Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren F1 - Top Gear - BBC
Take a one-mile stretch of road in Abu Dhabi and the two fastest road-cars in the world and what do you get? The ultimate drag race is the answer as Richard Hammond in a Bugatti Veyron takes on the Stig in a McLaren F1.
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  • Louis Maurice Bienvenu Jean Paul Trintignant
    Louis Maurice Bienvenu Jean Paul Trintignant

    So the Mclaren F1 supercar got trashed by Bugatti and the hypercar of the DECADE? Nothing new here.

  • 개노답

    자연흡기 V12 6.1L 620마력vsw16.4 1001마력인데 1마일 드래그 1초차이 실화냨ㅋ

  • Ben gmail Thomas
    Ben gmail Thomas

    cant wait for them to see the bugatti bolide

  • Emilio Razvan
    Emilio Razvan

    The winner for us is McLaren F1

  • Bruno Desrosiers
    Bruno Desrosiers

    One bend would have led to a different outcome.

  • Nilesh Solanki
    Nilesh Solanki

    McLaren wins

  • Shawn James
    Shawn James

    The McLaren F1 has no turbochargers and the Bugatti has four the F1 is a pure race car the Bugatti is not

  • El Yoj
    El Yoj

    The McLaren was the first Hypercar I can remember.

  • Aron Bouwhuis
    Aron Bouwhuis

    On a track, the Mclaren would beat the Veyron.

  • Abishek J
    Abishek J

    Gordon Murray thanks for this masterpiece!!!!

  • Michael Thorne
    Michael Thorne

    Lets not forget the stig was also driving the F1....

  • Shrey Tiwari
    Shrey Tiwari

    f1 is my favourite car in 'NFS II'

  • absolutetruthgirl

    That McLaren made the Bugatti blush at the start.

  • Sebastian Larrosa
    Sebastian Larrosa

    Maybe the Bugatti won the race, but the Mclaren won our hearts

  • 당글

    in fact. this is a fake

  • Andrew Valdez
    Andrew Valdez

    But only one has been on a track

  • harawich YT
    harawich YT

    XD el único en español

  • Caio Gonçalves
    Caio Gonçalves

    um monza v8 bi turbo vence desses lixo tudo ai

  • Doodle Vision
    Doodle Vision

    Getting cars up to around 200 mph and beyond obviously took a long time, the fact that these cars are “neck and neck,”goes to show that any progress past that in terms of getting this car is going faster and faster is slower. I was thinking to myself “how could they be so close to each other,“ you would think that over the years The Bugatti would’ve gotten significantly faster. I guess that every MPH is “significant,“ and that speed it’s like squeezing more gas mileage out of cars.

  • Yash Kiran
    Yash Kiran

    The veyron is just a fast car but the mclaren f1 is a emotion for 90s kids😍

  • Alade Rokeeb
    Alade Rokeeb

    Why did top gear stop these awesome races. I'd like to see a senna and chiron

  • Ricky Morgan
    Ricky Morgan

    I take the F1. Reasons: it is a classic and, most Importen it looks better. The Veyron is not Looking Bad, however it looks not like a Supercar

  • Mehmet Aksu
    Mehmet Aksu

    Tesla 👊

  • m m
    m m

    Bugatti is heavy Light is right

  • Calin Kln - Enduro Alba
    Calin Kln - Enduro Alba

    Mat: So, what exactly happened?? The McLaren F1 won the quarter mile drag race!!



  • Kawi-75

    Those Mclaren F1's are now worth $15 million each 😂

  • First last
    First last

    Mclaren today technology technology technology lol

  • Vini Terranova
    Vini Terranova

    The McLaren is more beautiful anyway...

  • Doctor Lawrence scoggings
    Doctor Lawrence scoggings

    That's my favorite car mclaren f1 thanks

  • Doctor Lawrence scoggings
    Doctor Lawrence scoggings

    Love your guys shows

  • Gaz Boro
    Gaz Boro

    Put them on a track and watch the Bugatti fall to pieces

  • Pietro Salomone
    Pietro Salomone


  • ZxRx7

    How did both cars survive an encounter with Hammond? That is the real mystery here.

