FIFA to test Arsene Wenger's offside proposal
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FIFA president Gianni Infantino confirmed IFAB will be looking to conduct trials over a new interpretation of the offside rule proposed by former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.
Wenger, now FIFA's Chief of Global Football Development, wants to introduce fresh criteria whereby if any part of an attacker's body is onside, he will be deemed as being onside.
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  • stevebyers9672

    just scrap it completely

  • Ignas Sileris
    Ignas Sileris

    I feel like this would just make the job even more of a nightmare for the linesmen, now what looks like a clear offside might not be as a striker is dragging one of his legs back to stay onside

  • Darin Pirkey
    Darin Pirkey

    I've always thought it should be that you are offsides when you are completely past a player. If any part of you is onside, then you are onside and level with the last defender. Just like the ball going out of bounds. The whole of the ball over the line. Should be same for offsides. You are offsides when your whole body is past the defender.

  • Aasif Bester
    Aasif Bester

    Fifa has damaged football with decisions , VAR took the love of the game away, football has Bern destroyed, teams have suffered under VAR, especially controversial decisions, some referees can't even use logic

  • Mikko Luttinen
    Mikko Luttinen

    This would only cause attackers to extend their foot as far back as possible like in ice hockey. It looks a bit silly. Better rule would be if a certain body part (like neck or chest) would always define the offside line and whether you're offside or not. This would also make it possible to get instant offside decisions using some sort of a sensor attached to players.

  • Con 27
    Con 27

    Should be based on position of players feet only. If an attackers feet are onside, then the player is onside, regardless of any other body position.

  • CrunchyMind

    Attackers gonna start running like naruto, arms back, body front

  • • Kaansaticiii •
    • Kaansaticiii •

    Wow new patches coming. An Attack buff would be great imo.

  • anjillo

    Offside should be taken off ..... let alone layers show what they can do defenders attackers ware

  • Steven Willoughby
    Steven Willoughby

    Offside should only count if a goal is scored or created during the move, otherwise...what's the point in giving offside at all.Offside rule should only count if the players feet are beyond the oppositions feet,on the ground,not if their leg or arm passes the defenders body to strike the ball or to move away from the defenders.

  • Patrick A. Crawley
    Patrick A. Crawley

    No. Feet only. Microship the laces if needs be.

  • Bill

    Look at him or look at the camera. Flitting between the two looks weird AF.

  • Griffin Gaming
    Griffin Gaming

    I always hated the offside rule and always thought it should be the way it was explained in this video, if any part of the player is in inline with the defender it should not be offside, it prevents strikes from making timed runs behind the defence because it is almost impossible to time it with the offside rule as it stands now.

  • Decs Cember
    Decs Cember

    Somebody is finally speaking

  • CharlieHustlBeats

    Wont work because it allows the attacker to effectively pin on the wrong side which is a completely unfair advantage

  • Clobber 66
    Clobber 66

    Your right shoulder is off side when breaking through your score with your left foot that was onside it’s a goal. Simple logic should prevail. Armpits have been off side when running through when was the last time you saw someone score with their armpit after being played through.

  • sd sd
    sd sd

    Serbia fifa ronaldo no goal why

  • Daniel Souza
    Daniel Souza

    Damn that will be interesting anyway

  • Kelly151proof

    I always say feet placement should be the only measure.

  • Stuart Yaxley
    Stuart Yaxley

    Pretty sure we thought of that idea years ago, about daylight between the players.

  • James D
    James D

    Presenter got rocks in his mouth? Jesus that was hard to listen to

  • NotOfThisWorld

    People with accent. RP.

  • saxy1player

    he said "laws" xD

  • Matin A-
    Matin A-

    Dumbass rule

  • mags dunkl
    mags dunkl

    What if, instead of letting the VAR decide, giving the defending team a right to protest against the onside decision so the referee can have a look?

  • mags dunkl
    mags dunkl

    Actually most cases are easy to decide. If you have to think whether it's offside, it ain't offside.

  • mags dunkl
    mags dunkl

    In my opinion, the attacker's feet shall count as measure for offside, no other party of the body. And any part of the defenders.

