

    It would be hilarious if rick sat in a chair that would give him infinite knowledge (kinda like the mobius chair) and just say “wtf this is making me dumber”

  • Invidious Vain
    Invidious Vain

    Season 5 premiers on Father’s Day That’s a good start season 5

  • IMa_GrEen_BEaN

    This is not the rick and morty I once new...

  • Sepha Jones
    Sepha Jones

    They only got approved for ten episodes a season, they should start putting out specials like South Park...


    o my god cant wait

  • darkmask441

    So Morty did get that whip he asked for from last season episode.

  • 汉字Yoshi


  • diamond boy
    diamond boy

    Rick has finally growing for the better as a character

  • dwyght hall
    dwyght hall

    Anyone notice the clock is a different time in the garage???

  • Matthew Sims
    Matthew Sims


  • 4D-sucuklu

    rick sometimes drools and sometimes doesnt in the scenes the rick with the family is VERY LİKELY a different rick

  • MDR

    The only good news in this terrible 2021

  • themartianway

    1:10 captain planet reference?

  • Matthew Tucker
    Matthew Tucker

    0:22: Just like the car lock scene in Scary Movie 4

  • NuclearGlory03

    More pretentious bull crap, yay!

  • Hummingbirdgirl07

    which if these are the episodes we'll actually see

  • Ynaiã Leal
    Ynaiã Leal


  • Clueless Wanderer
    Clueless Wanderer

    Is this our Rick c-137? He seems ... odd.

  • Moonlight Boy
    Moonlight Boy

    I'm soo excited for this

  • D F
    D F

    It's coming out on my birthday, and I'm fucking stoked

  • Gamer 441
    Gamer 441


  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson

    Whats the background music track name???

  • Orli kinn
    Orli kinn

    Есть кто смотрит триллер?

  • Mr.Donut683

    One Rick is actually being nice? Also is there gonna be more updates for the vr game?

  • moiiimerde _
    moiiimerde _


  • Niko Frkanec
    Niko Frkanec

    Morty got his laser whip he asked for in season 4 episode 7

  • Zuhayr Gaffar
    Zuhayr Gaffar

    Stream Homesick 🛸

  • AkiraLionPilot

    *sees Voltron heavily referenced* All the sudden I’m interested

  • morty88

    It's returning on my birth day!!!! Best birthday gift

  • salinium

    Watch, none of this stuff will be in any actual episodes haha

  • Jonas Cunha
    Jonas Cunha


  • Reese Turner
    Reese Turner

    Can Morty hurry up and get a girlfriend

    • Reese Turner
      Reese Turner

      @that part indeedily oh yeah I remember that lol

    • that part indeedily
      that part indeedily

      He's had multiple. He even had one that made Jessica so jealous she begged Rick to bring him back to her.

  • Carolyn S
    Carolyn S

    Vampire Weekend yeeeeesssssss!!!!!!

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      We need a new Interdimensional Cable or an Evil Morty episode this season at the very least!

  • Morgan Shein
    Morgan Shein

    Wait, then what about Ricks situation about his daughter cloned situation? What about Evil Morty and what he does eventually in the series? So many questions to unpack, and I hope the creators are aware

  • Тик Ток Balvediva
    Тик Ток Balvediva

    Прикольно, жду сезон

  • Heartbeat

    What is this banger of a song that plays

  • Besir Buyruk
    Besir Buyruk

    Wubba lubba dub dub

  • David Z.C.
    David Z.C.

    I'm worry about not seing the intergalactic Beth

  • Trilok Singh
    Trilok Singh

    omg jerry really

  • TheJuggtron

    getting ready to jump the shark


    Pleeeeeeaaaaase translate to hungarian people

  • Carbodude

    The whole family forming a Voltron team reminds me a lot of Go! Dexter! Family Go! from Dexter's Laboratory

  • Viggevigg E
    Viggevigg E

    When is this coming to Netflix?

  • Stoudy2

    0:59 who is that flying out? He looks fantastic!

  • Nawaf Plays n stuf
    Nawaf Plays n stuf


  • Mike Riley
    Mike Riley


  • Cory Manning
    Cory Manning

    We need a new Interdimensional Cable or an Evil Morty episode this season at the very least!

  • Ente Zzz
    Ente Zzz

    On Netflix maybe ?

  • Вова Кузнецов
    Вова Кузнецов

    В какой серии рик и саммер колотили фашиста?

  • hi im a normal person
    hi im a normal person

    Looks boring

  • RootBoy Float
    RootBoy Float

    We'll probably get some evil morty stuff this season seeing as we get it every other season.