  • Blaine Atkins
    Blaine Atkins

    Fantastic video...... Thank you....😎👍

  • Velvet Rosang
    Velvet Rosang

    Doesn't matter if the Veyron won. Just remember that the F1 didn't have 4 turbos. It's still the fastest naturally aspirated road car in the world.

  • Lord Kodi
    Lord Kodi

    Moral: it aint how you start but how you finish

  • Aum ॐ VLogs
    Aum ॐ VLogs

    Mc Laren beats Bugatti in quarter mile race

  • Rick Ross
    Rick Ross

    We gonna act like we didnt see the check engine light on at the start?😐

  • Black hole End of antiearth
    Black hole End of antiearth

    F1 is better. With f1 you can taked two girls.

  • Michael

    Yeah, but the Veyron is literally ugly. F1 all day, every day.

  • C K
    C K

    best drag race ever, love it

  • Donald .J Trump
    Donald .J Trump

    You can just keep the f1 then sell it then you can buy like 10 buggattis


    Bugatti nothing. McLaren ALL.

  • Joe Tukana
    Joe Tukana

    McLaren: our F1 goes 240MPH. Bugatti: that’s cute.

  • Matt Bolt
    Matt Bolt

    The new GMA T50 is going to make everything look stupid aside from it's elder sister (the F1). Especially those overweight, soullessly dull electric supercars.

  • Clynton van den Bergh
    Clynton van den Bergh

    Lol "if we do come together"

  • Fabs519

    This is proper porn

  • rahul sharma
    rahul sharma

    When f1 came bugati wouldnt even stand a chance,,let alone race,,,now bugati's real competitors r mclaren speedtail,,koinegsegg,,f1 is grand dad,,,u cant beat someone who started all this.....

  • P_Sher 12
    P_Sher 12

    0:38 Lady Hammond XD

  • JTV84

    200mph richard. you're an english presenter on an english channel. we don't do km/h.

  • shiraq07

    Matt Watson: "So then, what exactly happened..."

  • Nhlanhla

    Kulungile kodwa the F1 has doors that open like this ↖️↗️ not like this⬅️➡️

  • Andy Candy
    Andy Candy

    So why is mclaren still worshiped even after so many years after his record being beaten? Koenigsegg beat both these records, but we never hear about them.

  • Bruce Weyne
    Bruce Weyne

    This is the most fake drag race i ever seen in my Life. British auto british program..

  • grimey 5.56
    grimey 5.56

    The F1 is like a Viper. If you do not respect it, they will kill you really fast.

  • Track Days.
    Track Days.

    Mclaren did pretty well for a 2 decade old girl. I don't think the Veyron will ever have the same alure as the Mclaren. Much like the F40 they are just beautiful cars.

  • Stan Kinaz
    Stan Kinaz

    Clearly vin diesel would rather have the f1 because he only lives his life a 1/4 at a time.

  • Hoodus winkuS
    Hoodus winkuS

    I am here because of Ben Collins' book

  • Chaxx34

    And the McLaren F1 have no turbo

  • gonzalo veloso
    gonzalo veloso

    en 1/4 de milla ganó el Mclaren F1

  • Omair Sheikh
    Omair Sheikh

    My favourite car growing up was the Diablo, but I always knew the Mclaren F1 was the ultimate king of cars. Its so synonymous with speed

  • kev glitt
    kev glitt

    The ratty headlight suprisingly bolt because theater supposedly chase against a dreary ton. bloody, aggressive mimosa

  • ernesto mininno
    ernesto mininno

    Back then, and forever and ever the F1 will be the greatest. And the Bugatti is an ugly elephant. And I mean it! You can by incredible cars for that amount I would never ever get a Bugatti. In the contrary I’d give a kidney for an F1. But it is not worthy enough sadly

  • Faizan Ulhaq
    Faizan Ulhaq

    Supra be like: Aww cute babies having fun!😂😂😂😏

    • Ace Roblox
      Ace Roblox

      Idiot supra fanboy

  • Mustapha Ahmed
    Mustapha Ahmed

    The McLaren F1 is just a Great Legendary car which nothing can be compared to today. The Bugatti was very disappointing to say the least. All the tech and power means nothing and this video proves that the McLaren is just better.