  • BeautyHunter1986

    Come on 🤦‍♀️ how the hell the new offside create a challenge 😡😡😡 what Arsen Said totally logic. "Millimetre" of the body is offside 😡😡😡 ridiculous rule


    Wenger proposed kick with feet instead of using handfor throw ins What a legend

  • Rehena Yesmin
    Rehena Yesmin

    Exactly. If you're arm or hand is in front of the defender (or "offside"), it shouldn't count as offside since you can't score with that part of the body. There is no advantage if that part of the body is "offside".

  • Angus Noble
    Angus Noble

    I'm confused about how it makes the decision clearer. Surely it just changes the side of the attacker you draw the line on.

    • CharlieHustlBeats

      Yh it doesnt its silly. Souness point makes sense but the advantage will be too great in my opinion

  • Mitch Hakker
    Mitch Hakker

    So now the focus will be on the fraction of a mm the two players overlap, instead of the fraction of a mm the attacker’s arm is past the defender’s leg. Great solution idiots.

  • The Beast
    The Beast

    Ffs will ruin the game this

  • Just busting your balls
    Just busting your balls

    Apart from hands, you can score with most other parts of body.

  • B3N

    I wish Arsenal kept him as manager, now seeing what our club has become😪

    • B3N

      @Matin A- calm down it’s only a commercial

    • Matin A-
      Matin A-

      Your wanker owners should give arteta some money to buy the players he wants. Arteta will bring arsenal back.

  • Craig Ferguson
    Craig Ferguson

    Make a line 20 meters parallel to the goal out line and if ball is inside this part of the field, there is no offside. That would make it easy to judge and there would be much less "hunting" for offsides from difference.

  • William Armitage
    William Armitage

    it should be your hips. it's the center of your body

  • Tom in Toyland
    Tom in Toyland

    We are going to see strikers with arms streched out.

  • Vincenzo Valvano
    Vincenzo Valvano

    are we sure that this system could avoid millimetrical decisions? IMO this kind of solution could only MOVE the problem a bit "forward" in terms of offside line (I don't know how to solve it, maybe counting offside only the body parts on the ground /only the feet...)

  • SaSpursfan

    The discussion will shift to from millimeters over the line to millimeters on the line

  • chelihawk

    This would really help. Too many good goals being called offside for such a tiny infraction.

  • Camilo Pacheco
    Camilo Pacheco

    We should change penaltys. Sometimes the penalty kick is too much of a punishment. Not every fault inside the area should result in a penalty kick, only when the fault is to prevent a goal oportunity. It's difficult to change but something needs to be done, as a football fan I'm tired to see stupid casual handballs or silly fouls away from goals deciding the matches.

  • Drago Don
    Drago Don

    This guy want attackers to do the Naruto run.

  • captainphoenix

    My solution: get rid of VAR altogether.

  • Mir Mehdi
    Mir Mehdi

    Wenger is such a legend

  • Keith Deakin
    Keith Deakin

    My proposal is no penaltys. Stop giving goals to players that don't deserve them.

  • Dai Kayll
    Dai Kayll

    Well I saw a goal this weekend on MOTD where a goal scorers' arm , calling where he wanted it placed , ( similar to Bamfords last year) and the goal was allowed. No VAR ?

  • Zelandakh Niteblade
    Zelandakh Niteblade

    My solution to the VAR mm issue is to have a "referee's choice" area similar to the way cricket implemented the technology. In cricket this area is effectively half the width of the ball, which would probably work well enough. In terms of reducing the impact of offsides on attacking play, my idea since childhood is to add a 25 yard/20 metre line to start offsides rather than the current half way line. This would slightly increase the space available in midfield while still achieving the aim of the original law. For me, the biggest issue facing football lawmakers currently is the quick tactical foul, where the benefits of doing this far outweigh the penalty. This one strikes me as a much more difficult problem to tackle than offside, handball, VAR, simulation or any of the other known on-field issues.

  • Texas Steve
    Texas Steve

    This will probably make teams sit back further disconnecting the defense from the rest of the team or just having teams play on the break only. It will make it much harder to rely on the offside trap.

  • MrMattie725

    Sure it will create less offside calls, but there is no difference to the millimeter decisions so the controversy stays the same.

  • gunz300

    It's a great idea. Way too many disallowed goals for what looks like a finger nail over the line. It hurts the sport.

  • Totoca

    Sorry but this is just stupid!! The same questions about inches will happen with the parts of the body left behind, if you wanna change anything what about stopping the time when the game is stopped?? It will give more time to play and for us to watch!!!!!!