  • Жмых 92октанович
    Жмых 92октанович

    Конец идеям, пизда сериалу

  • Crimzen

    I can't wait anymore man.

  • Cercless

    What happened to the other beth???

  • Justcow Milk
    Justcow Milk


  • madcommodore

    I have probably watched each R+M episode 5 times, higher than anything else since the days of Battle of the Planets and The Space Sentinels :)

  • Crystal KayNine
    Crystal KayNine

    One scene Rick has drool and another scene he doesn't. Either we got two different Ricks on our hands, or something is going on with Rick's character development

  • Hooppoiplip Skittle nippl3s
    Hooppoiplip Skittle nippl3s

    Teen titans go did it

  • Kareem K.
    Kareem K.

    At least Rick seems to have some fun ??

  • King White let
    King White let

    Lol epic and then they get smack

  • King White let
    King White let

    Lol they just all fall

  • godstroke gaming
    godstroke gaming

    i can feel my iq increasing, yes...

  • SoHaiB


  • full Focus
    full Focus


  • Diesel 10 garage junction
    Diesel 10 garage junction

    Lmfao why is rick saying they look really cool

  • big j
    big j

    0:26 I got such a big war flashback to my childhood and it ain’t too good god oh- 🛌

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      Jerry has aged

  • Rap Fan
    Rap Fan

    when this season is coming on netflix?

  • L M
    L M

    Would be funny if there is a weed dimension

  • Taisha Toulvil
    Taisha Toulvil

    I really hope we get to see more about beth's mom or more about Rick's story

  • Pedro Casal
    Pedro Casal

    I belive evil morty will return whit the dead rick in the trailer 0:45

  • dg 97
    dg 97

    the new family guy

  • Jerimiah Arias
    Jerimiah Arias

    Lmao he’s happy because he drink less to do Rick voice and evil Morty is coming to season 8 lmao

  • 사라짐

    I love rick and morty

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    I feel like rick and morty is about to become a parody of itself and objectively awesome

  • Moori

    pls plssss bring that on netflix and not the half season again

  • Crippling Depression
    Crippling Depression

    Who else thinks they'll get rid of space Beth in the first episode because I'm noticing she isn't here

  • 009 009
    009 009

    Omfg finnaly waited a whole year for this I just finished watching 4 seasons twice i watched wm once didnt even look at it for s year forgot everythibg watched it again :>

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      1:08 FBI open up. FBI Arrest Summer Summer:What The Hell

  • Gopled

    Looks terrible.

  • Zephyr is Based
    Zephyr is Based

    Jerry has aged

  • SaunteRRRR

    I can't wait for Rick's nemesis episode.

  • Inder


  • Buddhabrot xiii
    Buddhabrot xiii

    this is the best cartoon ever.

  • Withered Bonnie
    Withered Bonnie

    Best arc of the manga is coming up, I'm so hyped

  • SafWinator

    0:05 Voltron reference sweet!

  • Orlando Paço
    Orlando Paço


  • jordan pace
    jordan pace

    fuck ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt

    This show hasn’t been good since season 2 lol

    • Gopled

      Stopped being good halfway through Season 2

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    I didn't knew I would live long enough to see this

  • 6joe16ful

    0:44 gives me Galacticus vibes

  • Jaafar Gacha Life
    Jaafar Gacha Life

    1:10 The Girl:Morty am I hot? Morty:YES! Always have been. Rick:Oh come on Morty

  • Jaafar Gacha Life
    Jaafar Gacha Life

    1:10 When someone is doing a brain surgery alone you: …..

    • Jaafar Gacha Life
      Jaafar Gacha Life

      @nieooj gotoy Hmm…Interesting!

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      This means December :)

  • Jaafar Gacha Life
    Jaafar Gacha Life

    1:08 FBI open up. FBI Arrest Summer Summer:What The Hell

  • Alien 420
    Alien 420

    I think there has to be more humor and more sad sad ,little less action

  • Jaafar Gacha Life
    Jaafar Gacha Life

    1:00 Aliens dimension???

  • Jaafar Gacha Life
    Jaafar Gacha Life

    0:59 Aqua Man

  • Jaafar Gacha Life
    Jaafar Gacha Life

    0:51 When Rick try to be honest with Morty be like: Morty Can I kill your alternate universe Morty?

  • Jaafar Gacha Life
    Jaafar Gacha Life

    0:47 Jeez what happened there?

  • Jaafar Gacha Life
    Jaafar Gacha Life

    0:44 Wait Is that Galactus?

  • Jaafar Gacha Life
    Jaafar Gacha Life

    0:41 Well That’s a lie when I try to be honest with my Mum