  • G A
    G A

    The funny thing is, that the Mclaren has about 400 horsepower less! Imagine, if Mclaren had tuned to the same horsepower.. probably still beat it :)

  • John Conley
    John Conley

    Hammond, you can't change a gear without double dipping it on the clutch, you have the auto.

    • John Conley
      John Conley

      10yrs later : Hammond you blithering idiot, take the auto

  • David Medina
    David Medina

    That civic I hear every friday night at 3:00am will beat both of those.

  • Epikderpywhale

    "Worth 2 million quid" now it's worth 15mil lol

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez

    Mclaren beauty bugatti ugly

  • FlyingNitro1990

    I would take McLaren F1 anyday over Veyron.

  • Canal do Byl
    Canal do Byl

    Aspirated vs Turbo. Mclaren F1 is Legendary!

  • AJ M
    AJ M

    My armpits are soaked! phew!

  • Luke Burny
    Luke Burny

    Wow closer than I thought 💭

  • Tofu

    No TCS or ABS in a car that goes 231 MPH and used to be the fastest in the world, sounds like a recipe for disaster

  • Perro Viejo79
    Perro Viejo79

    Who'd win in Nurburging? F1 of course.

    • ChimozuFu

      Probably yeah

  • tim greenstreet
    tim greenstreet

    Pretty impressive for a 30 year old car. Shows how way ahead of its time the F1 was!

  • Raghav Singh
    Raghav Singh


  • Play Button With 0 Vids-READ MY BIO
    Play Button With 0 Vids-READ MY BIO

    This race will be remembered forever!

  • Graham Aker
    Graham Aker

    The bugatti won this race, but the Mclaren F1 will still be remembered 10 years later as a beautiful piece of car history.

  • Automotive Creations
    Automotive Creations

    What if SSC TUATARA was also there in drag?🔥

  • Aniruddha Das
    Aniruddha Das

    I would take the F1 after hearing a Bu

  • Cameron Williams
    Cameron Williams

    Hammond is pleased with HIMSELF when the Bugatti wins. Just think about that.

  • Leonard Pons
    Leonard Pons

    Add a few bends and see what happens.

  • SHY

    Well now we have the Chiron

  • Tejas Parmar
    Tejas Parmar

    The Pic Up Of McLaren F1 Was More Powerful Than Bugatti Veyron But The Speed Of Veyron Was More So At The Begging McLaren Was Ahead But The Bugatti Veyron Competed And Won 🏆

  • Tejas Parmar
    Tejas Parmar

    Getting It In My Recommendatio After 11 Years😂

  • Sarmad Hammod
    Sarmad Hammod

    The fact that the F1 managed to maintain a good amount of time in the lead against the Veyron is beyond impressive. Of course as Hammond said, there is no way past 1000 HP.

  • SnailSpeedSlow

    the reason f1 made a gap in the beginning is the gearing

  • adnan ahmed
    adnan ahmed

    You walk in a see two wall posters...a bugati and a McLaren f1...aint No ONE choosing bugati over the mclaren f1

  • Gaby Hanna
    Gaby Hanna

    hey boys back when the F1 was 2mil haha.

  • Cody Ludwig
    Cody Ludwig

    Takes his hand off the wheel at over 300kmh...

  • Milo B
    Milo B

    Ugly aero engine with passengers vs sexy car that can win the LeMans and drive around town.

  • Milo B
    Milo B

    I would never fall in love with that fat, tacky, horrible expensive, un-fixable car. The F1 though oh yes oh yes ohhhhh yes please.

  • Nazmul Nasir
    Nazmul Nasir

    Kilometers an aaa

  • L P
    L P

    The F1 is legendary still to this day comment if you here again in 2021!

  • BenRen KyloSolo
    BenRen KyloSolo

    Wow after all those years the Veyron needed 1.9cc more, 4 more cylinders and topped off with FOUR turbochargers to beat the F1. Just!

  • Ziledger

    They put the right guy(The Stig)in the McLaren for the race.

  • Sandi Cheap
    Sandi Cheap

    For 1000 hp vs 600 hp that was so close