  • JJRC

    Completely irrelevant, but just wanted to call out all the petty, overreacting people who say that they have fallen out of love with the game because of VAR or such bollocks.

  • Will Lawson
    Will Lawson

    It’ll make it very tough for us referees, especially those refereeing matches without VAR

    • D Rcl
      D Rcl

      linesmen will have the hard job

  • Thomas B.
    Thomas B.

    Don't change anything, just put a 10sec clock on VAR. If the VAR referee can't make a decision in less than 10sec, then it's not offside. The offside rule is meant so the offenders don't take clear advantages of the defenders. If you're looking at millimeters then the advantage is not clear and you should allow it.

  • george coverdale
    george coverdale

    Just ban football while people are still dyeing one rule for poor another rule for these overpaid muppets.

    • JJRC


  • Giocrypt

    They should change it so offsides is only called when inside the box

  • Rob Shaw
    Rob Shaw

    just think all the blokes will be having that conversation again with their wives and girlfriends down the pub......trying to explain the offside rule ...

  • Pedro Manuel
    Pedro Manuel

    This would solve nothing though

  • TomTrust

    Years ago - 1970s - my team played in an 11-a-side tournament, 15 mins each way. To make goals more possible, there were NO offsides. Each team played a goal-hanger in their 1st games but they were always man-to-man marked and it didn't work, so spontaneously thereafter every team just played football. It flowed, no offside appeals, no aggro to linesmen or refs about offsides. Fewer hold-ups in the game so more play; it WORKED. Linesmen still needed for ball in or out of play and goal-line decisions - but I have never heard anyone propose scrapping the offside rule.

    • TomTrust

      @Mike JJJ Well, obviously, but of course I'm referring to the 11-a-side game.

  • Tomi S
    Tomi S

    Offside rule destroying the game..Take it out all together!

    • JJRC


  • S O
    S O

    Basically they want more goals in the game.

  • XXLRebel

    Well, this only encourages lower defensive lines. This seemed like an idea that sounded right in his head until it comes into practice.

  • Kevin Griener
    Kevin Griener

    Still a shitty rule. Put a line on the field like they do in hockey. Can't cross the line before the ball does.

  • suzette9999

    1 The technology is not accurate enough to determine a literal 'to the mm' rule for offside. It simply can't say exactly when the ball was kicked vs where the attacker is vs the defenders. Cricket has the same issue with ball tracking hence Umpires call. Even though the ball appears to be hitting the stumps the technology has a margin of error so can't definitively state the ball was hitting. 2. Simply add a margin of error to the offside var process so although the player is shown offside, it is not conclusive ie not BEYOND the set margin of error ergo the goal stands. Attackers can't game the system really either. No need for rule changes (although for me only the legs and torso should decide an offside). If the technology improves, reduce the margin of error. This is in harmony with how real a/r's decide. They have to see or hear when the ball is kicked vs the position of the attacker/last defender. That in itself has an error margin, VAR should just be a more accurate version of that.

    • JJRC

      If you have to get lines out, it’s too close to call. Just give it onside.

  • ExEssex :
    ExEssex :

    Offside was introduced to prevent goal-hanging. Souness is right. If you're the last defender and any part of the attacker is further away from the goal line than any part of you - ONSIDE. If all of the attacker is clearly past you - OFFSIDE.

  • Valmerix

    unskippable 20s ads for a 2 minute video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gabson

    Tbh.. the offside line should be called when the attacker's foot passes the last defender's heels.. so if the body pf the attacker is leaning forward.. but the feet didn't cross the last defender's heel, it's still good

  • Doug Bairead
    Doug Bairead

    Just get rid of Var it has ruined the game

  • Keysa T A
    Keysa T A

    I watch the news.... From the small screen behind the news anchor

  • Adrian

    Good, the current law is ridiculous to begin with

  • Eduardo Ferdinandi
    Eduardo Ferdinandi

    Wait, isn’t this already used in some leagues in Europe?

  • Dunno Anyone
    Dunno Anyone

    I wonder why the trial is in China? Must have some financial reasons

  • el hachemi
    el hachemi

    Morrata will be thrilled

  • Justin Nieuwhof
    Justin Nieuwhof

    I feel like this will just make teams defend deeper to avoid leaving space in behind, probably actually means less attacking play and definitely less pressing.

    • Justin Nieuwhof
      Justin Nieuwhof

      Also it definitely doesn't fix looking for millimetres, as anyone who thinks about it can easily see.

  • samuel roughley
    samuel roughley


  • Elliot 500
    Elliot 500

    I agree with Souness. It should be the foot only that counts and I wish the assistants would flag it as soon as it happens again.

  • Insert Name
    Insert Name

    How to fix VAR: 1) Thicken the offside measuring lines giving you a margin of error. If the lines overlap at all it's onside. 2) Give each team 2 VAR reviews for fouls, handballs, penalty claims etc that you lose if you make a wrong review. That way we dont get these ridiculous situations where the play gets stopped 2mins after the incident. 3) Keep goaline tech as is. It's perfect

  • Insert Name
    Insert Name

    This is a rubbish idea. Instead of checking to see of a millimetre of the striker is in front of the defender it'll be checking to see if a millimetre is behind the defender.

  • Top Skills
    Top Skills

    The offside must not be touched. The technology has to improve.

  • Thus Spake Mike
    Thus Spake Mike

    If any part of your body that can score a goal with is deemed offside, that still means a mm of foot can still be offside (e.g. Mane v EFC at Goodison). I agree with Souness....and this is coming from an Evertonian!

  • Aniq Ahmad
    Aniq Ahmad

    I give up watching football if this rule even implement.

    • JJRC

      No you won’t

  • Bryon Gephart
    Bryon Gephart

    That’s how hockey works

  • mcl48YT

    How wonderfully pointless.

  • Ian Beverley
    Ian Beverley

    How you gunna measure daylight between players. There some far better ideas for rule changes on twitter but they don’t seem to want the general public’s ideas

  • Knotwilg

    I don't see how differentiating on body parts will remove the millimeter discussions. It will only make matters even more difficult for the linesmen who now also have to process in that millisecond if the body part they observe to be offline is a goal scoring candidate and later when the goal is scored, if it was that body part which was offside (IIUC). Also, I don't know why this is on the table in the first place. The VAR has removed many of the blatant errors of the past, so now we're down to millimeters - there's no way you can improve on that except by abolishing offside altogether (which I would favor but it changes the nature of the game). The big frustration today is the handsball rule, which HAS changed the nature of the game and we have to get back to penalizing only when a defender deliberately uses his hands to prevent a goal. That's subjective, but today's rule makes attackers aim for the defender's hands - and that can't be the objective of the game.

  • Quazzi

    I’ve lays maintained it should be judged based on the foot furthest forward.

  • Jonah Thrane
    Jonah Thrane

    Eh, let's get rid of the rule entirely.

  • Artur

    Scoring goals should always be prioritised, I say a player is only offside at 10cm.

  • Tom b
    Tom b

    why am i watching this, i care absolutely nothing about this

  • Jeff Brailsford
    Jeff Brailsford

    Sooo... instead of measuring the millimetres in front of the defender, we now measure the millimetres behind the defender. Great.

  • sabazios thorn
    sabazios thorn

    I agree with Souness, it should be basically the complete opposite of how it is now. Certainly if a players feet are onside then the player should be onside...

  • counterfit5

    So it sounds like he’s suggesting a change similar to how ice hockey determines on or offside. The NHL this season switched to allowing a trailing skate to be in the air as long as it’s above or behind the line

  • Darryl Hinko
    Darryl Hinko

    easier fix is if you have to draw lines to tell if it is offside, it is onside

  • September90

    Some of the offsides were really really stupid, and the problem mostly was refs and vars interpretation of the offside. Generally level is onside, but they look for any kind of mm, where the player can be offside, and they can literally take the offside reference point from what ever body part they want to on the players, at the time. Which often leads to offsides or onsides being inaccurate by mms, some are clearly not offside, where as some are, and are not given, because of refs choices but what Souness is suggesting is madness, you will never get another offside again if they play it like that. Maybe Wengers idea will improve it, who knows.

  • Wind Storm
    Wind Storm

    This sucks if you’re a defender or keeper.

  • selgeaus

    They should change it so if the attacker's foot (instead of any part of the body) is not in front of the last defender, it is not offside. It is ridiculous a knee/hip/arm in the offside position means offside.

  • Stanley James Adie
    Stanley James Adie

    It will not change a thing

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez


  • Artyum Dragstov
    Artyum Dragstov

    get rid of offsides